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Alola Family -- Legends and All

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PM from BullInAChinaShop and FutureSightKahuna

BullInAChinaShop: You okay there kid?


FutureSightKahuna: Kapu-Bulu?

BullInAChinaShop: Got it in one. Answer the question.

FutureSightKahuna: Does Satoshi know he

FutureSightKahuna: Does he understand he’s a god? Like really understand?

BullInAChinaShop: Do you understand you’re a human? Like really understand?

FutureSightKahuna: …I assume I do.

BullInAChinaShop: Exactly.

FutureSightKahuna: So he has no clue that he’s got a well of just…raw power in him?

BullInAChinaShop: Haven’t you figured it out yet? He’s a storm god.


FutureSightKahuna: He has no clue what that means either does he.

BullInAChinaShop: Do you think I understood anything about my abilities in the first two decades?

FutureSightKahuna: Hhhhhhhh

[Three Messages Redacted]


Alola Vacation Chat

DeadlyDiver: FOOD

LegendBait: I have been deprived

LegendBait: I have collected Hapu and we are COMING

LegendBait: Don’t let Green and Alain eat it all

GetOffTheMountain: rUDE

RunForTheMountains: He’s right though. We’re on our way too, once we’re dressed.

MegaBrotherComplex: If you’re not fast I get Green’s share

MegaBrotherComplex: That’s how this family works

IdRatherDirt: Y’all terrifying

CHOMP: They are. Isn’t it wonderful?

CriticalHit: 1. Yes.

CriticalHit: 2. Satoshi you have to practice today for the class

LegendBait: hhhhh

CriticalHit: 3. Someone save me I have to teach school in an hour

LegendBait: Just bring Professor Rowan with you

GrowYourOwnDad: I’ll come too. It’ll be a Science Day.


PM from CriticalHit to GrowYourOwnDad

CriticalHit: You are the BEST big brother ever

GrowYourOwnDad: I know!

GrowYourOwnDad: You probably won’t be able to hide that you’re Satoshi’s uncle through this visit

CriticalHit: I’m in this picture and I don’t like it.

GrowYourOwnDad: I know how to threaten Samson



Alola Vacation Chat

CriticalHit: Local idiot scientist brings in two other, better scientists to teach his students. More at eleven.

CriticalHit: Also Augustine is terrifying?

RunForTheMountains: Did he threaten to put acorns in someone’s skull and use it as a maraca again?

GrowYourOwnDad: You teachers were all terrible people.

RunForTheMountains: Not arguing

GetOffTheMountain: You’re Right and You Should Say IT

PsychicBean: Boyfriend time being intercepted by Mallow :(

IdRatherEatDirt: I’m your best friend you littearhdfs;h;oa

IdRatherEatDirt: This is Hapu and I am sitting on her


IdRatherEatDirt: What? You’ll give me the disappointed face.

RunForTheMountains: I will.

LegendBait: And she just slides Mallow’s phone over to me. Are these the powers dads have?

GrowYourOwnDad: Yes

FiteKahuna: Yes

GetOffTheMountain: Yes

FiteKahuna: What, pray tell, is boyfriend time? Just by the way

TolBabey: Fighting over who sits on who’s lap and giving other people diabetes.

SmellYaLater: Yup.

SmellYaLater has sent ItsSuperEffective.jpeg

LegendBait has sent DoubleTeam.jpeg

TolBabey: You two are ;;; too alike

FiteKahuna: Carry on.

PsychicBean: He knows I have blackmail on him

FiteKahuna: SHUT grandchild

PsychicBean: You shut

PsychicBean: I WILL add my uncle in here, do not THINK I won’t

PsychicBean: He’s young enough he skipped past being effected by Disappointed Dad looks and went straight into Grandson Puppy Eyes. And that was BEFORE the Tutus got married


DeadlyDiver: Cousins

FiteKahuna: You were the same way

DeadlyDiver: I know what I did


DeadlyDiver: But don’t preface it with anything. Just add him.

PsychicBean has added YaBuggyBoi into Alola Vacation Chat

YaBuggyBoi: What flavor of hell is this

DeadlyDiver: Tourists + Family

YaBuggyBoi: Thanks! I hate it.

CriticalHit has sent a voice message

YaBuggyBoi: Ahilani I will hitch a ride over to Melemele and suplex you into the ocean

CriticalHit has sent GetHit.gif

LegendBait: <eyes emoji>

PsychicBean: …You punched him?

YaBuggyBoi: Wait? Corn chip kid is here?

LegendBait: That is my new nickname, I like it better than what ANYONE ELSE HAS COME UP WITH

PsychicBean: Babe.

LegendBait: Except for my boyfriend and, like, maybe Riley.


YaBuggyBoi: Perish, little dude.

YaBuggyBoi: Wait, my little adorable nephew is dating the kid who punched me in the gut for doritos?

LegendBait: I would have been fed to the Sharpedo otherwise, thanks

YaBuggyBoi: I was going to compliment your right hook but I am now Concerned

GrowYourOwnDad: It’s a common feeling with him

CriticalHit: Classic Lana

DeadlyDiver: There’s a student that takes after me, Ahilani?

CriticalHit: I hoped you would have continued your abandonment of me until after she graduated

CriticalHit: @GrowYourOwnDad do NOT let her out of the house she WILL murder me

GrowYourOwnDad: I have a healthy respect for your mother and will do no such thing

YaBuggyBoi: …@CriticalHit is @GrowYourOwnDad your oldest brother?

CritcalHit: <inhale emoji>

CriticalHit: shit

IdRatherEatDirt: I feel like something momentous was just revealed


Pansagement has entered Alola Vacation Chat

CHOMP: I’ll fight him for you Tiny Professor

CriticalHit: I’m literally two inches taller than you but I will LET YOU

Pansagement: You hid a student’s relation to you Professor Kukui

GrowYourOwnDad: In his defense, you just didn’t do any research

GrowYourOwnDad: It’s all public record

GrowYourOwnDad: Like certain other things <upside down smiley emoji>

Pansagement: …Hello Professor Sycamore…

Pansagement: I see nothing wrong with this have a good day.

Panasagement has left Alola Vacation Chat

YaBuggyBoi: I had no idea he was in here and I’m sorry

LegendBait: I made the chat and I didn’t either

ROTOMDEX: Since the chat was made to connect everyone together and to important members of Alola I felt I should add him as well as the other Kahuna.

GrowYourOwnDad: Huh

GrowYourOwnDad: HoloCaster please search ‘how to make a pokedex into a toaster’ video from PokeTube channel IAmLemonBoy

LegendBait: Oh hey Clemont’s channel

CriticalHit: You can turn the Rotom into a toaster LATER August we have a class to teach

CriticalHit: Speaking of @LegendBait @IdRatherEatDirt

LegendBait: I’m bringing Friends

SmellYaLater: I better be part of that

LegendBait: You and Hapu, yes. Tho I figured bc Rowan you’d already be coming.

SmellYaLater: Oh you’re right

SmellYaLater: @GetOffTheMountain BRO? YOU COMING

LegendBait: @PsychicBean I’ll deal with the aftermath of Mallow telling everyone. I’m sure Red needs help herdiering everyone around on the Guided Trip and someone needs to keep Riley from jumping off any cliffs again

PsychicBean: @TolBabey again? And thanks babe.

TolBabey: I have no reason to tell you what happened in the chat.

GetOffTheMountain: Yes I’m coming, this is going to be AMAZING


You’re Both Pretty

Pansagement: Professor Sycamore is very tall

RokKahuna: Oh you met August! Wait of course you did, I’m in that chat.

RokKahuna: He’s threatening you isn’t he

Pansagement: I will neither confirm nor deny

Pansagement: Were you aware that his brother is Professor Kukui and that Professor Kukui’s boarder and student is his son?

RokKahuna: Duh. I’m part of the Terror Chat with Molyane. When Kukui figured out that he’d be hanging out with his nephew he freaked

FiteKahuna: It was not hidden

KatKahuna: I’m sorry, Hau is dating Augustine Sycamore’s kid?

FiteKahuna: Yes.

RokKahuna: August is my favorite of Ahilani’s brothers

CriticalHit has entered You’re Both Pretty

CriticalHit: August is my favorite of my brothers too!

CriticalHit has left You’re Both Pretty


Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

LegendBait: Thank you all for putting up with everyone

BubbleOrBust: I don’t know what you mean, that was amazing

ZapBolt: Your family are all really nice people

ZapBolt: Questionable friends though?

LegendBait: That’s fair. Yes, everyone from Sinnoh is Like That

LegendBait: I should probably add Riley in here tbh

FlameOn: Your cousin? Why?

LegendBait: He stayin’

LegendBait: Momi’s excited because it means someone will being living steadily at the Big House once she leaves.

LegendBait has added TolBabey to Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

TolBabey has entered Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

TolBabey: Did Hau name this chat?

LegendBait: Yup.

TolBabey: You two are the power couple of weird ass names for chat groups

TolBabey: Help Me Obi Juan Whoever The Fuck You Are, You’re My Only Ho

LegendBait: :p

BubbleOrBust: I am LIVING for that chat name right there

LegendBait: We had to shorten it but the jist is still there

LegendBait: Oh hey Sophocles can you turn a toaster into a pokedex?

ZapBolt: ???????

TolBabey: Uncle Augustine turned the RotomDex into one after it Did A Bad

ZapBolt: Okay then. I can try?

ZapBolt: How did he even…

TolBabey: Clemont made a youtube video.

TolBabey: @LegendBait Good job on the presentation from everyone.

TolBabey: And Auntie wants a picture of you and Hau with you in The Outfits.


LegendBait: How did she learn about those?

TolBabey: Momi pulled out Scrapbooks

TolBabey: Uncle Ahilani has hidden somewhere

IdRatherEatDirt: Traditional clothes?

LegendBait: Yes. Hala INSISTED we get some for the festival.

IdRatherEatDirt: Oof. But aren’t your family staying for that?

LegendBait: Nah it’s right after they leave

LegendBait: Riley needs some too <eyes emoji>

TolBabey: one (1) fear

IdRatherEatDirt: I can help. Your boof will love it

TolBabey: two (2) fears?

IdRatherEatDirt: >:3

TolBabey: two (2) fears.