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Potions Professor Pursuit

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Draco’s hand trembled as Harry slid the ring on his finger. It was a bit too loose, so Harry took out his wand to shrink it to size.
“Don’t cry again,” Harry said as Draco stared at the ring.
“I wasn’t going to,” he said, wiping away a tear or two.
“I know I’ve sent you into emotional chaos since . . . well, probably since this term began,” Harry laughed. “But I don’t ever want to make you cry again.”
“But these are happy tears,” Draco protested. He leaned forward and kissed Harry. “I’ve never been happier.”
“Me too,” Harry smiled. But he could see the effects of Draco’s emotional ups and downs. There were faint circles under his eyes and he appeared to be thinner. No one else may have noticed the difference, but of course, Harry could see it. It pained him greatly.
“Hey,” Draco said softly. “You’re not going to cry now, are you?”
Harry swallowed and blinked away any potential tears. He smiled. “It would only be because I’m happy,” he fibbed.
“Oh, Harry, I love you so much.” Draco hugged Harry tightly. “Make love to me again,” he whispered.
Without waiting for an answer, Draco began to unbutton Harry’s shirt. Harry watched his face as he concentrated on each button, then slid the shirt off his shoulders. He was the most uniquely handsome man Harry had ever seen. He smiled, examining one of his most favorite of Draco’s features-- his long, white-blond eyelashes. One almost had to be this close to Draco to see them.
Draco took off his own shirt, while Harry took in the show.
Still kneeling on the sitting room floor, Draco unzipped Harry’s fly in order to take down his trousers.
“Wait,” Harry said. He stood up and held a hand out for Draco to take. When Draco stood, Harry scooped him up in his arms. Though slightly taller than Harry, Draco felt light as a feather as Harry carried him into the bedroom. He placed him on the bed, then proceeded to take off his own trousers and pants.
Draco pried off his own shoes and tugged at his socks. He then quickly unzipped his trousers, pulling them off.
Harry rolled Draco over onto to his belly. He ran his hands down the length of his body, caressing his pale, baby soft skin. When he began to pull down the pants, Draco lifted his bottom to assist. As the undergarment glided over the rise of his arse, Harry hardened with anticipation.
Without being asked, Draco reached for the lube and reached behind his back to hand it to Harry. Harry wasted no time putting it to good use. Within a few minutes, he had himself buried deep within Draco.
Draco groaned with the first of the trusts but became accustomed quickly. Harry rocked slowly in and out.
“Are you all right?” Harry asked.
Draco nodded.
Harry was beginning to regret their position. “I can’t reach you this way. I want to touch you.” He eased out, intending to roll Draco over onto his back.
Instead, Draco got to his knees and held onto the headboard, allowing Harry free access to his cock. He spread his legs a little wider in invitation.
Slipping back inside, Harry hugged Draco to his chest.
“Oh, Draco,” he whispered, kissing the blond’s neck and nuzzling his hair. He pumped his hips with more vigors and reached around to grasp Draco’s erection.
Draco let out a cry at the contact. He arched his back, further pushing his arse up to meet Harry’s thrusts. His legs began to tremble when Harry’s cock rubbed his insides just so.
“Yeah, oh that’s good.”
“Yes, it is,” Harry agreed. His eyes fluttered shut. “Fuck, I’m too close.”
“Don’t stop,” Draco begged. “Don’t slow down. I’m right there.”
Harry let out a whimper, then a loud grunt as he came, still pushing his hips steadily into Draco’s arse. The Potions professor soon followed, spilling himself onto the headboard in front of him, as well as Harry’s hand. His legs gave out a moment later and he collapsed back into Harry.
Gently, Harry eased them both back onto the bed. He kept his arms wrapped around his lover as they lay spooning.
“Draco? Are you okay?”
“Brilliant,” Draco answered softly. “Perhaps a little tired, though. It’s been a long day.”
“You should stay.”
“But it’s Sunday. I should go back to my own quarters.”
“No, you should stay. You’re exhausted,” Harry said, stroking his hair. He reached over to the bedside table for his wand. After a quick clean up spell, he covered them both with the blanket and settled back into position. By the time Harry’s arm draped back over Draco, the blond was lightly snoring despite the relatively early hour.
As he listened to Draco’s deep, even breaths, Harry thought about the events of the past couple of days. He supposed he could have gone about things differently, so as not to worry Draco. The poor thing spent the weekend thinking Harry was leaving him. Harry rolled his eyes at himself. He would have to work on his methods of surprising his lover. Eventually, Harry also fell into deep sleep to dream about the new life that lay ahead.




Draco sighed heavily as he lay with Harry, spent, sweaty and covered in cum and lube. He had woken up early and decided to take advantage of his morning wood. Harry didn’t seem to mind in the least.
Laughing, Harry nudged him with his shoulder. “That’s about the sixth time you’ve sighed.”
“I’m just so relieved. I really thought you were going to break up with me.”
“I can’t believe I made you feel that way.” Harry closed his eyes. “I was so angry about what happened, mainly with myself. I tried to lay the blame on Knox, but it was really all my fault.”
“No, it wasn’t.”
Harry smiled and opened his eyes. “Thanks for saying so, but it was. I should have realized how my friendship with Knox was making you feel. I knew he was never a threat to our relationship. I understand now why you thought he was.”
Draco remained quiet. As long as Harry finally saw Knox for who he truly was, he didn’t need to rub it in.
“I promise that’s never going to happen again,” Harry swore.
“You can’t promise that,” Draco countered. “You’re too trusting. And friendly. There are bound to be more people who want to be your friend, or more. And you won’t see it, because you like to see only the good in people.”
“I am not too trusting,” Harry protested. “I didn’t trust Rita Skeeter.”
Draco leaned up on his elbow. “Don’t get me wrong, Harry, your trusting nature has surely benefitted me.”
“Well, I do trust you. With my life, and my heart. I hope . . . you feel that you can trust me again.”
“I do. I wouldn’t have agreed to marry you if I didn’t,” Draco said. “But I’m still not going to trust any man that gives you a second look. In fact, right now, I think Ron is the only man I do trust around you.”
“Ron,” Harry sat up. “I haven’t told him and Hermione about us yet. We should give them a floo call.” He began to get up.
“Harry, it’s not even seven in the morning. We can’t call this early. Let’s do it before supper tonight.”
“Okay.” Harry leaned up to kiss him. “I just want to tell everyone. But I want to tell them first.”
“Me too. I suppose we may as well get up and get ready for classes though.”
“It’s a bit early. My first class isn’t until 10 today.”
Draco climbed over Harry to get out of bed. “I have an errand before my nine o’clock class.”
“What errand?” Harry questioned.
“I, uh . . . need to speak with someone,” Draco replied.
Draco’s face flushed a little as he stammered. “The night . . . um, in the library . . . I sort of told Madam Pince . . .” he mumbled unintelligibly at the end.
“What?” Harry leaned closer.
“I may have told her to fuck off.”
Harry’s face went blank as Draco’s words registered, then he laughed hysterically.
“It’s not bloody funny!” Draco pouted.
“Sure, it is,” Harry replied. “I’ve been wanting to tell her to fuck off for years.”
“Harry,” Draco frowned. “She’s not that bad.”
“What are you talking about? She used to put spells on the books to make sure we brought them back on time.”
“So? As students, none of us were very diligent in returning books properly.”
“One of my books was spelled to pass gas, loudly, when it was overdue,” Harry said.
At that, Draco laughed. “I’ll bet that book was returned quickly.”
Harry couldn’t help giggling himself. “I was in the middle of trying to talk to Cho. Do you remember her? She was a year ahead of us. Anyway, I was asking her to go on a date with me when the book in my bag farted.”
Draco fell back on the bed.
“I explained that it wasn’t me, but it was so awkward.”
“Merlin, what did she say?”
“She actually went out with me. The date was just as awkward, though. I was always so awkward with the girls.”
“Then why did you try?” Draco asked.
Harry shrugged. “Because I was supposed to, I guess. If I only knew then what I know now. You and I could have been together all this time.”
“No, we wouldn’t,” Draco said, turning serious. “Even if we found each other attractive enough to shag, it wouldn’t have lasted. I changed because of the things that happened during and after the war, mostly the bad things. I know it sounds terrible not to wish them away, but I don’t.”
“No, you’re right. We are who we are because of the past. Still, I would change a few things if I could.”
Draco nodded. They both knew there was no point in wishing. After a brief silence, Draco got back to the original subject.
“Well, I wish I hadn’t told Madam Pince to fuck off. She’ll never let me reserve books for my students again.”
He got up and walked to the bath. Harry sighed as he watched him, thankful to get another chance. One thing he would definitely change, would be his entire relationship with Knox. As Harry lay listening to the shower running, he wondered what was going to happen when Knox and Draco saw one another face to face. He wouldn’t blame Draco for any retaliation he might have planned, but he hoped his lover would take the high road.
Harry chuckled to himself. “Yeah, right,” he said aloud.




Draco took a deep breath, then cleared his throat.
“Relax,” he said to himself, realizing that he was holding the book in a death grip. He cleared his throat again.
Madam Pince looked up from behind her desk.
Not certain what to do first, Draco held out the book to her. She glanced at it curiously, then peered at him over her glasses.
“This is for you,” he finally said. “It’s a first edition.”
“You’re making a donation to the library?” she asked.
“No,” he paused. “It’s for you.”
She reached out for the book to examine, turning it over in her hands, running her fingers over the binding.
“Why I didn’t Die When The Augurey Cried,” the librarian read aloud. “Where in Merlin’s name did you get a first edition of this? It was published in 1824. We have a copy here in the library, but . . .”
“Madam Pince, please accept my apologies,” Draco lowered his head. “When I dashed out of here on Friday night, I was distraught. I didn’t mean to . . . I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I took it out on you.”
“Yes, you did rather storm out,” she said. “I was in the middle of speaking to you.”
“Yes, I know. And, again, I am truly sorry I let my temper get the best of me. I didn’t mean to say that to you. I was angry with someone else.”
“And so, you decided to give me this rare book to make up for it?” Her expression was unreadable to Draco, for she almost always wore the same one, even when she was being kind.
He blushed. “Well, I had hoped it would.”
Madam Pince opened the book carefully, a hint of a smile on her face as she gently leafed through it. She closed it again and held it out to him.
“I’m afraid I can’t accept this.”
Draco rubbed his forehead. “Please, Madam, I . . .”
“Whatever you said couldn’t possibly be worth all the Galleons this book is worth.”
Draco stood dumbstruck.
“You see, I’m a little deaf in my right ear,” she explained. “What did you say to me, anyway?”
The color drained from Draco’s face. It was bad enough what he’d said to her. But she didn’t even hear it, and now he was in a position to have to say it to her again. His mind raced, trying to come up with an alternative. However, she already knew it must have been offensive enough for him to bring a gift in apology.
“Professor Malfoy?”
“Can’t you just accept the book and pretend this conversation never occurred?” he laughed nervously.
She shook her head.
Draco’s shoulders slumped. “I . . . I told you to,” he wasn’t sure if he could say it to her face.
“You told me to what?”
He closed his eyes. “I told you to fuck off.”
After a brief silence, the librarian laughed. Draco’s eyes sprang open. He had never heard so much a light chuckle escape her lips. He stood with his mouth gaping, unsure what to make of her reaction.
“Madam Pince?”
“My dear boy, you really are naive if you think you’re the first person to tell me to fuck off. Professor Snape used to say it to me regularly. Of course, I got my own digs in with him. He was just a prick when it came to following my rules around here.”
Still speechless, Draco closed his mouth.
“I must say, though, that I don’t think I deserved it from you.”
“No, of course not. It wasn’t meant personally. I probably would have said the same thing to McGonagall if she were there.”
“Oh, thanks goodness she wasn’t. She doesn’t have much tolerance for that sort of language.”
Draco quickly scanned his memory for incidents of swearing in front of the Headmistress. He knew he swore under his breath around her, at the very least.
“Good to know,” he nodded. He hesitated. “So, does that mean you accept my apology?”
The hint of a smile was back. “Obviously,” she replied. “But not the book.”
“No, I insist. It’s been sitting on my shelf gathering dust. It would please me to know that someone who truly appreciates it has it.” He placed it on her desk.
She licked her lips and eyed the book, clearly coveting it. She made no move to return it.
“Do you still want to reserve those books?” she asked, gesturing to the volumes she had set aside for him.
“Yes, please. My Fourth Years and I will be coming in at half-eleven today.”
“Very well.”
He stood awkwardly for a moment, then nodded. “Good day.”
Just before he reached the entrance, Madam Pince called out. “Professor Malfoy, next time, speak to me in my left ear. Unless, of course, you wish to say something truly vulgar. Then make sure it’s the other one. Otherwise, I may own your entire personal library.”
Draco blushed and walked out.




Harry did a double take as he walked down the stairs toward the Great Hall. He could have sworn he saw Ron rounding a corner. Curiosity getting the better of him, Harry investigated.
“Oi, Ron!” he called out when he spotted the ginger hair up ahead.
Ron turned in response.
“Got a secret rendezvous?” Harry joked. “Were you going to visit and not tell me?”
“I’m not here for a visit, Harry,” Ron said. “I’m here on official Ministry business.”
“What sort of business?”
“Technically, you know I can’t tell you,” Ron said. He glanced around. “But if you just happen to be there when I take my witness into custody . . .”
“Witness to what?” Harry asked while they walked up the staircase. “Never mind. I know you can’t tell me.”
“Well, I can tell you that Draco’s father is out of prison.”
“So, the information he had was valid?”
“The two names he gave turned out to be a couple living in Hampshire. The man has the Dark Mark, but the woman doesn’t. I guess old Voldemort was a bit of a chauvinist, considering that most of his followers with the mark were men.”
“Either that, or he was a closet queen,” Harry laughed.
“Eew,” Ron wrinkled up his nose. “The thought of anyone shaggin’ that disgusting monster . . . it gives me the chills.”
“Does the couple have anything to do with Narcissa’s accident?”
Ron bobbed his head in hesitation. “I can’t really talk about any evidence we have, Harry.”
“I’ll take that as a yes, then,” Harry grinned. “Draco will be pleased.”
They stopped in front of a door.
“Ron, why are we here?”
“I told you, I’m taking a witness into custody. A witness I hope that, for your sake, doesn’t turn into a suspect.”
Ron knocked.
“Hi Harry,” Knox said tentatively as he opened the door. He winced as he tried to smile, splitting his lip open again slightly. The purple and yellow discoloration around his left eye was unmistakably the result of being punched. “Oh, Mr. Weasley,” Knox frowned.
Ron held up his Auror badge and had his wand drawn. Harry hadn’t even noticed him take it out.
“Fernwood Knox?”
“Yes. You know I am.”
“Fernwood?” Harry murmured under his breath. No wonder he went by Knox.
“The Ministry of Magic formally requests that you accompany me to make a statement.”
Knox swallowed. “A statement about what? What is this about?”
“Will you cooperate?” Ron asked.
“Not until you tell me what’s going on. You can’t just whisk me away against my will.”
“Yes, actually, I can.” Ron said dispassionately.
“Knox, it’s best to cooperate,” Harry said gently. He knew Ron would not be there on a whim. Official Ministry business was something to be taken seriously.
“Ron, maybe if I went with him . . .”
“Stay out of it, Harry,” Ron warned. “This doesn’t concern you. Especially in light of recent events.”
“What recent events?”
“Draco called us,” Ron explained. He glanced at Knox’s face. “Is this his handy work?”
“No, it’s . . . it’s mine.” Harry avoided both Ron’s and Knox’s eyes.
Ron raise an eyebrow, then looked at Knox.
“I’m not going to press charges or anything, if you were going to ask.”
Nodding, Ron said, “All right then. Professor Knox, all I want is a statement and to ask you a few questions. Don’t make this more difficult.”
Knox looked to Harry, who nodded.
“All right,” he finally agreed.
“Come on, we’ll use McGonagall’s floo.”
“Ron, wait.” Harry tugged on Ron’s sleeve and pulled him a few feet away. “As long as you’re here, I’ve got something to tell you.”
“If it’s that you left Draco for this piece of sh---”
“No,” Harry laughed. “Nothing of the sort. I asked Draco to marry me.”
Ron literally shook his head in confusion. “Sorry?”
“We’re getting married. You were all right about Knox. And I did something stupid, or rather, I let something stupid happen.”
“Yeah, we know.” Ron scowled back at Knox standing by his door.
“But Draco and I are fine. I gave him a ring and everything. We’re moving in together this week. Not sure when we’ll actually get married.”
“Fuck, you’re serious.”
“Yeah,” Harry grinned. “I never thought I would get married.”
“Congratulations, mate.” Ron hugged him. “Should I tell Mione, or wait for you? Who the fuck am I kidding? You know I’ll tell her before you get a chance to,” Ron chuckled.
“That’s all right,” Harry said. “Go ahead and tell her when you get back to the Ministry. I won’t get a chance until tonight. Frankly, I don’t think I’ll be able to hold it in around here. But I wanted you and Mione to be the first to know.”
“Sweet Merlin, do you realize what you’re getting yourself into?”
“Probably not,” Harry laughed.
Jerking a thumb in Knox’s direction, Ron said, “Don’t give this one a second thought. He’s not worth the aggravation.”
Harry nodded.
Ron led Knox away, leaving Harry to wonder what the man had done, or knew about. With no other recourse, he went down the staircase and proceeded to the Great Hall for lunch once more.
He found Draco sitting in his usual seat, but McGonagall wasn’t there. She was, no doubt, in her office waiting to send Ron and Knox on their way.
“Hi Harry,” Draco smiled brightly as Harry approached.
“Hi. You seem in a good mood,” Harry noted.
“I am. All is right with the world today.”
“It is?” Harry couldn’t help smiling in response to Draco’s beaming face. “And why is that?”
Draco put down his fork. “Do you really have to ask?” he said in a hushed voice. “Or did you forget already?”
Leaning closer, Harry whispered, “Forget fucking my fiancé until he was nothing more than a puddle in my bed?”
“You were nothing more than a puddle in my arse,” Draco blushed. “That alone is enough to make this a momentous day. But I have to admit, the other news is nearly as satisfying.”
“What other news?”
“Didn’t you hear? Knox’s parents were taken into custody. My father named them as Death Eaters. There was an owl waiting for me this morning.”
“What? Is that why Ron took Knox away for questioning? Is he suspected as well?”
Draco shrugged. “Hasn’t got the bollocks as far as I’m concerned.” He picked his fork back up.
“Draco, how can you be so flippant?’
“Easy. The prat was trying to take you away from me for months. I’m not going to suddenly sympathize simply because his parents have been arrested.”
Harry opened his mouth, most likely to put his foot in it. But he looked into Draco’s eyes. Those beautiful grey eyes that seemed to have new life in them.
“I suppose not,” Harry said. He didn’t blame Draco in the least for the way he felt.
Sighing, Draco asked, “You’re worried about him, aren’t you?”
Harry kissed him and smiled. “The only thing I’m worried about is whether or not your arse will be up for another shag session tonight.” He took hold of Draco’s chin. “Nothing is more important to me than you.”
Draco closed his eyes and kissed Harry slowly.
A throat clearing startled the pair. Blushing deeply, Draco moved his seat further away from Harry’s. Harry, however, smiled widely at Professor McGonagall.
“Sorry Minerva. I couldn’t help kissing my fiancé.”
Trelawney and some of the others perked up.
“Fiancé? Harry, did you call Draco your fiancé?” Professor Sinistra asked.
“Yes,” Harry answered, placing his hand atop Draco’s. “We’re moving into Filius’ old quarters.”
“When is the wedding?” Trelawney asked. “I could do a reading for you, to pick the best time.”
“The best time would be as soon as possible,” Draco answered.
A few of the other professors giggled at his dreamy expression.
“I agree,” said Harry. “We should go to the Ministry this weekend.”
“You can’t just decide on a whim to get married. Besides, you have to fill out the paperwork to marry, the same as in the muggle world,” Madam Hooch told him.
“The weekend after, then,” Harry suggested.
“We can’t get married that soon.”
“Why not?”
“We have to plan something. I want . . . at least a small wedding,” Draco admitted.
“I didn’t know you cared about that sort of thing.”
Draco’s face turned pink. “Maybe a little.”
“I truly never thought I would get married,” Harry said. “So, I haven’t thought about it much. But I suppose we ought to do something to celebrate.”
“Oh, my, yes,” Madam Pomfrey added. “The marriage of our hero is definitely something to celebrate. The entire wizarding world will be interested.”
“No, I want to keep the ceremony quiet and small,” Harry said. “In fact, if we could keep this within Hogwarts walls until we can make an announcement in the papers, that would be ideal.”
“Of course, Harry,” McGonagall said. “None of us will say anything.”
“Thank you.” Harry turned to Draco. “I guess we have a wedding to plan.”
“If Mother hasn’t planned it out already.” From his vantage point, Draco noticed his ungainly student, Casper, get up from his seat and slowly walk to the Ravenclaw table.
“Oh, shit. What’s he doing?” he mumbled.
“What’s wrong?” Harry asked.
“Oh, nothing. Just that Montague is about to make a fool of himself in front of the prettiest girl in Ravenclaw.”
He excused himself and quickly made his way to intercept the boy. Draco was too late, though, and by the time he got there, Casper was knelt down in front of Penelope Pipshaw. The girl’s eyes were large as saucers as Casper stuttered out his request.
“Yes?” she answered very slowly, tucking a golden lock of hair behind her ear.
“Would you . . . will you . . . um.”
“Casper,” Draco smiled and placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Stand up. What are you doing?”
“I’m asking Penelope to the Valentine Dance.”
The girl looked nervously between Draco and Casper, her perfect rosebud lips agape.
The Potions professor leaned down to speak in Penelope’s ear. “Let him down gently, yeah? You have no idea how long it’s taken him to gather the nerve.”
She nodded. He chuckled and walked away, leaving the boy to his fate.