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Alola Family -- Legends and All

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.Help Me Obi Juan Whoever You Are

FutureSightKahuna: is launching yourselves off cliffs a family trait

StormChild: ….

MistyVeil: Ow… Well I don’t think Alain’s ever

MistyVeil: Has Alain?

StormChild: Yeah it was an Experience

FutureSightKahuna: I’m concerned

FutureSightKahuna: Riley are you going to help me with the telepathy thing while Satoshi’s in class

StormChild: Shit! Class!

StormChild has fled Help Me Obi Juan Whoever You Are

FutureSightKahuna: …Maybe Momi was right about being descended from the Kukui family and our attraction to idiots

MistyVeil: I don’t know, Uncle Ahilani is kinda stupid too.

MistyVeil: I’ll put money on him doing something stupid in class today. He was up all night editing a paper for another professor. Could have waited until tomorrow, since it’ll be Saturday.

FutureSightKahuna: Oof. Oh hey we never checked in on how the Four Islands Festival went with you and your makuahine.

MistyVeil: You’re not going to fucking believe this


FutureSightKahuna: I kinda expected the Kapu eyes and I wasn’t wrong, per say, but the upper half of your irises are gold.

MistyVeil: Has Satoshi gone into his legendary form already?

FutureSightKahuna: …Get rid of the horns and get over here, I’m only whispering it.

MistyVeil: Fine, fine.

MistyVeil: Seriously?

MistyVeil: I have taken in this information and come up with only one answer. You’re an adrenaline junky

FutureSightKahuna: If you ever tell him, I’ll mess with your food for like a week

MistyVeil: Only a week?

FutureSightKahuna: There’s a chance he can learn to do it on purpose, and I am interested


PM from IcyBean to LegendBait

IcyBean: How’s Snowball?

LegendBait: Good! Misses you, but we’ve got some plans to surprise you!

LegendBait: Green’s coming in with Fix and Maeve, so there will be plenty of enrichment.

IcyBean: You use “you all” and yet you know what enrichment is

LegendBait: And here I was going to send you a picture of Snowball.

IcyBean: I apologize, please send pictures


PM from PsychicBean to LegendBait

PsychicBean: Hey I’m doing a Rotation travel period :(

PsychicBean: Didn’t think I was using this app but I guess I did just finish talking to Mallow

LegendBait: No problem. I’ll miss you! You taking the eggs or do you need me to watch them?

PsychicBean: I’m taking them! Acerola’s excited to meet them, so she says.

LegendBait: Cat mouth cousin, right?

PsychicBean: Yup. She’ll kill you and me if she ever knows we refer to her like that.

PsychicBean: Us and a couple others in the Rotation are doing some prep for working together during big events

LegendBait: !!That’s my future Kahuna boyfriend!!

PsychicBean: It’s not set in stone!

LegendBait: You’re blushing, aren’t you.

PsychicBean: Maybe.

LegendBait: I’m not going to be seeing you for how long again?

PsychicBean: You have a problem.

PsychicBean has sent ItsMoreEmbarrassingThatYouCollectThese.jpeg

LegendBait: You severely underestimate you cute you are. Hey do you have time before you leave?

PsychicBean: I’m packing right now

LegendBait: I’ll be right there

PsychicBean: Satoshi! You’re going to make me late!

PM from TolBabey to SmellYaLater

TolBabey: I love you and miss you

TolBabey: But you making me do your paperwork when I am regions away is not an act of love

SmellYaLater: I didn’t send you any paperwork! I’ve been doing all of mine and the stuff you usually do.

TolBabey: Put a tack in Rowan’s chair for me

SmellYaLater: He barely sits

TolBabey: That makes it more unexpected.

TolBabey: But I really do miss you, even though being here is awesome.

SmellYaLater: Did something happen?

SmellYaLater: Riley?

TolBabey: Yeah, some stuff happened. But doesn’t it always with Satoshi around?

SmellYaLater: You know you can call me any time, right?

TolBabey: Of course.


PM from MistyVeil to OhDeer

MistyVeil: How do you deal with not being near Makuahine?

OhDeer: We have a deal with Giratina and, as I am not tied to one place as directly, I occasionally visit her.

OhDeer: Is this about your human uh

OhDeer: Boyfriend? Is that the word

MistyVeil: Yeah, it is, and yeah, it’s about him.

MistyVeil: I love being in Alola so far and working with Satoshi and everyone but

MistyVeil: I miss him so much.

MistyVeil: And I don’t think he’d believe me if I told him about all of this. Not like Hau does for Satoshi. Hau knew gods before Satoshi ever showed up in this region, he knew spiritual stuff.

MistyVeil: Shigeru is a scientist. Even with him doing research on the different Legendaries in Sinnoh…

OhDeer: You do not believe he can grasp the full situation.

MistyVeil: He’s always known everything, I’ve always told him everything and he’s at least tried to understand.

OhDeer: You do not believe he would do this for your new understanding of yourself?

MistyVeil: I think he’d try too hard.

OhDeer: Oh. Oh my little twilight.


Bad Children Go In the Washing Machine

CriticalHit: Okay kids we’ve got a special guest coming who’s going to be taking us along to Akala!

CriticalHit has added RokKahuna to Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

PsychicBean: 1. Didn’t know y’all’d be headed to Akala and

PsychicBean: 2: Olivia totally lost a bet

RokKahuna has joined Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

RokKahuna: Damnit Kukui, I really wanted that rock too.

RokKahuna: Now I’m in this cursed chat

AngstMachine: Hi Kahuna Olivia

RokKahuna: Gladion??

RokKahuna: Oh good I’m not the only sane person here

AngstMachine: If you’re calling either of us sane, you are in a bad state

AngstMachine: How many times have you fallen on your face today

RokKahuna: …Like five…

FlameOn: It’s early, there will be more

RokKahuna: Kiawe!

TolBabey: Top Ten Anime Betrayals

IdRatherEatDirt: I have maybe half a clue on what that means but Satoshi just choked on air

TolBabey: Good. Gary’s the one who introduced me to it, so I knew he’d know what it meant

LegendBait: How’s their paperwork going btw?

TolBabey: I just got a huge fax at the lab and am going through it for them

TolBabey: And they say I’M babey

RokKahuna: Who is this sassy lost child? Who does not seem to be in your class? Actually neither is Hau or Gladion.

CriticalHit: One of my nephews! This is Riley Sycamore!

RokKahuna: I love him. You’re bringing him, right?

TolBabey: I’m a glorified assistant teacher

IdRatherEatDirt: I think you’re the most competent member of your family on this island

IdRatherEatDirt: ASH DO NOT

ZapBolt sent

RokKahuna: We’re going to have so much fun!


PM from StormChild to FutureSightKahuna

StormChild: You’d never use a Bruxish, right?

FutureSightKahuna: They clash with everything in anyone’s wardrobe.

FutureSightKahuna: There are so many better psychic pokemon in Alola anyways

FutureSightKahuna: What happened?

StormChild: A baby wailmer had gotten into one’s territory

FutureSightKahuna: Oof. Olivia save the day?

StormChild: We all helped, but yeah. She’s really cool.

FutureSightKahuna: She is! She helps out on the Rotation the most, yk? Since she’s a jeweler most of the time versus the other Kahuna and leaders who have Big Jobs with Schedules. Even Tutu Hala. She’s also the youngest right now so she’s super relatable.

StormChild: She’ll still be relatable when Hapu becomes official. Hapu, love her though I do, is a Sableye

FutureSightKahuna: It’s cause there’s like no one her age around

FutureSightKahuna: Everyone in the rotation is either 15 and up or 7 and down. Then there’s Hapu, about to turn 10.

StormChild: Yeah. Like no one has siblings her age. I think the class for her age group at the School is small too.

StormChild: How are the eggs?

FutureSightKahuna: Good! One of them has been wiggling a lot lately.

StormChild: :)

FutureSightKahuna: You’re still not telling me?

StormChild: I might give you a hint ;)

FutureSightKahuna: How many selfies do you have of me? This is turning into an addiction

StormChild: Not nearly enough, considering


FutureSightKahuna: I do not have even a quarter of the selfies of you that you have of me

StormChild: Well I’m currently half naked because we’re all drying our clothes after jumping in to help the wailmer

FutureSightKahuna: Is that supposed to be an excuse?

StormChild: Just a warning

StormChild has sent MissYou.jpeg

StormChild: Hau?

FutureSightKahuna: I see why I needed a warning. Acerola thinks I overheated.

StormChild: Whoops!