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Alola Family -- Legends and All

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Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

LegendBait has entered Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

LegendBait: Wow that chat name. What did you guys do to piss Hau or the Professor off

BubbleOrBust: It was Hau

BubbleOrBust: Why would Professor Kukui change it to this

LegendBait: I have heard BOTH OF THEM say it at least five times a day since we started cleaning the Big House

IdRatherEatDirt: I occasionally forget that Momi Kukui is our teacher’s mom and you have serious access to her house

IdRatherEatDirt: Why don’t you guys live there?

LegendBait: You’ve seen what happens at the Beach Shack

IdRatherEatDirt: oof fair

FlameOn: The Big House???

IdRatherEatDirt: You’ve never seen it? The Kukui house is across the road in Iki Town from the Kahuna’s dojo and is nearly as big. Since the Kahuna’s dojo is the Kahuna’s dojo, the Kukui house is called the Big House. A lot of people have guests stay there if their own houses aren’t big enough.

IdRatherEatDirt: Speaking of, why are you guys cleaning it?

FlameOn: Wait, Ash, is that where you sent me to tell the little girl that message?

IdRatherEatDirt: And who are the three people living in it right now?

LegendBait: !!! I forgot to tell you guys! Because the Professor and the Principal gave me that big presentation for the Family Day open house, most of my family is coming. The people already living there are my brother, Red, his husband, Green, and their adopted daughter/ward Hapu. They live on Poni most of the time and Green is one of the Professor’s assistants.

LegendBait: @IcyBean You and Snowball should come by! Green studies pokemon abilities and so he brought his Kantonese Ninetales and caught an Alolan Ninetales! Fix and Maeve! Maeve is really sweet and would love Snowball!

IcyBean: !!! Yes! Meet the Alolan Ninetales!!!

LegendBait: We can do that before we go shopping tomorrow

ZapBolt: We’re doing the experiment today, remember Ash?

LegendBait: That’s why I logged in! Hau and I are on our way to your house now!

ZapBolt: Hau too?

LegendBait: Hau has a Raichu and made interested sounds when I explained we were going to try and track my energy output with Pikachu so I invited him.

LegendBait: Is that okay?

ZapBolt: He has a Raichu? Alolan or Kantonese?

IdRatherEatDirt: His Raichu is a cute Alolan Raichu!! That’s why he’s PsychicBean in my phone and thus on here

LegendBait: I named him something similar in my phone

IdRatherEatDirt: <eyes emoji> Oh?

LegendBait: :)

IdRatherEatDirt: When are you guys going to get together????

Mod LegendBait has muted IdRatherEatDirt for Fifty Seven Minutes

LegendBait: Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

FlameOn: Oh my fucking Tapu

BubbleOrBust: Hi, Officer Jenny, I’d like to report a murder?

LegendBait: @ZapBolt We Are Here and we Brought Berries

ZapBolt: Coming!


Alola ‘Oe

TheAwaitedChild has entered Alola ‘Oe

TheAwaitedChild: @BullInAChinaShop @DesignatedHealer @Necromancer

TheAwaitedChild: Is it a bad thing to accidentally unleash your full power and freak your father out because he thinks you’re in trouble?

HereComesThe: YES

TheAwaitedChild: I wasn’t asking you

DesignatedHealer: Rehire isn’t on right now for some reason but I have to say! I saw that blast from Akala and was both Impressed and Concerned

BullInAChinaShop: Same from Ula’Ula, and I had to stop my Kahuna from jumping on a Ride pokemon and heading over there

TheAwaitedChild: He called Hau already

TheAwaitedChild: Hala showed up too—he thought it was makuakāne at first.

BullInAChinaShop: Hau was there? Is he okay?

TheAwaitedChild: Yeah! He’s a little put out at me and keeps poking my cheek. I’m just a little singed.

DesignatedHealer: McFucking Scuse Me?

TheAwaitedChild: I’m used to it.

DesignatedHealer: You really are Kokeku’s keiki

HereComesThe: :)

DesignatedHealer: I don’t like that smile

DesignatedHealer: Dear fuck I forgot what you looked like when you take human form

DesignatedHealer: DO NOoapitg;

TheAwaitedChild: She dead

BullInAChinaShop: She deaaaad

TheAwaitedChild: I have never seen any of you in human form!

BullInAChinaShop: You’ve only met your dad in person

TheAwaitedChild: I was referring to all of the legendaries I’ve met

BullInAChinaShop: Seriously?

TheAwaitedChild: Wait actually

TheAwaitedChild: Latias. I’ve seen Latias do it. That’s it.

BullInAChinaShop: w o w


Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

IcyBean: Are We Ready To Meet The Ninetales?

FlameOn: Yup. I want to meet the Kantonese one.

IdRatherEatDirt: Maybe since it’s a bigger Snowball you’ll be able to touch it?

IcyBean: It’s only logical!

BubbleOrBust: You’re terrified aren’t you.

IcyBean: Absolutely!

ZapBolt: I’m excited to meet Ash’s brother! Did you know he was Champion of Kanto and Johto for a while? He’s technically undefeated as Champion—he resigned after a few years.

LegendBait has entered Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

LegendBait: Please do NOT mention that.

LegendBait: And don’t expect him to talk at all

IdRatherEatDirt: Oh the strong silent type?

LegendBait: My dude

LegendBait: My brother was born without vocal chords

FlameOn: How does he instruct his pokemon in battle

LegendBait: WHISTLE

LegendBait: He taught me how to do it

LegendBait: But I don’t know his current team’s command blasts.

FlameOn: Neat

FlameOn: Let’s go!


PM from PsychicBean to LegendBait

PsychicBean: Where are you? Everyone else is back from shopping.

LegendBait: There’s uh

LegendBait: An abandoned “treasure” island between here and Akala? I took a sea kayak with Pikachu!

LegendBait: It’s been awhile since we’ve been on our own, yk?

PsychicBean: Oh

LegendBait: I told you he was my first partner, and we start every journey together so it’s nice having some time to ourselves.

PsychicBean: Yeah!

LegendBait: …Are you okay?

PsychicBean: Yeah! Of course!

LegendBait: You know, I’ve been thinking. About us.

LegendBait: Hau?

PsychicBean: Yeah?

LegendBait: I really do like you. And I was talking to Pikachu about how he and I are going to go all the way and I’m going to be a Pokemon Master, no matter what. So that means that one day I’ll leave Alola.

PsychicBean: Right…

LegendBait: But I was wondering… First I was wondering if you’d come with me. But I can’t ask you that. If you go on a journey somewhere else it should be about you.

LegendBait: And I think you have a lot that you’ll be doing here. I think you’re going to be Kahuna one day.

PsychicBean: Satoshi

LegendBait: So I was wondering if you’d be okay if I came back here.

LegendBait: To you.

LegendBait: Hau?

LegendBait: Did I say something wrong?

PsychicBean: No, no. I’m just trying to think. Because I. I want to be okay with you coming back. I really do. I want you to come back.

PsychicBean: But I’m not sure I can understand your faith in me. Like, me being Kahuna? There are so many other people who could take over when Tutu dies. Better people.

PsychicBean: I don’t want to be like my parents, floating through life with no direction, so don’t get my hopes up.

LegendBait: Well if you don’t think it’s going to happen, come with me! If by the time I leave you can tell me that you’re not going to be Kahuna, then come with me!

LegendBait: Hau please text back. I’m sorry.

PsychicBean: I thought you were going to say we should stop.

LegendBait: If we should, I’m not ready to say it.

LegendBait: I’ve never felt the way you make me feel and I like it. And I don’t want to. So it’s all in your hands. I don’t want to hurt you and I’m not

LegendBait: I’d like to say I’m not afraid to be hurt, because I am. But if it’s for you, I’d take it.

PsychicBean: Satoshi

LegendBait: I’m heading back to Melemele. Will you meet me? In Hao’li when I return the sea kayak? And we’ll walk back to Iki Town together and just…Talk.


PsychicBean: Okay. Okay, I’ll meet you at the Malasada place. I should be able to get some before they close, so we’ll have a snack on the walk back.

LegendBait: See you soon.

PsychicBean: See you soon.


PM from TolBabey to LegendBait

TolBabey: Something feels weird

LegendBait: What kind of weird?

TolBabey: You weird—but you’re in Alola and I’m in Kalos.


LegendBait: Let me check on something.


The Tree Of Life and Death

TheAwaitedChild has entered The Tree of Life and Death

TheAwaitedChild: @OhDeer what’s going on over there

MistyVeil has entered The Tree of Life and Death

MistyVeil: my head hurts what the mcfuck

TheAwaitedChild: …

OhDeer: Was it like this for you when Lugia first awakened you Satoshi

MistyVeil: satoshi?

TheAwaitedChild: oh my fucking arceus

TheAwaitedChild: Riley?

OhDeer: Hahah Satoshi you know your cousin?

TheAwaitedChild: Riley you need to get to the Lumiose City Gym and tell Clemont that I sent you and that he needs to install that app I gave him the data of onto your phone ASAP

GenieinaHulaHoop: I’ll get him there