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in which namjoon is drunk and clingy

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yoongi doesn't like too many parties. sure, he likes hanging out with his close friends and having fun, but when it comes to parties with loud music and big crowds its more namjoon's thing. namjoon's always happy to meet new people and have fun. yoongi likes it too, but to a lesser degree. so he avoids taehyung's parties as much as he can, even when he's invited every single time. taehyung's parties often involve every single one of his friend's and an assortment of drinks and loud music. taehyung doesn't take offence, but he doesn't stop inviting yoongi either. it's nice to be invited, at least.

but the thing is, yoongi thinks as he ducks to avoids someone's impressively high beer spill and sidesteps a couple making out on the floor, he'd been dumb enough to leave his laptop at taehyung's house knowing that this kind of party was happening later.

he'd come by earlier that week with his laptop so he could discuss a song he was working on (and to coax taehyung to be the singer for it)(it only took the promise of a coffee date and a few treats for yeontan) and he'd left his laptop behind. he'd meant to come by later that evening to pick it up again, but one thing lead to another and he wasn't able to. so.

so here he is.

dressed in decidedly not party wear (his oversized chunky knit lavender sweater over a long sleeved shirt and black jeans with worn out sandals) in a party among people dressed to impress. he ties to navigate through the crowds of people to find taehyung but he can't even hear his own thoughts over the music and chatter. he dug his grave, really. taehyung had told him that day, hyung there's a party later this week, on saturday, but yoongi hadn't paid attention. now he's halfway to the worst headache he's had in his life. the only good thing is–

"hyung!" namjoon calls, before he makes his way to yoongi and crushes him against his chest in a hug. "you're here!"

– that namjoon's here.

he's dressed for the party, of course. he's in a deep v-neck shirt made of sheer brown fabric that glints gold, tucked into tight black pants. his black boots add a few inches to his already towering frame (as if he needed that), and he has several pieces of jewelry all over him; earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and even a harness of black leather that looks particularly uncomfortable. people keep staring at him. yoongi glares at a few to ward them off before he replies.

"namjoonie." he smiles, hands automatically circling his waist. "this was where you were going?"

of course he knew this was where he was going. namjoon had told yoongi before he'd left for it. the original plan was, he was going just to hang out, no involvement of drinks. but right now, that's very decidedly not the case. namjoon's much more grabby than his usual self, hanging off yoongi with all his weight.

"yeah!" namjoon giggles. "i invited you, too–"

"i did that, actually." taehyung pipes up from the side. he has yoongi's laptop bag in one hand. "hyung declined."

taehyung , even as the host of these parties, never drinks. he says he doesn't like how it tastes but that he does like the atmosphere that brings people together. his boyfriend, jimin, is entirely different from him. he's the heart of the party and is almost aways surrounded by a crowd of awed people.

"tae." yoongi nods as a greeting, still smiling. taehyung smiles back and raises a hand in a half hearted wave before he hands yoongi his laptop bag.

"he came because i invited him." namjoon sticks his tongue out at taehyung.

taehyung, as always, takes a picture of that with his camera. it's one of the kinds that prints the image out immediately. he waits for the picture to print and dry before he fishes around in his pocket and pulls out a second photograph and hands both to yoongi, grinning. yoongi pockets them without a word. he'll look later.

"your husband has had too much to drink, as you can see." taehyung says. yoongi feels his cheeks heat up in pleasure at hearing the phrase your husband. it really does make him the happiest, he thinks.

"did not!" namjoon says, swaying in yoongi's hands. yoongi carefully balances namjoon and puts on his bag.

"he got too into it. jimin's encouragement wasn't a help, either."

namjoon pouts at him, angry that he'd told yoongi that. "jiminie was lovely." he says, stating that like it settles the matter. he rests his cheek on yoongi's head, still swaying.

"namjoonie, what's today's date?" yoongi asks.

"monday!" namjoon replies cheerfully.

originally, he'd come only to get his laptop and then leave, but seeing this…

"let's go home." yoongi decides, laughing at namjoon's enthusiasm for the wrong answer.

"but i'm having so much fun!" namjoon whines, pulling away a little so he can pout at yoongi instead. "join me?"

yoongi already has a headache, he doesn't need alcohol or more loud music to add to it. "nope. you're going to be regretting everything tomorrow, so let's go before it gets worse. where's your jacket, joonie?"

namjoon shrugs, looking delighted about it. or the lack of it.

"i'll give it back when i find it, hyung." taehyung says.

"thank you, tae."

then he lets go of namjoon and takes off his sweater. he slips it over namjoon's head and helps him into it instead. he has his long sleeved tee shirt on underneath, so it'll be fine. namjoon's going to get cold faster than yoongi, anyway. he's wearing something that's pretty much the same thickness as tissue paper. yoongi shivers just thinking about wearing it outside.

he takes hold of namjoon's hand, guiding him out. namjoon protests, but he still follows yoongi out without any resistance. his added height makes holding his hand a little more taxing, but yoongi holds on. namjoon swings their hands as they walk. he tilts a little into yoongi, realising that their height imbalance might make it harder for yoongi to walk hand in hand with him.

at some point, namjoon takes yoongi's laptop bag and puts it on instead.. yoongi lets him. it's a pretty well cushioned bag, so unless namjoon drops it from his height, it should be okay. but then namjoon wraps his hands around yoongi's neck and jumps onto his back without warning, explaining why he'd taken the laptop bag in the first place. at least he'd been coherent enough to take it instead of crushing it?

"namjoon-" yoongi chokes out. "don't do such things without warning me!"

"i'm tired." namjoon ignores yoongi stumbling to regain balance. "carry me?"

"you're supposed to say that before you leap on, idiot." yoongi rolls his eyes. after a minute of adjusting, he's finally stable. "happy?"

"yeah." namjoon mumbles, resting his cheek on the top of yoongi's head again.

he starts singing in a low voice, the final sign of him having drunk way more than he can handle. namjoon's singing is nice, warm and a little off-key, but that's what makes it nice. he doesn't sing that often, instead choosing to hum, so yoongi takes the time to listen carefully and store it away in his heart. he hikes him up a little higher and prepares himself for the ten minutes left of their journey home.

"husband," namjoon says all of a sudden.

yoongi's heart soars at the word, but he remains silent because he doesn't know how to react.

"hyung, love, darling, honey, husband," namjoon continues, voice playful.

"what?" yoongi finally asks, willing his cheeks to cool down. he can practically see the steam coming off of them.

"nothing." namjoon says. "i just wanted to see."

"see what?" yoongi asks.

namjoon leans forward and kisses his cheek. "your ears are red."

yoongi mock drops him for that. namjoon's only reaction to that is holding on tighter. yoongi sighs, fondness leaking in without him meaning for it to.

the rest of the trip home is uneventful. yoongi's pretty sure namjoon fell asleep at some point, actually. well, either way, he makes it home without falling or dropping namjoon. he wakes namjoon up so he can type in the passcode to their apartment (my hands are busy, joonie.)

once inside, he tells namjoon to take his shoes off and drop them. namjoon doesn't want to let go of him so this feels like the second best option to get the work done. once namjoon's done, yoongi slides off his sandals and walks over to the living room. namjoon helpfully takes off the laptop bag without being promoted to and puts it on a chair by the wall.

as yoongi tries to think of the best way to put namjoon on the couch, he wonders about what he'd describe the current namjoon as. even in his party clothes, with yoongi's sweater on him, he's… soft. that's the only word yoongi can find right now to describe him as a whole. he's too busy to think of anything more specific while manipulating namjoon's body so he's gently lowered instead of being dropped. namjoon wouldn't mind, of course, but yoongi would mind it. a lot. too much, infact. he'd like his to-be husband in near perfect condition (allowing namjoon some leeway for his clumsy mishaps) for as long as possible. he finally gets namjoon sitting on the couch and straightens up to let his back recover.

"don't go." namjoon mumbles. "don't."

after saying that, he twirls yoongi around and pulls him down so he's sprawled across namjoon's chest. namjoon sinks down low on the couch to let yoongi lay down more comfortably and presses his nose into yoongi's shoulder to breathe in yoongi's scent, which is probably the vanilla from his body wash. yoongi sighs at how clingy he's being and runs his hands through namjoon's hair, not minding the slight dampness from his sweat. namjoon's hands rest on yoongi's waist, thumbs pressing into his stomach and the rest of his fingers pressing into his back.

namjoon's also warm, yoongi decides.

"namjoonie, you need water. you know how you do with getting drunk." yoongi says. namjoon sinks a little further down.

"no, i don't." yoongi can hear the pout. "i don't want you to go."

"i'll be right back, baby." yoongi says, pulling away from namjoon till he can see his face. "won't even be gone a minute."

"but…" namjoon continues pouting.

yoongi kisses his forehead and gets up. namjoon lets go as slowly as he can. he's reluctant and whiny. he's the most clingy when drunk, even more so than his usual koala bear self. it's adorable. and an obstacle to any kind of productivity. yoongi ruffles his hair and makes his way to kitchen.

he fills up namjoon's favorites mug (it says #1 princess, with a picture of a girl in teal twintails on the side) with cold water and drinks it before he refills it for namjoon. he also grabs a bottle from the counter on his way back, because knowing namjoon, he'll want more. back in the living room, namjoon's happily humming while admiring the many plants they have in their living room. he's easily amused when he's drunk. if yoongi was to come back in ten minutes, he'd probably be inspecting the couch's pattern.

namjoon's playing with the leaves and singing softly to the plants, swaying to and fro in tune to his song. he does this normally too, but it's much quieter than this.

"joonie, water." yoongi calls. he walks up to namjoon and starts poking him in the back so he looks at yoongi.

namjoon takes the mug and gulps the water down in one go and holds it up so yoongi can refill it. yoongi fills the mig halfway and caps the bottle, tossing it so it'll land on the couch. he waits till namjoon's done with his water and places the mig on the coffee table before he lets namjoon go back to the plants.

"do they have names?" namjoon questions. "they need names."

he stumbles through a few names for the plants before he settles on naming them after the members of loona and twice. the girl groups. yoongi shakes his head and pets "gowon"'s leaves when namjoon whines at him to do so.

"why loona and twice?" yoongi asks, watching namjoon poke the soil in "momo"'s pot.

namjoon shrugs. "they looked like them. i dunno. i need to water them."

"you did that just before you left, joonie."

"they need water." namjoon says, looking for their mini watering can they keep on the bookshelf.

its right there, in front of him, but he doesn't find it till a few minutes pass. it's a bright neon yellow, even. he ends up watering the floor and window sills more than he does the plants but he's satisfied only after the watering can is completely emptied. he hands it to yoongi, asking for a refill.

"you're not done?"

"the plants are thirsty, hyung." namjoon says. look at the soil."

the soil looks fine. well watered, even. sober namjoon is very meticulous about how he cares for his garden. but yoongi doesn't comment on it and does his best to hold back a smile. he uses the water bottle to fill the can up the least he can so they don't end up with a floor too wet and slippery to walk on. he hands it to namjoon, who promptly spills it on the floor. the water levels on the floor are getting dangerous for a barefooted and drunk namjoon, so yoongi gently moves him away and makes him sit down on the couch again.

namjoon pulls yoongi to the couch as well, and then pulls him back down to cuddle. yoongi's done this too many times to be surprised by anything. the first few times he'd been surprised by how much namjoon liked clinging to him, but now it's routine. its familiar. the familiarity fills him with warmth.

namjoon had arranged them so that yoongi's sitting in his lap facing him, their chests pressing close, his arms around yoongi's waist and yoongi's arms around his neck and head. like yoongi's his huge, personal teddy bear. which he is.

"you're so warm." namjoon says. " i'm cold."

"of course you are, even with my sweater on." yoongi laughs. "you wanna get changed?"

"no. wanna sit just like this." namjoon's grip tightens.

yoongi hugs him close. "then i'll warm you up till you change."

namjoon agrees with that decision wholeheartedly, pressing his face into yoongi's chest and taking a deep breath. he continues humming, voice low and carefree, as he drums his fingers against yoongi's sides. the room smells of petrichor, probably due to namjoon's poking the soil and watering it. yoongi doesn't know how long they sit like that, but it's long enough for him to drift off and catch a short nap in namjoon's arms. he knows he wont fall here, not like when he naps on their bed and ends up rolling off.

after namjoon decides it's been long enough, he gets up with yoongi still in his hands. he makes his way to the bedroom. yoongi startles slightly before he settles down and wraps his legs tightly around namjoon so he's safe.

namjoon, much like yoongi earlier, gently puts yoongi down onto the bed and starts taking off his clothes. he takes off all his jewelry first, putting them down haphazardly on their vanity. he struggles with the clasp of his necklace, which is when yoongi rolls out of bed and pads over to help him. he guides namjoon's hands down so they're out of the way and starts removing his layered necklaces one by one, laying them down neatly on the vanity. then he helps namjoon strip down to his boxers so he can change into something more sleepwear like.

"sweater." namjoon says.

yoongi helps him put on his sweater again, before handing him a pair of dark gray shorts. namjoon almost falls in his attempt to put them on, long limbs flailing for a moment, but he succeeds.

"okay, now it's time for the baby to sleep." yoongi says, pushing namjoon down onto the bed.

"but i'm not sleepy." namjoon says, lying down and pulling the blanket up before he curls up with it.

"oh, is that so…" yoongi smiles, endeared.

"yeah." namjoon's voice is muffled by the blanket.

he takes the photographs out of his pocket and places them in the first drawer of the vanity before he changes into his pyjamas as well. he gets under the covers, curling up around the little ball that namjoon has made himself into. only about five minutes pass before namjoon starts talking.

"hyung." he says.

"joonie?" yoongi asks. he'd already gotten into the mood to sleep.

"i'm hungry." namjoon says.

"too bad. it's bedtime." yoongi closes his eyes again.

namjoon gets up , dislodging the blankets. that's what finally pulls yoongi out from his sleepy mood. he opens his eyes just in time to see namjoon slop out of bed and leave the room. he misses the door and walks into the wall once before he makes it out the door properly.

"namjoon..." yoongi's voice trails off.

he has half a mind to ignore namjoon and just stay in bed where everything is nice and warm and dark. and faintly lavender scented, from namjoon's deep sleep pillow spray.

but namjoon, when sober, is perfectly capable of cooking. namjoon, while drunk, is not. so yoongi kicks the blankets off and follows namjoon's path to the kitchen. he hasn't even switched the lights on, blindly groping about the kitchen counter in the darkness. yoongi's never been more thankful for the wall mounted knife stand they got.

"joonie, weren't you sleepy?" yoongi asks, flicking on the light switch.

namjoon's temporarily blinded and yoongi takes the opportunity to move him away from the counter.

"yeah, but i can't sleep when i'm hungry." namjoon says.

he finds the fridge and opens it. he sits down cross-legged as he inspects everything in the fridge. the open door's not good for the fridge's contents, surely.

"namjoonie, why don't you tell hyungie what you want and i'll make it for you?" yoongi rushes over to get namjoon to sit at the dining table and closes the fridge.



"hyung can make me anything. i'm hungry."

yoongi wants this done with fast because he's sleepy and he needs his daily (nightly) cuddles, so he picks the easiest thing he can cook right now. egg rice. it's simple and fast and he's pretty sure there's enough rice for two left over from dinner. while he's cooking, namjoon takes to staring intently at him, eyes boring holes into yoongi's back. this, if yoongi remembers correctly, is a sign of him getting slightly sober. with food in his stomach he should get even more sober, right? once he's sober he'll start regretting everything he did while drunk, which is always fun to watch.

by the time yoongi's done cooking, namjoon is dozing away on the kitchen table. yoongi softly taps the back of his head using one of the two plates he's holding before he sets them down on the table. namjoon blinks awake slowly, like he'd gone into a deep sleep, before the smell of food properly wakes him up.

"you pull me out of bed because you're hungry and then dare to fall asleep while i'm cooking for you?" yoongi asks, handing him a spoon.

namjoon doesn't reply, instead choosing to stuff his mouth with the egg rice. he only speaks after at least a quarter of his rice is gone.

"hyung's good." he says, smiling. yoongi rests his chin on his hand and smiles back at namjoon.

"eat fast, i'm sleepy." it's not advisable to eat right before sleep but yoongi's sure just once won't kill him.

of course, namjoon does exactly as told and wolfs down the rest of the rice even faster than yoongi does. his method's messy, of course, but yoongi still has half his plate left. yoongi ditches all etiquette and follows namjoon's method, wolfing the food down without a second thought. he's done in a few minutes. namjoon takes both their plates and carefully puts them in the sink, moving painfully slow. yoongi doesn't have the heart to tell him that the plates are actually plastic and not porcelain. they drink some water and yoongi drags namjoon back to bed, tired.

"sleep." he orders namjoon.

namjoon lies down and pulls the blanket over himself, too sleepy to even try to object to it. yoongi climbs over him to go to his side and slips under the blanket before he slides closer to namjoon. namjoon happily wraps his hands around yoongi and nuzzles closer.

"koala." yoongi mumbles.

"yeah." namjoon agrees, smile evident in his voice.

yoongi presses his cheek to namjoon's chest and feels the rise and fall of his chest. namjoon falls asleep before him. in the soft moonlight filtering in from the window, his ring glints. it's a simple silver ring without any gems or patterns. on the inside, the date of his and namjoon's first meeting is engraved. namjoon has a similar ring on his own.

it's been about a month since their engagement party. it'd been a simple ceremony with only close friends and family in attendance, and it'd taken place in the garden behind namjoon's parents' house. they'd prepared everything by themselves without any external event management or planning. namjoon decorated the garden, yoongi and namjoon's sister cooked and everyone else helped with both the tasks wherever they could. it'd been one of yoongi's most memorable days.

the date of their engagement landed on the ninth anniversary of first meeting, of course. they'd met when yoongi was sixteen and namjoon was fifteen. they were in the same piano classes. it'd taken them two whole years of stumbling around each other to finally realise that the heart palpitations were not something healthy related and instead something called love.

yoongi laughs quietly, remembering how awkward they were. somewhere during his trip through memory lane, he falls asleep.


when he wakes up the next morning, namjoon's already up. he's still in bed with yoongi but his phone's propped on his chest. he's texting someone from the looks of it. sometime in the night, they'd shifted so namjoon was on his back and yoongi was using his chest as a pillow. yoongi doesn't let him know immediately that he's awake, instead choosing to bask in the softness of morning. sunlight streams in through their windows but the curtains make the glare softer. he lets out a quiet breath.

"good morning, hyung." namjoon says, laughter staining his voice. "you can't fool me."

yoongi doesn't respond. namjoon opens his phone's camera and switches it to selfie mode, yoongi shits his eyes just in time, and namjoon laughs.

"you're eyes are shut too tight, hyung!" he says.

yoongi pouts at being found out. namjoon gives him a good morning forehead kiss to appease him, endeared. yoongi moves so he's properly laying down on top of namjoon, pushing away his phone in the process, and props his chin on namjoon's chest. namjoon pulls him a bit higher and places kisses all over his face, only stopping when yoongi's blushing a pretty pink.

"i was a handful yesterday night, huh?" namjoon mumbles into yoongi's forehead.

"when are you not?" yoongi replies.

"hyung!" namjoon says, indignant. "i'm always good."

"now, i wouldn't say that." yoongi teases. "if you're always good, then you wouldn't have been a handful yesterday."

"but!" namjoon says. "jiminie dared me to it."

"to what?"

"to see which one of us could… drink more…"

"namjoon. namjoonie, darling, dearest." yoongi laughs. "you really thought you could win against jiminie in that?"

jimin, heart of all parties and lover of partaking in a healthy amount of drinking. jimin, feared for how he seemingly never gets drunk. he doesn't party often, but when he does, oh boy. yoongi knows namjoon's limit, and he knows jimin's limit. they're nowhere near each other.

"i almost did!"

that is not true.

"sure, sure." yoongi pats namjoon's head. "which reminds me, doesn't your head hurt?"

"it does," namjoon says.

"and you still didn't take anything to help with it. how long have you been up?" yoongi's brows furrow in concern.

"you were sleeping on top of me, i couldn't just…" namjoon trails off, smiling sheepishly.

yoongi slaps his bicep, more sound than force. deciding that that's not enough, he bites his collarbone (softly.)

"stay here." he says, and gets up.

he goes into the kitchen to get namjoon some water and medication for the headache. namjoon, doing exactly what yoongi hadn't told him to do, follows him into the kitchen. he sits down on the dining table and looks as yoongi goes about getting the water and pills. he fills up a glass with water and puts it on the dining table beside namjoon. namjoon takes small sips from it as he waits for yoongi to find the pills.

"didn't i tell you to stay there?" yoongi asks. he finally locates the headache medicine.

"yeah." namjoon says. "i didn't want to."

yoongi rolls his eyes. he hands a tablet to namjoon. namjoon obediently takes the medication with only a small grimace and gives the emptied glass to yoongi. yoongi rinses it out with water and places it on the drying rack. namjoon's still sitting on the dining table, making no move to get down. yoongi turns to him and is about to say something when namjoon takes his hand and draws him closer to kiss him. yoongi rests hands on his knees. he'll never say no to kisses, of course.

"why're you all kissy today?" yoongi asks. "i'm not complaining, but still."

namjoon shrugs. "just because. i'm in the mood for it."

"just day that it's because you don't want to move and go brush your teeth."

"i don't like brushing my teeth." namjoon says. "don't like the taste of toothpaste."

"boo hoo, you're an adult now. no one's going to brush your teeth for you. plus you like sweets. and you didn't brush your teeth last night after dinner."

"you didn't either!"

"that's why im going now."

namjoon makes puppy eyes at yoongi. yoongi ignores him and leaves the kitchen to go to the bathroom. there's only so much morning breath he can take, even with kisses. halfway through brushing his teeth, namjoon shows up and starts as well. they shoulder to shoulder, staring at each other through the mirror. yoongi comes up to only namjoon's lips, which is great because namjoon can kiss his forehead all he wants. yoongi finishes first.

"that wasn't so hard, now, was it?" yoongi says.

"it's not that it's hard, i just don't like it." namjoon says around his toothbrush and the foam.

yoongi makes a face at that and goes back into the bedroom. as he flicks on the light he remembers that he hadn't had the chance to see the photographs taehyung had taken of namjoon the previous day. he retrieves them from the drawer.

the first one he picks up is a solo shot of namjoon, slightly blurry, caught mid laugh. he's tilted forward like he's about to fall from how hard he's laughing, a very namjoon thing. jimin's caught in a corner of the picture, laughing as well. yoongi smiles unconciously at the picture. namjoon wanders back into the bedroom and backhugs yoongi. he pretends to kiss yoongi's shoulder but actually wipes his wet mouth on the shoulder of yoongi's shirt. yoongi gently shoves that shoulder in namjoon's face as retribution before he shows namjoon the photograph.

"oh, wow. i don't even remember anything." namjoon says.

"of course you don't." yoongi flips to second photograph. "you challenged jimin in drinking."

it has the same vibe as the first, slightly blurry but filling yoongi with warmth. it shows namjoon sticking his tongue out like a kid, eyes screwed shut. yoongi can only see himself from his shoulder down in the picture, since his head is on namjoon's other shoulder in it, but that's okay. namjoon's expression more than makes up for it. he's adorable. yoongi's sending this as their new year's greeting pictures this year.

"oh my god." namjoon says as soon as he sees this one. "wow. i really don't remember anything."

"you made me carry you home."


"you also sang an amazing rendition of exid's lady all the way home."

"what?" he looks mildly panicked.

"and named all the plants after members of twice and loona."

namjoon looks like his soul has left his body. yoongi turns around in his grip, counting off the events on his fingers.

"and you cried while talking about vocaloid's growth through the years." yoongi's just fucking with him now.

"i cried?" namjoon asks. "i cried. okay, wow."

"you also snored all through the night."

"i'm actually so sorry." namjoon says, looking genuinely terrified of himself. "i had no clue i was this far gone…"

yoongi bursts out laughing, doubling over from the force of it. namjoon's panic turns to confusion as yoongi clutches namjoon's shoulder to straighten up. yoongi flicks away the tears gathered at his eyes before he flashes a grin at yoongi.

"the last two were fake. you did everything else, though. and whatever you did at the party itself." yoongi says.

"that's still..." namjoon says, at a loss. "i really shouldn't let jimin challenge me after this."

"that's what you said last time, baby." yoongi wraps his hands around namjoon's waist.

"this time, for sure." he looms determined.

yoongi leans forward and kisses his jaw. "sure, sure. we'll see."

(of course he forgets it the next time he meets up with jimin at a party. but that's what makes it fun for yoongi, that's what gives him even more material to tease namjoon with. he has a decades worth of it already.)