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Alola Family -- Legends and All

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Family Chat

CriticalHit: Okay I’m sure I can put together something real quick???

CriticalHit: But I got you a present so get your butt down to the lab.

GetOffTheMountain: DID IT GET THERE???

CriticalHit: It did, it did

CriticalHit: Ash where are you

CriticalHit: Oh I hear you coming down now

LegendBait: POKEDEX


LegendBait: It’s a fucking Rotom???

ROTOMDEX has added itself to Family Chat

CriticalHit: Oh I don’t like that

LegendBait: Same

ROTOMDEX: Hello Satoshi’s Family!

ROTOMDEX: I now have access to all of his chat rooms

ROTOMDEX: Wait, no. There is one app I am completely unable to access.

LegendBait: Good. I only need three data hackers in those chats, besides myself.

GetOffTheMountain: <eyes emoji>

RunForTheMountains: <eyes emoji>

DragonFite: <eyes emoji>

DragonMaster: <eyes emoji>

TheMomther: <eyes emoji>

GrowYourOwnDad: <eyes emoji>

MegaMistake: Oh is it that chat app you were working on while you recovered from the Crisis?

LegendBait: Tis Indeed

LegendBait: Also holy shit Aunt Ibuki’s on. Did you finally get wifi in the cave?


DragonMaster: …yes…

ROTOMDEX: Satoshi, why can I not access this app?

LegendBait: Its password protected

ROTOMDEX: It does not seem to have that kind of code

LegendBait: I also don’t want a sentient pokedex to have access to it.

CriticalHit: @LegendBait I’m calling Hala, can you run to the market and pick up my berry order from Anela + like five Sitris berries???

LegendBait: Got it!

LegendBait has left Family Chat

CriticalHit: Is this kid going to be the death of me?




GetOffTheMountain: Actually, it’s more likely for him to die than anyone else.

GetOffTheMountain: Shigeru and I ran the statistics after Sinnoh.

GetOffTheMountain: :|

CriticalHit: That’s

CriticalHit: so much worse

GetOffTheMountain: Acknowledged


The Legendarium

TheAwaitedChild has entered The Legendarium

TheAwaitedChild: Get sent to do a berry pick up, catch a pokemon

TheAwaitedChild: @BullInAChinaShop You’re Grass/Fairy right???

BullInAChinaShop: I am

TheAwaitedChild has sent HappyBirb

BullInAChinaShop: A Rowlet!! It does look very happy!! As do you!!

TheAwaitedChild: I helped it save its friends from some stupid people and it decided it wanted to come with me!!!

TheAwaitedChild: Rotom can’t believe it. Still took the photo for me though!

Necromancer: Rotom? The electric ghost annoyance?

TheAwaitedChild: One of my human uncles—the one I’m living with right now!!—got me a special pokedex for it and now it keeps trying to hack into the chat app I use to communicate with you guys because otherwise my brain would overload

CloneMa: Oh worm.

CloneMa: If I get a phone will you put the app on it for me?

TheAwaitedChild: Sure!! As long as the Kapu don’t mind you swinging by

DesignatedHealer: We don’t mind, feel free Cousin.

CloneMa: Now to acquire a phone.

CloneMa has left The Legendarium

TheAwaitedChild: Anyways, said human uncle is taking me to visit Kahuna Hala tomorrow

TheAwaitedChild: I claimed a need for spiritual advice

TheAwaitedChild: But in fact I just want to punch a dad in the face until he talks to me @HereComesThe

DesignatedHealer: I mean I’d say that’s a pretty spiritual pursuit.

Necromancer: I concur.

BullInAChinaShop: You should come visit, I’m lonely and so is my Kahuna because he’s a bitter old man

Necromancer: Bulu calling out his own chosen Kahuna like what

BullInAChinaShop: He is the best! But he is also depressed by the experiences that have brought him to this point.

BullInAChinaShop: He is only really talking to his niece, because she forces him, his co-workers, because they require instruction, and his many many many Meowths.

TheAwaitedChild: He likes cat pokemon?

BullInAChinaShop: Indeed.


TheAwaitedChild: @ZiggyZiggyTail @NotAnUnown @CrystalCrown


TheAwaitedChild: @Grandma

TheAwaitedChild: Who wants to help me cure a man’s depression

BullInAChinaShop: I occasionally forget that Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are feline like.

NotAnUnown: That is mostly Suicune and his antlers’ fault

NotAnUnown: Though some people call us dogs.

NotAnUnown: How they can when Raikou is in our number, I don’t know.

BullInAChinaShop: And I am terrified of calling on Mew.

Grandma: G o o d

Grandma: And of course I’ll help Satoshi!!

Grandma: And wait, isn’t Zeraora feline too???

BullInAChinaShop: I am terrified of Zeraora almost as much as I am of you

ThunderCatMark3: Good.

ThunderCatMark3: I’ll also help, because Bulu is afraid of me and it’s funny

TheAwaitedChild: Can we manage tonight? I don’t really want to go to sleep.

Grandma: Satoshi that is bad for you but also we probably can

Grandma: I’ll pop an aura sphere in you to make sure you’re ready for tomorrow.

Grandma: I’ll start gathering everyone.

TheAwaitedChild: Is it considered a field trip if it’s with family?

OhDeer: It is if you want it to be but I’d consider it more of an errand

TheAwaitedChild: Oh my gods that’s even better

TheAwaitedChild: I can be nonchalant.


Alola You Fricks

LegendBait has entered Alola You Fricks Alola!

LegendBait: I’m going to Ula’Ula on an errand does anyone want anything

FlameOn: Why do I get the suspicion that something evoking your chat name is happening

LegendBait: When Kapu-Bulu asks you to cure a man’s depression, do you say no?

LegendBait: Or do you round up as many feline-leaning legendaries as possible and go on an errand two islands away?


FlameOn: Can I come?


LegendBait: I mean I can ask?

IdRatherEatDirt: There’s a type of root there that you can buy in the grocery store if it’s not closed when you get there. I’ll pay you back. It’s large and red, you can’t miss it.

LegendBait: Okay! @ZapBolt @IcyBean @BubbleOrBust Y’all want anything

IcyBean: I want to know what I just read

LegendBait: Which part

BubbleOrBust: I think she means the Y’all part

IcyBean: Yes. That part. What does it mean.

BubbleOrBust: You all. Also @LegendBait I want doritos.


IcyBean: why

ZapBolt: Can you pick up a component from my cousin? He works at the observatory

LegendBait: Yeah message him to be on the lookout for


LegendBait: A pikachu, if pikachu can carry it. If not he’s gonna get a whole lot of legendaries in his house.

LegendBait: Also @FlameOn You can come!!

ZapBolt: Pikachu can carry it!

LegendBait: Great!!!!

LegendBait: @FlameOn Mew’s gonna teleport you so be careful

FlameOn: MEW??? Okapoiihrppf

ROTOMDEX has entered Alola You Fricks