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Potions Professor Pursuit

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“I’m almost packed,” Harry said excitedly. “This is going to be even better than our honeymoon. Did you confirm our reservations?”
“Yes. We’re all set. First, one night at the Charly Hotel in Milan, then three days at Electra Palace for a bit of art and culture in Athens. And finally, four days at the Myconian Ambassador for fun and sun,” Draco grinned.
“And loads of sunscreen.”
“You really plan on dragging me to a nude beach?”
“I want to make everyone jealous,” Harry said. “Except Ron and Hermione. I feel badly that they can’t take a holiday this year. But with Rose still so little, it would be more work than a holiday. At least we won’t have to worry about that.”
Harry went to his chest and pulled out a few more pairs of pants to put in his suitcase. He looked over at Draco to make an innuendo about not needing any pants but held his tongue. Draco seemed lost in thought. A common sight as of late.
“Are you finished packing?” Harry asked.
“What? Oh. No, not yet.” Then the lightness returned to Draco’s face. “Don’t forget to pack some nice clothes. I want to make some people jealous as well. There are some very fine restaurants I’m told. Though I’m quite certain you’ll be the best dish.”
Harry rolled his eyes playfully. “You’re sure Greece is the place you want to go?”
“Of course. It sounds fabulous. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Why?”
“I don’t know. You looked unsure for a moment.” Harry bit his lip. “I was only kidding about the nude beach. Sort of. I mean, I’d definitely go to one. But if you’re uncomfortable . . .”
“You know I’m not exactly demure. And I can always cast a spell to protect my . . . assets. Can’t say I’m thrilled with the thought of men and women ogling you, however. I suppose they’ll do that whether you’re clothed or not.”
“They’ll be too busy watching you.”
Draco laughed. “Then we’ll have to stay in our room the whole time.” He pulled Harry close and kissed him. “Let’s finish packing so we can get down to supper. I’m famished.”
Though Harry was hoping for a diversion, Draco was right. They had both cleaned and organized their classrooms for the summer and tidied their quarters, and by half five, they were tired and hungry.
Because so many professors left Hogwarts at times during the summer, only a handful of them were at any given meal. McGonagall was there, along with Professor Margeaux Bissette, who replaced Knox as Charms professor, and Madame Pomfrey.
“You’re going to love Greece,” Poppy told them. “The Mediterranean Sea is just glorious.”
“When do you leave?” Professor Bissette asked.
“Tomorrow morning,” Harry replied.
“I’m surprised you’ve never been to Greece, Draco,” Margeaux commented. “Didn’t you tell me that your family has traveled quite a bit?”
“Yes. Mostly in western Europe. I was a child when I went to many of those countries, and I scarcely remember them. I’m looking forward to this trip.”
“We’re traveling by muggle means,” said Harry excitedly.
“Egads, you’re not getting on one of those aeroplanes, are you?” Madame Pomfrey questioned.
“No, no, we’re taking trains and a ferry boat,” Harry told him. “We’ll apparate to London and take the Eurostar from there to Paris, then Milan, where we’ll stay overnight. Then another train all through Italy where we’ll catch a ferry for the overnight ride to Greece.”
“It all sounds so romantic,” Professor Bissette remarked.
“Yes, that’s why I picked it over apparating from place to place or portkey. Brooms were out of the question.”
“It sounds like a lovely trip,” Minerva said. “Travel safely. I must get a little more work done tonight before I begin my relaxing weekend. If you’ll excuse me.” She stood and bowed her head slightly before leaving the Great Hall.
“We should probably get back as well,” Draco said. “Make sure we have everything packed and ready to go. Then early to bed. Though I’m sure the excitement will make sleep difficult.”
The Professor Bissette and Madame Pomfrey wished them a wonderful holiday, and Harry and Draco left to finish preparing for the trip.
“Are you really excited about the trip?” Harry asked while they walked up the stairway to their quarters.
“Why do you keep asking me?” Draco questioned. “Have I given you reason to think I don’t want to go?”
“Not really. You seem a little preoccupied sometimes. Not unhappy, just . . . preoccupied.”
Draco opened the door to their quarters and held it open for Harry. He leaned against the door after he’d closed it.
“Harry, we need to talk,” Draco took a deep breath.
“I don’t think I like the sound of that.”
“You said we shouldn’t have any secrets between us. But . . . I’ve been . . . lying to you. Keeping something from you, to be more accurate.”
“Lying? About what?”
Ignoring the query, Draco continued. “And I’m not sure what to do about it. Confess, obviously, but I don’t know how you’ll react.”
“Draco, you’re scaring me.” Harry could see the worry in his husband’s eyes. “Come, sit with me on the sofa.” He sat down and patted the velvety cushion.
It took Draco several moments to move from the door to the love seat.
“Is it about the trip?” Harry asked. “Because, we don’t have to go. We can pick someplace different-”
Shaking his head, Draco replied, “No. It’s not the trip. I want to go. But not until I’ve told you the truth. You’re right, I’ve been distracted.”
“All right,” Harry said softly. “Tell me.”
They sat in silence while Harry waited patiently for Draco to begin. His palms were getting sweaty, so he rubbed his hands on his trousers. The wait was excruciating.
Finally, the corner of Draco’s mouth raised in a sort of half smile. He didn’t look into Harry’s eyes as he spoke, but rather into an unseen distance.
“I’m afraid I’ve . . . fallen in love with someone. Quite unexpectedly. And it’s awakened feelings I didn’t think I had.”
Harry’s brow immediately scrunched tightly and he felt like the wind was knocked from his lungs, leaving him unable to speak. But Draco continued.
“I’ve been so incredibly happy with you, Harry, that I didn’t think I needed anyone else.” He added, “Until her.”
“Her?” Harry’s first attempt to talk came out as a whisper. So he cleared his throat and tried again. “Who?”
Draco turned to Harry. “Rose.”
“Rose is a baby. How can you be in love-” Harry paused, trying to grasp what Draco was saying.
Draco watched as his fingers fiddled nervously. “She’s stolen my heart. I find myself thinking about her often. And wondering when we’ll get together with Ron and Hermione so I can see her again.”
“Draco, what are you talking about?”
“I realize I can’t have Rose,” Draco chuckled lightly. “But I think perhaps I could feel this way about another baby. Maybe, your baby.” He looked into Harry’s eyes. “I know you said you’ve changed your mind about wanting a family. And if I’ve missed the opportunity, that’s my own fault.”
Harry threw his arms around Draco’s neck and squeezed.
“Harry, I can’t breathe,” Draco choked out.
“Sorry.” Harry loosened his hold but didn’t let go. “Do you . . . did you . . . really change your mind?”
“I must sound fickle.” Draco pulled back from Harry. “When you told me that you came around to my way of thinking, I was having doubts about my own convictions. But I figured if you were having second thoughts about a family, perhaps it was fate. I pushed my doubts aside, because I thought it was what you wanted.”
“I only changed my mind because it was what you wanted,” Harry said. “If I had to choose between you and children, I’d choose you.”
Allowing a sad smile, Draco said, “You shouldn’t have to choose. I shouldn’t have been so pig-headed. And now I feel foolish for wanting a family so badly I can feel it . . .” He put a hand to his chest.
Harry hugged him tightly again. “I feel it too. I shouldn’t have tried to hide my feelings from you.” They pulled apart and chuckled. “We’re a sorry lot,” Harry said. “We could have gone on not knowing the other wanted the same thing and missed out completely.”
“We need to be honest with one another.”
Harry nodded. “You once told me that you would tell me if you were unhappy, even at the risk of arguments and hurt feelings. You’ve kept your end of the bargain. But I have failed.”
“Only because you wanted to make me happy,” Draco pointed out. “However, in the long run, you probably would have become resentful.” He held up his hand to keep Harry from interrupting. “I know you don’t think so now. But, my love, how can we make each other happy if we’re unhappy ourselves?”
Smiling, Harry caressed Draco’s cheek. “You are brilliant. I’m sorry. I promise not to keep things from you anymore.”
“Good. Now we have a bigger problem.”
“What?” Harry frowned.
“Last time I checked, wizards can’t carry babies. We’re going to need help.”
“I know just the person. Nobody is better at research than Hermione.” Harry got up and walked to the fireplace.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m going to floo call her,” Harry said.
“I have a better idea,” Draco said. “Let’s keep it to ourselves and talk it out on holiday. Then we’ll know what we want to do before we talk to anyone else.”
“Plus, it’ll be fun to have our own secret again for a while,” Harry said. “Remember how exciting it was before everyone found out about us?”
Draco laughed. “I remember it being frustrating, not to be able to touch you whenever I wanted.”
He leaned forward and kissed Harry sweetly.
“Is this truly what you want?” Harry asked. “You really do want to start a family with me?”
Nodding slowly, Draco replied, “More than anything. It just took me a while to realize it.”
Harry pushed Draco back onto the sofa, kissing him feverishly. While they snogged, Draco let his hands wander down to Harry’s arse and pulled him flush against himself. They groaned as their cloth covered erections rubbed together.
“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted you more,” Harry breathed.
“Then have me.”
Draco struggled to unbutton his trousers, made difficult by Harry lying on top of him. He gave up and began to undress Harry instead. Suddenly, Harry stood and pulled Draco with him to the bedroom, taking out his wand to Vanish their clothing.
“Now, why didn’t I think of that?” Draco smirked.
They fell together onto the bed, hands groping, tongues probing, and hips grinding. Harry stroked a bit of pre-cum out of Draco and rubbed his finger in it. He pulled a tiny arse cheek aside and slipped the finger in.
“Accio–” Draco gasped, unable to finish the spell.
“Lube?” Harry snickered.
“Yes. Lube. Accio Lube.” Draco forgot to hold his hand out to catch the small bottle and it hit him in the shoulder before rolling between them.
Harry quickly scooped it up and squirted some on his cock, Draco’s cock, and his own fingers. He tossed the bottle away and moved swiftly to prepare Draco to be invaded.
Willingly lifting his leg higher, Draco got to work spreading the lube on their cocks.
When the third finger was in, Draco was ready. “I want to ride you,” he told Harry, and rolled them so Harry was on his back.
Only having bottomed a handful of times, Draco tentatively climbed onto Harry and positioned himself over the weeping hard on waiting for him.
“Are you nervous?” Harry asked, no sign of sarcasm or teasing in his voice.
“No, not nervous. I’m just not sure how good at this I’ll be.”
“You’ll be brilliant. Go slowly. You’ll like having control.”
As Draco lowered himself onto Harry, he closed his eyes and hummed.
Harry had to restrain himself from thrusting his hips and allow Draco to set the pace. He gazed up at his love, gliding up and down gracefully, the way Draco did everything. Sometimes, he couldn’t believe how lucky he had been in catching the Potions professor. Running his hands up and down Draco’s sides, Harry smiled.
“I told you you’d be brilliant.”
Leaning forward, Draco braced his hands on Harry’s chest. He rolled his hips back and forth, grinding himself as far down Harry’s cock as he could get. They both groaned.
“I could get used to this,” Harry breathed.
Draco resumed sliding up and down, while Harry stroked him in the same rhythm. Gazing at one another, they each sped up their actions, reading the unspoken need of the other.
As Draco came, his muscles clenched tightly around Harry, bringing him along. They kept eye contact through their climaxes, feeling closer than ever before.
They lay in each other’s arms talking, farther into the night than either of them planned.
“You know, we could skip the holiday and get started on the adoption process right away,” Harry said, yawning.
“And miss out on the nude beaches?” Draco smirked. “Besides, if all goes well, this will be our last holiday alone for a while.”
“True,” Harry conceded. “I am looking forward to seeing your little bum all tanned. But really, I don’t see why having children should stop people from going on holiday. We’ll just choose places that are kid friendly.”
“Like the amusement park?”
“Admit it, you enjoyed that more than you thought you would.”
“I enjoyed waiting in line, at any rate,” Draco smirked.
“I could think of tons of places to take our child,” Harry said excitedly.
“Like where?”
“Well, the amusement park for one, but probably not until he’s a bit older. There’s always the zoo, and parks, and Quidditch matches. Picnicking in the countryside, skiing in the Alps, and maybe we’ll even get to the Grand Canyon in America someday.”
Draco smiled. “All excellent ideas. And I want to go to each and every one with our family. But for now, let’s concentrate on making this trip memorable.”
“Draco, everything I do with you is memorable.”