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Centum Fabulae: 1-20!

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As everyone with a soulmate could, Mario Mario would have the ability to telepathically communicate with his soulmate until they well and truly met. Something unusual was that her voice was… muffled, like a bad radio fuzzing on and off, but when he could hear her, it was perfectly clear, and the two often communicated. 

Any important details about them - name, phenotypic traits, and potentially an occupation - that weren’t vague would be blocked out automatically, never mind the bad connection. Mario searched for years to find her, but nothing had shown for him or his brother Luigi by the time Mario was thirty-two and Luigi was a late thirty-one.

They’d resolved themselves to the eternal bachelor’s life (especially after Pauline - a seemingly soulmate-less woman who had dated Mario for a while but had broken up with him on good terms - found her soulmate) when they fatefully fell down the pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom.

All Mario had known about his soulmate was that she was sweet, loved to bake, and had been dealing with the advances of “a neighboring boy” despite the two not being soulmates. 

When Mario learned the story about Princess Peach Toadstool, her kindness & kidnapping at the hands of King Bowser Koopa, he couldn’t help but wonder if she was the lady he’d been looking for.

When Mario eventually reached the Koopa Kingdom, right before the first of many face-downs with Bowser, he mentally asked his soulmate if she lived in the Mushroom Kingdom.

To his surprise, her voice - la voce di una angela, he’d always called it - replied “Yes, but I’m not there right now. I’m… on business, let’s say - wait, are you there?”
“No,” Mario replied, “but if you are who I think you are, I’ll see you very soon!”

Reignited with passion, Mario entered the boss’ chambers, quickly coming face to face with the menacing King of the Koopas. “You must be Mario,” he growled, a deep grumble laced with powerful anger. “I’ve heard you’ve been stomping my troops flat in an attempt to take my Princess from me!”

“If my story is correct, King Koopa,” Mario replied calmly, “you aren’t her soulmate.” He was willing to be peaceful if Bowser would let the Princess go, but if not… 

“But she is!” Bowser snarled. “She is royalty and claims to run a wide-encompassing kingdom-”


“Are there no other princesses around?” Mario asked. “I’m not trying to discourage you from finding your soulmate, but maybe this Princess isn’t the one you’re looking for.”

That actually gave him pause. Bowser stared Mario in the eyes for a while, as if trying to figure something out.

Finally, he said, “...are you her soulmate or something?”

“I think so. What information I have from my soulmate is that she loves baking, is incredibly kind & caring, and has been dealing with a pestiferous ‘neighboring boy’ for years.”

Bowser growled at that last statement. Mario was beginning to look scared, but he recollected his will and looked back at Bowser, who now looked… remorseful?

“You are her soulmate, then… I suppose you deserve the truth.”

Cosa intendi ?” Mario instantly thought, but his train was derailed as Bowser turned around and opened the door behind him, revealing what appeared to be a nice lady’s bedroom, albeit colored a bit darkly for the tastes of most women Mario knew. 

“I’m not a kidnapper, Mario, really! I was protecting her from would-be ‘suitors’ like that scumbag Prince Bean, and we’ve had the agreement that this was how it would seem. It was planned by my father…”

Mario silently gestured for him to continue, which the Koopa did, his voice growing quieter but his wording more casual, as if Mario was a trusted old friend. “My father was a disillusioned old fart who didn’t believe in soulmates because he never had one. The truth was she’d died when the two were super young, and he was bitter about not having a soulmate.”

“I can understand his pain, though,” Mario responded, catching Bowser’s attention. “I’ve known almost nothing about my soulmate for almost my entire life! I just fell into the Mushroom Kingdom, and that’s when I learned about Princess Peach.”

“...I believe what you’re saying is true, Overalls. Don’t hurt her, or we will have a fight, which I will win.” 

Mario nodded, and he entered to find Peach waiting for him. He knew the second he took her features in - blonde hair, blue eyes & the most darling smile - that she was his soulmate, and she could see the same in his brown hair, also-blue eyes & ridged mustache.

“You are my soulmate, then?” she spoke, and sure enough, it was the voice of una angela. “What is your name, sir?”

Mario smiled. He’d met his soulmate at last, and it was time to begin.

“It’s Mario. A pleasure to meet you, la mia principessa .”

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Ichiko Ohya grumbled as she walked down the streets of Shinjuku. Crossroads had closed early enough that the place was deserted before she got there - Lala-chan had somewhere important to be for the whole weekend - so she was drink-less for the night, as none of the other bars in Tokyo would be likely to put up with Drunk Ichiko for long enough. 

She’d also been having a writer’s slump for the past week, and it had made her start to consider getting help for her alcoholism. Ichiko wasn’t a heavy drinker, believe it or not. A thing she wouldn’t admit to anyone was she was a total lightweight; she just made good decisions before & during her “alcoholic’s hours.”

It was these feelings of hopelessness that caused her to go into an “psychic emporium” called The Fortune .

As she walked into the door, she found the place was practically barren of people; only the woman managing the counter was there. The blonde woman - dressed in what some might call “hippie attire” - introduced herself as Chihaya Mifune, and asked what brought her here.

“Well, this is a psychic emporium, so I figured you’d know.” Ichiko laughed, trying to make conversation. It was a surprisingly short time before she found herself agreeing to have her fortune told. Why not - the first one was free!

According to Chihaya, the Lovers dictated there would be love in the future for her (a relief; another thing kept secret from many was her virginity), as well as success from the Chariot & happiness from the Star. Chihaya had practically applauded her - this was the most positive reading she’d had in her whole career!

To Ichiko’s surprise, she felt her writer’s blood boiling over the next day at work, and by the end of the week, she’d finished every last one of her deadlines. She’d also heard rumors of raise upcoming, which was certainly pleasant. 

As a thank you of sorts to Chihaya, she’d gotten a shining review of The Fortune posted in Maiasa, and when Ichiko returned to thank her in person, the place was far busier than before; apparently it was now a semi-popular place for Tokyokko who took interest in the occult & fortune-telling.

When the thank you had been delivered, Chihaya stopped her before she could leave.

“I should be thanking you as well, Ms. Ohya.”


“My business was struggling before; I started this venture only recently, and I’ve been struggling to survive since. Your review in the newspapers saved my business. I owe you something - may I take you to dinner at some point?”

Ichiko had a thought then - success & happiness had come to her, but love was still yet to appear. Having an attractive lady bring her success like this may as well be a meet-cute, and besides, it would be rude & a generally bad idea to turn down free food.

“Sure, Mifune-”

“Chihaya, please. If we’re doing this, we may as well drop the formalities.”

“I suppose so, Chihaya. When are you free?”

The sound of awws broke the two out of their conversation. They turned their heads to find an old lady smiling at them.

“You two make an adorable couple!” she said, smiling kindly, and Ichiko couldn't help but think that  okay, this was definitely meant to be .

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Kirby walked through the plains of the World of Light, broken in heart & breaking down in energy. They had lost every friend they’d made at this get-together to that monster Galeem, with the exception of Mr. Hand, who was under the strings of an almighty villain yet again. Galeem would taste everything the pink powerhouse had to offer.

Suddenly, he saw a silhouette in the distance - it looked like Mr. Mario! Tears welling up in their eyes, Kirby managed to start running, only to bump into a different figure and fall on their behind.

Peering down at them, the masked figure gestured to Kirby to stand behind him. Kirby didn’t quite understand why, until he got a better look at the original figure in question.

It looked like Mario, but different. His clothes were black & white instead of their usual red & blue, and his eyes were a glowing crimson. This was not the Mario Kirby knew & loved - Galeem made an impostor Mario!

Rejuvenated out of anger, Kirby assumed a fighting stance. The stranger seemed surprised at the clearly exhausted hero’s spirit, but accepted the Dreamlander as an ally and charged the fake Mario.

Once the battle was over and the stranger - who called himself Joker, proclaimed leader of “Phantom Thieves” - explained what happened, Kirby shook his hand like Ms. Bayonetta had taught them and introduced themselves.

“Well then, Kirby, would it be okay if I helped you save your friends? I have others waiting at my hideout that can fight too - I was scouting when I met you.”

At Kirby’s eager but tired affirmation, Joker carefully picked them up, cradling them in his arms like a father would his newborn child. 

“You’re an honorary Phantom Thief now, Kirby,” he said as they walked to the hideout, “Codename: Heart.”

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When they arrived at the hideout, Joker - or Akira, as he preferred outside of combat - introduced Kirby to his and allies. Kirby was happy to have new friends & allies, but they were admittedly a bit scared of losing them too.

Padarn was a Piranha Plant who had been traveling with Bowser & the Koopalings but had gotten lost along the way. The villains had shrugged it off & went upon their merry way, citing the reason as there being no lack of Piranha Plants back home. Padarn couldn’t help but cackle when he found out that he had survived longer than the royal Koopas.

Four heroes from a new-to-Smash universe called Dragon Quest - named Arusu, Solo, Eight & Eleven - had arrived in the Smash universe shortly after Galeem took over. They’d met the duo of Joker & Padarn, and after a mistaken clash had banded together to stop Galeem.

Kirby needed no introduction to Banjo & Kazooie - it was more of a reunion than anything else. Like the Heroes (as they’d come to be collectively named), the musically-inclined duo had made it to Smash after years of waiting (and Master Hand’s personal help), only to find the place in ruins. There was almost a clash between them and the formerly-mentioned six fighters - no thanks to Kazooie’s big mouth - but Banjo had apologized, which was symbol enough that they were no mere puppet of the Light Lord.

Kirby knew they could not hide forever, and after healing up, he gave an inspiring “speech” of poyos that inspired the others to go and take down Galeem.

Joker, Banjo-Kazooie & some of the Heroes had lost friends, and Padarn was basically a leafy ronin now, so they agreed and set out to save the Smashers.

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Futaba had been keeping tabs on Akira a good while before the two met in person. She’d piqued his interest as soon as she learned Sojiro was taking someone else in. As a result, she’d met the many people he’d struck deals with, even the non-Phantom Thieves.

While it was interesting to watch the ex-criminal interact with adults like Chihaya & Mr. Yoshida, she took a particular interest in one Hifumi Togo. Sure, she didn’t play video games much - not seeming to do much “gaming” other than shogi - but something about her just had Futaba watching her intently whenever her and Akira interacted.

Then her and Akira met in person, and everything changed so much and so quickly that she’d entirely forgotten about Hifumi.

Meeting Necronomicon & Prometheus, working as the team Navi, helping to slay a false god - Futaba had the time of her life as a Phantom Thief, but she accepted the “consequences” of defeating Yaldabaoth, now working as a programmer/occasional vigilante hacker, putting the old alias of Alibaba to good use.

She’d forgotten all about Hifumi until Akira came back to Tokyo. The youth had thrown a party at LeBlanc with all his “Confidants” and any trusted loved ones - which just ended up meaning Shiho, Ann’s girlfriend - welcome to join. It was a shame that the Akira’s “Fool” & “Strength” Confidants failed to make it, but Akira didn’t seem as bothered about the fact. The Phantom Thieves couldn’t help but wonder what Igor & Lavenza were up to now, but their thoughts were thrown off when Hifumi Togo walked in.

Futaba could immediately tell she felt overwhelmed around the mishmash of people, and it wasn’t long before the now-commentator for all sorts of board game leagues was in Akira’s old bedroom, away from everyone else.

Futaba knew what she had to do when she saw her leave. No one went to Akira’s bedroom, as it had been unused for about a year and a half now, so the only reason Hifumi went there was that it had been the first place she’d seen that was unoccupied.

“Hey… are you okay?” Futaba apprehensively walked up to the ex-shogi player, who was curled up on Akira’s old bed.

After helping the socially-worn woman calm down, the two talked for a while, and after it was clarified how much Futaba knew - apologies were made for that - the two found themselves agreeing to meet again.

After the last of the Confidants left, Futaba found herself wondering once more what had attracted her to Hifumi.

Before Futaba could think about it, it suddenly registered there was something in her pocket. In fear it was a bug or something, Futaba ripped it out, only to find a slip of paper with Hifumi’s number written on it.

Oh. Uh oh.

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The Phantom Thieves were supposedly killed with the rest when Yaldabaoth managed to “shut the world down,” even after they defeated the false god. However, their lives were spared by a powerful spirit calling themselves Lei-Mei, and an offer was made - not one forming a Confidant’s contract - to them.

If the Phantom Thieves could defeat a villain in her (?) home universe who went by “Hawkmoth,” she would find a way to bring their world back to existence & give them a second chance to defeat Yaldabaoth and save their world. The Thieves received the lowdown on their powers, the allies they would have who were already fighting Hawkmoth, how to fight the enemies called akuma, and the extent of their granted powers. 

They would have their Initial Personas once more, but they would be transformed back once their end of the deal was complete. They could transform anytime they pleased simply by willing it, and the non-Wild Card members would have the chance to gain Personas of their respective Arcana only; however, only four Phantom Thieves could be transformed at once (with the exception of their first appearance).

Secondary Personas were given to all of the Phantom Thieves except for Joker & Oracle: Mona received Jack-o’-Lantern, Queen received Silky, Noir received Yaksini, Fox received Eligor, Panther received Pixie & Saki Mitama, and Skull received Agathion & Slime.

Identification & directives - as well as the ability to understand other languages & be understood by speaking Japanese - were also given, as to blend in.  The Phantom Thieves jumped through a portal created by Lei-Mei, and found themselves in the heat of battle right away.

Today, Ladybug & Chat Noir were in a rematch with Rogercop, and the oppressive officer had been about to take Chat’s ring when a cry of “Milady, Psi!” echoed throughout the streets of Paris. Turning their heads, the local supers & akuma found themselves gaping at a group of masked figures not much unlike them. Rogercop’s gape, however, was interrupted by a blast of psychic energy smashing into him, knocking him to the ground. Jumping down from their perch, the attacker - dressed in fancy clothing, complete with fedora - & three others - one in a crimson catsuit, a second in stereotypical hooligan’s wear & the third decked out in debonair, roguish garb - rushed the akuma, the latter three keeping him down & the first grabbing his item & tossing it to Ladybug, who barely caught it in her awe.

Once the purification & cleanup had been done, the local heroes asked for (or in Ladybug’s case, practically demanded) answers. One of the four attacking figures - the one in the trenchcoat - stepped forward. 

“I’m Joker, and we,” he gestured to those around him, “are the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.”

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“Seriously, Sans? Running for Governor ?” gasped an astonished Undyne.

“if it ticks off linda, i’m willing to put in the work.”


Immensely proud of Sans, Papyrus embraced his brother. After getting help for his nightmares and moving past his nihilism - which turned out to just be holding him back from achieving greatness like his TV chef brother - Sans started making something of himself. He’d already knew he had the potential to fight for what he believed in from the… other timelines & his debates with Linda, but he’d never felt so good about being more dedicated. The bigoted suburban woman had done wonders for him, whether she’d intended to or not.

At the next PTA meeting… 

Sans passed out flyers to everyone at the meeting except for Linda. Most people - with the exception of another bigoted parent named Barry - seemed positive in their reception to the idea. He’d been studying the laws of the USA & their home state of Texas, so while Sans wasn’t entirely sure if he’d receive good reception, he had hope for the future.

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The world could be tough sometimes. Each of the Phantom Thieves knew this, and this fact was not lost on their successors, the Super Specters.

  • Yasu “Ace” Hamasaki just moved to Tokyo with their abusive mother after their dad was mysteriously murdered, and there was apparently a link between the perpetrator and the Metaverse; ergo, they’d been scouring the place for the villain to bring him to justice.
  • Yuuki “Lupine” Mishima had worked with the Phantom Thieves, and after awakening to Persona Amarok, his decent expertise (not to mention his continued lessons with Kurusu) was helpful for both his fellow battlers & their Navi. His Phansite - now renamed to The Specs - was helpful in finding targets. 
  • Léonne “Slugger” Descoteaux, who went by Lala for short, was a foreign closeted trans girl who was staying with her PT mentor Sakamoto when she could escape her bigoted parents. The Super Specters were trusted with the secret, especially when they found a woman in the Metaverse where Lala had stood. Her Persona was Namekujira.
  • Shiho “Blur” Suzui, girlfriend and mentee to PT Takamaki, had the Persona Lamassu. She and Ann would occasionally go on dates that doubled as mentor meetings.
  • Hifumi “Monsoon” Togo was student to PT Kitagawa. Her Persona was Roc, and her mother was struggling to fix her mistakes with Hifumi after the Phantom Thieves had changed her heart.
  • Mika “Princess” Himura was under the mentorship of PT Niijima. It had surprisingly been Niijima’s idea for the name Princess; “The Princess succeeds the Queen, right?” 
  • Her Persona was Asterodia, and she was attempting to move past her previous times as a haughty brat.
  • Kaoru “Serpent” Munehisa was the local gun expert & student to PT Okumura. She was teaching him how to be brutal & polite when needed, and he had a part-time job at her new cafe. His Persona was Bakunawa, the Filipino King of Serpents.
  • The team Navi was Shinya "Baron" Oda, who was learning from the previous Navi, PT Sakura. Like Monsoon, the boy’s mother was trying to keep “in good behavior” with her son after a change of heart by the Phantom Thieves.

The Phantom Thieves may have been retired, but the Super Specters were ready to take the reins and change the world!

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By the end of high school, Makoto Niijima had a lot of colleges to choose from, but in the end, she’d chosen to go to one in Paris, like Ann had. It had taken a while to get herself set up, and she’d wanted to fully understand the language first.

However, the day before Makoto headed out to the airport to go, her and the rest of the ex-Phantom Thieves received a text on their Thief channel from Ann talking about how Hecate had magically ( Heh, magic. Yusuke would be proud. ) returned in the real world, and she’d been fighting brainwashed supervillains called “akumas” in Paris. 

Makoto had been about to call BS on Ann, but almost as if she’d been waiting this whole time to return, Makoto heard the voice of Anat return that night. Anat was strong as she’d been before the destruction of the Metaverse, with her moveset of Mediarahan, Nuclear Blast, Mafreidyne, Marakukaja, Energy Shower, Flash Bomb, & the Auto-Techniques of Nuke Amp & Defense Master.

By the time the plane touched down in Paris the next day, Makoto had been updated on the entire current story of Hawkmoth, Ladybug & Chat Noir, among others. Perfect timing, too - that day featured an attack by the horse-riding akuma Unbridled, and Ladybug looked stressed from the start; something must have occurred in her civilian life that had her distracted & tired out already.

Riding Anat’s motorcycle form, Panther & Queen interrupted the fight between Ladybug (Chat had yet to arrive) & Unbridled via collision. It was as if the motorcycle Persona had shoved the rider off their chariot of demonic steeds.

As with the rest of the battle’s result, I guess you could say Queen… 

… knocked Unbridled off her high horse !

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To say Adrien was starting to recognize how horrible Gabriel was treating him was an understatement.

At the request of Nino and friends and the payment of Nathalie (who had quit Gabriel shortly after Mayura’s Miraculous was surrendered), Adrien found himself learning that Gabriel should be under arrest for not only neglect & emotional abuse but the breaking of a few laws involving his modeling job. Apparently, while Adrien was now 16 years old, it had been illegal for him to go as late during modeling shoots as he’d been going. 

The issue of Lila Rossi was also brought up. Adrien realized he had been so focused on not letting Hawkmoth akumatize people that he’d forgotten Hawkmoth was the only reason it could happen , never mind if Lila was angered by being exposed.

While it was a decision made on his own, Adrien also concluded he’d been acting rather entitled with Ladybug. He’d thought he was better than that after Copycat, but looking back, it appeared he’d been wrong. When Chat Noir talked about it with Ladybug - complete with apology - she forgave him, the absolute angel that she was, and asked him for advice about an extremely important dilemma.

An anonymous source had informed her Hawkmoth was Gabriel after all, and she had moral doubts about what revealing him would do to his son. She knew he had a crush on her but never wanted to act on it as Ladybug ( it would be as hurtful as I imagine it was for you to keep your secret when you liked me , she’d explained), but that didn’t stop her from liking him back.

The simple and only truly “good” solution - and the one Chat Noir did - was drop his transformation nearly immediately. Ladybug had been shocked - and mortified that she’d insinuated his father was Hawkmoth to his face - but Adrien shrugged it off. 

“I don’t know if you know this, My Lady, but he’s been emotionally abusing & neglecting me for years. I don’t care much about what specifically happens to him, so long as he’s kept away from me for good.”

Ladybug nodded, and before the two parted ways for the night they had a plan to take him down (not to mention he figured out his lady’s identity from her). 

Adrien stayed with Nino that night, without “parental” permission. When Gabriel showed up to collect his son, Adrien already had Ladybug and the police recording everything his sperm donor said to him. The ensuing ambush was swift, and Adrien’s guilty pleasure would be remembering the look on his father’s face when he asked for one thing before they took him away. 

It had been the Moth Pin.

Adrien and Marinette dated for a while before ending it amicably; Adrien ended up marrying Nino - as it turned out, he and Alya had actually figured out Lila was lying but had said nothing to keep up the facade - while Marinette, Alya & Chloe of all people were set to follow in a few months.

At last, Adrien could exhale.

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Chie & Yukiko Amagi-Satonaka had tried their best to reach their son during his year-long stay in Tokyo, but they’d had almost no time to both check in with him. When they did have time, he never showed up, and they’d thought he was brushing his moms off. Such a belief changed when he returned to his hometown of Inaba.

His friends had taken him there, which was a nice surprise; what was an even bigger one was the second they saw him, both parents were somewhat surprised to find Akira embracing them in a hug. Explanations (or on Akira’s part excuses, really) were made for the lack of contact, and there was a pleasant surprise when Uncle Yu, Uncle Yosuke & Uncle Kanji showed up with Aunt Naoto & even Rise showed up, to the bottle blonde’s (Ryuji, was it?) awe.

It was clear something had changed in Akira, though. He seemed a lot more mature, as if he’d seen some serious stuff that changed his life in Tokyo. It was also clear he’d found something like home in that city, and Yukiko agreed to give him the chance she hadn’t been allowed to have: Akira wouldn’t run the inn, which it was later decided would be given to the entire town for usage as some sort of community-owned thing upon the eventual death of the Amagi-Satonaka parents.

Chie & Yukiko decided their plan to “win Akira back” - no longer necessary as it was - would be executed nevertheless; they’d discussed it with the rest of the Investigation Team, and the consensus was Akira could do it if he agreed to keep it secret.

Entering the Shadow World was not a shock; seeing Akira change into the mysterious roguish garbs he was in was quite a surprise, however. It turned out more explanations needed to be made for the lack of communications.

Akira - or Joker, as he preferred in this world - had apparently entered a now-erased sector of the Shadow World in Tokyo; as it turned out, the hearts of those in Tokyo were no longer changeable, but anywhere else in the world was fine, apparently. Shadows attacked, and for once, Chie & Yukiko got to watch as Satanael - Akira’s Persona - wiped the floor with them.

Like mothers, like son, it seemed.

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“What you’re doing is insane,” Sweet Spot hectored, his voice echoing through the room as he stared down Hawkmoth, “by the literal definition!”

“What I’m doing is for my family. My son needs hi-”

“Adrien needed YOU, Hawkmoth. You’re right - Emilie isn’t here anymore; Gabriel could have been there, but when you started to neglect & abuse him, you lost your right to do so.”

Gabriel looked down, and for a second Sweet Spot & his allies Chat Noir, Mìfēng & Lù Guī thought he would yield. Chat Noir hoped for it most of all - he’d figured his father wouldn’t change, but one can hope, can’t they?

“I suppose I’m the one who needed her most, not just Adrien. Before we settle this, however, I will ask you - why do you think I’m ‘insane by definition’?”

Accepting their fate of fighting him, it was Mìfēng who just smiled; it was an innocent smile on the outside, but it screamed malice to those with a careful eye. “I believe it was Rita Mae Brown - though most people think it was Einstein - who said it,” she said in a voice far too cheerful for the moment, “‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’”

Angered, Hawkmoth charged them, and it was not a long battle with four heroes facing off against one. 

And if Sweet Spot & Mìfēng took a bit of pleasure in every attack they landed, that wasn’t too crazy, was it?

Chapter Text

“So let me get this clear… Draff, right?” 

At the proclaimed kwami of fiction’s nod, Marc continued. “You can give me powers like Ladybug & Chat Noir. I can summon alternate versions of the Miraculous wielders for specialized attacks, but I have limited amounts of that power. If I run out of said stuff, I don’t have a timer like the other heroes but I can’t use them until I detransform!”

“You are correct, young master, but another detail that you must comprehend is the particulars that this power entails. Your meter of power - you will feel how much you have when transformed - is called SP, or Summoning Points. Each version you summon uses different amounts of SP depending on the spell; some require none but take physical energy from you as recompense, enervating you out faster. You also have a warhammer that requires no special energy to use.”

“Got it. Anything el-” a faraway explosion interrupted their conversation.

“Say ‘Pick up!’ to invoke your transformation, and ‘Put Down!’ to invoke your detransformation. You’ll also need an alias; think one up as you go to battle!”

Marc gave a thumbs up, before incurring his transformation and jumping off into battle.

He could feel the possibilities thrumming in his head as he jumped across Paris’ buildings, and if it weren’t real, he would have felt the urge to write these powers out for a story.

He arrived before Ladybug & Chat did - the akuma was somewhat near his house - and found it tossing around bombs.

They exploded. That was it. No transformation into monsters, no hypnotism into slaves. They just exploded. Oh, dear.

With a cry of “Capoeiras!” two versions - one of Ladybug & Chat Noir each - dressed in gear not unlike those found on futuristic rave dancers appeared from behind him in a flash of light. Headspinning, they flew towards the akumas, rushing the akuma with a flurry of kicks & knocking the bomb-chucking bounder off balance. Recalling his magical allies, the new superhero forayed into battle, getting a quick hit in with his warhammer while the akuma was stunned.

By the time the usual heroes showed up, Carapace in tow, the akuma was nearly unconscious on the pavement. Finding a fuse in the akuma’s shirt pocket not attached to anything, the hero of writing ripped it up, watching with a teeny bit of a smirk as Ladybug moved past the shock to purify it and fix the damages. Thankfully, nobody got killed by the bombs, and any bodily harm was healed. 

“Not bad, stranger,” Chat Noir began that night, “what’s your alias?”

Behind the mask, Marc Anciel smiled.

“I am Le Créateur.”

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Rose didn’t get angry easily. She was well-known for her classmates for being kind, patient & one of the sweetest girls they knew. Juleka would say she was the sweetest, but there was a bit of bias.

But when Rose learned from multiple internet searches following a conversation with Prince Ali - who she had been friends with since the misunderstanding of Princess Fragrance - that Lila was lying & Marinette was right all along, she was livid .

Rose made decent grades in everything but science, where she excelled. She was smart, and she knew taking it to Lila directly wouldn’t work. Trial and error works, and Marinette had been the unfortunate test subject.

The first thing she did (after explaining everything to Juleka, who now knew the truth as well) was apologize to Marinette in private, even offering to help expose her after Marinette had angelically forgiven her.

The next thing she did was verbally smack some sense into Adrien. It made sense from what Nino had mentioned about his terrible home life - and growing up with homophobic parents before being taken in by the Couffaines let her empathize - why he’d do it, but his experiences were unfair for him, and he was learning this now.

Slowly, the team of Juleka, Rose, Adrien & Marinette took each classmate aside and explained everything. 

It turned out that Max had figured it out himself, and Kim & Alix had been informed of the truth by association. Chloe knew better already but was waiting for an opportune moment; Sabrina sided with Chloe, naturally. Alya, Nino, Mylene & Ivan needed more convincing - sadly, Alya most of all - but it was not long before Lila was ignored by the entire class when she tried to spout her lies. No exposing her in front of everyone was needed; Lila wanted attention, and if there was no attention given from lying, why bother?

After talking about it with Lila, the transfer student got help from a child therapist for her lies & eventually became one of the class’ own for real.

Chapter Text

Banjo & Kazooie had been planned to come to the second Smash tournament - often referred to as “Melee” - but they’d never shown up, and this puzzled Master Hand. What had happened to their letter?

Brawl came, and he sent a new invitation. They still didn’t show up. Why?

The 4th tournament had him sending an invite for extra fighters, but they didn’t come in time, so he chose Bayonetta instead and scratched his metaphorical head for a while.

Finally, he’d had enough during Ultimate. Summoning a portal, he zoomed into their world, finding them in furious conversation with the Lord of Games.

“YOU MEAN TO TELL US WE COULD HAVE BEEN IN SMASH FOR YEARS NOW?” seethed Kazooie, abrasive in tone as Master Hand had heard her to be. 

“Mr. L.O.G., that ain’t right. I get you want to keep us, but we have old friends at Smash Brothers!” Banjo added on, clearly angry to Master Hand as he watched from the other side of the corridor, but still willing to be somewhat polite. Impressive… 

“The Hands have no influence here, so it’s not like they can do anything. Besides, this is the favor you owe me for Spiral Mountain.”


If there was a better time to enter, Master Hand couldn’t have made it, and he was a creation deity

No, you won’t.

Resisting the urge to let out his traditional sinister laugh, Master Hand floated in. 

Some Lord of Games you are! ” Master Hand boomed, his tone that of a regal leader sentencing a traitor to death, “ You are nothing more than a Lord of Greed! Do you even know what the purpose of games is? Do you?

L.O.G. gulped. If he weren’t physically robotic, he’d be sweating, too. Good.

The point of playing a game is to have fun; it’s not just about the money or fame! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Lord of Greed. Banjo & Kazooie, was it? I am Master Hand, host of the Super Smash Brothers tournaments. As it appears you know, you were meant to appear multiple tournaments ago, but it appears you’ve been wronged by this wretched paragon of avarice.

Creating a new invitation for what would hopefully be the last time, he extended it on one massive digit to the heroes of Spiral Mountain.

“If you accept this deal,” L.O.G. snarled, “I’ll give the ownership to old Grunty & free her of her debt.”

No, you will not, ” Master Hand riposted, “ because I will purchase it on their behalf. Now then, Banjo & Kazooie, do you accept?”

It took little more than a look at each other before Banjo returned his gaze to Master Hand & accepted.

“Raring to go, Mister Hand.”

Chapter Text

When a new Fox came to Paris, the world was quite afraid,

Ladybug had been chasing her, so for the lass it wasn’t made.

She wasn’t working with Hawkmoth; she wasn’t crazy in the head,

Her only goal was to make Ladybug end up dead!

La Volpe was her alias, one held with misled pride,

Hatred for the heroes flowed through her insides,

With Ladybug’s Lucky Charm & Chat Noir’s destructive touch,

The time Volpe had was not that much!

She hadn’t known her limits, and for the heroes, it wasn’t finer,

She had demanded power and transformed, not knowing of her timer!

When the power of La Volpe had a-went and left her body,

It revealed the villain of the day was none but Lila Rossi!

An akuma swept down from the sky as Ladybug grasped where her neck is,

And despite Lila’s grasping for the bug, it didn’t reach her necklace,

Ladybug purified it, and Lila? I should mention

That she’s currently a-spending time in juvenile detention.

Alya, who had figured out her lies a week before, 

And been forgiven by Marinette, bumped fists - they’d settled the score!

The rest of the class apologized, Adrien most of all,

And that’s how Lila’s empire had to fall!

Chapter Text

“Yeah, I’ve seen more alien guts than anyone else I can think of.”

“I know not what these ‘aliens’ are, Madam Samus, but they sound like quite the trouble! If I ever meet one, I now know who to ask for help!”

“Not all aliens are bad, Simon.”

“Hmm? What do you mean by that?”

“Some are what we call sentient, meaning they’re like us humans; they have thoughts that aren’t just kill, eat, reproduce, et cetera. Some aren’t sentient, and those are the ones who usually end up on the end of my weapons. Sometimes I have to fight sentient aliens; you’ve met Ridley, so you know this.”

“I know you hear this a lot as a Smash participant, but understand that I mean it in multiple ways when I say you are strong, Madam Samus.”


“I read your story, and you are so much stronger than I think you give yourself credit for. You may be more focused on avenging your parents & the like, but you should be proud of yourself, you know, and this is a way to celebrate. I know if I were your father - which I am not - I would be proud of you.”

“...thank you.”

“, about the ‘sentience’ thing… what of your other form? Dark Samus, was it?”

“We aren’t the same! She’s a clone of me!”

“A… clone?”

“Remind me to get Shulk to recommend some science fiction to you at some point. As for your first question, I’m not entirely sure if she’s sentient or not, I’ll admit. That’s the hard part, but what isn’t hard is defending yourself when something’s coming for your throat.”

“That I can certainly empathize with, Madam Samus.”
“Samus. If you let me call you Simon, Sir Belmont, I think it’s okay for you to just call me Samus.”

“Very well then, Samus. Now then, what is this ‘science fiction’…?”

Chapter Text

“I have to admit, Princess,” Luigi said as soon as he and Peach were seated, “I don’t know what you need, but I figured you’d ask Mario to do it.”

Peach just smiled and responded, “While I think Mario would love to do this, I think you’re more qualified for it.”

At that precise moment, a Toad entered the room. A case taller than him if sat upright was carefully carried in his tiny hands; the seriousness on his face had Luigi growing incredibly nervous. He’d gone on quests with Mario, and there had never been this much formality.

“ Luigi, the thing is that Mario mentioned ‘Pride Month’ on one of his dates with me. We in the Mushroom Kingdom have never celebrated Pride Month, and when I asked about it, he advised me to inquire it to you, as you apparently know more.”

Luigi didn’t like bringing up his previous times “as a girl.” He and Mario - alongside their dads - had been accepting, thank the Star Spirits, but it hadn’t been until Mario & Luigi returned from their first trip to the Mushroom World, before they met the Princess & started dealing with the whole war with the Koopas, that Luigi had realized the coin-gold conversion more than paid for a surgery. It was harder to find a doctor who’d do it than to pay for it.

The surgery went fine, and while Luigi had felt like death warmed over for a good while (not to mention he’d grown sick and tired of pickles), he’d managed to keep it a secret, not knowing the Mushroom World’s opinions of transgender people. Not even Daisy knew, and they were dating.

“It’s a long story, Princess, and I would prefer not to talk about how I know so much, but…”

Luigi had wondered sometimes if there were others in the Mushroom World who had grown up not feeling comfortable in their bodies. Then again, maybe not; a Super Crown could probably fix any dysphoria as long as it stayed on, wouldn’t it?

Once he’d finished explaining what he knew, the Princess nodded, her eyes wide open.

“Luigi, I had no idea. I always though guys only wanted girls & vice versa - I had no idea it was possible to want someone of the same gender, never mind actually do it! There’s so much I don’t know…”

The next words shocked Luigi to his core.

“Which is why I’d like your help.”

Opening the case, Luigi found a rainbow flag with Pride written on it.

“Luigi Mario, will you accept the responsibility of leading the Mushroom Kingdom’s first Pride parade…?”

Luigi couldn’t nod fast enough.

The only thing that went wrong was when Bowser had shown up at Pride with his kids in tow, but it turned out they’d just come to celebrate too. It seemed the Koopa Kingdom was surprisingly accepting of those who didn’t find their gender or sexual orientation to fit those of others; like the Mushroom Kingdom, they’d just never thought to celebrate it.

Luigi was hugged by Birdo next time he and Mario went to visit her and Yoshi, and it wasn’t long before the Princess found herself invited to Koopa Pride the next year.

Chapter Text

Marinette, the famed explorer Ladybug, & her team of Lucky Charms - Juleka, Sabrina, Ivan, Nino & Mireille -  had come to a clearing in their exploration of a mysterious forest in Asturia. What they found there shocked them; a small group of blonde, blond, brunet & brunette humans (Or humanoids? Something felt… different but not bad about them) hanging around the small lake like it was nobody’s business. 

While they weren’t exactly naked, scantily-clad was a better way to describe them. Ladybug and her team felt like they’d walked in on the aftermath of a porno scene.

When the humanoids noticed them, they calmly waved towards them. The one who appeared to be the leader - a short-haired blond with stunning green eyes - smiled and welcomed them to the home of the Young Xana. Each of the explorers found themselves chatting with one of the Xana in a manner far too casual for the pace & prior knowledge, treated like one of the humanoid’s own - Juleka with Sadara, Sabrina with Florecementa, Ivan with Agradable, Nino with Ascendea, Mireille with Luz & the leader, who was nicknamed Felino Ébano. 

Marinette got a lot of information about the Xana from them, but not much; they were ones abused by their families who’d escaped and formed their own community. Ladybug & her Lucky Charms offered them a place in human society should they want it. They agreed, as they’d been on the run often, but they requested for the existence of other Xana to be kept secret - the fact they were Xana the same way. Ladybug agreed with a smile.

It turned out when they returned to Spain - where Henri Agreste, one of their funders, was visiting - that Felino Ébano (who’d allowed Marinette his “true” name of Polillus) was Polillus’ biological son. He’d married a Xana named Isalabo, but they’d divorced when “Adrien” was young, and she’d returned to the Xana community of which Adrien had run away. She’d eventually died there from a disease, leaving Polillus with his abusive father. Henri promised to treat his son better than his “father” had, and Polillus agreed, even taking on the name of Adrien for his father & making Polillus his middle name - Xana didn’t do that, apparently. 

The others Xana changed their names as well, and it wasn’t long before they were all dating the Lucky Charms in duos - Marinette with Adrien, Juleka with Rose, Nino with Alya, Sabrina with Chloé, Ivan with Mylène & Mireille with Aurore.

This was truly the Lucky Charms’ greatest haul.

Chapter Text

Ivan wasn’t sure why Ladybug had needed a new Turtle Miraculous wielder, but he was willing to not question it.

Émeraude dashed onto the scene, making good use of his weapon and shielding Chat Noir from a blast of flames from the angered akuma Frontburner. Chat thanked him, which was pretty cool, but he seemed a bit saddened at Émeraude’s appearance - did he miss Carapace or something?

After the battle, Émeraude - who had been trusted with the Turtle full time - and Chat Noir found themselves watching Ladybug swing off into the distance.

“So… weird question. What happened to Carapace?” Chat broke the silence first.

“Ladybug said he couldn’t be trusted or something. Something came up in their civilian lives, I guess.”

“What do you mean by that?” Chat’s eyebrows raised with the new info. The movement wasn’t anything threatening, just out of curiosity & surprise.

“Ladybug probably picked someone she knows & trusts, right? I just figured that’s how that worked. Am I wrong?”

Chat Noir grew quiet, and for a second Émeraude thought he’d said something bad or offensive, but Chat spoke again. “No… just thinking about what that implies.”

“Don’t go searching for her identity. Secrets, right?”

“I do want to know, and if I figure it out on my own, it’s not my fault, right?”

“Then she’ll probably lose her Miraculous, and you’ll never see your beloved Ladybug again. You want my advice?”
At Chat’s astonished nod, he continued. “Patience is key in a relationship, no matter if it’s platonic or romantic. Also, flirting and joking around like that makes it look like you’ll flirt with anyone, so how does Ladybug know you won’t, I dunno, cheat on her if you find another pretty face? Besides, I get the feeling that romance is the last thing on her mind when fighting akumas. Just be patient.”

“What do you know, anyway?” Chat’s body language was like that of a child denied something he wanted.

“Who’s the one with a girlfriend?”

At Chat’s gape, Émeraude explained, “There are so many non-single guys in the City of Love - what are the chances that’ll explain everything?”

Chat laughed morosely. “Fair enough. Despite your slip-up there, you’re right. Ladybug picked a good Turtle. You’re pretty wise… but it hurts, all this waiting and secrets.”

“Is she not worth waiting for?” Émeraude simply asked. 

Chat grew silent, and Émeraude nodded at him as if to say think about it - sort of a dumb thing to say, really - before leaping off to find a hiding spot.
Chat left home soon after. He had a lot to think about.