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Fox Hunting

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This is the Nth time Yang Xiuxian causes a bar brawl because men get jealous that their girlfriends won’t stop flirting with him. After Luo Fusheng beats down the last man brave enough to come at him, he turns to see Yang Xiuxian lounging casually on his plush $10k VIP sofa like he hasn’t got a bone in his body to support his long bastardly frame. All the while sipping on a fruity cocktail, the faux candlelight on the table reflecting in his eyes looks annoyingly like mirth.

“Yang Xiuxian! I’m the fucking owner of this bar and second in command to the Hong family estate. I don’t have time to play the goddamn bouncer every other night just because you can’t keep it in your pants!”

Yang Xiuxian’s drunken chuckle can easily be heard throughout the bar that has gone absolutely silent after Luo Fusheng’s outburst. No one wants to accidentally breathe in the direction of the man who is clearly too far gone to realise who he’s laughing at. No one looks away either, not wanting to miss a single second of the carnage about to unfold before their eyes.

“But it’s so hard keeping it in my pants...” Yang Xiuxian slides further down the sofa, letting his legs fall open even wider apart than they already were. His hand drifts teasingly up his thigh. “It’s harder when everyone wants it so badly...”

The pressure in the room shoots through the roof at the blatant insolence towards the young master of one of Shanghai’s fiercest gangs. Everyone in the city knows better than to disrespect Luo Fusheng, especially in his own bar.

Luo Fusheng can feel a flush of anger spreading through his whole body as he watches Yang Xiuxian bite down on his index finger, lips curving into a salacious smirk. Yang Xiuxian is asking for it, begging for it. Begging to be prematurely thrown into the reincarnation wheel at the ripe age of 27 that is.

Luo Fusheng runs his hand through his hair in frustration and shakes his finger at Yang Xiuxian like he’s a particularly unruly dog. “I don’t have time for this. I’m an important man with important shit to do.”

He is trying to talk himself out of making this a bigger scene than it already is. Yang Xiuxian is a thorn in his side, but a tiny one.

Luo Fusheng had just come back from a gang fight this evening, and had successfully taken control over the lucrative night district on the east side of the city, and he’s got that weapons deal with a bunch of foreigners tomorrow, and the fucking translator came down with the flu last minute. So why the hell is a bar fight over Yang Xiuxian gaining him more attention than anything else he’s done all week?

He pinches between his brows, his other hand on his hip. “You’re banned.” He has decided.

“Oh, am I?” Spoken truly like someone who’s never taken anything seriously in his life. Yang Xiuxian’s voice has no business being this husky, like he’s just spent hours kneeling on the marbled floor of the bar’s bathroom. He smirks, watching Luo Fusheng seethe.

“Yes, you’re bloody banned.” Luo Fusheng kicks Yang Xiuxian’s left leg for good measure then closes his eyes with a deep breath so he doesn’t have to look at the clear bulge on display between the pair of shitty jean-clad legs. Only Yang Xiuxian can find black jeans this tight and still laze around in them like they’re the most comfortable things to be in.

“If I see you here again, you better have brought your own coffin,” he throws behind him as he walks up the stairs back to his office.

He’s got translators to threaten.




No less than a week later, Luo Fusheng walks into his bar to find yet another man beefing with Yang Xiuxian, while some damsel tries to pull her boyfriend back. He slips between them just in time for a fist to miss Yang Xiuxian’s very sharp jawline.

“What seems to be the matter here, sir?” Luo Fusheng pulls out his best diplomatic bar owner smile.

“This bastard tried to make a pass at my girlfriend!”

Luo Fusheng’s vein is about to pop when he hears his whole bar go still. Do these people pay to drink, or to watch Yang Xiuxian throw a wrench into his very, very busy life?

He turns towards the lady in question and again plasters on a ‘I’m an innocent business man just trying to make money’ smile. “Were you bothered by this gentleman here?”

The lady shakes her head rapidly and reciprocates his polite smile. “It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. Really. Haha.”

Just as he thought. Yang Xiuxian flirts with anything that moves, but he’s not the type to force anything that doesn’t come his way willingly. Not that he ever needs to even lift a finger for people and things to fall into his lap.

Luo Fusheng turns towards Yang Xiuxian for a cursory but obligatory glance to give the appearance of considering all sides of a conflict. However, he is met with Yang Xiuxian’s lascivious eyes leering back at him. His languid arms folded across his chest and his shoulders set back like he knows that man’s fist couldn’t have touched him in a million years.

Okay. You know what? Fuck Yang Xiuxian, fuck this guy, and fuck everyone in this bar. If they want a show so badly, Luo Fusheng, the dedicated businessman, will give his customers what they want.

“I’m sorry, sir, but your girlfriend seems to think it was just a misunderstanding. And I am inclined to believe her, since this bastard,” Luo Fusheng slaps Yang Xiuxian’s arse hard and gives it a good ol’ squeeze for emphasis, “is my boyfriend. And are you trying to tell me that my boyfriend has strayed?”

Luo Fusheng thoroughly enjoys the shock and panic that flash through the man’s eyes, but not as much as he’s going to treasure the squeak that came out of Yang Xiuxian’s throat when he grabbed his arse cheek roughly just now. He’s going to savour it every day and never let Yang Xiuxian live it down.

“That is a grave accusation that must be investigated to the fullest extent.” He lets his business-like tone smooth out the edges of his barely concealed threat and intimidation. His voice drips like honey but hits the ground like poison.

He walks a step closer, pulling Yang Xiuxian with him by his waist. “I can promise you I will put my men to the job and execute this to your satisfaction.”

He flashes the customer his pearly whites in a wolfish smile, but the man is already backing away, a slight bow in his posture to make himself look smaller. “No need, no need. I wouldn’t want to burden Mister Luo with such trivial things. I’m sure it was just a misunderstanding.”

“Oh, it’s no burden. Are you sure?”

“Yes, yes. Mister Luo has been so gracious to us. Please forgive me for any inconvenience caused to your great establishment.” The man shuffles back, trying to put as much distance between himself and Luo Fusheng as possible.

Luo Fusheng reins in all the murderous aura and aggression of a mafia heir, and returns to a well-meaning bar owner. “How very kind of you. A free bottle of champagne for this lovely couple here!” He shouts towards the direction of the bartender.

“Yes, young master Luo!”

He nods cordially towards the lady who’s breathing a sigh of relief, and receives a grateful smile from her. He watches the couple leave and everyone returns to their conversation, having sensed that the show is now over.

Luo Fusheng turns towards Yang Xiuxian.

“Ah ha, Sheng-ge, I never knew you were so good with conflict resolution, hahahaha.” The man who earlier looked like he wouldn’t suffer a scratch even if the sky fell down, is now desperately trying to inch away from him.

No amount of nervous laughter can get Yang Xiuxian out of Luo Fusheng’s iron grip around his waist. He must have sensed that Luo Fusheng is no longer fucking around because he swallows and puts his hands up innocently. “Young Master Luo, if there’s anything on your mind we should talk it out peacefully.”

Luo Fusheng raises a dangerous eyebrow. “You know, all the glasses and plates that have been broken in each brawl, I have never seen a single penny in compensation.”

He taps his chin as if deep in thought. “Actually, there have been two glass tables broken too, if I remember correctly. Isn’t that crazy?”

Yang Xiuxian gives him a pained look. “Great grand Master Luo, please let me walk out of here alive today.”

Luo Fusheng smiles sweetly. “My establishment doesn’t run on kindness.” He walks them towards the VIP sofa that Yang Xiuxian was sprawled across just last week. He grabs the front of Yang Xiuxian’s shirt and collapses onto the comfortable cushions, taking Yang Xiuxian down on top of him by the collar.

He looks up at Yang Xiuxian’s nervous expression and slides his hands down his long legs for some minor adjustments. Yang Xiuxian’s breath hitches once he’s forced to straddle even more snugly across Luo Fusheng’s crotch. He pulls Yang Xiuxian down by the collar of his leather jacket so his lips line up against his ear.

“I would suggest you sell your body as recompense.”

In such close proximity to each other, Luo Fusheng can feel a shiver running down Yang Xiuxian’s whole body and his breathing getting heavier by the second.

Yang Xiuxian pulls back slightly, licking his lips. “Can I think about it?”

Luo Fusheng looks up at his mussed up curly hair, the dazed look in his eyes, and eventually settles on the set of full, spit-shined, ruby red lips.

“I don’t believe you can afford to.”

It is Yang Xiuxian who leans down to capture Luo Fusheng’s mouth in a rough and messy kiss first. He places his hands on the back of the sofa, on either side of Luo Fusheng’s head and presses the whole length of his body down onto the man under him, grinding subtly into his crotch. Luo Fusheng’s hands travel back up and around those cheeks that he plans to get very familiar with very soon and grips hard, using it as leverage to push his hips up into Yang Xiuxian. Such overt and shameless display of sexuality will usually result in a tap on the shoulder by the bouncer, but since he signs the bouncers’ paycheques, he’d like to see anyone in here try and stop him from ravaging Yang Xiuxian right here in the middle of the crowded bar.

“Luo Fusheng…” Yang Xiuxian breathes heavily once Luo Fusheng’s teeth let go of his bottom lip, “bring me upstairs and fuck me right now.”

Seeing the little minx so wrecked after a bit of dry humping and making out fills Luo Fusheng’s chest with satisfaction. He slips his right hand under Yang Xiuxian’s t-shirt, and reaches up and up until his thumb brushes past a nipple and pinches it hard. Yang Xiuxian sucks in a lungful of cold air, and the bulge pressed against Luo Fusheng grows ever harder.

“Will you start any bar fights ever again?”

Yang Xiuxian shakes his head with his eyes closed, mouth hanging open, consumed by the feeling of Luo Fusheng’s hands on him. “You ask that as if you did not just publicly stake your claim on me. No one will ever try to fight me again even if their girlfriends did flirt with me.”

Yang Xiuxian opens his eyes and stares straight down at him.

“And I don’t need to anymore, now that I’ve got you under me.”