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We Won The Academic Decathlon National Competition and Won A Field Trip To Stark Industries... Again

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“Before you blame me, I want to let it be known that I didn’t do this.” Tony announced, walking into the common room with a pink piece of paper and stopping behind the horseshoe of sofas.

Peter glanced skeptically at his dad for a moment before returning his vision to the tv screen as he passed Sam, moving from second to first place.

“Come on man!” Sam protested, trying his hardest to get Mario to move faster, but Peter’s Yoshi was far superior if he may say so himself.

“That makes it sound a lot like you did something Stark.” Natasha pointed out as her Bowser passed Sam, moving with ease into second place.

“I did not do a thing. Well I did things, but I didn’t do this thing.” Tony reiterated, confusing himself with his own words. It was a Stark quality that Peter had picked up on as well.

“So, what exactly didn’t you do?” Clint asked, frowning as he tried to move Toad ahead of fourth place but ultimately failing as Peter crossed the finish line of his third lap.

Peter jumped up and started doing his victory dance, laughing as Sam and Clint rolled their eyes at him. Since he won so much it became his tradition to do the victory dance, and when he didn’t win typically whoever was lucky enough to beat him did his dance in revenge for making them watch it so much.

“I didn’t schedule a sleepover for Peter’s Decathlon team here at the tower.” Tony said quickly, looking sheepishly at Peter.

Peter froze in his dance and turned slowly to look in shock at his dad. “You didn’t do what?” He asked, dreading what was going to come out of his mouth next.

Last time his class had come to the tower was embarrassing enough and now the Decathlon team had to come again? Peter was pretty sure that Flash had barely made it through the tour alive during the field trip, a sleep over was going to be twice that amount of time and Flash didn’t know how to shut his stupid mouth. Peter was honestly scared that someone (probably Nat, or Tony, or Bucky… wow pretty much any of the Avengers) was going to flat out murder Flash, and while he might have really wanted to do so when Flash really pissed him off sometimes, it was 1- against the law, and 2- he didn’t really actually want Flash to die, just maybe get kicked in the nuts sometimes. Maybe. Even that was a little harsh for Peter in reality, but it’s the thought that counts.

And even besides Flash, the Avengers had 2 goals in life. To save the universe, and to embarrass the crap out of Peter. Its like they lived for teasing and making fun of him especially in public. To have the Decathlon team sleeping in the tower where his family lived and interacting directly with his family, instead of quick meetings, was a bad idea. Not just bad, terrible. Horrible. Disastrous. You get the picture.

“Peter, earth to Peter.” Tony called, flapping his paper in Peter’s direction. Peter blinked. Wow he must have really zoned out. Around him Clint and Sam were laughing their asses off at Peter’s misfortune while Nat smirked up at him from the sofa she was lounging in.

Peter groaned and flopped next to Nat, resting his head in her lap. “How could you?” Peter asked Tony with lighthearted offense. He knew deep down that it probably wasn’t Tony’s fault, the paperwork required to schedule a field trip and associated technicalities was more papers than Tony was willing to fill out. Even last time it had been a complete coincidence that his class had gotten a field trip scheduled here. But still knowing that, it was slightly entertaining to watch his dad squirm.

“I didn't do it!” Tony exclaimed, glaring at the two bird themed superheroes as they began to laugh louder at his outburst. “Part of the prize for winning the Academic Decathlon National Competition was a sleepover for the entire team at the Stark Industries headquarters in Manhattan, aka here.”

Peter sighed as Nat began to massage his head. “So, you’re saying that you did do this technically, but you didn’t know you’d be doing it for Peter’s team.” Nat clarified, a humorous twinkle in her eye as she looked over the back of the couch at Tony.

“What? I- No!” Tony stammered, causing even Nat to crack a smile as Clint fell off the sofa across from Peter, laughing so hard he couldn’t get up off the ground.

“It’s ok dad, I know you didn’t do it on purpose.” Peter said, sitting up and looking at his dad. He looked over at Sam and Clint and rolled his eyes. Sam was literally crying from laughing so much and Clint was still rolling on the ground in laughter. “There’s no point in asking you guys to be low key is there?”

“Nope.” Tony said, popping the p obnoxiously before walking back to the elevator.

Peter groaned, letting his head fall back against the pillows as Sam too fell off the couch from laughing so hard, making it so there was two grown men rolling on the floor laughing like toddlers. “Why is this my life?” Peter asked to no one in particular.

Nat grinned and reached out a slender hand to play with Peter’s hair. “You know you love us ребенок-паук.”

“Yeah, I do.”