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Trying to Rebuild

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It’s a nice day outside. The sun is out, a light gentle breeze in the cool still air. It was such a waste that something so bad, something so terrible had to happen on the anniversary of this date. Stiles thought as he made his way through the cemetery. He did this annually. He came to visit his mother’s grave, visit with Peter for a bit and then check in with his father. It had been like that for the past seven years. He was not far from that gravesite when he noticed a figure standing in front of it.

“Mrs. Hale?” He said softly

Said woman looked up, genuinely surprised. She smiled kindly as Stiles walked toward her.

“Hello Stiles, I didn’t know you were back.” She stated off handedly as the two hugged.

“Just got back this morning. I wanted to be here today.” Stiles admitted. He turned to the tombstone and set the bouquet of flowers by it.

“Have you gone to see Peter, yet?” Talia asked sadly.

“Not yet. I am going to after this though.” Stiles replied. Talia turned and started walking lost in thought. Stiles followed after her concern etched on his face.

“Have you found him, yet?” Stiles asked feeling horrible. Even after all that had happened, he cared for Derek, deep down he knew he still loved him. After what had happened on that dispicable day.

“No. I’ve sent Laura and Alexander after him, but she hasn’t found any leads. It’s like he doesn’t want to be found.” Talia admitted sounding almost defeated as she sighed. She touched her stomach instinctively the nervous tick noticed by Stiles watchful eyes. She still had the scar from that… woman. Kate. Talia had known something was off with that woman. Even as a werewolf, the scar didn’t heal due to some sort of experimental wolfsbane. The hunters are getting bolder. More dangerous in their delusional  insanity.

She had known that the woman was too perfect. She came at an opportune time. The Hales were merging with a global company. The hunter had wormed her way into Derek’s life and manipulated his relationships with everyone. Even Stiles, who at first had been wery. Having not only been Derek’s friend since they were children but a brilliant observer.

They were going to get married, a joyous affair. How foolish they had been. Instead of healing the divide, Kate had managed to destroy the Hale pack in more than ways than one. While outing werewolves and magic to the world, she had set the Hale mansion on fire on the day of the wedding.

The whole pack wasn’t there, thankfully but it was just enough. Talia tried desperately to rescue her pack, but had carelessly gotten shot in the process. It wasn’t her fault, that her control slipped from her. She shifted in front of the news reporters or photographers. She was an Alpha and a mother trying to protect her pack, her family. She could hear the desperate howls coming from the mansion, the cries for salvation but she couldn’t reach them. She could hear the huntress talking in the background. Spewing her ignorant hate to the public. Of course, she denied ever starting the fire, but she thought that the family had deserved it. Some were fooled but many others weren’t. 

Talia had tried not to pay close attention to Kate. She needed to get in there, to save the people she loved. She could feel the bonds snapping one by one, like being stabbed over and over. It was hurting her, killing her as she felt them leave. Her cries did not go unanswered. Several cars approached, through her tears, she watched as Peter ran into the mansion. She relaxed a little knowing that her brother was there. It wasn’t long before she passed out from the pain of it all.

“He’s fine, isn’t he?”

She was brought out of her memories by the question. She looked down at the tombstone of her youngest. Cora Hale. She was one of the lost. Peter had lost his mate and children as well. So many had been lost, so many she did not wish to count.

“I can still feel a bond to him. I would know if he’s in distress.” Talia spoke lost in thought. She had been furious with her son, blinded with rage but it soon changed to sadness and despair. She had failed him, her beautiful baby boy. Failed the pack, her family. If only she had been more vigilant in her teachings on how to look for hunters.

But, her son was young and had thought himself in love with the woman after his own loss. She had prayed on his desperation to escape the grief, to know love was possible.

Stiles looked to the woman beside him. It had been a shock to find out that werewolves were real. He had begrudgingly been getting ready for the wedding with his father when the fire had started. They had both panicked since Stiles’ mother was in the mansion. She had been friends with Talia, good friends with Peter, she was an honorary aunt to Laura, Derek, and Cora.

The lost was beyond devastating, there were no words to describe the loss.

Of forty people that were in the pack. Twenty-five of them had died. Peter would have made twenty-six, but he was strong. That was why Stiles liked him so much. Peter was like an uncle to him. Taught him how to play chess, he got into trouble with him and helped him with homework that had his parents baffled.

Stiles had saw the news reports after the fire. There were sightings of werewolves and creatures of legend everywhere. Because of that, and that alone, hunters had become braver. They were trying to start some ridiculous war with them. Now there were laws but it’s still a  whole mess. Stiles didn’t like it at all. He didn’t care that the Hales were werewolves, he didn’t care that magic was real. They had accepted him and his parents into their home, their den, and Stiles was not going to turn his back on them now. They were his family. They were his pack. Always would be. After that day he had decided, no longer would anyone lay hands on his family human or otherwise, like they did that day. And he would do anything to keep that promise.

“Do you need a ride to the hospital, Mrs. Hale?” Stiles asked gently.

“That would be nice. And I thought I told you to call me Talia.” She playfully scolded.

Stiles simply smiled.