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She's Mine

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Kagome watched in fear as she observed Inuyasha laugh at a group of bandits while they begged for their lives. This wasn't the Inuyasha she had been traveling with the past several months. A village had been attacked by a gang of bandits being led by a powerful moth yokai and they had gotten caught in the process. It wasn't till though that Kagome's life had been specifically threatened that Inuyasha had turned into a full yokai. With elongated fangs and claws accompanied by blood red eyes and jagged purple markings on his cheeks, Inuyasha was truly terrifying to behold. It didn't help either that his claws were literally dripping with the blood of his victims.

"Inuyasha don't kill them!" Kagome shouted as she ran to him, baring Tessaiga. "They are begging for their lives!" Inuyasha never caught what she was saying, but he instantly cued in on her voice. Claws flexed as he zeroed in on her. Though at the moment he couldn't recall her name his instincts knew exactly who she was. Mate. As Kagome ran to him, Inuyasha appraised her. She was perfect. Big beautiful brown eyes, lovely raven hair, legs clearly meant to be wrapped around his waist and that was only what he could see. He knew as soon as she reached him he was going to tear her clothes off so he could see the rest of what was his.

His little fantasy was shattered though as soon as he sensed another male yokai. The other yokai's energy felt familiar, but his mate was near by and she was clearly not marked by him yet so right now all male yokai were potential rivals. With speed the group had never seen Inuyasha possess he immediately attacked the knew male who happened to have been his half brother, Sesshomaru. Though the battle was intense it was over quickly with Inuyasha knocked to the group unconscious and the rest of the group standing protectively between them.

A couple hours later after Inuyasha had converted back to his hanyou self and regained consciousness the group had decided it was best to make camp. While Songo, Miroku, and Shippo set up camp Kagome accompanied Inuyasha to a near by stream so he could wash the blood off his claws. It pained Kagome to see how desperately Inuyasha scrubbed. What she was not aware of was that while he was desperately trying to get the blood off of himself, Inuyasha was also desperately trying to remember what exactly happened when he became a full yokai. All he could remember was fearing for Kagome's life right before everything went black and then waking up suddenly not wanting Kagome out of his sight.

"What is wrong with me?" Inuyasha muttered to himself as he washed. Finally he was done and went to go sit on the bank. It wasn't till he felt Kagome pressed against his back that he realized that he had been the one to pull her to him. Kagome naturally didn't say a word about Inuyasha's apparent sudden neediness to have her so near. Chalking it up to Inuyasha just needing some kind of comfort after everything that had happened she easily draped her arms around his shoulder. "How can you allow me to touch you after everything that I did? The lives that I took."

"Oh Inuyasha," Kagome sighed as she tightened her arms around his shoulders. "You protected us."

"I don't understand why I don't remember anything this time though. The first time my yokai blood took over I remembered everything and I was still aware of myself."

"I don't think your yokai blood took over the first time, but rather only aided you in defeating Goshinki. The second time I believe your yokai blood did fully take over."

"I'm just worried that I'll blackout when it takes over again. How do I know I won't attack you as well?"

"I trust you," was all Kagome said as she laid her head against his back.

Later that night after the group had their dinner and were already asleep Inuyasha sat on a branch in deep thought. During the whole time since he woke up he kept having to purposely take his eyes off of Kagome. Why he couldn't stop looking at her was beyond him. Everything that she did caught his attention. The way she sat, the way she laughed, even the way she ate. He never even noticed these things with Kikyo, but with Kagome it was obviously different. Even at the moment he couldn't help but notice the way she slept. So peaceful and vulnerable. After watching Kagome sleep for a short bit Inuyasha finally decided that was enough and it was time to go to sleep.

It was sometime late into the night that Kagome suddenly felt the sensation that someone was picking her up. Her eyes shot open immediately and she felt a breeze as if she was being carried off to God knows where. Her eyes first took in the Inuyasha's fire rat and she quickly tensed. Something must have happened for him to quickly move her to a new location.

"What's going on Inuyasha?" After a few moments without an answer Kagome lifted her head to ask him again, but was shocked into silence when she realized that Inuyasha had somehow turned into a full yokai again.

As Inuyasha ran he suddenly caught the scent of fear coming off his mate. He momentarily glanced at her and growled. Something was obviously scaring her and it did not please him that his little mate was scared of something he could not detect. He then started running faster. Whatever it was the was scaring her Inuyasha was going to get her away from it as quickly as possible. After a little while they finally came to a small quiet clearing. Still too nervous to speak, Kagome was surprised at how gentle he had put her down. Her surprise and shock doubled when out of nowhere Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her and began nuzzling her neck in an attempt to comfort her. He could still smell fear coming from her and was trying to let her know that he was there to protect her.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome questioned nervously. All she received in reply though was a pur like growl and a rather sensual lick on her neck. "Inuyasha!" came her startled reprimand as she leaned away to look him in the eye. Kagome immediately regretted her outburst when she locked on to his red stained eyes. For a brief moment she had forgotten that Inuyasha had turned into his full yokai self. Inuyasha, on his part, smiled proudly as he caught the momentary fire that lit Kagome's eyes. He then leaned back in to continue his attention to her neck, but was denied when Kagome suddenly covered her neck with her hands. "Wait."

"Mine," Inuyasha responded gruffly as he attempted to remove her hands.

"No, I need to know what's going on," Kagome insisted before taking his hands into her own. "Please." Inuyasha gently placed his forehead against her own.

"We are mates."


"Yes." Kagome took a moment to consider what he meant.

"Oh my," Kagome exclaimed when she realized what he meant. "You're saying that I'm your mate." Inuyasha did the purr growl again before diving down for her neck again. "No!" He gave a short growl and she could tell he was starting to get annoyed with her.

"You are my mate," came his demanding growl. Kagome knew she had to stop him before he did something he would regret.

"I'm cold Inuyasha," she tried explaining. "Could we please go back to camp where I can be warm by the fire? We can continue there." He seemed to consider her suggestion for a moment.

"We go back then," Inuyasha trailed off with a suggestively. It was not lost on Kagome just what he meant and a deep blush spread across her face.

"Yes," she shyly agreed and in a flash Inuyasha picked her back up and was heading full speed back to camp. It completely caught Kagome off guard with how enthusiastic he was. She knew she had to be blushing all the way down to her stomach with the thought of what she had tricked Inuyasha into thinking she was agreeing to. Not that she never noticed how ridiculously attractive Inuyasha was. She wasn't dead, but with his former love back from the grave the idea of him even being some what interested in her just never crossed her mind. It didn't take them too long though to get back to camp and Inuyasha didn't waste time in setting Kagome on her feet next to her sleeping bag so that he could gathered her back in his arms and nuzzle her.

"Now," he said before kissing and nipping at her neck.

"Inuyasha wait," Kagome began to say but was silenced when Inuyasha roughly kissed her full on the mouth. A low growl emulated from him as he began to slip his hand up her shirt. Kagome instantly went wide eyed and threw her head to the side. "Sit!" At her command Inuyasha immediately came crashing down to the ground taking Kagome along with him. "Okay that wasn't the smartest thing to do."

"What the fuck?!" came Inuyasha angry voice and Kagome let out a big sigh of relief as she hugged him. Inuyasha instantly began blushing. He was not use to being hugged, let alone by a beautiful girl who seemed to be okay with being under him. He knew he had to get her to stop before his body started responding in embarrassing ways. "You can let go now Kagome."

"Oh sorry!" Kagome apologized with a slight blush as she released his neck.

"How did I fall out of the tree?" Inuyasha questioned as he moved to sit beside her.

"I'm sorry," Kagome apologized as she quickly tried to come up with an explanation. She didn't want to tell him about his yokai side coming out again so soon after the last time. The last time seemed to really have traumatized him. "I must have said that word in my sleep and caused you to fall out of the tree."

"You're such a pain in my ass," Inuyasha complained as he stood. "Try not to do that again would you? I maybe a hanyou, but even hanyou need to sleep."

"I'm sorry again Inuyasha. Go back to sleep. I promise I won't say it again."

"Keh," was his usual reply before jumping back into the tree. Kagome laid back into her sleeping bag and began to ponder through the events that took place. For the life of her she couldn't figure out what caused Inuyasha's yokai to come out. Had another yokai attacked while they were all sleeping? She highly doubted that since no one else felt the yokai energy. If anyone Kirara would have at least responded to it. Something had to have cause his yokai to show though.

To add more confusion Inuyasha's yokai apparently was attracted to her. His yokai sure did seem to want her. This didn't seem to bother her as much as she knew it should have. If she were honest with herself Kagome was actually sort of intrigued. She knew she should be terrified that a yokai wanted her for his own, but for one reason or another she felt no fear.

Kagome knew though that if Inuyasha's yokai came after her again she would have to make sure to deny him. It wasn't her that Inuyasha loved after all and that knowledge stung a little. Kagome promptly shook her head to clear her mind. Inuyasha loved Kikyo and that was that so allowing his yokai to have any kind of romance with her was out of the question. With any kind of luck Inuyasha's yokai coming out unexpectedly will be a one time thing and she won't have to worry about it. Either way Kagome decided she wasn't going to think on the subject any longer. Tomorrow was going to be a long day since they had to make their way to Totosai to get Tetsusaiga repaired.