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Don’t Look At Me Like That 2

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Izuku always had Kacchan on her mind. That was nothing new, she knew, but the nature of her thoughts were definitely different. Ever since their, um, escapade in the common room, her mind had been swarmed with thoughts of returning the favor. Suddenly, she was utterly consumed with the desire to give Kacchan a blowjob.


Gah! Even just thinking about it made her blush from head to toe, but that didn’t deter her from her want. While she was in class, while she was training, while she was spending time with her friends, every thought somehow led back to her thinking about Kacchan’s penis. She couldn’t even look him in the eyes anymore, and she had a feeling he knew exactly the  affect he had on her. In an effort to, um, further understand her desire, she spent an inordinate amount of time looking up how to give the best blowjob possible. Kacchan had made her feel so good, she couldn’t not return the favor, even if he didn’t specifically ask for it. She still had dreams about that night. He had seemed like he had enjoyed it so much, she was infected by his enthusiasm.


Her searching had led her to plenty of new revelations, had her questioning her sexuality, and a newfound respect for anyone who was in the sex working business. She watched video after video and read article after article about what men wanted and what made men orgasm the quickest. Giving a good blowjob required a lot of skill! From making sure you didn’t choke, to working your tongue just right, from knowing what spots to target to making sure you didn’t get semen in your eyes of hair, a lot of thought went into a good blowjob.


The biggest revelation came when she stumbled across an article that talked about teasing. At first she had been confused. Why would anyone want to be teased during sex? That would just be torturous! Right? But, the more she read, the more she realized that giving someone a blowjob wasn’t purely about being physical. If you wanted to blow their body, mind and soul, you should drag out the experience. The emotional build up would make the orgasm all the more intense. So, she cleared her search history and began to research how to tease someone, or edge them, without boring them. She learned a lot. Like, a lot.


She cleared her search history after that too. . .


Now came the trickiest part; somehow managing to convince herself to approach Kacchan and pitch the idea to him. The first thought was no way!  She couldn’t just ask him  that sort of thing! But, the second thought came, he had done that to her... not with the anticipation of getting anything in return, but just because he wanted to do that for her. It would be fine if she wanted to do the same, right? She had a feeling Kacchan wouldn’t mind... he did tell  her he thought she was cute... and that he liked her... and he still planned on taking her out on that date... and he was still giving her those heated looks... and his touches still lingered a bit longer than they should... and her research suggested that men liked when their partner took the initiative...


So, after she overcame that mental hurdle, she now had to work out how and when she should approach Kacchan about her request. She didn’t think she had the nerve to just up and ask him like he had with her. It had to be when they wouldn’t be disturbed, and when they wouldn’t be interrupted... she knew Kacchan went to bed early, while the others opted to hang out late, especially on the weekends. So, that would be a perfect time.


That was how she ended up in front of his bedroom door at 7:30 on a Friday night, with most of the rest of the dorms being deserted. She took a deep breath and tentatively knocked on the door. She heard a dull ‘thunk’ which was followed by Kacchan’s heavy footsteps. A few second later, a slightly irked looking Kacchan appeared in front of her. His irritated expression slightly softened when he made eye contact with her.


“What do you want, Deku?” he asked, leaning slightly against the doorframe.


“Well, um,” she stuttered, her slight trace of confidence quickly dissipated. “I-I was wondering, um, w-well, I, eh...” she looked down at her fingers nervously before taking a deep breath. “Kacchan, let me blow you.”


“Eh?” he asked, his face blank in surprise.


“Y-you heard me,” she asserted, determined to make this happen. She had gotten it out, no turning back now.


“You... you wanna give me a blowjob? L-like, right now?” he asked, blinking owlishly at her, seemingly wrapping his brain around what she just said. She nodded sharply, forcing herself to keep her eyes on his face. “Well fuck, yeah, I’m down.”


“Good,” she nodded, grabbing his wrist and dragging him into his room. She shut the door behind them with her foot and tugged him over to the bed. He flopped backwards onto the bed as Izuku moved to straddle his legs. It begins.


She knew that to properly edge Kacchan, she had to build him up emotionally, get him really excited, so then everything would feel ten times better. Being the one to instigate this probably had gotten him going, she hoped, and she decided to kiss him. She wanted to start out slow, but Kacchan had different ideas, evidently, as he almost immediately tried to dominate the kiss. She pulled back and huffed at him in frustration and embarrassment.


“What?” he asked, clearly confused.


“Y-you were in charge l-last time,” she muttered, unconsciously pouting at the blond. “N-now it’s my turn.” She didn’t want to try and take charge, per say. Kacchan was always the take charge type, and she was naturally more of a follower, or the submissive. This wasn’t giving the vibes she wanted.


“You wanna—, fuckin’ fine. I guess that’s fair,” he brushed off. She would take it. Now to get things back on track and get him in the mood. She nodded and gently pulled him back in for a kiss, starting off sweet again. He hummed into the kiss, his lips moving more gently against hers, letting her take the lead like she had asked. As the kiss deepened, her hands began to wander a bit. If he was surprised, he didn’t show it, but she knew what she was planning on doing would definitely take him by surprise. Hopefully in a good way. 


Just as the kiss was getting heavy, she pulled back and began kissing down his neck, gently sucking and nibbling intermittently on his skin. He grunted as she passed over one particular spot, somewhere near the front left column of his neck. She went back up to that spot and lavished it in some more attention. He jolted ever so slightly, signaling to her that this was indeed a sweet spot. Good to know, she filled away that information for later. Her hands trailed down his chest to the bottom of his tank top, short nails grazing against his lower abdominal muscles. He stiffened a bit in surprise, but if his little moan was anything to go by, it was a good surprise. Perfect.


“Mm, Kacchan,” she hummed into his skin, nosing against his jaw.


“You got something planned, Deku?” he asked fondly, his voice only slightly hoarse.


“Mmhm,” she hummed again, pulling back a bit to look up at him.


“Well, get to it,” he goaded, smirking down at her. She smiled innocently at him as she got off his lap and sat up between his legs, the carpet on his floor soft against her knees. She looked at his waistband, more specifically his impressive bulge, with some apprehension, but swallowed her anxieties and hooked her fingers inside. She pulled them down slowly, being aided by Kacchan lifting his hips, her eyes widening when she saw his cock spring out.


She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous. She had never done anything like this before, and Kacchan’s cock was, impressive, to say the least. It was long and thick with a slight curve to the right and a few well placed veins. It was slightly tan, just like the rest of him, and perfectly clean. She licked her lips unconsciously in anticipation and she heard him grunt above her. She looked up at him through her eyelashes, taking in his furrowed expression, before redirecting her attention back to his member.


Izuku started by placing a kiss at the thick base of his cock, glancing up at him briefly. She kissed and licked her way up as she wrapped a hand lightly around the base. She got to the underside of the head and began rolling her tongue lightly against the frenulum, giving him some stimulation but not quite enough. He groaned breathily as his hands fisted in the sheets beside him. Okay, so he liked that, not that she was surprised. Her fist tightened around him as she licked up and down the length of his member, intending on thoroughly coating it in saliva.


Once she had deemed him sufficiently lubed up, she went up and slowly swirled her tongue around the head before taking it into her mouth. She began to suck on the head, working her tongue back and forth, left to right, against the underside of the tip. He jolted again and hunched over slightly, breath coming out in slow pants. She sat back a little so she could look up at Kacchan, trying to look as appeasing as possible. She had practiced making sexy faces in the mirror, as embarrassing as it was, and she thought she had it down. Her eyes were wide, but not too wide, and innocent, despite the fact that his cock was in her mouth.


Kacchan’s eyes went wide as they made eye contact and she opened her mouth in a smile so he could see the head of his cock gently resting on her tongue. Izuku felt his cock twitch and she tasted something salty, mentally noting that it must be precum. Good, all that mortifying practicing had been worth it. With her left hand she worked up and down his length and with her right, she took his hand and gently placed it on the back of her head. His eyes scanned across her face, and she withheld a smile as she switched up tactics. She suddenly enveloped his penis and slid halfway down his length, causing him to groan again. She bobbed and twisted her head and hand as she milked more sounds from him.


“Fuck, Deku,” he growled, fingers tangling in her green locks, “that’s it baby. Fuck, yeah.” She hummed around him, sending him bucking up into her mouth. She choked a bit, not having expected that, and pulled off with a cough.


“Shit, fuck, Deku I’m sorry I—g-ah!” he broke off with a moan as she dove back in, completely undeterred by the small hiccup. She had expected that to happen; she still had a gag reflex, but it would just have to be something that they worked on.


Oh, just the thought of going down on Kacchan again excited her. She didn’t think she’d enjoy it as much as she did, but she really liked it. She understood why Kacchan had been so excited to go down on her a week prior. She rubbed her thighs together as she whimpered around him, heat building up in her core as she continued. She slipped a hand down underneath the waistband of her pajama shorts and underwear and began touching herself. She loved hearing the noises Kacchan made, deep and rumbling and raw. And she was  the one making him make those noises, and only she would  be able to hear them, to treasure them forever. The sounds he was making were so perfect, it made her all hot and bothered.


But her jaw was getting kinda sore, so she switched up tactics again.


“Kacchan,” she gasped as she pulled off of him, leaning forward to rest her face against his thigh. She kissed and suckled at the side of his cock as she worked her hand up and down him in time with the circular motions she was making on her clit. “Mmah, Kacchan,” she panted into his cock, face flushed.


“Fuck, Deku,” he groaned, hunching over her as she looked up. “The look in your eyes, fuck. You look so fucking good right now. Shit. Could get used to you on your knees for me. Ngh, yeah.”


“Only for Kacchan,” she said truthfully. His cock twitched in her hand, much to her delight, and he moaned. “Ngh, did all this for Kacchan.”


“Shit, shit, Deku, m’close,” he warned. Ugh, this was when she was supposed to back off. She didn’t want to stop, but she knew that in the end it would pay off. She sat up and slowed her movements until she was very slightly moving her hands around the base, much to his displeasure.


“O-oi, what the fuck,” he panted, face flushed and skin slightly shiny. “Wh-why’d you fucking- grr.”


“I’ve got more planned for you, Kacchan,” she purred, licking between his balls. “I know it’s only my first time, b-but I want to do so many things to you, Kacchan.”


“I swear -mmh!- I swear to god, Deku, if you fucking do that again, I’ll make you pay,” he threatened, narrowing his eyes dangerously at her. The look he was giving her made heat build in her core, and god how could one person be so attractive? The hand in her pants picked up speed as she tried edging herself like she was doing with Kacchan.


“Promise?” she asked, looking up at him lewdly. His eyes widened a bit before he sneered down at her in frustration.


“Damn Deku,” he grumbled, tugging on her hair. She whimpered at the pull but fought against it to take him deep into her throat. “Gah, fuck. Fuck!” he cried out as he bucked into her mouth, hand roughly fisted in her hair. She relaxed her throat as best as she could, rolling her tongue up against him as she did so. He seemed like he was already close again, and she wouldn’t have any more time to try out the other things she had planned. Oh well. Better make the last seconds the best. She worked her tongue around him vigorously, not caring about the amount of drool that escaped her, and moaned around him.


“Deku! Fuck, m’gonna cum baby. Fuck, m’so fuckin’ close. Shit, fuck!” A few choppy thrusts and low groans later, he was cumming down her throat. She greedily guzzled it down as she stopped moving her hand around her clit. Kacchan was panting heavily as she finally pulled off his spent cock. Once he finally made eye contact with her, she made a show of pulling her hand out of her shorts and licking her fingers clean. He groaned at the sight, an observation that made her very happy .


“Fuck, Deku,” he panted out, a lazy smirk on his lips as he pet her hair. “Why the fuck are you so good at this?”


“Well, y’know,” she shrugged, glancing to the side. “Go beyond, plus ultra.”


She didn’t know what his response to that would’ve been, but she certainly did not expect him to bust out laughing.


“Oh, my fucking god,” he laughed, bringing a hand to his face. “You’re such a little, fuck, you’re adorable.” She blushed and hid her face against his thigh. “C’mere.”


“Mm,” she nodded as he tugged gently on her hair, pulling her up into a kiss. It was gentle and lazy due to his sedateness from being tired and from just having orgasmed. “I’m glad you liked it, Kacchan,” she admitted as he pulled up his bottoms.


“Fuck, if I knew you could do all that,” he didn’t finish his sentence, too blissed out to think.


“I worked really hard to make sure it was good for you,” she admitted, resting her forehead against his shoulder in embarrassment. “I did a lot of research.”


“Fuckin’ course you did, damn cute ass nerd,” he scoffed, petting the back of her head. “Still gotta take you out on that date I promised.”


“Mm,” she nodded, nuzzling into his neck. She let out a surprised squeak when he flopped over onto his bed, pulling her down with him. “Ka-Kacchan!”


“Shh,” he hushed, holding her to his chest, “jus’ shut up and sleep, nerd. Wanted to do this last time, y’know...” She blushed into his neck as he cuddled her to him, but eventually relaxed against him. There was still a lot to talk about, but they would talk later. Right now, all that mattered was that they were both content at the moment, and their feelings were, once again, out in the open. Maybe, after their date, they could take another step.


But right now, she was tired, and Kacchan was warm, so she slept.