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Alola Family -- Legends and All

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OG Friends Chat

LegendBait: I just remembered

LegendBait: Because he’s coming here in like a month I must tell

LegendBait: @SmellYaLater 1. Sorry I forgot it was your birthday the other day and didn’t tell you on the Sin No chat, Happy Belated Birthday. 2. There is a boy

LegendBait: There is nothing CONCRETE, but I like him

MermaidsDrownMen: Satoshi? Liking someone enough to warn Shigeru to not be a little bitch?

LegendBait: I feel I should be offended.

LegendBait: Considering the someone, I have decided to be offended.

RockSolid: I’m impressed by whoever this is

MermaidsDrownMen: Same. I want to meet him!

SmellYaLater: Well too bad because I get to meet him first

LegendBait: Not if I can help it.

SmellYaLater: I can change Riley’s chat name


LegendBait: 1. To What and 2. Can you make it permanent?

SmellYaLater: His name in my phone and yes


SketchIt: What is it?

LegendBait: Let’s just say that they have a wholesome relationship dynamic

LegendBait: It’s somewhat funny because Green is as tall as Riley and Red is like a hair shorter so they can somewhat claim it too, but it’s not as Effective

SmellYaLater: We are the more wholesome couple

LegendBait: Mom would agree, only because she’s never been around you guys together before.

LegendBait: She’s going to give someone a concussion in Kalos

SmellYaLater: I’m disturbed by both what this means for us and what this means about my brother and Red

LegendBait: :)

MermaidsDrownMen: Knowing Red and Green, suffer.

RockSolid: Yeah you guys didn’t have to deal with them during the time around Red being Champion + the Mount Silver episodes

LegendBait: Excuse me, I lived with them for a little while before the first Mount Silver episode because Mom and Barrierd went on vacation to the Orange Islands

SketchIt: Is that why you knew about the League there?

LegendBait: No but it’s why I knew about Professor Ivy!

SketchIt: Funky


Alola Family Chat

CriticalHit: @RunForTheMountains you said you guys would help us today

RunForTheMountains: Oh yeah I did

GetOffTheMountain: Don’t worry, I remembered you mentioning it. Our lunches are packed and Charizard is ready to take all three of us over

LegendBait: Mo-mi’s House! Mo-mi’s House!

RunForTheMountains: Have you done any maintenance since she left

CriticalHit: …

CriticalHit: I’ve been busy!

RunForTheMountains: This may take a few more days than the weekend.

GetOffTheMountain: We can stay come back next weekend

GetOffTheMountain: We’ll probably stay the whole week before they all get here anyways.

LegendBait: Nice

LegendBait: That you guys?

LegendBait: CHEEZ-IT

GetOffTheMountain: You greet the Charizard before us?

GetOffTheMountain: You named your brother’s Charizard Cheez-It

RunForTheMountains: He was three

RunForTheMountains: Charizard doesn’t respond to anything but it and “Charizard”

RunForTheMountains: How did you not know this

LegendBait: He’s just throwing his hands up, he’s not even signing

RunForTheMountains: Yeah he does this sometimes. It confuses Hapu because she thinks all of it is signing.



RunForTheMountains: I know!!

CriticalHit: Guys, let’s get to work. I don’t want to die.

LegendBait has posted BeforePicture


PM from PsychicBean to LegendBait

PsychicBean: There are three (3) Kantonian fighters here right now

PsychicBean: h e l p

LegendBait: We’re cleaning Momi’s house right now because she’s friends with my Dad and is coming back when all of my family comes into the region to watch me fail at a school thing

LegendBait: The most help I can offer is asking if you want to come help us clean


PsychicBean: I’ll Take It


Alola Family Chat

RunForTheMountains: um

GetOffTheMountain: oh my gosh they’re adorable

GetOffTheMountain: Were we ever that cute?

RunForTheMountains: I think we were too salty to be cute

RunForTheMountains: I now see why Professor Uncle Kukui had to ask tho. Wow y'all do that every time you greet and go?

LegendBait: I’m on this chat, you know

LegendBait: It's an effective non-vocal greeting method that allows us to display the affection we have for each other without any actually-together PDA

RunForTheMountains: Introduces Us To Your Boyfriend Satoshi

GetOffTheMountain: Introduces Us To Your Boyfriend Satoshi

LegendBait: He’s not my boyfriend, we’re not sure what we want to be. Not everyone is planning their wedding at the age of eleven @GetOffTheMountain

GetOffTheMountain: I dedicate my life to our lord and savior Giratina and this is the thanks I get?

CriticalHit: He literally got in the washing machine wow

CriticalHit: Hau is helping clean?

LegendBait: Yee

CriticalHit: Thank fuck

LegendBait: So is Raichu!

CriticalHit: Thank fuck

RunForTheMountains: Hapu is fascinated by him

LegendBait: He’s pretty fascinating

RunForTheMountains: That’s kinda gay Satoshi

LegendBait: Says the man married to his childhood best friend

RunForTheMountains: Well yeah, I speak from experience

LegendBait: Go get your husband out of the washing machine, I don’t think anyone helped him out of there


Johto-Kanto Alliance Chat

TheAwaitedChild: My mute older brother is somehow interrogating the guy I’m taking it slow with

TheAwaitedChild: Hau does not speak Kantonese or Johtonese sign language

TheAwaitedChild: @Hohoho what did you do

Hohoho: How do you know it was me?

TheAwaitedChild: You love Red more than you love your own children

ZiggyZiggyTail: He’s right

NotAnUnown: It’s okay though

CrystalCrown: We also love Red more than we love you.

Hohoho: Rude

Hohoho: I just thought it would be fun to set up a minor failsafe for him!

Hohoho: It’s an innate ability to be understood by any valid romantic interest you have

TheAwaitedChild: That’s fucking terrifying

TheAwaitedChild: Does he even realize this is a thing?

Beastie: Doubt

OneBlackCoffee: Probably not. You’ve never had any valid romantic interests before

TheAwaitedChild: There are some people who would like to argue with you about that but you’re not wrong

WCDONALDS: One person

FoodAtHome: No there was that guy remember


TheAwaitedChild: …?

WCDONALDS: From Sinnoh!

TheAwaitedChild: …Paul?

WCDONALDS: It’s such a meme of a name

TheAwaitedChild: This comes from one of a trio that chose their chat names off of the “Driving By A WcDonalds” triangle placement meme.

TheAwaitedChild: Specifically one that should definitely have bought me WcDonalds but never has

WCDONALDS: Give me like ten minutes

TheAwaitedChild: I DIDN’T MEAN NOW

FoodAtHome: Fool


Alola Family Chat

GetOffTheMountain: Satoshi why is Zaptos here with WcDonalds

LegendBait: Why are you blaming me? I have nothing to do with the legendary birds. Not since The Bad Time #2.

GetOffTheMountains: What about the panicked reaction that had you scrambling for the roof ten minutes ago

LegendBait: Oh hey it’s Unova WcDonalds with those special Zebstrika shaped nuggets and the special sauce



CriticalHit: Does someone want to tell me why Satoshi fell off of the roof and onto a giant lightning bird

CriticalHit: We already have one of those on the island, make it go away

RunForTheMountains: omfgs

RunForTheMountains: Are you okay? You look so dead

CriticalHit: I have inhaled so much SnovSol but the house is somewhat presentable

CriticalHit: Get the non-native Thunder Chicken out of our Region

LegendBait: hE'S LEAVING


PM from LegendBait to PsychicBean

LegendBait: Do you want some of these nuggets?

PsychicBean: Yes please!