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Alola Family -- Legends and All

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Alola You Fricks

CriticalHit has entered Alola You Fricks

CriticalHit: Hello Students! It is I, you’re exhausted and somewhat overwhelmed professor. I was going to go easy on you today while I get this research done and finish cleaning the Big House!

CriticalHit: However Ash is doing something cool so your assignment is to track him down, don’t interfere unless he asks for your help, and write a report about how what he’s doing relates to the types of training I’ve talked to you about. Due two days after he’s done!

CriticalHit: Have fun!

CriticalHit has left Alola You Fricks

IdRatherEatDirt: I

FlameOn: I’ll get on Charizard and see if I can spot him?

ZapBolt: I’ll use a program to try and find the most likely location for him to be

BubbleOrBust: I have a better idea

IcyBean: Oh?

BubbleOrBust: @PsychicBean where’s your boyfriend

PsychicBean has entered Alola You Fricks

PsychicBean: He’s not my boyfriend, and I don’t know.

PsychicBean has changed the title of this chat to Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

PsychicBean: If you make untrue claims, you’ll be conscripted for the cleaning of the Big House

PsychicBean: Like many of the dojo students <upside down smiley emoji>

PsychicBean: I will say that Kiawe has the best chance at finding him. Now if you’ll excuse me, Tutu is calling.

PsychicBean has left Bad Children Go In The Washing Machine

FlameOn: Okay so my plan.

IdRatherEatDirt: How did he get Mod privileges? I’m the one who added him! I’m not even a mod!

ZapBolt: Either the professor or Ash made him one

ZapBolt: I have no clue how Ash is one either but the professor said he didn’t do it

ZapBolt: I can’t change the name back.

FlameOn: He’s just on the beach by the professor’s house btw.

BubbleOrBust: I’m going fishing while we do this


Alola ‘Oe

Necromancer: @TheAwaitedChild Satoshi sweetie can you take a message to Hapu for me?

TheAwaitedChild has entered Alola ‘Oe

TheAwaitedChild: I’m a little busy but none of my classmates are so I can get one of them to take it

TheAwaitedChild: Probably Kiawe he’s least likely to do something to offend her, but he'll still engage with her. Lana'd offend her outright, because her humor is just. Lana. Lillie'd be too stiff. Mallow wouldn't understand why it's important or would ask why it is important. Sophocles probably isn't moving from his calculations anytime soon.

TheAwaitedChild: So shoot

Necromancer: Please convey the message that she should meditate in the Ruins of Conflict today

TheAwaitedChild: Message being sent

TheAwaitedChild has left Alola ‘Oe

Necromancer: What is he doing anyways?

DesignatedHealer: From my view over here with my mixed drink, it looks like he’s doing intensive training with a wild pokemon.

HereComesThe: He is. He’s helping a wild Rockruff learn rock throw.

HereComesThe: @DesignatedHealer how many tourists have tripped over themselves to buy you another drink

DesignatedHealer: Enough that Olivia has joined me. Looking like a human is fucking hilarious.

DesignatedHealer: And these drinks are tasty.

HereComesThe: I’ve never seen the appeal tbh

BullInAChinaShop: You could hug your son without the shields being all there

HereComesThe: The shields can shield him

Necromancer: Kokeku being the overprotective parent

HereComesThe: Like you wouldn’t shove your child in your shell if you could


Necromancer: I came here to get a message to my future kahuna and here I am being attacked by MINE OWN BROTHER

Necromancer: RUDE

BullInAChinaShop: Wow I sure am happy to not be interested in romance, procreation, or children that aren’t related directly to me

DesignatedHealer: How long did it take you to figure out a combination that called all of us out

BullInAChinaShop: We’ve been together since our creation—it really wasn’t hard.


Family Chat

GrowYourOwnDad has added SmellYaLater and TolBabey to Family Chat

MegaMistake: So I neglected to mention something when Uncle Augustine took me in and I began to interact with the family

CriticalHit: The fact that you have a younger brother who you were separated from by your asshole of a dad? You didn’t mention that to them?

MegaMistake: How did you know about that

TolBabey: Hey Alain take one of these fuckin eggs

MegaMistake: Why do you have two eggs

LegendBait has entered Family Chat

LegendBait: I’m sorry, Riley is my mcfucking cousin?

LegendBait: Not sure how I missed that. We look a lot alike. Like, more than Alain and I do

RunForTheMountains: He looks like a fusion of you and Alain

LegendBait: And there’s my brother here to ruin things

LegendBait: Anyways! Riley picked the eggs up for me from a breeder I trust

CriticalHit: Those better be gifts for someone over here because you’re still not allowed to have more than one non-Alolan pokemon since you aren’t living here full time.

LegendBait: I swear they’re gifts.

TolBabey: Fucker couldn’t decide between the two once he found out there were clutches of both

LegendBait: I have many friends.

GrowYourOwnDad has granted Mod Powers to SmellYaLater for 10 Minutes

Mod SmellYaLater has changed MegaMistake’s handle to MegaBrotherComplex

SmellYaLater: Just from what I’ve notice in the last hour.

Mod SmellYaLater has locked the handle of MegaBrotherComplex so only another Mod can change it!

MegaBrotherComplex: I’m going to throw you into a waterfall

SmellYaLater: Your little brother has done worse to me for less.

TolBabey: I can’t change me handle either, to note.

SmellYaLater: He bleached my hair.

TheMomther: It doesn’t look any different than usual


TheMomther: Oh

TheMomther: Oh you’re just as bad as your brother and Red aren’t you

LegendBait: I warned

SmellYaLater: You did, I admit it

GrowYourOwnDad: So what’s with the eggs

TolBabey: Satoshi wanted to get gifts for his friends

TolBabey: Eggs were only some of the souvenirs.

SmellYaLater: While there are other things in the bag I’m carrying, the eggs are all romance.

LegendBait: Nevermelt Ice for Lillie and Snowball, Sinnohan honey for Mallow, Sea Incense for Lana and Popplio, a Dragon Fang for Kiawe and Turtonator from Celestic Town (tell Cynthia thanks for that btw), and a magnet made from Iron Island material for Sophocles and Togedemaru (thank you Riley).

TheMomther: And the eggs are for???

LegendBait has fled Family Chat

TheMomther: I’ll get it out of him eventually. Anyways, we should go shopping now, all of you but Cynthia look like you’re about to burn up. Oh and

Mod TheMomther has kicked SmellYaLater from Family Chat

TheMomther: He can be added when/if y'all get married

TolBabey: Hi what the fuck

CriticalHit: It's called familial affection

TolBabey: I like it


PM from OhDeer to Necromancer

OhDeer: I found him.