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Glacial Grace

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=Darkness… That's the first thing I remember.


It was dark.

It was cold.


And I was scared.


But then… Then I saw the moon. So big, and it was so bright, that it… It seemed to chase the darkness away…=

"HHHhaaahhh-hah-hah-" Slowly, a young, seventeen-year-old boy, with ice-white hair that had viridescent green tufts and big, green and blue eyes, raised from the icy depths, ice crumbling apart around him like frosted sand with a gentle gasp.


=And then, I wasn't scared anymore.=


I remember slowly floating back down to the ground, pale, bare feet draping gently onto the ground with a crackle, the ice that had broken around me resealing with an audible twinkle and surprisingly, it wasn't bitingly cold to the touch as you'd expect.


=Why I was there, and what I was meant to do… That I'd never know… and a part of me wonders if I ever will.=


I took a step, before treading lightly over a long, wooden staff that had a twisted grain and a crooked, sickle shaped top. It glistened at the touch, a light sheen of misty crystal coating the staff majestically.

Head crooking in wonder, a small, curious smile forming on my white lips as I crouched down. Gently, I picked it up, fumbling accidentally and knocking the tip of the staff onto the icy lake below my feet. Instantly, a beautiful, flakey pattern spread across the surface like a pattern found on a royal's clothing. Intricate and stunning, with impossibly fine detail.

My smile grew and my curiosity peaked. Suspiciously, I nudged a nearby tree with the staff, anticipating that stunning layered sheen, which complied, still somehow surprising me. Of course, my first natural reaction was to start skidding clumsily all over the ice and surrounding snow, my staff dragging lightly across, leaving a sparkling, twinkling trail of unnaturally natural beauty.

"HaHAAA!" Screams of joy echoed throughout the moonlit forest, before suddenly, I slipped and spun, creating a sudden but somewhat calm whirlwind that lifted me off of my stumbling feet and tumbling me up in the sky.

My eyes met with the moon, and I heard only two words whispered to me by the wind: ~Jack Frost~


Suddenly, I froze midair, believing everything was controlled, before finding myself abruptly summersaulting through the branches below.

"WhoahaHHahahaha!" worry was converted into hearty chuckles as I clung to a large branch like a koala bear. Standing up, my gaze was brought to the only warm glow in the rolling, snowy plains that surrounded me. 

It was finicky, and just a little terrifying, especially at first, however I managed to float towards the outskirts of the village like a tumbleweed in a desert, blown by the wind. I stumbled on the landing, tripping into a main street, grinning at the warm, aura and hearty atmosphere provided by the jovial music playing. I smiled at a woman who passed, greeting all of the people in the crowded centre.

"Hello! Hello, hi, hey." a curt nod and wave to each one, I brushed off their straight faced expressions, devoid of any notice of my presence. I shook my head, still smiling. "Oh, excuse me! Would you mind telling me-"


=That was the last time I felt fully whole…=


A young boy ran straight through my body, a light blue ethereal esper, flowing like wisps around the boy and his dog that followed.


A cold hand made its way to my chest. Clenching.


There was no beat.



As you might have guessed, my name is Jack Frost. The moon told me so. However that was all it ever told me for a very, very long time.