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Once Upon An Us

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The day was a cold, wet one, so everyone decided to stay inside. Right at this moment, everyone was in the living room. You could see Pepper and Tony on one couch curled up into each other, with Bruce sitting on the end. On another sofa, Bucky and Steve were curled into each other. It's nice to be lazy," Peter said.

He was laying on the floor with Sam sitting next to him. "What's everyone doing?" asked Clint as he walked into the room with a sandwich in his mouth.

Clint looked around the room. He did wonder what was going on. Tony peered at him. "Hi, Clint. We are just chilling come join us," Tony stated, looking down at Pepper.

They shared a kiss as Peter made a face. "No one wants to see that," joked Peter.

Steve and Bucky wished they could do that, but they weren't out to anyone yet. "Whatever, kid," said Tony as Clint to a seat on the other couch.

A moment later, Nat plopped down next to him. "So has everyone thought about what Maria said?" Nat asked the room at large.

You could hear everyone groan. As for Tony, he hadn't given it much thought since the woman had his mother's name. "No," said Clint as he finished off his sandwich. "And why should we? I don't see the point in this."

Almost everyone, but Bucky shook their head. As Bucky stood up to refill his cup he had just picked, he started to speak. "I think it is a good idea. You all do need to get to know each other better."

He walked into the kitchen then opened the fridge. Grabbing out the milk, he poured himself a glass. "Does it work?" Steve asked Bucky.

Steve knew Bucky was getting help for all his issues. A moment later, Bucky walked back into the room with all eyes on him. He sat down on the couch after Steve moved up. Steve then leaned back into Bucky. "It does if you let it," Bucky stated.

Tony looked at Bucky. Sure the two of them had issues to work through, but they were getting there. "I guess we could try it, but I am not sure," Tony said.

After looking around at everyone Pepper spoke up. "I think it's a great idea. It's something that you all need. Even if you wait for Maria to come back, you should do it."

Everyone gave a nod. It would be hard, but this was something that they needed to do. "Fine," said Clint, even if he was still unsure about it.

With her job done, Pepper stood up. She walked from the room to check on Morgan. Peter sat up. He smiled at Sam. "Didn't you think this was a good idea from the start?" Peter asked as Rhodey came into the room.

Sam gave the nod as Rhodey took Pepper's spot on the couch. It was easy to see that Bruce moved down a little. "I did, Peter, but that doesn't mean I don't think it's a good idea. It's just something that we need to do," Sam stated.

He gave the nod as he went to turn on the t.v. Tony stopped him, though. "No t.v. Peter. Let's talk first," said Tony.

Peter gave him the puppy dog eyes. With a shake of his head, Tony spoke to F.R.I.D.A.Y. "Can you please make sure Peter can't turn on the t.v."

"Yes, sir," she replied.

As much as Tony missed Jarvis, he loved having F.R.I.D.A.Y. around. Peter gave him a look. "But I need to watch Star Wars," Peter stated.

Tony looked over to Steve and Bucky. "Back me up, guys," pleaded Tony, but not really pleading.

They both let out a sigh. "Peter, you can go without a t.v for a few hours. It's nice to talk," said Steve.

Peter then turned to look at him as he came over to them. He started Steve straight in the face with the puppy eyes. All Peter got was, in return was a stare right back. Steve didn't give up, so Peter gave in as he sank back to the floor. "Fine, and you're mean, Mr. Stark. It's not fair that you go to them every time," said Peter in a hurt voice, but he was OK.

Letting out a chuckle, Tony stood up. He went to get some food then brought it back in. "OK, we all know we have things to work through, and I want us to work through them. We all made mistakes, and this isn't about passing the blame, but working together to get through them," Tony started.

A moment later, Rhodey spoke up. "I agree with Tony. We need to say some things and get them out in the open."

He looked around the room at everyone. For the most part, everyone was here. Bucky spoke up then. "We have an hour before Maria gets here. So we can wait, but I do agree with you all. I think it would be best if someone were here who wasn't going to take sides."

Tony gave the nod. "I think that's a great idea. We should all eat up so that we aren't hungry when the time comes. I would hate for us all to be angry because we didn't eat any food," Tony stated.

Everyone eats a good amount of food, but Clint ate the most food, even with two super-soldiers and a ravenous teenager who happened to have superpowers. "So I get to sit in on this?" asked Peter, looking over to Tony.

The two of them had grown quite close in the last few years. "Yes, Peter. I think it's time you sit in on this," Tony told the young boy.

Peter wanted to jump up and down for joy but refrained from doing so. He was just glad to be included in this. "Thanks, Tony. I can't wait for this," said Peter.

He knew how serious this was, but Peter wanted the team to be a family again, and he would do anything to fix it. "You are welcome, but please behave yourself," said Tony.

"I will," said Tony.

Clint glared at Tony. He was angry. Right now, he didn't think Peter needed to sit in on this. "I thought we said we would wait to bring Peter in," said Clint.

Rhodey looked from Tony to Bruce to Clint before speaking. "I don't see a problem with Peter sitting in."

"I don't either," said Bruce.

While he agreed with Steve on the accords, Bruce wasn't afraid to speak up. To save a fight from breaking out by the look on Clint's face, Steve spoke up. "Nor do I. Cool it, Clint," said Steve.

Clint sighed as he sat back. "Fine, but I still don't think it's a good idea," said Clint.

He saw Peter as a kid like his kids. "You don't have too," Tony stated, but Clint took out his hearing aids, so he didn't hear Tony.

"Sorry," mouth Steve.

Tony smiled at him. "It's ok, Steve. Clint can be an arse sometimes, but why do you agree with me?" asked Tony in a curious voice.

Curling into Bucky more Steve spoke with a clear voice. "If Peter is going to be Spider-man and an Avenger then he needs to sit in on these things. Plus he may still be a teen, but he is smart."

Peter perked up there. "Thanks, Steve, Cap or what ever you want to be called," said Peter still unsure of what to call him.

"You are welcome, Peter," Steve replied. "You may call me Steve."

Bucky started to laugh. "At least he didn't call you Mr. Rogers this time," Bucky replied.

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Peter looked back over to them. "It was one time," Peter but a look from them had him rethinking that. "Ok, it was several times, but I hardly knew you."

They smiled at him. "It is ok," they said.

Bucky and Steve gave a smile in return. The kid felt alright around them now. He pulled out a book for English class and started to read. After a moment, Bucky couldn't help himself. "Hey, Peter, what are you reading?" asked Bucky.

The boy looked up from the book he was reading to answer. "It's a classic."

They stared at each other for a few good moments before Bucky spoke again. "I am going to need more than that."

A laugh could be heard throughout the room. Peter smiled at Bucky. "It's the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis," Peter replied. He then looked at Bucky. "Have you ever read it?"

Bucky had to stop and think about that for a moment. He knew they came out sometime after he fell off the train, but Bucky wasn't sure he had read them yet. "I don't think I have," Bucky told Peter.

It was a shame, really because Peter was enjoying the book. "You should read it, Bucky. I am for school, and I like it so far," Peter stated.

Tony shook his head. He never saw Peter get this much into books. Sure Peter was a nerd, but it had to do more with movies than anything. Standing up, Tony started to clean up, which prompted Steve to get up and help. "Maybe, I will," Bucky said, stretching out.

"How now," Steve said as he walked into the kitchen with some plates.

"You got up," was the reply Steve got.

Shaking his head, Tony put his plates in the sink. "You two are something else," Tony stated.

Bucky flipped him off. "Of course we are. You know you wouldn't have it any other way," said Bucky reaching around to get his drink.

He took a sip, which left a milk mustache on his face. Sam let out a laugh as he stood up. "You know, Bucky, you have a milk mustache," said Sam as he walked from the room.
"Fuck you, Sam," Bucky said.

"Language," stated Steve.

Bucky looked over the couch to Steve. "Says the man who swears like a sailor."

Everyone turned to look at Bucky. They hardly heard Steve swear. "I did not know that," Sam stated.

He continued to the other room to get some chairs. It was about time for Maria to get here. "You haven't been around him long enough," Bucky yelled.

A moment later, Sam came back into the room. "That may be true, but at least I can run with Steve," Sam stated.

Bucky shrugged his shoulders as Tony and Steve came back into the room. Steve sank onto the couch, which had Bucky move his legs real quick. "Well, every one it's about time, so get into your places," said Tony as Laura walked in.

He looked over to Clint, who hadn't put his hearing aids back in yet. Clint was reading lips, though. "Hey, Clint," Natasha signed.

"Yea," he spelled out.

She smiled at him, and then they shared a kiss. "Tony wants to talk to you," signed Natasha as Clint let out a sigh.

He put his hearing aids back in. "What do you want, Tony?" Clint asked.

Tony looked from Clint to Laura. "I am just wondering what she is doing here?" he asked.

With a sigh, Clint started to speak. "I thought she could be here with us. Bucky is, and he isn't an Avenger."

It was Tony's turn to sigh. He also rubbed his head. His head was hurting, and he felt like a headache was coming on. "There is a difference. Bucky lives here, and while he isn't an Avenger, he needs to be here."

Steve gave the nod. "Plus, there are issues that people need to work out with Bucky," Steve replied, which earned a nod from Tony.

The man wasn't going to go there, but Tony felt grateful that Steve pointed it out. It was an excellent point. "Steve's right," said Tony taking a seat on the couch.

All Bruce could do was give the nod as an older woman walked into the room. Her heels hit the floor with a cluck. She had long flowy brown hair. "Hello, everyone," Maria said in a brisk voice as she took a seat in her regular chair.

"Hi," everyone said back in a dull voice.

It didn't faze Maria at all, or maybe it did a little, but she was used to it by now. "Well, where did we leave off last time?" she asked the group at large.

Everyone looked around before Bucky spoke up. "You were talking about how we needed to talk more."

She gave the nod to Bucky, along with a smile. Maria was surprised he remembered that. During these meetings, it didn't seem like Bucky paid attention. "You are correct. This week I want to focus a little bit on each of you. I want to go around the room and for you all to tell me something about yourselves, that no one knows," Maria told the room.

Clint wasn't sure that he liked this. "Can we pass on this?" asked Clint in a hopeful voice.

Maria shook her head. "I am sorry, Clint, but if you are all to get along, then this needs to happen," she replied.

She took a sip of the water she brought to clear her throat. Tony gave the nod. "It's a good start. So who would like to go first?" asked Tony.

No one said a word, so Maria looked at Tony. "Why don't you start us off?" Maria asked him in a kind voice.

He couldn't look at her, but he did speak to the room at large. "I am not sure where to start," Tony stated as Rhodey put a hand on his shoulder.

"Maybe start with your father," Rhodey said, hoping that would help.

Tony nodded at him. He cleared his throat before speaking. "My father and I never got along."

He paused there because Tony wasn't sure where he was supposed to go from there. It was hard talking about his father. Add in that Tony wanted to cry. Rhodey rubbed his shoulder before speaking. "It's ok, Tony. If you need to take a break, it's fine."

Maria looked at the two of them with a cold stare. "Tony, this is hard, but you need to do this. If you all are going to heal, then you need to open up to each other," Maria told him in a cold voice.

All Tony could do was a nod. "Well, as I said, we didn't get along. At first, we did bonding over Captain America. He was someone I looked up to until I realized how much my father cared more about Captain America than me," said Tony.

Maria wanted to feel sorry for Tony, but she didn't feel sorry for any of them. Because they had been at this for weeks and they hardly got anywhere. While Maria was thinking of what to say, Steve looked over to Tony. "I am sorry, Tony," Steve said to him. "I had no idea it was that bad."

The man waved it off. "You couldn't have known. My father wanted to find you at all cost, and it hurt like hell," Tony replied.

"So, he put finding Captain America above your happiness?" Maria asked in a curious voice.

Tony nodded. "He did for the longest time, then Howard died. My father never told me that he loved me," Tony said. He looked over to Rhodey, who hugged him. "I think I want to be done."

He was starting to shake from this. His father was never good, and it showed that even if people didn't want to believe it. "Tony, it's ok," Rhodey said, handing Tony some water.

Taking a drink, Tony nodded again. "You are right, Rhodey, but it still hurts," Tony told him.

"I know, Tones," replied Rhodey.

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Clint stood up. He looked over to Tony. “You think you had it bad? At least your mother loved you. I didn’t even have that,” Clint said in an angry voice.

He walked over to the pitcher of water, which had been sat down and poured himself a glass of water. Taking a sip, Clint went on. “Poor Tony Stark never loved by his father.”

Before he could go on anymore, Steve spoke up. “Clint sit down. Now is not the time for this. We all have made mistakes, and Tony is trying to open up to us. I rather hear it then belittle him for it.”

Bucky gave a nod of his head. “Me too. Tony isn’t that bad, Clint. Plus, even if we knew Howard, we didn’t know the man he became,” said Bucky looking over to Tony. “Sorry, you had to go through that.”

Tony gave the nod back to Bucky. “It’s alright. Thanks for sticking up for me, you two,” Tony said.

The lady gave them all a look as Bucky, and Steve said: “You’re welcome.”

She then looked over to Clint as he took a seat. His face had a sour look about it. At the moment, he wasn’t happy with Bucky and Steve. “Do you have something you would like to say other than that?” Maria asked him.

Clint shook his head. “Not at the moment. Tony can go on if he would like,” Clint stated with a pout.

Maria then looked over at Tony. “Is there more you would like to say?” asked Maria with a frown on her face.

She hated this job very much. Working with superheroes was not her idea of a job. The pay was great, though. “There are a few things I would like to say to each of you,” Tony started. Everyone gave him a nod. “I think it could help me a lot.”

Maria smiled at him. “It is good to get this off your chest, and I want you to open up, Tony. So who would you like to start with?” she asked him.

He gave her a small smile before speaking. “I would like to start with Steve,” Tony stated as he looked over to the man.

Steve gave the nod. “That’s fine with me,” he replied.

Tony took a deep breath before taking a drink of his water. He finished it off before speaking. Rhodey made sure to stay close to Tony, seeing as this would be hard for him. “I hated you from the first moment I met you. You weren’t anything like the man my father told me about. It hurt to see you standing there, giving out orders like you owned the place, and we were your soldiers.”

Taking a break, Tony let out another deep breath. His heart rate was going up, which wasn’t good. He had thought he had gotten over this, but he guessed there were still hard feelings there. “Tony, is there more you would like to say?” Maria prompted him.

Nodding, Tony continued. “With time, things got better. I thought of you as a friend. Steve, you were more than what my father saw. I just had to get past all of that. It hurt me more than anything when you didn’t tell me the truth about my parents.”

Steve gave Tony a hard look. “I am deeply sorry about not telling you,” Steve stated. Tony only nodded. He got that, and he forgave Steve for it or part of the way. “It was hard not telling you, but I felt I was doing the right thing.”

The man didn’t smile as he spoke. “I am sure you were in your eyes. I don’t see that way, but it’s water under the bridge now. We need to move on from it. I kept Ultron from you.”

Steve smiled at Tony, who smiled back. “You did, but you had your reason for doing so,” Steve replied.

All Tony could do was a nod. He still felt terrible about Ultron, as did Bruce. “Moving on,” said Clint.

He didn’t want to hear any more about this at the moment. Maria gave him a stare before speaking. “Thank you for sharing Tony. Would you like to move on to the others?”

Tony shook his head. “Not really, but I do want to say something to Barnes,” Tony stated.

The man stared at him for a moment. They had only really spoken a handful of times. “You may speak to me, Tony, if you wish,” Barnes stated.

Maria gave them a false smile. “I hated your guts when I first found out the truth. It was hard to see past you killing my parents, but I was very angry with Steve and wanted to make him pay. That meant hurting you to do so, but to me, it was worth it. Now that I see things clearly, I don’t feel that way anymore. I see the good person that you are,” Tony told him.

Bucky nodded as he stood up. He went over to hug Tony, which Tony let him do. “Tony, you can be an arse at times, but you are a good person deep down. It just has to come out,” Bucky said.

After the hug, Bucky went to sit back down. Steve curled up into him. “Is there anything more you would like to add Tony before I move on?” she asked him.

Tony shook his head. “No, I am good now. Thanks, Barnes,” Tony said.

Now it was Tony’s turn to listen. It felt great to get everything out there, even if it was only half of it. “Ok, then moving on. Clint is there anything you would like to say?” asked Maria looking over to him.

Clint nodded his head. “There are several things I would like to say,” Clint spoke to Maria.

He wasn’t going to talk about Tony right now. It was time to talk about himself. “Go on then,” she stated.

Clint smiled at the room. “I never had a good life growing up. My mother died when I was young, and my father raised me if you could call it that. I moved away with my brother to the circus and never looked back. It’s how I became death. I also want to state if it wasn’t clear that Natasha and I are together as well as Laura,” Clint stated.

While Tony had been with many girls over the years, he wasn’t going to knock Clint for his lifestyle, even if only Tony dated one girl at a time. “Good for you, Clint,” replied Tony, happy for him.

A moment passed before Clint looked over to Bucky and Steve. “Got something nasty to say about our relationship?” asked Clint.

He knew they wouldn’t like it, or that’s the way that he thought at the moment. “We don’t,” Bucky said, speaking for Steve and himself.

There was a shocked looked on everyone’s face. These were two guys from a time when this wasn’t normal at all. “Are you sure?” Clint asked again.

They both gave a nod. “We are sure, Clint. It’s nice that you are in love and happy,” Steve said with a sad look on his face.

You could say that he was kind of jealous that it wasn’t always this way. “I agree,” said Bucky, also with a sad look on his face.

The two of them were still afraid to come out. Peter looked at them. “Is something wrong?” asked Peter.

He felt sad for them. So he got up and walked over to them, hugging him. “What was that for?” Bucky asked in a curious voice.

“I felt like you guys needed a hug,” replied Peter giving them another hug.

Maria looked at them. “Would you two like to go next?” she asked, “Or we can take a break?”

“Could we take a break?” asked Steve getting up from the couch.

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Maria gave him the nod as he ran from the room. Everyone wondered what that was about seeing as Steve hardly ran from a room over something so little. Clint stood up, feeling like this was his fault. He did feel sorry for how he acted a moment ago. “I can go after him,” Clint stated.

The other man shook his head. “Sorry, Clint. I don’t think he will want to see anyone but me,” spoke Bucky as he left the room and went to find Steve.

“Great going, Clint,” Tony said before turning to look at Maria. “I think we are done for the day. Thank you for coming by to help us.”

Maria nodded as she stood up. She quickly left glad that her job was finally over. Not saying a word, Maria left the building to head home. “I am truly sorry,” said Clint as Natasha held him close.

Laura wrapped her arms around them both. “It’s ok, Clint. Anyone could have said that,” Laura said with a smile on her face.

He gave the nod as he let them go. A moment later, Clint could be seen climbing up the ceiling vents. “I am going to go work in my lab,” Tony told the room at large.

It was plain to see that they had a long way to go before everything was fixed. Tony quickly left the room on his way to the elevator. He heard people talking. “Bucky, why can’t we have that? And why couldn’t it have always been this easy to be oneself,” said Steve.

Deciding to forgo going to the lab, Tony walked closer so that he could hear more. He noticed that Bucky was holding Steve close to him. “We can, but first we have to come out to them. I know you are scared too. I don’t know Steve,” Bucky replied as Tony stepped out of the shadows.

Steve wiped his tears before looking at Tony. “How much did you hear?” he asked in a calm teary voice.

Tony looked at him. “Just the last bit, Bucky, and you were talking about nothing more. Is everything ok, Steve?” Tony asked in a concerned voice.

Sure they were still working through things, but Steve seemed upset. “Everything is fine,” Steve stated.

He wasn’t ready to open up to Tony just yet. Steve leaned into Bucky, who held him close. Bucky then looked into his eyes as he lifted Steve’s head. “Maybe you should tell him,” said Bucky with a smile on his face.

With a shake of his head, Steve said, “I can’t. It’s too hard.”

Bucky gave him another look. “Steve, it’s a different time now. You can come out now,” Bucky told him.

All Steve could do was a nod as he turned around to face Tony. The man had a smile on his face. “So care to tell me, Steve?” asked Tony in a curious voice.

He had a feeling about what Steve was going to tell him, but Tony wanted to hear it for himself. Bucky wrapped his arms around Steve, which was nice. “Well, here goes nothing,” Steve stated.

Tony nodded. “It’s ok. I promise not to get mad or hurt over whatever you say,” said Tony, which was the truth.

He gave the nod back to Tony before he spoke. “I am bisexual, and I am also nonbinary,” said Steve.

Tony gave him a look then spoke up. “It cools Steve. Everyone now days is one thing or another. While I am straight, I am a supporter of everyone.”

The other man looked at him. “Thanks, Tony. I am scared to tell the others, though. You saw how Clint acted when he thought we wouldn’t be ok with his choices,” said Steve.

Tony smiled at him. “You don’t have to tell the group yet if you don’t want too. Your secret is safe with me,” Tony told him.

They hugged each other. Bucky smiled at them. “See that wasn’t so bad. I am sure the rest of the time will be ok with it,” said Bucky smiling at Steve.

“So how long have you two been together?” asked Tony looking between the two of them.

Smiling at each other, they replied. “Before the war.”
Tony gave them a look. “I didn’t know that. It’s not in the history books, nor did my father ever mention anything,” Tony said.

Both of them nodded before Bucky spoke up. “Only two people knew we were together, Steve’s ma and Peggy. The three of us use to date. Peggy and Steve loved each other. I wasn’t a third wheel. She was fine with Steve and me dating. We dated each other.”

“If you two want, you can come to the lab with me,” said Tony looking at them.

Bucky and Steve shared a look. “I am not sure,” said Steve.

He was tired and worn out. It had been a tiring day. Add in the fact that Steve got tired a lot lately. Tony looked at Steve. “Are you alright, Steve?” asked Tony in a concerned voice.

Steve looked pale and white, which wasn’t normal. The serum was supposed to make it where Steve couldn’t get sick at all. Steve gave the nod he then smiled at Tony. “I am fine,” said Steve as he rocked back and forth.

A moment later, Bucky had to catch him before he fell. “Bruce,” called out Tony.

Bruce came running into the hallway. He looked at everyone. “What happened?” asked Bruce looking at Steve.

He was starting to come through. “Steve fainted, but how is that possible?” Tony asked, giving Bruce a look.

The man shrugged his shoulders. “I have no idea, Tony. We need to check Steve over,” Bruce told Tony, looking at Bucky.

He was still holding Steve, but now it was more for support than anything. “Guys, I am fine,” Steve said.

“Cut the crap, Steve. You just fainted. Now you are going to let them check you over,” said Bucky.

Steve and Bucky shared a look. It was a surprise to see Steve taking orders from someone, but a moment later, Steve was taken down to the lab. All the while, Bucky had a smile on his face. “Steve, can you climb on the table?” asked Bruce.

While he was no doctor, doctor, Bruce did know a little bit of medical stuff. After getting on the table, Tony spoke. “F.R.I.D.A.Y, can you run a scan on Steve?”

F. R.I.D.A.Y ran her scans then a moment later spoke to the room at large. “It appears that Steve has both male and female parts. Add-in, it looks like a baby is growing inside of Steve even if it’s still so small.”

Tony wanted to pass out from the shock but did not. He took a seat in one of his lab chairs as did Bucky, who felt faint. “How did this happen?” asked Tony looking between Bucky and Steve.

“We like to have sex,” replied Steve.

Bucky gave the nod. “But, I didn’t know this was possible,” Bucky stated.

No one laughed as Bruce spoke up. “It is possible for people with female parts to get pregnant even if they have male parts. They only need the right female parts to get pregnant,” Bruce stated.

“I see,” Steve replied.

He was still in shock as well. It was a lot to take in. “Everything looks good. So if you don’t need me, then I’ll head out. I will give you the name of a doctor that you can use,” Bruce told them.

Bruce left the room a moment later. It was a lot to take in, but they would deal with it. “I will leave you guys to talk this over,” Tony said, getting up and leaving the room.

Chapter Text

A few days passed without anyone getting upset or angry with anyone. Tony was down in the lab, working with Peter. "So what do you want to do with your suit now?" asked Tony, looking over to Peter.

Peter smiled at him as he looked up at him. Right at the moment, Peter was looking at the suit and playing around with it. Tony had said that he could work on his own suit for now on. "I am not, sure," said Peter, which was the truth.

His suit was upgraded to the max right now, but there was something that could always be done to it. Tony smirked at him. "What if it had a way to give you food or drink?" Tony asked in a playful voice.

Peter laughed at that. Then he spun the image around. It looked cool so far. But the thing is, Peter wanted to make it his own. He wanted to add his personal touches to it. "Well, that would be nice, then I won't have to carry a backpack around all the time," Peter joked.

He loved to carry his backpack around on most days. "We could do it," spoke Tony.

Peter only nodded as he went back to work on his suit. A moment passed in silence before Peter said anything. "Can I ask you a question?"

Tony looked up from what he was working on to look at Peter. It was a suit for Morgan, which Pepper didn't know about, nor was she going to find out about it. Tony sat down the thing he had in his hand. "What do you want to ask, Peter?" Tony asked him.

Letting out a sigh, Peter thought about the question he was about to ask. "Are you pleased?" asked Peter.

Tony gave him a look. "What do you mean by that, Peter?" Tony asked in a serious voice.

"I mean, are you happy with everything now and the way things are?" asked Peter.

Giving the nod, Tony spoke up. "I am. I have a wonderful family, and although I wish Clint would be less annoying, everything is good. We are starting to work out issues, and no one has hurt each other."

Tony stood up then went to put away the stuff that he was working on at the moment. It was Peter's cue to get up, so he did so. "Well, you don't seem happy," Peter said.

"What gives you that idea?" asked Tony, looking at Peter.

He shrugged his shoulder. "You don't. I can't explain it," said Peter.

It did kind of click inside of Tony's head why he was unhappy. He vowed never to keep secrets from his team again, which he was doing even if it wasn't his place to tell Steve's and Bucky's secret. "It's really nothing Peter, or maybe it is, but there is nothing I can do about it until the person wants to tell everyone," said Tony opening the lab door and walking out.

He came face to face with Steve Rogers. "Hi Steve," said Peter in a cheerful voice. "You look good today."

"Thank you," said Steve smiling at Peter. He then looked over to Tony. "We have a problem."

Tony gave him a look. "What is it?" asked Tony.

Steve shook his head, looking over to Peter. "Could you give us a minute?" asked Steve.

Nodding his head, Peter said, "I should go check in with Aunt May."

He quickly went upstairs. Tony looked at Steve. "What's going on?" Tony asked.

Steve went over to a chair that was in the hall and sat down on it. "Sam seems to think that Hydra is still out there. Something popped up on the radar, and he wants to go check it," Steve stated.

Sitting down next to Steve, Tony sighed. "Does he believe this to be real? It could be a trap," Tony stated.

Steve nodded at Tony as he let out another sigh. "Bucky seems to think it might be a trap to draw me out or to see what Sam can do. I agree with him, but Sam says we can let this go unchecked. Which we can't, but I can't go into battle, and I don't know if Sam really to lead a mission like this," said Steve.

"Well, if Sam put a team together, we could run things from here. I am retired as are you and giving your condition, and you shouldn't be going out anyways. All Sam needs to do is get close enough to check it out, then we can go from there," Tony said with a smile on his face.

Steve smiled back at him before hugging him. "Thanks, Tony. I will have Sam put a team together," Steve said.

Tony gave him a look. "You didn't just come down here for this, did you?" asked Tony, giving him a look.

There was a nod from Steve as he stood up. "I didn't. I know I said I am sorry and I am really. It's hard, Tony, always trying to be someone everyone wants you to be, and I messed up big time. There are so many things that I need to work through. Also, I am trying to figure out who I am," Steve replied.

Tony pulled Steve in for a hug. "No one is perfect, Steve. I messed up too. We all make mistakes. It's time to move on from them. I am glad that you are figuring out who you are," said Tony smiling at Steve.

He smiled back at him. Little did they know that Peter heard every word that they said. "I wish they would let me go. I told them I was going to go check in with Aunt May, which I should do," said Peter.

While Tony and Steve walked over to the elevator, Peter pulled out his cell. After a few rings, Aunt May picked up. "Hello, Peter," she said in a cheerful voice.

"Hey, Aunt May," replied Peter.

She smiled on her end of the phone. "I take it things are going good there?" May asked him.

Peter smiled, glad to hear his aunt's voice. "For the most part. No one has hurt anyone yet. I was calling to check in and let you know that I am ok," spoke Peter.

There was a chuckle on the other end as Peter walked up the steps. He then walked into the living room where everyone was sitting. "Well, I am glad that you are ok. Now I have to get ready for work," said May.

He smiled into the phone. "Ok, Aunt May. I'll talk to you later," said Peter hanging up after saying, "I love you."

"Your Aunt?" asked Sam as Peter took a seat on the floor.

Peter gave the nod. Looking around the room, Tony stood up. "Steve has filled me in on what's going on. We talked it over. Do you want to fill them in, Steve?" Tony asked him.

They shared a look for a moment. "Well, I would love to, Tony, but I think it was you who came up with the plan," replied Steve.

He gave him a look, but Tony understood what Steve was doing. "Fine," said Tony.

Bucky looked between the two of them. "I bet the plan is Sam picking out a team then going to check things out without getting too close," Bucky stated.

Both of them gave him a nod. "That is correct," Tony told Bucky, who smiled at him.

"Well, then pick out your team," Bucky told Sam, who glared at him.

He then looked over to Steve. "I am guessing, Steve, that you are out," Sam said, looking at him.

Steve smiled at him. "I am, Sam," stated Steve as Bucky spoke up. "He is with good reason."

Everyone looked at them besides Tony. "So what is going on?" asked Clint.

Bucky looked at Steve. "Are you ready to tell them yet?" Bucky asked him while putting a hand on his shoulder.

While Steve wasn't ready to tell them yet, he felt it best too. "Well, Bucky and I found out that we are having a baby. I have both male and female body parts," Steve started.

Sam cut in. "So, you all had sex, and now you made a baby. Thanks, Barnes. I could have used Steve on this mission."

Bucky glared at him. "Guys cool it. You will do fine, Sam. I will be right here guiding you from the couch," Steve told him.

All Sam could do was a nod. He wanted Steve on this mission with him but understood why he couldn't go. "Ok, fine," he replied.

"Is there anything else you like to tell us, Steve?" Clint asked, looking at him. "I rather know now before Sam picks his team.

Bucky and Steve shared another look. "Well, I am nonbinary, which means I do not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders. Right now, I have decided that I am male/female or female/male, depending on the day," Steve said. Steve added in, "Sometimes I am both."