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Second Childe Ye

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He didn’t realise when he had fallen sick. It started with some minor shivers which he passes off as the air conditioning being too cold. Then comes the sniffles, he blames it as a slightly blocked nose from bad air circulation. Now he could feel himself running hot, and is perfectly aware he was having a mild fever.

Perhaps the strain of trying to maintain the team and pushing the training camp players to their max pushed his own bodily limitations. Since he wasn’t able to prevent it, he should go and cure it. He drags himself to the nearest drug store and purchased medicines of both western and eastern origins.

He feels slightly iffy when the shopkeeper selected a random tab from a pile that he just picked up from the floor, after someone ran into a display of it. That was the so-called health booster and the guy just sticks it into a bag before giving it to him. He notices how the capsules aren’t the same from the picked up pile, but this is what he is going to get from eastern self-packed medicines.

The tab he received is going to annoy someone with OCD. The coloured sides aren’t sealed consistently in the same direction. Luckily for him, he has no care for their displacement. It will be consumed soon.

He had to get well fast, the arrival of his replacement could be anytime soon. While he was confident about the western meds he took after his lunch, he sighs at the eastern one in his hand, stating to be able to boost energy levels and overall health. Here goes nothing. He swallows them after dinner and goes to sleep.

Slumber didn’t come easy to him. Or rather, it didn’t arrive at all.

He feels himself getting worse, he gets up and fires up his PC. Pulling up his brother’s QQ window, he quickly inquires about their family’s medical history while he still can. His heart beats faster and faster as he skims Ye Qiu’s angry replies of being ignored for most of the time. He didn’t manage to get his answer. His vision blurs and he feels the vertigo, the 4 walls spinning before his eyes.

He feels the burn from his fever getting hotter, his room feeling like a furnace. He accidentally slams on the keyboard trying to steady himself but he fails, and falls to the floor, bringing his chair with him.

Then there was just silence, before his laboured breathing fills the room.

He refuses to scream out loud no matter how excruciating it is, given he is still in his team’s dormitory. His joints were crackling with pain, the aches in his muscles spasm so hard he couldn’t move. The shivering strikes to his bones and he sweats way more than he had ever run in his entire lifetime.

While he was denied sleep earlier, he welcomes the darkness when he feels himself loosing consciousness, his vision turning black. By then he didn’t need to think anymore.


Ye Qiu was alarmed when he receives a keyboard smash in response to his own. Rarely his infuriating twin will answer like this to his usual scoldings through QQ. Did something happen to him? The subject matter was also concerning. As far as he has been educated on their family history, they had a good clean bill in health, nothing major to worry about. Unless they were self-inflicted like smoking and drinking excessively, of course, but this isn’t entirely the point.

He keeps prodding the chat room, but no replies came forth since. He becomes more agitated that his shameless older brother didn’t respond. No matter how uncaring he would appear to be, he would never prank him like this. He quickly pulls up the airline booking tab and gets himself on the earliest flight to H City. After securing a ticket and checking-in, he throws open his closet and pack a few days worth of clothes, his instincts telling him he might be there for a few days. He’ll settle his accommodation in flight.

He gathers his things and heads straight out. He informs their butler that he is going to visit the eldest young master on an emergency, and also tells him to notify the patriarch and matriarch of the family of his whereabouts. He instructs the driver to take him to the airport and to prepare a vehicle for him as soon as he lands in H city.

All he needs to do now is travel in three transportation cabins to bring him to his twin. He hopes his beloved elder brother is okay.