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Sound of Awakening

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Chapter one - into

It was almost the summer of 1992 and has been almost three years since The Losers found themselves tripping out of the 29 neibolt house with what felt like the first time they could all breath again; they had defeated It.

In the three years that had pasted the group had managed to stay close and when possible went most places together; there is a bond that you just can’t find with other people after living through a living nightmare like that. If you asked any of them school life had gotten slightly better since the arrest of Bowers (though the bullying was still present it was less...bloody); there was still a weird feeling surround the town’s lack of notice to some of the terrible things that happen over the years; the now at random disappearances, the occasional beat up of a new kid in the town center, the lack of real awareness to how all those dismembered bodies wound up in the river and at that, who did it.

When the last class of summer finally ended Richie whipped out of his that god-awful history course (which he was almost certain he just passed) and before he was even at the threshold of the hall he had his car keys in his hands. With a sudden jolt Richie lurched forward into a freshman after he was tripped by an upperclassman, who Richie only knew by the name of ‘Cowface-Looking-Mother-Fucker’.

“Watch where you’re going, fag.” The senior laughed as he continued down the hall.

“Real fucking mature, dipshit.” Richie huffed adjusting his bag and giving the freshman an awkwardly apologetic smile, she didn’t return it and quickly moved down the hall away from him.
“Right well fuck me, I guess.” He muttered rolling his eyes, keeping his head down he pushed through stink-gumble of kids in the hall and made his way outside. Heading over to the parking lot he normally found more of his friends waiting for a ride but today it was just Beverly leaned up against his side door having a smoke.

“Nice of you to show up.” She said with a bit of a smirk.

“Hey now, I was basically the first one out the door! Not all of us can flirt our way out of class early! Where are the others?” He asked taking the smoke she offered him.

“Well I think Eddie left after second block for an appointment, Mike didn’t have a fourth block today and the others, I have no idea. We’re all meeting up later at Bill’s though.”

“Oh we are, are we?”

“Yeah well, I decided for you.”

Richie huffed a laugh and went round sliding into the driver’s seat, leaned over to pull out the jammed lock and let Bev in.

“Let’s get some food, yeah? I could eat a fucking horse right now.” Bev said rolling down her window and leaned back in her seat taking a drag.

“My oh my, but of course my highness!” Richie said in a rather squeaky british accent.
“And where would my royalness like to eat-ow!” He gasped jokingly before laughing as Bev smacked him in the arm. “You should know better than to hit the driver!”


The pair ended up getting some crappy deli food, food of which they weren’t convince wouldn’t wind up with them exchanging a bathroom later, before cruising around town for a couple hours. Richie didn’t mind being quiet around Bev and their drives usually consisted singing ugly versions of various queen songs and enjoying the silence in between. Around 5:30 Richie pulled up in front of Bill’s house and parked, though not before jerking the car a few times as Bev tried to get out.

Richie whipped himself out of his car and raced Bev up the drive to the front door keeping her back with an arm before aggressively banging on the door.

“Oh Billllllyyyy, let us in dear! Oh Bill-“ Richie began to yell when the door opened, caught off guard he stuttered. “Oh-hello Mrs. Denbrough. I didn’t know you’d be home.”

“Well this is my house Richie, but that seems like a reasonable thing to forget.” Mrs. Denbrough said, Richie noticed her slight smirk and shot her a shit eating grin.

“We’re here for your son, this time I’m afraid! Though I’ll be sure to pay you a visit sometime soon, just have to find space in my schedule!” Richie said, getting a slight shoulder shove from Bev.

Mrs. Denbrough laughed softly and shook her head slightly and stepped out of the way and gestured up the stairs. The two kids thanked her and made their way up the staircase two at a time attempting to trip each other the whole way up.

Richie who had landed on his stomach at the top of the stairs grabbed Bev’s ankle and sent her tripping into Bill’s door, which flew open and she stumbled into the room, he let out a strangled laugh.
Richie pushed himself up and made his way into the room fixing his glasses.

Bill was sitting on the bed with Mike while Eddie sat propped up on the back desk holding Bill’s globe in his arms.

“You know, you could have seriously hurt Bev’s face.” Eddie said cocking an eyebrow.

Richie gasped over-dramatically and clutched his chest.
“Oh but me getting tripped up the stairs doesn’t matter? Wounded, Eduardo, truely. Where are the other two?” Richie asked scooting Eddie over sitting next to him.

“We-we-‘ve not heard from them.” Bill said with a slight head shake, having scooted so Bev could sit.

“I assumed Stan’s packing.” Eddie said his elbow digging into Richie’s side.
“Would you move your fucking ass over just a bit-“

“Wow like mother like son, didn’t know you guys enjoyed the same kinda dirty talk-“

“God, shut up Richie-just-move-“

“Did he say when he’s leaving yet?” Bev pipped up then as they ignored the bickering.

“No not yet. I assume it will be coming up pretty quick it is a summer start-or something.” Mike sighed.

“Yeah well that’s what he gets being a smarty-pants I guess. Big cities and nice schools and like a bunch of preppy teachers asses to kiss.” Richie said, though he could help the disgruntled tone that came with it.

“I mean, it’s good for him. Really good, really impressive. Plus better school means a better job, which ya know, leads to a more secure future.” Eddie said raising his eyebrows.

“Would you calm down he’s barely 16 he doesn’t need to think that far ahead yet. Besides an early summer program sounds like literal hell.”

“How would you know what hell is like? Oh shit-right I forgot that’s where you’re from.”

“Ha. Ha. Wow good one Eds, any other quips tucked back in that big head of yours?”

“May-maybe we should do something? Like a big good-goo-goo-goodbye-thing?” Bill said cutting Eddie and Richie off.

“That would be fun! We could spend a day down at the quarry maybe?” Bev suggested, followed by the sound of a gag from the desk.

“That would be fun. Make a day of it.” Mike said in aggriance as they all ignored Eddie’s noises of disgust.

“We could bring food and shit, set up Rich’s stereo and it’ll be a party; just us.” Bev said with a soft smile.

“Well glad I could bring something to the table.”Richie said stretching. “We’ll why don’t I give him a call tonight then and we’ll plan a day that works for everyone?” Richie said leading back on the wall resting his arm on Eddie’s shoulder, The Losers nodded in agreement before Bill suggested they put on a movie.