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The Legend Of Arya

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For so long royal benders and non-benders have battled for the Iron Throne. My Master used to tell me tales about the Avatar, master of all four elements. A mighty being with a knights heart. Who used their power to protect the world and its people. Of course, that’s just a story. A legend.


Chapter One The Avatar Returns


She held her knees as she breathed.

She heard something.

She looked up and saw the fire.

Her body burned.

She felt fear. Terror. 

Everything went black.


Arya Stark shot up with a scream scaring the other women. She looked around sweat dripping down her face. She could not even process that she had fallen asleep doing needlework. She took in a breath trying to calm down. The heat had felt so real. That didn’t feel like a dream.

I died” the thought ran through her head.  


She had dreamed of her own death. Septa Mordane had opened her mouth as Arya stood to back into the wall. Still breathing. She had never felt like this before.

Sansa was looking at her. A rare hint of worry in her eyes. Jeyne Poole her friend was the first to speak.

“Horseface you shouldn't sleep durin” she was cut off by Sansa

“Arya are you ok?”
Arya was surprised but took a breath. Talk to Sansa.

“I had a dream” Arya tried to tell her but everyone was looking at her. Down to the floor where the Septa looked over her needlework.

“Well it’s over now why don’t we talk about this,” The Septa said brushing her fears aside. “This will not do. This will not do at all.” She told her. Sansa looked once more with worry. But Jeyne Poole was smirking as other’s fought back a laugh. She pushed herself off the wall and ran. She needed to leave. This wasn’t fair. That dream. I need to leave. Why was it so real .

Septa Mordane called after her. “Arya, come back here! Don’t you take another step! Your lady mother will hear of this”

“Like I care. I need out” she could not think as she ran.


Nymeria was waiting for her in the guardroom. She jumped to her feet as soon as she caught sight of Arya. Arya grinned. The wolf pup loved her, even if no one else did. They went everywhere together, and Nymeria slept in her room, at the foot of her bed. Nymeria had been there before the other direwolves. Arya had wandered off as if drawn to her and found her alone years ago. The two shared a bond unlike any other.  


By now Septa Mordane would certainly have sent word to her mother. If she went to her room, they would find her. Arya did not care to be found. She had a better idea. She’d go practice with the boys. Being one of the few earth benders in the north. She didn’t take part in her sisters Healing Lessons. Every Stark could bend water. But her of course. Her mother being a non-bender. Her brother Jon was the best Water Bender she had ever seen outside of her father.

It was not long before she found herself with her brother Jon.

Jon gave her a curious look. “Shouldn’t you be working on your stitches, little sister?”

Arya sighed she didn’t want to talk about her dream. She wanted to relax.

“I’d rather a match brother,” she said as she kicked the ground and two small rocks flew into her hands.

Jon looked at her with a smirk, “Sorry Arya, I’m not in the mood to battle the best Earth Bender In the North,” he teased.

“You scared,” Arya said. She was one of the best Earth Benders in the north. Her mother may not allow her to practice with blades but she did allow her to learn how bend earth. Saying to no to allowing her to bend would be cruel.

“ Prince Joffrey will be here Tomorrow. I hear he’s an ass” Jon told her.

“He better not hurt Sansa,” Arya said simply.

“What will you do kill him” Jon joked but Arya only looked away. 

“You should get back. The longer you stay the more trouble you’ll be in” Jon reminder her as Arya sighed.

“I hate Needlework it’s not fair”

“Nothing is fair about life Arya”

Reluctantly she turned in the other direction. It was worse than Jon had thought. It wasn’t Septa Mordane waiting in her room. It was Sansa.

“I wanted to make sure you were ok. Was it another dream” Sansa asked. Her voice kind as they sat on her bed. Perhaps it wasn’t as bad as she thought. Arya looked down at her knees. So maybe it wasn't so bad afterall. 

“Arya you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone.” Arya sighed,

“Fire. I was breathing. Holding my knees. I think I was wearing a nightdress.” Arya told her happily.

Sansa smiled, “Good. So we know it’s a woman,” she said happily. Arya and her had been discussing her odd dreams for weeks.

“It was dark this time. And then I felt heat and then I looked up and saw fire and then my body burned. Then I woke up,”


Sansa sighed, “that’s a bad one. You're saying you felt the fire,” she asked.

Arya nodded,

“I don’t know what to tell you, Arya, I really don’t,” Sansa said as the door creaked opening. Arya jumped up.

Who heard!

All fear washed away as they're father entered the room. He looked at them and smiled.

“Sansa I’m so proud of you for what you did for Arya,” he said as Arya looked to Sansa confused.

“Oh have you not told her,” Ned asked in a panic. He had not meant embarrass Sansa.

“Told me what,” Arya asked

“After you left… I may have yelled at Septa Mordane. She was just so rude. You had clearly had a nightmare!” Sansa said as Arya nodded.

“You didn’t need to do that Sansa. Septa Mordane loves you,”  Arya told her.

“Arya. I told you a month ago. When it comes to this. These dreams it’s a big deal” Ned smiled at his daughter. He wished his wife viewed it like that. With what was to come she would need that.

“Arya I could not help but overhear a few weeks ago and I will admit I’ve been listening to you both and I think I know why you're having these dreams but I wanted to wait until I was ready to test my theory,”

Sansa looked at her father in worry, “Is Arya alright” she asked and Ned nodded slowly as if unsure.

“Arya I bought something with me today. I’m going to spill them on the floor. Pick up only what you feel like picking up.”

He pulled the bag with him upside down and dumped its contents on the floor below they're feet. Sansa was blown away by what she saw.

Dolls. Normal Dolls and odd dolls but Dolls. Arya doesn’t like Dolls. However, she was shocked when Arya rushed down to pick up a white doll in the form of an odd-looking dog. It looked like a bear and a dog.


Ayra just stared at it and she watched as Ned fell to the ground.

“Fuck. What the fuck. I was sure I was wrong. But this the dreams. It’s almost certain,”


Arya carefully placed the doll down on the table and looked at her father in fear

“Did I do something wrong?” She asked as Ned shook his head,

“No, I’m sorry I’ve been readying this for so long and you. You passed. Arya,” he told her then he turned to Sansa,

“If Arya lets you stay for what’s about to happen. You can’t tell anyone. No one. Ever. Without her permission. I don’t care if it’s Joffrey or something. Sansa this is life and death for Arya.” he said.

Sansa looked at him. Never had she been spoken to like this. She looked at her sister and nodded,

“Of course I’ll tell no one if she’ll have me here”

Arya who was sitting in shock nodded, “she can stay.” her words simple.

Ned nodded as he looked at Arya from the floor.

“Do you remember the stories I used to tell you girls about the Avatar,”

Arya’s eyes lit up, “yes,” she told him. She had loved those stories.

“Well Arya that doll you picked up is made after the pet from the fairy tales. The Avatar’s pet,”

Sansa stopped him, “so what. It’s a toy,” Ned sighed,

“According to the tales. The Avatar could talk to those who came before them.” Ned was stopped by a laugh,

“Father that’s insane. Are you saying I’m the Avatar based on that! It’s a song sung by little girls” she said with a laugh. Ned pinched his nose,

“Arya we’ve never told you this. Because we never knew how. But when you were a baby something odd happened. Cat and I were called away from feeding you. It was soup. We had taken the task and were going to finish when we return. Not ask anyone else to do it. However, we were gone a bit longer. When we got back we were upset. We were sure the soup would be cold… It wasn’t.” Sansa stopped as Arya seemed to be lost in thought.

“So a maid heated it up with a fire or something. Didn’t we used to have a fire bender maid,” Sansa asked but Ned shook his head,

“Sansa, I had given her the day off. I went to her house that night myself and asked if she had done it, She had not been in the castle all day. I asked every person. I assumed for years someone did it and lied, but now I think Arya really liked that soup and heated with her hands!”

Arya looked at him, “Father I can’t be the Avatar. I can’t. No way! Not enough proof”

Ned sighed as he reached up and grabbed a candel from the wall and place it in front of Arya.

“Try Arya for me”

She stared at it and it reacted. Clearly, there was no control but it moved. Ever so slightly.

Sansa stared.

Ned smiled.

Arya looked on in shock.


“I’m the Avatar,” she asked confused.

Ned nodded “eventually you’ll need to master the other elements and let the world see you for who you are. But not now”  Sansa nodded.

“The Avatar’s job in the stories is to bring peace to the world. The Lords and Ladies of the Seven Kingdoms will likely view you as a threat to there rule. Better not tell anyone outside the family until you start to be active” she told her sister.

Arya nodded her head, “So you're saying I don’t need to be a lady. That I can help people,” she asked her father who nodded,

“Yes but you must keep up an appearance as a Lady Of Winterfell for now. Don’t forget the time to show yourself isn’t here. You're not ready. To be honest you're EarthBending is the best in Winterfell but you're mother tells me it could use some work” He told her honestly.

Arya glared lightly at the insult to her mastery. She had passed all her tests and earned her title. 

“Alright I’ll work on that”

“After the King Leaves,” he told her as she frowned as he kept going,

“Arya if the King and Queen find out you're the Avatar. They will kill you. No, If’s and's or but’s they will kill you,” Sansa looked at Arya in worry at her father’s words.

Arya looked down. She had always wanted to fight like the boys. Thought the lack of freedom women had was unfair. Saw injustice when no one else would. Felt bad for the common folk and bastards. And now she could help. Arya Stark Was The Avatar.


Somehow Arya found herself back learning needlework the next day. This time with Princess Myrcella. Arya felt strange knowing her new title she wondered if this was right. Should she not be training but she knew for now she had to hide. Until she was ready to begin her Firebending Training she had to hide. 


Her stitches were crooked again. Sansa sat among the other girls. Sansa’s needlework was exquisite. There was a time where that bothered her. But the support her sister had shown in the past months changed that. She studied her own work again, looking for some way to fix it, then sighed and put down the needle. She wondered if this would affect her skills with Water. Though that was a far off though. She had to learn appropriately. These things in the stories must have existed for a reason. She knew that. Somehow. 


“What are you talking about?” Arya asked suddenly. Jeyne gave her a startled look, then giggled. Sansa looked abashed. Beth blushed. No one answered.

“Tell me,” Arya said. Jeyne glanced over to make certain that Septa Mordane was not listening.

“We were talking about the prince,” Sansa said, her voice soft as a kiss.

Prince Joffrey. I hear he’s a skilled firebender and heir to the Seven Kingdoms.” Arya thought.


“Joffrey likes your sister,” Jeyne whispered, proud as if she had something to do with it. “He told her she was very beautiful.”


Arya smiled, “that’s good Sansa. I know you’ve been excited about him for a while,” she told her sister who nodded back at her. After Yesterday I should at least be nice even if I don’t care for the fucker” Arya thought to herself.


“He’s going to marry her, Then Sansa will be the queen of all the realm.” Beth said with a blush of her own. As if she had done something.

Arya just nodded. Having met Joffrey earlier she wasn’t a fan of him. The man was as Jon as said the day before an asshole. He shouldn’t be leading anything. What gave him the right to make choices that affect everyone. 


“Arya why aren’t you working?” the Septa Mordane asked as Arya sighed. As she began to plan her escape once more. 

Arya rushed into Bran’s room in worry as she saw him on his bed. She had just found out her brother had fallen off a tower. Her mother sat by his bed. Catelyn Stark looked at Arya,

“You're heard,” She asked as Arya nodded as she walked over and knelt down.

“Will he be ok,” Arya asked as her mother sighed,

“I hope so. If he hadn’t saved himself he’d be bound to a chair,”

“Save himself?” Arya asked in confusion.

“You're brother was able to create a spike of ice and grab it midway. He’s still hurt but it helped,” She said praise in her voice.  


Arya smiled as Robb, Jon, Sansa and Rickon entered the room. She could see her mother turn to glare at Jon.

“That’s impressive Water Bending,” Arya commented as she glanced at the table beside his bed. It was high. She brought her hands up above her shoulders as a small table of earth formed.

“That should be easier to reach without getting up,” She commented as her mother smiled,

“That was nice of you Arya. Just put it back when he’s healed, please,”

“Yes, mother,”

Arya sat in her room on her bed playing with pieces of dirt. Spinning them around with Nymeria at her feet. When her brother entered the room she frowned. Now more then ever she wanted him to stay. To be her teacher when the time came. He was a master of water. 


“You're leaving for the night’s watch,” she said sadly. 


Jon nodded, “yes little sister and I got you something,”

“You could call it that. Close the door.” Wary but excited, Arya checked the hall. “Nymeria, here. Guard.” She left the wolf out there to warn of intruders and closed the door. By then Jon had pulled off the rags he’d wrapped it in. He held it out to her. Arya’s eyes went wide It was a blade. “A sword,” she said in shock. 


Even though her skills with Earth Bending were great and she could give Jon a hard time in a fight. She had never been allowed a sword to work into her bending for combat. 


She giggled at him. “It’s so skinny.” As he smirked 


“So are you,” He told her before adding . “I had Mikken make this special. The bravos use swords like this in Pentos and Myr and the other Free Cities. It won’t hack a man’s head off, but it can poke him full of holes if you’re fast enough.”


 “I can be fast but I’m also stronger than some men and you know it. Don’t forget our last match,” Arya said. Jon shook his head,

“You nearly killed me with that boulder,” he said only half-joking as she looked down. She still felt terrible about it when he talked about it.


“You’ll have to work at it every day. “How does it feel? Do you like the balance? ”He asked

“I think so,” Arya said.

“First lesson,” Jon said. “Stick them with the pointy end.”


Arya laughed as her mind wandered “ I wonder if I could use it as a fire blade one day ” she asked herself. She knew of course that Jon had no intent on her actually coating the sword in anything. Earth was not as suited for swords as Fire, Water, and Air.  


“Will we meet again Jon,” she asked him 


“I hope so little sister” He replied

“What will you call it” he asked

“Sansa can have her sewing needles and I’ll have my needle.”

Jon laughed.


As they hugged and he left her room. She cried.


Ned Stark fell onto his throne. With the death of Jon Arryn. Robert had asked for him to be his hand. The plan had been to bring Bran, Arya, and Sansa. However Bran was recovering from this fall. The boy was lucky he had managed to save himself with Water Bending. However, he was still to hurt to travel.  


He worried about bringing Arya. The new information about her being the Avatar made Kings Landing the least safe place for her. But if she stayed it would look odd and he didn’t want anyone wondering about Arya. He knew they would have no choice but to go to Kings Landing and hope Arya didn’t get found out. He stood and began the walk to Arya’s room with the intent of talking to her about the trip.

Arya awoke as her father entered the room and smiled, “Father it’s late,”

“I know Arya but we must talk,” he said as Arya nodded.

“When we go to King's Landing you have be careful. No one can know what you are,” he told her.

“I know father now can I sleep,” she said with a hint of anger as he sighed,

“Sure just be careful,” 

The trip to Kings Landing was long and hard. Having stopped near the Trident Arya sat brushing Nymeria’s hair as Sansa approached her.  


“You better put on something pretty,” Sansa told her. “Septa Mordane said so. We’re traveling in the queen’s wheelhouse with Princess Myrcella today.” as Arya glared,

“Sansa I’m going riding with Mycah. He’s agreed to spar with me, I need to practice. You know that,” she told her sister.

Sansa sighed, “look Arya I agree and I get that. But the Queen invited us both,”

“The queen is a bitch,” Arya said coldly with a huff. 


“ARYA! YOU CAN’T SAY THAT!” Sansa said in anger. She was worried. Arya was trying to lay low.

“I’m going riding Sansa,” she said as Sansa sighed,

“Fine just be careful, don’t try anything new” she said as Arya snorted,

“Yeah of course. I would be a fool to try something new and hot” she joked back at her sister.

They both knew to not say anything that could give away the secret. 

Arya smirked as she pulled up a wall of earth and blocked a blast of water from Mycah. As she pulled the wall down she rolled forward punching the ground creating a small landslide that knocked Mycah to the ground as pulled out her wooden sword and placed it to his neck. 


“I win,”

“Well yeah you're damn near a master,” Mycah told her in awe of her skills with Earth. Arya heard voices and turned her head to see Sansa and Prince Joffrey. “ Fuck” Arya thought.


“Go away both of you!” Arya shouted at them as Joffrey said something to Sansa and she nodded. 


As the prince arrived he looked at Mycah and and “And who are you, boy?” he asked in a commanding tone. It enraged Arya. How dare he.


“Mycah,” the boy muttered


“He’s the butcher’s boy,” Sansa said. 


“He’s my friend You leave him alone.” Arya defended.


“A butcher’s boy who wants to be a knight, is it?” Joffrey swung down from his mount, sword in hand. “Pick up your sword, butcher’s boy,” he said, 


He laughed “Let us see how good you are.” Mycah stood there, frozen with fear.


 Joffrey walked toward him. “Go on, pick it up. Or do you only fight little girls?”


Arya glared, “I asked him to spar besides it was really a bending match,”  


Mycah shook his head. “It’s only a stick, m’lord. It’s not no sword, it’s only a stick.”


 “And you’re only a butcher’s boy and no knight.” Joffrey lifted Lion’s Tooth and laid its point on Mycah’s cheek below the eye, “That was my lady’s sister you were hitting, do you know that?” A bright bud of blood spilled where his sword pressed into Mycah’s flesh.

Arya glared, “stop now!” she commanded 


“Arya don’t,” Sansa told her in anger as Arya stood up


“You want to fight fine! Let’s go. No swords. Just Bending. I hear you're a firebender well I bend earth” Arya challenged as the prince laughed.  


“You think you have a chance”

“No, I’m sure I can beat you. Pretty boy” Arya mocked



“No, Sansa I can’t let him hurt Mycah for something I started,” she said as she bent down into a combat stance. Her stance firm. Her feet digging into the ground. She mentally wished she had worn better shoes to get her feet deeper into the earth. 

Sansa looked on in horror as Joffrey nodded and threw his sword to the ground.

“Lady Sansa stand back,” he said before throwing his right arm forward and blasting fire at Arya. Arya smirked as she rolled to the side and punched her left arm forward sending a rock at the prince. As he stepped to the side and turned to blast fire he saw Arya shoot herself into the air with a piece of earth as she landed before him and created a larger landslide than before knocking him back several feet as she pressed her feet into the ground and pulled a massive boulder above his head before tossing it to the side.

“You lose Your Grace,” She said with a grin as he stood up and glared at her as he glanced at the blood on his face.


Jofftey made a scared sound as he looked up at her. “No, don’t hurt me. I’ll tell my mother.”


Arya glared, “what a sore loser” as he got up and ran away.

Sansa glared at Arya in rage



When the Lord Of Winterfell heard Arya had been brought before the king. He felt his world end. He didn’t think he had ever moved that fast before in his life. Terror. If they knew.


When he found her. Arya stood in the center of the room, alone but for Jory Cassel, every eye upon her. She looked mad. As he walked to her.

“He attacked Mycah so I offered him a duel. He said yes. And now he’s upset,” Arya explained as Ned sighed,

“Arya you didn’t do anything wrong. He agreed to the duel and lost,” Ned told her.


“I am sorry, Ned. I never meant to frighten the girl. It seemed best to bring her here and get the business done with quickly.” The King said calmly


 “And what business is that?” Ned put ice in his voice. 


The queen stepped forward. “You know full well, Stark. This girl of yours attacked my son. Her and her butcher’s boy,” she accused.

Arya glared “that’s a lie. He attacked my friend and I offered a bending match he agreed and when he lost he threw a fit.” Arya said in anger. 


“Joff told us what happened, You and the butcher boy beat him with clubs” The queen said as Arya glared

“That’s not true! Why would I even do that? I'm an earth bender” she yelled back.

“Because you're a savage!” Prince Joffrey insisted.

“Enough!” the king roared, rising from his seat, his voice thick with irritation. Silence fell. He glowered at Arya through his thick beard. “You claim you won child,” he asked as she nodded. He looked to her father, “is she good,” he asked as Ned smiled,

“She’s the best Earthbender in the north and fights her brother Jon often. He’s a master Waterbender,” he told the King who laughed,

“Joffrey I’ll deal with you in private but the fact I believe her is an issue! How dare you accept a challenge to a duel and lie about the outcome” he yelled at his son. 


The queen wasn’t happy “Robert that’s not fair. He’s your son!”

Robert glared “woman he’s done this before and you know it! He needs to learn to deal with loss or become a better firebender so fair maidens can’t beat him to the ground” he told his wife.

“Young lady you're free to go,” he told her as she nodded. Unable to shake the odd feeling throughout her body. 

Since arriving in Kings Landings things had gone about as well as you could hope for if you were the Avatar. She had evaded most of her needlework and the like to train. 

She worried about her father. She could tell he was playing a dangerous game if she was stronger she could help him. If she knew more than just earth. Today she had decided to travel the streets of Kings Landings and the things she saw filled her with anger. People on the streets sleeping in rags. “ This is wrong,” she thought as she caught sight of a blacksmith shop and entered.


She looked around and caught site of a boy. Her age. Maybe a year older.  He sullen blue eyes and pushed back sweat-soaked hair with his fingers. Thick hair, shaggy and unkempt and black as ink. 


Arya walked up to him ,”you work here?” she asked as he turned,

“Yes I do can I help you,”

“No I’m just exploring, I’m Arya,” she told him not using her last name for the mommet.

“I’m Gendry, Gendry Waters,”

“Are you a Water Bender?” She asked knowing he could very well be a bastard.

“No I’m a non-bender and a bastard,” he said

Arya smirked,”nothing wrong with either of those things. I’m a lady who bends earth,”

Gendry looked taken back as he bowed

“Milady,” he said as she huffed,

“Don’t call me a lady,” she said,

“But you are a lady,” 


“I’ll punch you,”  Arya warned as he laughed,

“Oh really now,” he teased as Arya did in fact punch his arm.


“Warned you,” She teased back. 


Gendry smiled “You're Arya Stark right?” he asked as she nodded.

“Yes, don’t tell anyone,” she told him darkly

“I won’t you're father visited me earlier this week” he told her

“He should have told me,” she said as he laughed,

“Why?” he asked

“Because you seem nice” she joked

“Well I’d hope a lady finds me nice” he said as she glared.


The doors opened as A knight of the Kingsguard entered with five Lannister guardsmen him behind him. “Arya Stark,” the knight said, “come with us, child.”

Arya chewed her lip uncertainly. “What do you want?” 


“Your father wants to see you.” 


Arya didn’t buy that, do they know! She panicked. 


She reached to pull out Needle. As she looked at Gendry who looked at the men to her.

“Put down the stick, girl,” Ser Meryn told her. “I am a Sworn Brother of the Kingsguard, the White Ice Swords.”


“And I’m the best Earthbender in Winterfell,” Arya spat back as she saw Gendry reach for a blade.

“I’ve got you” he whispered and she nodded. Why would he do that!

“Take her”

Arya smirked as she kicked the ground in creating a wall of earth to block a blast of fire. Ser Meryn smirked as he pulled water from a water skin as he clenched his fists. The water turned to sharp ice. He spilt the ice into small shards as he fire them at Gendry. Arya scowled as she formed fists and pulled her arms to the right while turning her legs as well. The earth bellow Gendry spun as he was turned away avoiding the ice. Arya moved to the ground. Greatful the shops floor not made with metal. As she dug her fingers into the dirt she smiled at the feeling of dirt between her nails. She twisted her hand as the earth rose up and two men were knocked down.   


Gendry threw a sword madly hitting a man in the head and Arya grabbed his arm as she blasted the more of the men out the door with a blast of earth. As she exited the door she turned faced the few remaining men. She smirked as she raised her arms above her head with a slow shake before slamming them down. The dirt rose from the ground. Turning into a cloud of dust as she glared at them before pulling Gendry into the crowd.

“No,” she whispered. What was happening? Where was her father? Why had they come for her? Did they know?

Did they know she was the Avatar?

No, they would not try to fight her head-on if they knew. Right? How do they know she is not close to a master.

She looked to Gendry who followed her. As they moved into an Ally and hid.

“Why did you do that” she asked him right away,

“Do what?” he asked her.

“Help me,” she said

“I wasn’t going to do nothing while they hurt you,” he said. Normally she would have complained she could take care of herself but she wasn’t sure if she could take that many master benders. Such a thing was very different from beating one of her brothers in a fun match.


“I may know why they're after me but I can’t tell you. Not yet,” she told him as he nodded

“That’s fine I understand. Listen. We need to move” 

And move they did. Every day they moved. Arya could not help but admit she liked Gendry as she watched him give half his food to a small child. She was happy that her dreams had stopped but she could not help this feeling she needed to do something. She wanted advice. But could she trust Gendry?

He sat down next to her on the streets as she sighed,

“I miss Nymeria,” she said as she ate.

“Who’s Nymeria. Gendry asked and Arya smiled,

“My direwolf. She’s somewhere in this city,” Arya laughed as Gendry smiled,

“Ha that’s good maybe you’ll find her,” He said as she nodded.

“Maybe,” she said as he held his food out to her.

He must be starving yet he’d feed me his food. He’s been so kind to everyone he’s met. I think I can trust him. I need to tell someone incase I’m wrong and they do know. he’s got the right to know why he’s being hunted.

Gendry I need to tell you something” she started before people in the streets ran past them.

“What’s going on” Gendry asked as Arya shook her head.

“Let’s find out”

When they found the source Arya saw her father. Ned Stark stood on the High Septon’s pulpit outside the doors of the sept, supported between two of the gold cloaks. He was thinner than Arya had ever seen him. He was not standing so much as being held up; the cast over his broken leg was grey and rotten.


Her father raised his voice and began. “I am Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King,” he said more loudly, his voice carrying across the plaza, “and I come before you to confess my treason in the sight of gods and men.” “


“No,” Arya said. Gendry looked at her but she felt odd. Strange. Angry. Sad, scared. But most of all odd.  


Below her, the crowd began to scream and shout. Taunts filled the air. Sansa had hidden her face in her hands. Her father raised his voice still higher, straining to be heard. “I betrayed the faith of my king and the trust of my friend, Robert, “I swore to defend and protect his children, yet before his blood was cold, I plotted to depose and murder his son and seize the throne for myself. Let the High Septon and Baelor the Beloved and the Seven bear witness to the truth of what I say: Joffrey Baratheon is the one true heir to the Iron Throne, and by the grace of all the gods, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.”


Arya had a hard time thinking.


The High Septon knelt before Joffrey and his mother. “As we sin, so do we suffer, This man has confessed his crimes in the sight of gods and men, here in this holy place. The gods are just, yet Blessed Baelor taught us that they are also merciful. What shall be done with this traitor, Your Grace?” A thousand voices were screaming, but Arya never heard them. She felt rage.



King Joffrey stepped out from behind the shields of his Kingsguard. “My mother bids me let Lord Eddard take the black, and Lady Sansa has begged mercy for her father.” He looked straight at Sansa then, and smiled, and for a moment Arya thought that the gods had heard her prayer, until Joffrey turned back to the crowd and said, “But they have the soft hearts of women. So long as I am your king, treason shall never go unpunished. Ser Ilyn, bring me his head!”


“Don't you dare,”

Her father’s head fell.

Then nothing

Her Eyes Glowed White Light 


And Gendry was knocked to the ground as her body dropped into the earth itself. As if she was falling into a lake. 

Sansa was taken out of her sobbing as she looked up. The world seemed to stand still as Kings Landing was filled with a powerful white light. A massive giant of earth stood towering over Kings Landing. In the center, Arya Stark could be seen. Her eyes glowing a bright light as she moved her arms to control the monster. Her movements faster then Sansa thought possible. She took a step closer to the king as they all backed away.

“It’s the avatar!”

Houses fell from the force of it’s steps as it reached down and grabbed Ser Ilyn. The King and Queen watched in terror as the monster of earth held him in it’s left hand and placed two right hand fingers around the mans head and popped it. The body fell to the ground as the beast raised its hands above its head and lava burst from the earth as the beast hoverd it over them. She was going to dump them in Lava. 

Sansa then knew.

Her sister had no control.

The Avatar glared down at them. They killed him but then she felt something. Something on her leg. She looked down.


“Arya. Listen!” he yelled.

“You're not helping anyone! I know you're scared and angry but you have to stop. You're hurting people! Please, It’ll be ok. I promise,” he yelled. He seemed to be crying.

“It will be ok” the words repeated as she was lowered to the ground and into his arms and the glow left her eyes. The power of this form leaving her for now. So much sadness and rage. Tears streaming down her face.

“I’m sorry. So sorry.” she sobbed out before passing out. The power too much for her body to handle. 

The queen stood.

“GET ME THE AVATAR NOW!” She yelled at her men as they started to run.

Sansa’s eyes widened at what happened next. 

Gendry held Arya as he looked up. Men were rushing them as a wolf bursted out of an ally. Rushing at him and kneels.

“Are you Nymeria?” he asked worried as the wolf barked and licked him.

Gendry nodded as he got on the wolf's back and it sped off.

By the time the men got they're the two children were gone. 

Arya felt herself fly. She looked down and saw herself pass grounds.


She saw it a temple


“We speak”

“Come west Arya”

“Come we must talk”

Avatar Korra

They must have traveled for hours when Arya awoke. Nymeria stopped as Gendry placed her on the ground as she shot up. She looked at him.

“What happened,” she asked as he almost glared back.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were the Avatar”

“How do you know that!” Arya asked as he frowned.

“Arya your eyes glowed and you made a big earth monster and bent lava. You nearly destroyed Kings Landing while killing the cunt who killed your father” he said, his voice low.

“He’s dead,” she asked as he nodded

“You popped his head like food,”

“Oh” as the events of that day started to hit her. Arya Stark cried. He just watched as she cried.
He thought about comforting her but for someone like her he’d likely make it worse. 

As she calmed down he spoke,

“So I know now is not the best time but what’s the plan” He asked.

Arya nodded, “you're right, while I was sleeping I had a dream”

“A dream?” Arya asked as he nodded,

“Yeah I think Avatar Korra wants me to go west. There is an island West Of Westeros. They're a temple they're. I think Korra wants me to go their. But first I need a Fire Bending teacher” she told him as he sighed.

“Why that first”

“Because I know what I must do”

“What is that?”

“I’m the Avatar. I need to talk to Korra,”

"Who's Korra" Gendry asked in confused as Arya sighed,

"Korra's the Avatar before me," she explained as he nodded as if that made any sense. Granted nothing about the pass hour made sense. 

“Well fire master and then west. We better start looking for that master”

“We?” Arya asked confused

“Of course,” Gendry told her as she smiled

“Alright then. Now where could I find a Fire Bending Master” 

As this was happening a beam of light shot out of the castle in Kings Landing.

Jon Snow looked on in shock. Men around him were talking but some like him were frozen still in shock. A beam of light had shot into the sky.

Daenerys Targaryen looked up in the sky in wonder as she was sure most in the free cites did.
A beam of light had shot into the sky.

A White Walker fell down in terror as a beam of light had shot into the sky.

“Send word to the Night King. Tell him the Avatar Has Return”

Chapter One End