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Aren't no grave can hold my body down

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The earth
flames burn the air bodies litter the earth all water in the world is dry a lone building in the distance surrounding it a small field of vegetables surround it hundreds of workers litter the earth bodies of the dead being drag into the building A man wearing a burned suit coughing enters as a Man yells '' FATHER ''. a blonde man appears as another man enters holding him up the man '' Chuck are you sure you can't send us back further ''. Chuck shakes his head and says '' Sam I won't be able to do the spell and send you back as it is I am barely able to send you back to right after I and Amara left ''. Sam sighs in sadness as he says '' And you're sure'' Chuck growls and says '' As a Human you will lose ( Smirking the blonde man ) and As Lucifer you will lose the only way is we give you the power of every dead angel and Demon and since its all of them you will be directly under death's power meaning I have to send you to merge with Lucifer's past who as you've decided will take Nick's Body as neither of you can see Lucifer as anyone else where Lucifer'' Sam nods as he thinks that this will save everyone. Chuck says ''I have already brought the souls of the greatest minds in the world meaning you will be top shape plus the tablets knowledge and power which when combine with Lucifer's past self will make you Life death's opposite. Sam sighs as he nods as Lucifer says '' And with the minds, we can save those we love ''. Chuck nods as he points to the body of Jack and says '' I was even able to give you your son Jack who will be your general in the war ''. Lucifer and Sam nods in thanks as Chuck with tears in his eyes says '' With the power you will have you must unite Heaven and Hell with the earth and convinced me to return and get Dean to agree to be with Amara so she doesn't allow herself to be captured ''. Sam nods as Chuck says '' IT'S time remember with the power you now and the minds they will change you and it is too much for one being so with the tablets including the new you must follow the traditions of the Suttons and create a harem remember be a better King then me make sure I understand that I'm the Creator nothing more ''. Lucifer and Sam nods as Chuck hands them a blade which they start placing runes on each other. Chuck gasping chants ''Ma Jumal kaldus oma vere hinge ja essentsid ühendada ja saata tagasi need kaks hinge minevikku, et tuua uus tulevik ja vabastada hinged nende puhkepaika tegutseda gilds ja võimu poolt antud mulle kaos ma saadan need kaks nüüd tagasi misjonile, mis ma olen andnud meele ja keha, nii et
see oleks isa, '' (I God sacrifice my blood soul and essences to merge and send back these two souls into the past to bring about the new future and release the souls from their resting place to act as guilds and Power by the power vested in me by Chaos I send these two now one back with the mission I have given of sound of mind and body so mote it be by father will)
Screaming is all that's heard as the bottles holding the souls and Grace of all them is poured into the two and they dissolve and unite with the spell suddenly God looks down as he dissolves into the spell Smiling God feels his power connect with Lucifer's and the Power of God was added smoke feels the cabin as the darkness follows.


[In the garden, Amara holds her hand over Chuck’s chest, healing him as waves of energy flow from her hand]
I think we're just gonna go away for a while and...
Hey, yeah.
Family meeting.
I get it.
But first...
[Chuck walks over to Dean and places a hand on his chest, removing the bomb. Dean grimaces in pain.]
What about us?
What about Earth?
Earth will be fine.
It's got you...and Sam.
Dean, you gave me what I needed most. I want to do the same for you.
[Chuck and Amara hold hands Dean watching on when suddenly a bang echoes across the world eyes wide Dean looks at Chuck and Amara who shake their head as a burst of power slam into the world eyes wide as they were thrown through the air Dean Screams as They watch as darkness slams into Dean as White light collides out of him connecting with the dark smoke shock they watch and feel the darkness merged with Dean's Soul falling they pass out only for Chuck and Amara to have a burst of memories implode into their minds.
[As Sam and Cas enter the bunker a hand is dripping blood out of their line of site]
Sam, I'm so sorry.
If you want to talk...I'm here if you need anything.
Hello, hello.
[Toni places her hand on a banishing sigil on the wall and Cas disappears]
[As Sam reaches behind for his gun Toni draws on him]
Sam Winchester.
Toni Bevell.
Men Of Letters, London Chapterhouse.
Oh, you won't have heard of me—us.
We're very traditional. Keep out of the way, keep to our studies.
You, um...
They sent me to take you in.
To take me in?
Assuming the world didn't end, and— Yay.
Look, lady—
We've been watching you, Sam.
What you've done, the damage you've caused—archangels, Leviathans, the Darkness, and now, well— the old men have decided enough's enough.
I mean, let's face it, Sam.
You're just a jumped-up hunter playing with things you don't understand and doing more harm than good.
Now, where's Dean?
Listen, lady. I don't know who the hell you are or what the hell you want—
[Sam starts to walk towards Toni.]
SAM: [continuing to move forward]
Put the gun down.
I said stop.
You and I both know you're not gonna pull the trigger.
[Toni fires the gun and the shell casing clatters on the floor]
Sam looking down gasps when the Bunker shakes as Toni frowns screaming when Light burns through the walls without destroying them the opposite they strengthen and then Toni screams as the Light burns her to ash. Sam shaking when he sees the Light surround him shaking he says '' No No NO '' Again and again but the Light burns through him and the last thing he sees is the light entering him.

Halfway across American Lucifer looks at the sun waiting to feel his father when the earth shook bursting out of the Vessel Lucifer gulps feeling ... Himself and Sam frozen in shock he doesn't fight when the other him collides and suddenly he gets absorbed by the future him. Lucifer sees his first vessel appear and heal Nick blinking says '' YES ''. Lucifer flows into him falling Lucifer Lands on a building in a superhero pose. Lucifer smirks when he looks down and screams he was naked shaking Lucifer snaps himself up some clothes but Lucifer sighs when he looks around and sees the town he was in was ashes gulping Lucifer feels for souls smirking he sent life into them right as a reaper appear. The reaper groans only to freeze as Lucifer smiles at the reaper who gulps feeling the power of the being. Lucifer waves his hands causing the Reaper to disappear to tell the other reapers. Lucifer chuckles as he heals the earth and buildings in the town making it where the damage the humans and he has done was gone. With a smile, Lucifer hums a song as he looks in a mirror and shakes his head in disappointment breathing deeply he uses the memories of those he now has and flies across the entire world in an atom second shaking his head he sees the very worse of Humanity sighing Lucifer focuses and travels at top speed saving each of the victims and heal them of any injuries. a second later Lucifer saves millions leaving the Mark of the Morningstar on the wall with the word your welcome Team free will. After a moment Lucifer smirks realizing he has people to rule on earth flying around the world he put humans in each of the islands around the world and in that second he used the Magics from the Pagans and Witches to change the Islands making each of them able to become as long as united states but the islands outside of those on it be the same size then snapping his fingers he created homes and towns that were modern and places his new subjects in them. Then he puts Manors and a castle in each allowing either him or one of his lords rule from a castle and the mayor a manor with the rich living in the other manors as knights for the lord and mayor smirking he does the same on all the islands then finally he traveled to the world bank.
Lucifer thinks quickly and uses his powers to have entire conservation to create an account and given him gold that he created using pagan magic after that he brought shares in every company as well as buying the islands making them all under him and then hiring people to make him money and property all around the world in every town and city. Lucifer orders the bank to deal with all business necessary including getting Lawyers. Lucifer shakes his head and then gives the account manager the job to make certain nothing could happen that will ruin a single one of his business. Lucifer leaves the Bank with money in his hands and goes after the best of every trade and hiring them to work for him sighing Lucifer reappears in the only island with no people and enters his castle that was built like a Suttons castle smirking he enters and instantly begins planning and setting things up for each of them. Hours later Lucifer nods looking at the whiteboard reading the plan to take over the earth nodding he decides to go after the easiest getting Rowena and witches on his side sighing he puts on Clothes fitting for a businessman and King after grabbing his Blade and trident he places them in their sheath then places them in their grace allowing him to summon them when needed. Lucifer focuses on his connection to Rowena's magic and soul and follows it to where it was at that time. Laughing Lucifer froze realizing if he did humans first he could spread doubt to spread to the ranks of hell giving others a chance. Lucifer sighs as he teleports to hell in blue flames.



Groaning Dean wakes up slowly getting to his feet steadying himself he looks at Amara only to jump back as his vision blurs and it looks as if he cool see her true form shaking his head he sees her vessel shaking he feels his body react groaning Dean whispers '' Fuck this is worse ''.Suddenly their eyes open and they both groan and get to their feet causing Dean to groan as he sees Dean's true form shaking his head Dean says '' What the hell ''. Amara with tears in her eyes says '' Dean ... Chuck takes over and snaps his fingers causing them to appear in the bunker.


Dean looks around gasping as he sees ashes taking a step he hears a groan causing him to turn '' SAM ''. Running over he turns Sam over which causes his eyes to open blinking he sits up as Chuck says '' Dean ..Sam you're wanting to know what happened ''. Dean and Sam who look up raise their eyebrows as Chuck says '' it came from Me'' ... Sam and Dean go to speak when Chuck chuckles ''well a future me ''. Sam gasps and asks '' Future ''. Chuck sighs and nods and says '' It seems there was battle after battle which causes us to lose the war ''. Dean blinks '' What war ''. Chuck sighs and says '' The War against Dimensions ''. Sam gasps '' You mean the Multiverse its ''. Chuck smirks '' Real yes except it wasn't me who created it ''. Dean frowns and asks '' Who did ''. Amara answers '' Our Father ''. Sam and Dean ask '' Father ''. Amara nods and says '' I'll explain later but what's important is a version of My brother decided to mess with the balance of creation meaning the Barriers are being destroyed ''. Dean blinks in confusion as Sam says '' So you're saying every dimension has you '' looking at Chuck. Chuck shakes his head '' No some worlds have the pagans as real gods or some form of higher power but those you don't need to worried about you have to worry about worlds similar to this one the supernatural universes... Which are for the record 1-10000000000000 as of now but every day a new dimension is created for a different decision from one of the dimensions''. Sam blinks asking '' Wait if another is created how can it end ''. Chuck smiles tightly making Sam gasp and say '' it won't ''. Chuck nods sadly and says'' Yes and No we thankfully have time thanks to Future us we have a year to prepare ''. Sam and Dean sigh in thanks as Chuck say'' So I have a mission for you both ''. Sam and Dean blink as Chuck says '' I charge you with recreating the men of Letters but be warned England has there owned but they are aiding the enemy .. well all except Arthur Ketch and Mick ''. Sam and Dean nod as Chuck sighs and says '' I will bring back my archangels ''. Amara chuckles and says '' Lucifer is already working on Heaven and Hell so at least there's that ''. Sam eyes wide say'' He was brought back too''. Chuck nods and says '' Well I'll be around goodbye and good luck oh and Dean thank you, Dean, for uniting me and my sister ''. Dean smiles and says '' I couldn't move my fingers ''. Amara smiles as Chuck says '' It doesn't matter for that I will bring back your friends and family that have died in the fifteen years after I tell them what's going on ''. Dean smiles at that as Chuck disappears in a beam of light as Amara smooths her dress and asks'' Dean can we talk ''. Gulping Dean nods as Sam looks on with a smirk as they leave. But at the door, Amara turns and says '' You gave me what I needed most Dean so I brought your mother back I will have Chuck tell your mother everything so she can return ''. Sam and Dean smile as Dean follow Amara into his room''.

Sam with a smile turns to the map room and starts making plans for safehouses and Roadstops for hunters and a network blinking Sam growls as he realizes this was Bobby's thing. Shaking his head he begins the process which Bobby could finish. Sam with a smile comes to learn he was enjoying this, in fact, he feels this was what he was meant for.


In a cage Gabriel whimpering in pain when he feels His father's power shaking as power sneaks into the room looking up, he jumps when he feels himself blinking as the grace started to surround him and burn through the chains and snitches melting them blinking he groans softly as the wounds heal and the grace enters him. suddenly Gabriel feels his mind healing and stands to summon his wings which were once again full eyes wide he growls and bursts out of the cell.


A Meeting was going on when the sound of the door being through the air interrupts the meeting Asmodeus growls and says ''I... '' Feeling Gabriel back to full power and enrage he teleports out fleeing growling '' I will get you back you ant ''. Suddenly Lucifer's power appears and he was ripped from the air appearing in front of Lucifer who smiles and says '' Hello Asmodeus ''. Asmodeus eyes wide feels Lucifer huge Boost of Power shaking his head '' My King '' Lucifer summons a burst of Fire causing Asmodeus to burn as Lucifer '' Don't Worry I'll make you an example you won't die for thousand years '' Asmodeus screams as a cell appears around him ''. Lucifer laughs and grabs the cell which he takes with him into his throne room which he just created in the middle of hell after making a castle for himself to rule from when he's there. Taking a deep breath he constructs himself a vessel that gives off a sense of Power and Fear to others shaking his head he transforms into it after changing his body into one of beauty. Lucifer burned skin with Horns which he has had since birth he swings his tail around and sits on his throne breathing deeply he sends waves of power to hell causing every demon to appear in hell and change to match their new species and power and rank after a moment he changes the foundation of hell binding it to him and allowing power from souls to come to him. Lucifer smiles as he sends those of rank to their new home and begins his job of updating hell to fit him. Lucifer with a smile brings back every dead demon and sends them to their new home pausing he copies the Power of Cain, Arazel, and Abaddon and banish them to Purgatory with the job of killing those worthy to be Purgatory forever. Lucifer leans back after that and thinks what to do about Crowley with a shake of his head he names him the ambassador to Purgatory banishing him from having any authority in Hell making it where he travels to Purgatory for months and back forever with his most loyal under him to protect him but they were unchanged. Lucifer chooses Meg as hell's ambassador bringing messages to Heaven for him with Lillith as the Regent and Dagon as Mayor under her direction. Thinking he made Drexel take the place of Asmodeus as the fourth prince of hell with Bela talbot the replacement of Arazel. Lucifer thinking on blinks as Ruby asks to become a mistress with a Smile Lucifer agrees making Ruby one of his mistresses thinking deeply he choose Barthemus as the New king of crossroads. Lucifer pauses as he orders every prince to have certain souls so he orders Lillith to separate souls by their crimes. Lucifer changes hell's ability to make demons giving it to demons with Hell able to increase the power of a demon per accomplishment and loyalty to him. Lucifer leans back as he feels hell change to his will with a Smile he starts hell on projects giving demons a bunch of jobs. Lucifer with a smile as Hell will now have hell weapons capable of Killing angels from other worlds and banishing Angels back to heaven from this world. Lucifer smiles as he leaves hell to head toward Heaven to start making Heaven more powerful than before.