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Alola Family -- Legends and All

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Alola Vacation Chat

LegendBait: The time has come to end this hell chat

YaBuggyBoi: Oh come down and get your food.

LegendBait: Still not getting over that you decided to move in your closest gang members for the time period before the festival

YaBuggyBoi: I like keeping them within shouting distance. Keeping them inept is an art.

LegendBait: Mood

YaBuggyBoi: Hau is here

LegendBait: COMING

DeadlyDiver: I am so proud the multiple generations of the Kukui family are still involved in feeding the less fortunate

FiteKahuna: You say “less fortunate” but you really mean “dumbasses”

DeadlyDiver: Synonyms.

DeadlyDiver: Our name may die out eventually but our ability to take one look at an idiot and say “mine now” and also feed them is STRONG

YaBuggyBoi: Dad, Auntie scares me.

FiteKahuna: She scares everyone

CriticalHit: Every time, ironic or not, Guzma refers to Hala as any form of father I get more powerful

YaBuggyBoi: I WILL throw you in the ocean.

FiteKahuna: Don’t bully your cousin.

YaBuggyBoi: He started it!

FiteKahuna: I was talking to both of you.

PsychicBean: I’ll eat your toes @CriticalHit @YaBuggyBoi

RunForTheMountains: That’s enough time with the eeveelutions for you, young man.

FiteKahuna: You just had to let him practice opening up telepathically with them, didn’t you

RunForTheMountains: I realize my mistake Hala

LegendBait: Wow, check the phone after five minutes of eating and cuddling and realize my boyfriend is absolutely

LegendBait: C U R S E D

PsychicBean: Problem?

LegendBait: Nope! I am also C U R S E D

RunForTheMountains: He’s right! He is!

RunForTheMountains: We come by it naturally. @GrowYourOwnDad

GrowYourOwnDad: Yeah that’s a Sycamore family trait. Sorry @CriticalHit

CriticalHit: Along with so many others that shouldn’t be.

GrowYourOwnDad: We’re a family <shrug emoji>

DeadlyDiver: Okay so me, Riley, Red are driving everyone to the airport, then we’ll drop off the extra trucks before saying bye to Red, Green, and Hapu.

DeadlyDiver: Because everyone else is in class.

CriticalHit: Sorry

MegaBrotherComplex: It’s my fault for scheduling on Friday both flights.

CriticalHit: Time zones and flight times suck for that, don’t worry about it.

CriticalHit: My mother could be complimenting me and I’d say sorry

DeadlyDiver: I am occasionally concerned about you.

CriticalHit: Uncle Nanu why did Mommy leave?

FiteKahuna: cH OKE

FiteKahuna: Did you two really have that conversation when you were younger?

DeadlyDiver: They did. As soon as it finished, Nanu called me and just went “am I adopting all of my nieces and nephews” and I felt bad enough to come back for long enough periods before Ahilani went off to college

IdRatherEatDirt: Professor Kukui has Mommy Issues, who knew

GrowYourOwnDad: Look, I’m not entirely sure why we don’t all have issues with fathers so like

GrowYourOwnDad: We aren’t going to look any gift Mudbrays in the mouth

IdRatherEatDirt: I mean, I can’t talk

IdRatherEatDirt: a;hoe ASH

LegendBait: Alright fam, we’re heading to school! Down with the chat!

LegendBait has closed Alola Vacation Chat


Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

TolBabey: Thank you Hau for dealing with my embarrassment in the fitting

TolBabey: Ash and Mallow can go jump off a cliff

PsychicBean: You’re welcome Riley! Glad I could help!

LegendBait: We deserve this but also

IdRatherEatDirt: IDK what you’re talking about Satoshi

IcyBean: Hey guys?

LegendBait: Yeah? What’s up Lillie?

IcyBean: One, I have never participated in a Four Islands Unity Festival and am unsure if I should also be wearing traditional dress?

IdRatherEatDirt: Only if you want to! I have some stuff that’ll fit you.

IcyBean: Also, may I add my brother?

IdRatherEatDirt: Brother?

ZapBolt: Brother?

FlameOn: Brother?

BubbleOrBust: Brother?

LegendBait: Sure! If my cousin and Mallow’s best friend outside of class can join, so can he.

LegendBait: He’ll also empathize GREATLY with Riley

LegendBait: Though Riley is also missing his boyfriend so like IDK if Gladion can empathize there

IcyBean: He’s a complete disaster of a bisexual but single

TolBabey: Shigeru could probably relate there, pre-moi

TolBabey: I vote add him. He looks like he needs chaos.

LegendBait: Friends, Riley, we tell people we’re friends.

TolBabey: Ah! Lying!

IcyBean: Indeed! I’ll add him then, unless anyone has any objections?

PsychicBean: Not from me, and I think I’m the only one besides these two who have met him?

IcyBean: I’ll add him then. Just…Don’t mind the handle he comes in with.

TolBabey: You changed it after his temper tantrum didn’t you.


IcyBean has added AngstMachine to Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

PsychicBean: I suddenly wonder if we maybe shouldn’t have let this be the chat name so long

AngstMachine has entered Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

AngstMachine: wow this feels threatening

PsychicBean: Only if you deserve it

LegendBait: Wow, Hau, it’s almost like your uncle runs a gang of misfit teenagers

PsychicBean: Wow, Ash, it’s almost like your uncle teaches a gang of misfit teenagers

AngstMachine: a;hsdfh The couple from the park??? Ash with the Rockruff and the Pikachu and his boyfriend with Raichu?

TolBabey: I, the ultimate goth who looked down at you from my Kalosian height, am also here

AngstMachine: I don’t know what I expected when Lillie added me to a group chat

PsychicBean: I mean, we can turn the “love and acceptance” switch on

AngstMachine: Now THAT sounds like a threat

FlameOn: Who is this sassy lost child

AngstMachine: What’s up I’m Jared I’m 17 and I never learned how to read

FlameOn: Same

IcyBean: This is my brother Gladion.

TolBabey: So that makes three 17 year olds, three sixteen year olds, two fifteen year olds, and one fourteen year old. And one old fuck.

CriticalHit has entered Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

CriticalHit: I heard that and Hau and Ash have a date tonight so I’m in charge of feeding you.

TolBabey: where’s Auntie going to be?

TolBabey: Or, like, any of the Skullies?

CriticalHit: Mom and Plumeria are going shopping, Guzma is trolling Olivia about something over on Akala, and if you think the Skullies will feed you, you overestimate their abilities to fend for themselves.

TolBabey: …Maybe the sea will eat me

LegendBait: With your luck? No.

TolBabey: I’m sorry Uncle Ahilani, you’re not old.

CriticalHit: I should be more concerned that it wasn’t until suicide wasn’t a viable option that you apologized.

CriticalHit: But Guzma just told Olivia that if she makes him go to the Ruins of Life with her again he’s going to throw himself into the volcano so I have other things to worry about atm

AngstMachine: How many people here are related? Besides me and Lillie.

CriticalHit: Ash and Riley are my nephews through my sperm donor and Hau is my cousin through my mom. That’s pretty much it.

CriticalHit: Okay kids, get the fuck out of my classroom. I need to go rescue an idiot

PsychicBean: I can’t tell if you’re talking about Guzma or Olivia and I don’t want to know which

CriticalHit: I won’t even know which until I get there.


PM from FutureSightKahuna to StormChild

FutureSightKahuna: hnnn

StormChild: ?

FutureSightKahuna: You look really good in the kikepa

StormChild: You also look really good

StormChild: Why are you backing away?

FutureSightKahuna: We need to actually go to this festival

FutureSightKahuna: And we’re not going anywhere if I start touching you in private

StormChild: …why do we need to go again?

FutureSightKahuna: 1. Riley would murder us. 2. This is a time where we get to have a festival with your makuakāne instead of it being FOR your makuakāne. Same for Riley and his makuahine. That’s why I convinced him to go to Poni for the festivals. And 3. Mallow will know exactly what we’re doing if she doesn’t see us.

StormChild: Only the third point is a good argument.

StormChild: Okay, let’s go!


Alola ‘Oe

BullInAChinaShop has added MistyVeil and FutureSightKahuna to Alola ‘Oe

MistyVeil and FutureSightKahuna have entered Alola ‘Oe

BullInAChinaShop: Welcome to the madness, boys.

FutureSightKahuna: aohghedhfs Kapu-Bulu

HereComesThe: Hau!! Where are you and Satoshi?

Necromancer: Same but for Riley

MistyVeil: I’m by the beach, near the back by aesghiofho

BullInAChinaShop: She found him.

FutureSightKahuna: We’re over by the Manalo Trailhead with some classmates

HereComesThe: Can You Detach?

StormChild has entered Alola ‘Oe

StormChild: Not without being accused of doing inappropriate things

HereComesThe: …What if an adult came by and pulled you guys away to talk?

StormChild: Y’all in human form aren’t you

BullInAChinaShop: Yup! Tetefu is probably partying with Olivia. I’m actually on Melemele don’t tell my Kahuna. We’re by the shaved ice!

StormChild: You up for this Hau?

FutureSightKahuna: Is anyone ever really up for meeting the family?

FutureSightKahuna: But I am up for shaved ice. I want cheri berry flavor.

StormChild: hhhh Pomeg flavor please!

HereComesThe: Got it.