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Alola Family -- Legends and All

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PM between LegendBait and PsychicBean

LegendBait: Hey did you get any sleep?

PsychicBean: A little. I’ve been up doing as little as possible while staying awake so I can sleep tonight.

LegendBait: Fair

PsychicBean: Where are you?

LegendBait: The Pokemon Center in Hao’li. We’ve brought Stoutland there.

LegendBait: I’m going to take him and Litten some food before I conk out.

PsychicBean: You’re staying there tonight?

PsychicBean: Satoshi?

PsychicBean: Did you fall asleep?

LegendBait: I…

LegendBait: No, no. I’m coming home tonight. You’re still staying at the Big House?

PsychicBean: Yeah

PsychicBean: I’ll wait up for you.


PM between CriticalHit and LegendBait

CriticalHit: You know, when you asked to stay out of the house last night I didn’t expect you to end up curled up with Hau.

LegendBait: Stoutland took Litten back to their place under the bridge. I couldn’t…

CriticalHit: Ah. Okay. How about we go down there together after school?

LegendBait: Okay.

CriticalHit: I wish you would tell me when you changed places like this. I worry.

LegendBait: I know. I’ll try harder.

CriticalHit: Don’t you worry about it, I’m the adult. Or at least the older adult.

LegendBait has sent a picture KantoAdultPolicies

CriticalHit: Hah, yeah. But I know you’re not used to having adults around all the time. And you do let me know some of the time. So I’ll take what I get.


Family Chat

MegaBrotherComplex: Okay so we have

MegaBrotherComplex: Eight tickets round trip from Kalos to Alola and back after three weeks, leaving at the end of the week. Two only to Alola from Kalos with no quickly foreseeable return trip. Five tickets have been scheduled for when we get back to head to Sinnoh. Two have been scheduled for

MegaBrotherComplex: Four days? Four days later from Kalos to Kanto.

MegaBrotherComplex: Does this sound right to everyone?

DragonFite: I’m going to stab my eyes out. Why did I get dragged into helping preparations? I’m not even able to come.

MegaBrotherComplex: Because we’re the only ones who do paperwork regularly.

TolBabey: I see this call out to Professors Sycamore and Rowan, my boyfriend, and Cynthia and agree.

SmellYaLater: Rowan and I at least split the paperwork.

TolBabey: And yet I still end up doing a quarter of it for you two. But yes, Alain, it all looks correct.

TheMomther: It does indeed, you’ve done very well, the both of you.

CHOMP: Yeah it all looks good. I’m not even going to argue about the paperwork thing. Bertha has been doing it so long that I just never learned to do it except for the bare necesseties. I’m going to follow her into the grave.

MegaBrotherComplex: @CriticalHit @GetOffTheMountain Who all is meeting us at the airport on

MegaBrotherComplex: I think it’ll be Saturday in Alola when we get there?

GetOffTheMountain: Don’t tag Kukui, we’re all dealing with some stuff but he and Satoshi are having the hardest time. And Hapu, because she’s nine and this is just bringing up so many memories for her.

GetOffTheMountain: But Kukui, Red, Hapu, me, and maybe Hau and Satoshi will be meeting you. Me, Kukui, and Red can all drive and Hapu can take people on Mudsdale.

TheMomther: Hau?

GetOffTheMountain: I’m not explaining Hau.

SmellYaLater: I have been hit with a frying pan by my boyfriend and relegated to holding the eggs on the flight. Because he saw me typing.

GetOffTheMountain: It’ll depend on how Satoshi’s feeling, by then. Otherwise, those two will meet us at the house.


Alola Family Chat

RunForTheMountains: Are Satoshi and Hapu still talking about death or did they at least take a break from when I left to go guide and now.

CriticalHit: Hau walked in at one point and the topic turned to raising pokemon and what kind of pokemon Hapu would want if she was turning ten without one

CriticalHit: Subtle enough to make her not realize

CriticalHit: She mentioned Whooper btw

CriticalHit: But then she started thinking about what will happen when Mudsdale dies, since she was with her grandfather for a while, and the topic came back up.

RunForTheMountains: Where am I supposed to get a Whooper in Alola

CriticalHit: I know a breeder from Kalos

RunForTheMountains: T H A N K

RunForTheMountains: It’s coming up…

RunForTheMountains: SO QUICKLY

RunForTheMountains: Ten is such an important age

CriticalHit: …Have you and Green thought through the room assignments?

GetOffTheMountain has entered Alola Family Chat

GetOffTheMountain: I have a list.

GetOffTheMountain: Riley and Shigeru will be sharing a room at the back of the house to avoid any concussions

CriticalHit: Do I want to know?

RunForTheMountains: You do not.

GetOffTheMountain: Red and I are staying in our room and Hapu’s going to stay in the room next to us.

RunForTheMountains: You could have put her by my mom and dad, Green.

GetOffTheMountain: And if she has a nightmare?

RunForTheMountains: She’ll know where we are

RunForTheMountains: Oh I see your point

CriticalHit: Parenting has done wonderful things for your relationship, obviously.

CriticalHit: Oww

GetOffTheMountain: You deserved that. Anyways. Hanako will be sleeping in the room between Momi and Professor Rowan because we found Things out

CriticalHit: Terrible, terrible things.

RunForTheMountains: Seriously? Those two? And btw Kukui you’re across the room from Hanako.

CriticalHit: Wow I hate this set up.

GetOffTheMountain: And Professor Sycamore will be in the room between Alain and Riley and Shigeru.

CriticalHit: Should we not put Alain further up the house?

RunForTheMountains: And let him build up speed? No. Anyways, Ash and probably Hau will stay in the bedroom with a loft. For plausible deniability.

CriticalHit: They both still say they aren’t together yet so I’m not sure if it’s plausible deniability they’ll need because nothing happened or because something happened.

RunForTheMountains: I’m putting money on nothing.

GetOffTheMountain: I’m putting money on something. Hala also is putting money there. The only reason he’s not suspicious they’ve done anything with how often Hau has slept over is because the two of them have let Hapu sleep over with them in the loft. She now wants a loft by the way.

CriticalHit: I’ll join Red then.

LegendBait has entered Alola Family Chat

LegendBait: I may be barely checking my phone but like.

LegendBait: Remember I’m still in the chat maybe?

LegendBait: Did you split up Zoey and Dawn?

GetOffTheMountain: Yes and we put Cynthia between them because she’ll never let them live it down.

LegendBait: Nice. Smart. What’s for dinner?

GetOffTheMountain: Fuck

RunForTheMountains: Fuck

CriticalHit: Fuck


LegendBait: I’m taking Hau and Hapu to the Cafeteria



TheAwaitedChild has entered LegenBabies

TheAwaitedChild has added MistyVeil to LegenBabies

MistyVeil has entered LegenBabies

MistyVeil: What fresh Distortion World

CloneMa: Oh this is the new one? Welcome

CloneMa: You’re right, this is basically a fresh Distortion World

TheAwaitedChild: Worm

TheAwaitedChild: @everyone Ages!

TheAwaitedChild: I’m 16

MistyVeil: 17

WCDONALDS: Too old to count but the only one here who is :)

BestBabie: 26!

Princey: 1013

GenieInAComet: 1302, and I’m the cut off without counting Zapdos. Hoopa is like two hundred years older.

HedgeHog: 469!

WaterHorse: Just turned 600!

VictoryIsMine: 1301.

BallerinasAreScary: 606!

XJ9: 502!

MegaDiamonds: 704~

ThisBabyWillKillYou: 1200

CloneMa: You are not

ThisBabyWillKillYou: 1199.

CloneMa: Good.

MistyVeil: And how old are you? 1250s?

CloneMa: I’m eleven so shut the fuck up.

MistyVeil: what

TheAwaitedChild: Yeah, he’s right. He’s a clone of Mew made 11 years ago! Also the first legendary to kill me.

CloneMa: I said I was sorry.

TheAwaitedChild: And our advocate for staying alive with all the possible psychic backlash

MistyVeil: Do I owe my life to an eleven-year-old

CloneMa: No. I’d say sanity but you probably won’t have any if you ever check any chat on here

MistyVeil: That’s fair.

TheAwaitedChild: Hey @CloneMa about that thing. Can you do it? I have a Litten to go talk to. See you tomorrow Riley!

MistyVeil: Shit we need to get to the airport.