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Author's Quick Note because AO3 is playing up:  Izuku is addressed as Mikumo Akatani for a few chapters because he hasn’t been given the name Izuku yet. This will be explained in later chapters : )



Izuku had everything planned. This project was the most detailed one he’d ever made; if he wasn’t chilled to the bone about the outcomes, he would have been proud of his scheme. Considering this could possibly be the last thing he’d ever do, he had to put the effort in somewhere.

Today was the day he was finally allowed upstairs after being cooped in his cell for months. They trusted him now. If anything, Izuku felt a little bad that he was about to rip the tormentors he’d known for the majority of his life apart.

The doors to the fusty bar opened in a wide slam, whatever conversations were taking place at the time instantly stopped. The room was deadly silent.

Some snarled, some looked intrigued, some smiled sadistically.

Shigaraki gave a not so subtle jab to his back and shoved him forward into the lion’s den. Izuku noticed Toga and Dabi taking up the set of sofas in the dark corner of the room. Yes, they hated him. But they hated him a little less than everyone else. He sympathised with them a little. They were, in turn, just like himself. He just turned out a little better (or a lot worse depending how you looked at it).

He turned his lowered head to Shigaraki who glared but nodded his head towards the two people he was just looking at. The boy with hands draped over his body knocked his shoulder as he walked past him towards a tall bartender, methodically cleaning glasses.

The room began to talk again.


He hadn’t even completed step one and he’d been knocked back a step! He had to stay with Shigaraki for the first part of the plan to commence: he couldn’t reach the monitor from the other side of the room!

It’s okay, it’s okay. Calm yourself and you can think around this.

“Miko!” Izuku shot his head up to the origins of that sweetly dangerous voice, it coming from none other than Toga Himiko. “Miko! Come sit with us!” The girl had her arm draped over the burnt boy- looking completely done- rolling his eyes next to her.

He didn’t really have a choice at this point.

He scampered over to sit on the couch opposite them, not making eye contact. Dabi had never been one to care for talking, never been one to care for anyone other than himself, so the awkwardness wasn’t stemming from him. It was Toga who loved to talk. It was Toga who took a morbid interest with Izuku since their first time in the Villains Program. That girl would honestly do anything for Izuku in a heartbeat, whether it was just to make fun of him or get him in some kind of trouble. She wouldn’t hesitate. It was Toga everyone fell for- Toga everyone trusted-


Izuku sprung to life once more- the plan was back on track.

He looked up at the blonde, dropping every visible insecurity and painting it over with a wall of fake confidence. The villains here weren’t cowardly (exteriorly), no wonder Izuku was getting nowhere. No wonder they didn’t trust him! He didn’t act like a villain.

His eyes met Toga’s and he smiled.

“How’d you enjoy the cell, Miko-kun?”

“Very much so. Considering I won’t be going back there.”

“You’re so sure of that?”

“Oh, Toga… you have no idea.”

The blonde stepped out of her seat, sliding across the small table towards Izuku. She landed in his lap, wrapping her dainty legs around him.

“Hmm… Really?” She begun to play with the strings of his threadbare jacket. “I don’t believe that, Miko-kun… You’re still scared.” She placed two fingers against his carotid artery, pushing down hard. She leant closer to his ear, “I can feel it.”

Izuku cleared his throat and pushed her back a little, “you sure that’s not just because you are literally sat on my lap?”

Toga giggled, “oh, Miko-kun, I never thought the day would come!”

“What day?”

“The day you get flustered over a girl sitting on your-”

“Yep, that’s enough of that!” Dabi lunged over the table to drag the cackling girl back over to his sofa. “You two are fucking sick.”

“Aww, you’re only jealous, Fire-boy.”

“Do you have any idea how fucking cringy that sounds.” Dabi glared.

“Do you have any idea how fun it is to annoy you?” Toga charted.

“Seems like not much has changed.” Izuku straightened his Toga-ruffled shirt and grinned.

“How many days until you’re back in the cell then, Akatani?” Dabi shoved the blonde off him, resulting in the girl to pout.

“I mean, I'm meant to be back in there once the meeting’s over.”

Dabi raised an eyebrow, “…meant to?”

Izuku smirked and stood up in a quick jolt.

“Yes, Dabi-kun,”, he paced over to their side of the table and flicked the fire-wielder’s nose, “meant to.”

Izuku's heart was racing, but he could do this. Well, it didn’t matter if he could do this or if he couldn’t, because if he didn’t do this then he may as well leave and drink the bleach he’d planted should everything fail.

He may be terrified, but he’s also smart. The only deciding factor would be if there was someone here that was smarter than him.

To reassure his ‘confidence’ and his internal nerves, he picked up Toga’s beer and took a sip after removing his jacket to reveal a crisp, black shirt.

“Hey, Toga-chan?” He nodded to the beer in his hands, “you don’t mind, do you?”

“Depends… kiss me?”

Izuku’s stomach hurled but he gulped it down subtly and chuckled, “I’d rather make you wait.”

Thankfully, Toga took this as some weird form of dirty talk rather than a rejection and took her own sip from Dabi’s glass.

Izuku began to turn away when he cursed under his breath, almost forgetting a vital thing, “also, cheer for me?”

Toga and Dabi looked a little confused, “when?”, the girl asked.

“Trust me, you’ll know.”

Izuku tucked a lose hair behind the girl’s ears and turned towards the bar, taking two large gulps of the alcohol.

He had to be with Shigaraki for this to work. But, what only just dawned on him a few minutes prior was that he needed people to think he wasn’t going to run again.

What better to prove this than a Villain’s Monologue.

Don’t hesitate.

Izuku pulled himself up onto the bar ignoring Shigaraki’s violent protests, “listen up!” He yelled and the whole bar started into silence.

He didn’t hesitate, “I'm pretty sure you all know me for the wrong reasons… ‘Mikumo Akatani! The kid who defied the League!’, well I can confirm that that Mikumo Akatani is dead. Being locked up countless times for countless years got me thinking, ‘why resent the people keeping me alive when I've done wrong? Why admire the people who never came running when I gave out a cry for help?’


Please, Heroes. Don’t prove me right…


“That Mikumo is dead. And thank fucking god! I have finally had enough believing in a supposed ‘good’ and I've been pushed over the edge! I want to show them, to show the whole fucking world¸ the true colours of the people they believe in. Who the real monsters are. I want glory. I want power over the people who once told me I couldn’t. And who is the most powerful person known to man?”

Izuku finally stopped his monologue and turned to a gaping Shigaraki. Being addressed for the first time, Shigaraki took himself back and answered the boy stood on his bar, “All Might?”

“No.” Izuku grinned sadistically, quickly swiping down to unsheathe a knife out of a random villain’s belt, “The person who kills him.

Surprisingly, Izuku didn’t even need Toga to begin the cheering, the whole bar erupted into applauds as he expertly threw the knife into a scratched-out eye of All Might pinned to the wall.

Izuku could tell Shigaraki didn’t know what to do with himself, and was smart enough to not fully trust the words spoken to the crowd of criminals. But that wasn’t to say he wasn’t mildly impressed by it. Yet, he still pulled Izuku down harshly from the bar to whisper into his ear, “glad you’ve finally seen the truth…” The paled boy gripped Izuku’s bare arm tightly. Izuku could feel the telling tingles of the other’s Quirk activating. He gulped. “… that isn’t to say you don’t still need to wear glasses.”

The tingles were started to sting but he knew better than to pull away.

“Stay by me. I’m not sure I completely trust you.”

Izuku let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as his arm was released, slightly red and raw in places but definitely a gift compared to the things that he has received before.

For around ten minutes, Shigaraki remained talking to the bar tender about something Izuku daren’t eavesdrop into when the other boy nudged him harshly and wondered over towards and old TV nestled in the corner of the room. Izuku made sure he was on Shigaraki’s right side, near the cables hanging lazily around the device.

The bar tender was with him and turned to his boss, “let’s get this thing going.”

Shigaraki nodded and instructed the other to hook up the TV.

This is my chance!

It was cliché, but Izuku fell into the electronics aiming for where the remote petered on the edge of the cabinet. Many things clattered to the floor and he snatched up the remote before he lost his window, stuffing it up his long, black sleeves.

Step one: complete.

“Watch what you’re doing you fuck!” Shigaraki slapped him harshly, knocking him down to the floor, making it harder to stand back up. He didn’t care really, he’d take that slap one hundred times over if it meant he got the remote.

The two fussed around trying to put the equipment back where it should be. If he hadn’t been so intensely focused on his plan, he’d be extremely amused at his tormentor and his misty friend scurrying around his feet, but that would have to be something to laugh about later.

Everything was put back to how it should be and then began the search for the TV remote. After a minute of shuffling, Shigaraki got frustrated, “where the fuck is it?”

“I don’t know?”

Izuku swiftly reached into his trouser pocket to pull out a USB-looking drive, shoving that up with the remote, “it’s there!”

The bar tender looked at where he was pointing confused, “where?”

“There!” He tried again.



“Oh for fucks sake, be a bit more specific you little shit!”

“Sorry, top left beneath the stand.”

The bar tender got down on his knees to look under the cabinet, “I still can’t see it.”

“Let me.”

Izuku hustled the other back to his feet and wedged himself under the stand, away from prying eyes. In less than two seconds he jammed the USB into the back of the monitor, pulled out the HDMI lead, turned the TV on and plugged the removed lead back in again. “Got it.”

He nudged himself out of his space with the remote in hand, soon snatched and examined by Shigaraki as if he didn’t believe him. The said boy looked to the bartender, unamused.

“Where was it?!”

Izuku smirked, “top left beneath the stand.”

Shigaraki slapped him again for being snarky, thankfully, not as hard as the first time.

Step two: complete.

That USB drive wasn’t just a memory stick, it took a lot of work but he had it programmed as a live audio file with a printed message as a visual for the Heroes to read. This USB gives out a signal spanning over an area of ten kilometres, high jacking every screen like a virus. And, if he was correct, there was a hero agency around nine kilometres from this bar.

Someone would be coming soon.

Authors Note because, again, AO3 own't let me use 'Notes' properly -_-:  

Hi so I used to be an avid writer on here but I decided to take a break for maybe over a year? I really missed my writing so here’s a new fic : )

I can’t promise it’ll be any good since I'm wayyyyyyyyy out of practice but I hope you can all stick around for a little bit : )

No joke, I literally had no idea where I was going with this chapter so that’s why it feels a little disjointed. So, sorry about that ‘‘:)

Anyway, I’d really appreciate a comment about what you think! They give me life honestly xD

Thanks for reading!

-L.E-Rae __x__