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lost but connected

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Tanjiro gasped lightly as he woke up, only to find a half-naked Giyuu huddling over a bonfire. His injuries were already patched up; in fact, Tanjiro’s own wounds were also well-protected by bandages.

“You good, Tanjiro?”

“Yes. Thank you, Giyuu-san.”

Giyuu nodded, putting his uniform—or what’s left of it—back on, and his haori over it. “We’ll be leaving soon. Master Ubayashiki has given orders for us both to head directly to where Muzan is.”

The younger boy nodded solemnly, his hands tight on his sword handle.

Soon, both began to move swiftly towards Muzan, hearts heavy with determination.



To say that Muzan’s fortress is befuddling is too much an underestimation.


Time and again, Tanjiro almost found himself lost amongst the maze of a building, somewhat struggling to keep an eye on Giyuu. Giyuu, on the other hand, was speeding ahead. To calm himself down, Tanjiro imagined a still water surface in his mind, never wavering—just as Giyuu had taught him to.

Tanjiro succeeded, but victory didn’t last long as his foot slipped, causing Tanjiro to fall into a dark abyss.


He felt a pair of strong hands grab his arm, the grip firm.

“Be careful of where you walk!”

Tanjiro didn’t know if he’s imagining things, but the whole place almost seemed to shift in orientation and Giyuu fell along with Tanjiro. Slowly, as they fell, the light faded away into a dim dot, the surroundings turning pitch-black.



When Tanjiro woke up again, bright light shone into his eyes.

Where am I?

Is Giyuu-san safe?


He propped himself up, groggily surveying his immediate surroundings. It seemed to be relatively spacious, with both the floor and ceiling being lined with cabinets. There was a big metal surface atop one of the cabinets, with weird metal things popping out of the surface. Right below it was a rectangular object, round shapes on the top part of it. A bigger metal thing—a refrigerator, Tanjiro recalled—sat on the floor.

Tanjiro turned around, furiously looking for the mop of dark blue hair indicative of Giyuu. Thankfully, said man was lying on the floor not far away, seemingly still unconscious but still alive. His heart finally calmed down, and he let out a sigh.


Tanjiro turned, almost screaming at the sudden voice calling out to him. He searches for the source of the sound, ostensibly from the entrance.

“Uhh…what are you doing in the dorm kitchen?”

A young boy—about Tanjiro’s age—appeared, suspicious of both of them. He had a mop of green hair, still messy from sleep, and a pair of large green eyes. Tanjiro exclaimed out loud this time, taking a few steps backwards.

“Who are you?” Tanjiro’s hand moved to his sword.

The other boy tilted his head. “I should be asking you that question.”



Silence ensued, until another familiar voice spoke up.

“Tanjiro, where are we? And who is this person?”

Giyuu had his hands on his nichirin blade, ready to draw his sword and fight. Upon seeing this, the green-haired boy puts his hands up.

“Woah there, I don’t mean any harm. What are your names?”

The older man narrowed his eyes, seeming to contemplate for a moment before standing upright again.

“Tomioka Giyuu, demon slayer.”

Tanjiro hurried to introduce himself too. “I’m Kamado Tanjiro, also a demon slayer.”

“My name is Midoriya Izuku—wait, what did you say?”

“Uh…” Tanjiro says. “We’re demon slayers?”

“So like Pro Heroes?”

“No, we are demon slayers and we use nichirin blades to kill demons.”

“Demons? They exist?”

Well, this conversation was going nowhere. Tanjiro turned to Giyuu for help. Unsurprisingly, the older male simply stared, probably not listening to the conversation at all. Tanjiro sniffed again, sensing that the boy—Izuku—had slowly let down his guard.

Just then, another person arrived. This man had a smell that told Tanjiro he was constantly sleep-deprived. In fact, his body language screamed “I want to sleep”.

“Midoriya, what is this?”

“Ah, Aizawa-sensei,” Izuku seemed relieved. “I found these two in the kitchen just now, but they don’t seem to be intruders.”

“Huh? Didn’t I tell you guys to keep a look out for villains?” The teacher grew visibly angry. “We’re under tight security here, don’t compromise it!”

“But Aizawa-sensei—”

“I’m very sorry!” Tanjiro exclaimed. “We don’t mean any harm, and we have no idea how we ended up here either.”

Aizawa glared at him, a hole almost piercing through Tanjiro, causing the latter to shiver.

“My name is Kamado Tanjiro,” he repeated, “And this other person here is Tomioka Giyuu-san! We are both demon slayers!”

Aizawa raised an eyebrow, but Tanjiro didn’t smell any disbelief coming from the tired man. Instead, it was more of an air of…surprise?

“Demon slayers? Well…”

“Aizawa-sensei?” Izuku turns to look at his teacher. Said teacher closed his eyes momentarily, sighing.

“There were some records I stumbled across a long time ago. It depicted an organisation called the Demon Slayers Corps, but it seemed so absurd because it was from a time before Quirks manifested. I dismissed it quickly because it looked more like a storybook than anything else, but right now...”

Tanjiro’s eyes widened. There were records of the Demon Slayer Corps? No, what did he mean by “a time before Quirks manifested”?

“Sir, could you explain? What do you mean by ‘a time before Quirks manifested’?”

Quickly, Aizawa gave a description of what happened to humans in this world. If one observed from the side, they would see Tanjiro’s eyes slowly widening in surprise.

“…so basically, almost everyone has something called a Quirk that grants them special powers? And this is a school that trains people to become Pro Heroes?” Tanjiro gasped.


Tanjiro also gave a brief explanation of their situation, up until they landed in the dorm kitchen, with Giyuu supplementing points here and there.

“Wow…so cool!” Izuku’s eyes sparkled.

“Enough of this chitchat.” Aizawa concluded. “For now, I’m going to sleep and we’ll settle this tomorrow morning. Midoriya, bring them to one of the empty dorm rooms and let them stay there for the night.”

“Ah…yes, sensei!” Izuku responds.

Aizawa turned back to look at them again. “This doesn’t mean I entirely trust you two. There’s still a lot of explaining you’ll have to do tomorrow.”

“Thank you, kind sir.” This time, Giyuu spoke first.




Eventually, Tanjiro slowly drifted off to dreamland, but not without a whole bunch of questions pestering him.