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Hermitcraft Lemons

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~Time Off War~

Taking place during the war, tensions rising between the group, they take some time to decompress ;)

"What the hell were you two thinking?!" Zedaph questioned the two.

Impulse and Tango almost flinched, the brit was usually the more calm tranquil one.

"Are you trying to split us apart over a silly prank war? I thought we were staying out of this mess.." The man shot a look of betrayal at his partners, just wanting the best.

"Zed, we're not going to split up over the prank war! it's just us goofing around. We'll kill each other a few times in varying brutal ways and will be over quicker than it started..." Impulse tried to reassure. Zed had given a glare, a bit unconvinced but looking a bit remorseful.

Tango went behind the man and slowly began massaging his back. Zedaph tensed up but sank into the sensation as he let his guard down.

"Look, Zed, you just need to de-stress. I understand how you could see this all as something that could tear us apart! It's no problem, I can assure you that after I beat Impulse's ass i'll still want to tap that ass.. We've been through a lot together why would something this small break us up?" Tango said, defusing some of the tension between the group.

".. I guess you guys have a point, I am overeacting a little. I just don't want you- mhm- you guys to do anything crazy.." Zedaph trailed off, eyes shut and rolling his shoulders as he straightened out his back and sat up straight.

Tango was busy working his dull claws into knots in the mans back. Impulse knew just about where this was going, slowly getting up and straddling Zedaph's lap.

Zedaph wasn't very surprised, knowing a lot of their tricks. Impulse slowly wrapped his fingers in Zed's wheat colored mess of hair. Slowly but steadily bringing the man into a passionate steady kiss.

Despite being caught up in the kiss, Zedaph still registered Tango piping up.

"Zeddy, I think you might need a little more help de-stressing.. You wouldn't mind that, would you?" Tango cooed, running his nails lightly down Zedaph's neck.

Zedaph broke away from the kiss slightly dazed but still managed to hum a 'yeah i'd really would like that'.

Impulse and Tango lit up at that, Impulse moving to unbutton the  man's pants and Tango looking around for some lube when Zedaph interrupted.

"He- Hey! Why don't we first just uhm- just get to a bed!" He sputtered out both timid and flustered.

The two stopped for a second and agreed to that plan, Tango went and retrieved the lube, Impulse picked  up Zed and put him on his hip, and Zedaph hung on for dear life as the quickly found a bedroom.

Impulse laid the smaller man on the bed, helping to take off his pants as Tango leaned over to help Zedaph take off his shirt.

Tango took off his own pants and Impulse his shirt and pants, Impulse leaving himself in his boxers.

Tango coated his pointer finger in lube, slowly pushing in just to earn a small squeak from Zedaph.

"It's cute how you sound so embarrassed, we've done this a tons of times." Tango pointed out as he pushed in, coating the males insides.

Zedaph let out a sigh, shifting a bit and wrapping his legs around Tangos waist as Impulse started to run his hands up and down Zedaph's shaft.

"I know I just- mh- can't help it..!" Zedaph moaned a little as Tango added another lube covered finger and began to lightly scissor his insides. Tango simultaneously jerked off a bit with his free hand.

Impulse moved from Zeddaph's dick to move up to Zedaph's neck kiss a bite at.
Impulse used one of his hands to fondle Zedaph's balls, earning a moan from the man.

Tango withdrew his fingers, lubing up his now hard dick he lines it up with Zedaph's entrance, easing in. The first few thrusts are sloppy but eventually fall into a rhythm. Zedaph grabs at the sheets as Impulse moves down to lick at the head of his dick. It hurt slightly at first but he quickly adjusted and gradually felt better. Tango gradually sped up, the stretch begining to feel like a sort of achey good feel.

Tango continued to thrust into to Zedaph, eventually hitting his prostate.
Zedaph releases a throaty gasp and Tango adjusted to keep on hitting him right there. Hitting deep and stretching him he becomes more audible as he arcs his back and moans for more. He can feel Impulse licking up all the precum already oozing out.
Impulse grabbed Zedaph's balls sucking and licking them too.

As he was getting rammed into and sucked his eyes look like they're rolling into the back of his head, gripping at the sheets, toes curling, he was practically shaking. He was in a total state of ecstasy as felt near the end.

He was letting out small huffs and moans as he kept getting rammed into. Tango keeps hitting that same sweet spot and Impulse takes more of Zedaph's dick in his mouth. The sub was on the edge, about to cum, whimpering  a warning as he did so.

"I-I- gu- guys i'm goin- to-" The sub let out almost a scream as he came, Tango hitting his prostate over and over as he climaxed. Impulse finished off a very dazed Zedaph's dick before rolling over on his stomach to egg Tango on.

Tangos thrusts became sporadic as he himself neared his climax, finally cumming deep inside a panting and sweaty Zedaph.

All three laid there for a minute recovering in a big pile.

"I.. I am going to be so sore in the morning.." Zedaph pointed out, exasperated.

"Hey, take that as our sorry for the whole war shenanigans." Impulse sighed, kissing Zedaph's cheek.

"Yep. Sorry, Zed." Tango added, kissing Zedaph's other cheek.

"Oh, come here you big dummies." Zed cooed as he pulled the two closer to him on the bed.

Short and sweet, but trust me the next chapters will be longer.