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Just be Optimistic

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It was never his intention to do anything like this, he didn’t mean to do this to anybody. I wasn’t until six years after Kacchan got his quirk that Izuku finally found out that all along, he wasn’t a quirkless Deku. But he never thought when, and if his quirk ever manifested, that it would turn out like this. All it really took was a hand to someone else's upper arm, and the next thing Izuku knew was that the boy he had accidentally touched was curled up on the floor, bawling. Now this kid, god knows who his name is, was not one to cry, that's really all he could recall about him, considering this was one of the only times he has ever interacted with this boy, if you could even call this an interaction.

Others were staring, he knew this, and he didn’t like it one bit. Having all these eyes on him, standing above some crying kid on the floor.

What is his deal? What did I do now? I only slightly touched his arm, from bumping into him. Ohmygod I gotta get outta here, before anybody can think I did something to him. I mean what could a quirkless, stupid, Deku like me even do to some kid with a quirk? That's probably what they will all think.

But he had some feeling, like a new spurt of confidence was growing inside of him. This was very strange. Izuku made the right decision to slowly walk back into the crowd surrounding him before the rage induced storm, that he called Kacchan, came into the scene with a look of pure disgust on his face as he looked down at the sniveling figure on the ground, who at this point started to calm down, but was still physically shaking. One or two small explosives were set off in Kacchan’s palm before he spoke in his usual gravelly voice down at the shaking student.

“Hey asshat, get up off the floor, I’m trying to get through here, and you are making it impossible to even want to get through here with your dumb ass crying on the floor,” he said with his trademark sneer plastered on his face. The smaller boy, who was still on the ground, looked up at the two crimson eyes that seemed to bore holes through his own, as he scrambled to the side and ran off, allowing Kacchan to pass through the hall, with his usual two cronies behind him like two baby ducks, following their mom.

Izuku, still standing there, still getting weird and confused stares, since he seemed to cause the whole scene, turned around and with his bag still swung around his back, walked out the door and down the street towards his house.

What a strange day. Was that kid just scared of physical contact, or maybe he was scared he would catch the “Quirkless plague” that I have been “Infected with”.

Izuku was almost eleven and he knew already that if these old jokes about him were still going on to this day, he would have many more things to worry about in the future.


Yeah, it happened again. Hooray.

The same thing happened in the same way. Except this time, it was some random person on the street, that was extremely embarrassing. Questions were thrown at Izuku, which he immediately answered with a reluctant ,"I don’t know." He didn’t dare tell anybody about what happened at school, with the other boy. Who knows what would happen.

Izuku, is scared. Is something wrong with him? What is going on?



Yeah, so it turned out, he actually had a fucking quirk this whole time. Well not this whole time exactly, Izuku just thought at this point that he was just an extremely late bloomer when it came to quirks. And yeah, thats the case, it turns out. “That doctor probably just mixed up my file with someone else's. How idiotic can someone get?” He was done. At this point, Izuku just wanted to eat several bars of chocolate while crying in the corner of him room, while simultaneously watching the old videos of all might he knew and loved. “Fuck everything,” he groaned, and leaned back in his desk chair, trying not to fall back, knowing that would happen if he was lucky.

And what kind of quirk was this? Is seemed so… villainous. Even though Izuku had no idea what his quirk actually did, he had some ideas.

“When I touch someone, they seem to immediately fall to the ground and have a panic attack. Jesus Christ what did I get myself into? I don't know why, but I also seem to get a rush of confidence or happiness when this happens, and I normally wouldn't ever do that considering, it's kind of a shitty thing to feel happy about someone's misery. How would I ever become a hero with a quirk like this? I mean I guess if I trained it more, I could get a grip on it and then maybe I could find a way to become a hero like Kacchan. Oh wait.” Izuku's mumbling came to a sudden halt.

What is kacchan going to think?