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a good time

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your fingernails are digging into his scalp, as you're desperately grabbing onto the loose strands of self control you have left. or his hair. both work. the smaller, leaner man raises his gase momentarily, just ever so slightly acknowledging your needy moans, and shifts his eyes back down to your erect nipples he's playing with. one in his mouth, the other being pressed over and over again by two of his slender features. it's too much, it's too much, you tell yourself, it's too-

his movements come to a stop. you let out a whine.

"getting close now, are we?" he whispers. you think it was intended to be in a flirty tone, but it came off as soft. it was adorable.

he seemed to notice you were drifting off in your own thoughts as usual, so he gently licked your neck to get your attention. letting out a yelp, you snapped back to reality. reality where sou was towering over you in your bed, while you were sporting a painfully eager erection. and god, you were loving every second of it.

"are you okay?" he asked, requesting to move further. he refused to do anything to you without your consent.

you nodded firmly, not trusting words to help you in the moment. you wanted him so bad, you couldn't wait anymore.

sou unbuckles your pants and gently slides them down to your knees, the very obvious tent in your crotch only being exposed more. sou chuckles a bit, most likely from the growing wet spot in your boxers just from his touch. you're needy, and he knows it. next to go are his pants, which he quickly discards of himself, revealing those plump, soft thighs you're oh so fond of. you'd love to be able to play with them, but right now, he's leading the show.

he moves his body until his mouth is aligned with your clothed cock, eliciting small gasps from you everytime his hot breath meets your erection. beginning to stroke your cock through the gentle fabric of your boxers, you grab onto the pillow your head is propped on and involuntarily buck into the air with each calculated stroke. your moans gradually increase in volume as the man goes to work, the friction from the boxers driving you insane.

you alert sou that you're close to coming, feeling the hot and warm feeling swarm through your abdomen, and he stops. you begin to raise your head in confusion until, in one swift movement, your boxers are pushed down your thighs and sou's mouth is surrounding your now fully exposed cock.

he quickly bobs his head up and down your erection, moaning all the while and sending deep vibrations throughout your entire body. you're completely blissed out, your eyes rolling back in your head as pleasure floods your senses. his hot, soft tongue slides up and down your length as it travels through the slender man's mouth, occasionally playing with the tip, licking away the precum oozing from your delighted cock. sou adds his hand into the mix, twisting the base of your cock all the while, and not much more time passes until you reach your climax -- your hot, sticky load streaming down sou's throat as he slowly pulls your cock out of his mouth. he finally finishes, kissing your spent cock, and moving onto your lips. you can taste yourself on his tongue, but you're too intoxicated from the arousal of sex to care less.

your body is tired, so tired that you can barely move, and as you drift off to the comforts of sleep, you can feel the man leave one last kiss on your forehead until you lose your sense of consciousness.