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Leroy's Motor Inn

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“You know Lester, I really don’t envy you having to fuck the same woman for 20 odd years,” The stone-cold assassin remarked driving the red BMW in the Minnesota snow. The smaller man sat in the passenger seat, listening to the man talk, “It was difficult enough doing the same woman for 6 months. God.”

“Oh, why’s that?” Lester asked, smiling his awkward, naive smile like always. Lorne looked over at him with a confused grin, not saying anything, “Surely it wasn’t that bad!” He laughed, the image of Lorne being with a woman, heck, anyone at all making him flush slightly in the cheeks.

“I’ll tell you, the only thing that got me through it was the anal.” He stated, matter-of-factly, eyes focused on the icy road. Lester choked out an uncomfortable laugh,

“Woah there, too much information?”

Lorne slowed the car and stopped by the side of the road, snow crunching beneath the heavy-set tyres. He fully turned his torso and looked at the smaller man.

“You ever tried it?” The hitman smirked, lips pouting ever so slightly, and eyes creased.

“Wha- Are you crazy? Pearl would have nev- “

“I’m not taking about Pearl, Lester. I’m asking about you.” Something in his voice was slow, hushed, quiet, like what he was saying was just between the two of them. His eyes squinted in focus at Lester’s facial expressions. He could spot a bullshitter when he saw one; the question was, was Lester a one of them?

“No. No, no, no!” He chuckled, as if the mere prospect of it was outlandish and ridiculous, “I never- Would never- It’s complicated because- “

“Lester,” Lorne interrupted, head tilted forward, “Be honest with me. Would you ever want to?”

There was a pause and the smaller man fiddled with his zipper at the top of his coat. He let out a long, drawn out noise before saying,

“You know, I never really thought about it!” Avoiding the question. Again.

“Answer me, Lester.” More demanding this time. The other man’s face was fully flushed now, though he hoped Lorne couldn’t see it through the dark.

“Maybe, one day, if I get married again, if she’s up for it...” He drawled on as Lorne’s eyes pierced into his own, “Yeah.”

Lorne sat back straight into his seat and looked at the road, smirk still on his smug face. He started the car up again and said,

“What about tonight?”


Lorne sat in the driver’s seat of a red BMW, holding a lit cigarette between his thin lips. Lester was silent in the passenger seat once more, listening to the hitman slowly inhale then exhale the choking plumes into the closed space of the car. They were outside the motel Lorne had stayed in a year before, when the two had first met.

“So,” Lester broke the silence, Lorne turning his head unhurriedly to look at the man in his ridiculous, orange, puffy jacket, “Are we goin’ in?” Lorne took an unnecessarily long drag from the cigarette and blew it out before saying,

“You go inside, I’m going to the reception.” He stepped out of the car and tossed the keys to the other man, exhaled smoke mixing with the biting Minnesota air as he walked. Lester ambled over to the hitman’s room, inserted the key into the lock and quickly entered to warm himself up. He made a quick scan of the room: A briefcase on the bedside table, snow boots on the floor, first aid kit on the desk and…

Only one bed. A double. It was a shock for sure but what else had he expected? Two doubles in one room for the lone travelling hitman? What had he gotten himself into? Why did he say yes? Out of excitement or pressure? Was Lorne manipulating him this whole time? Or did he really want this? God knew the anticipation was killing him, just the thought of the assassin’s slim, naked body touching his… He sat on the edge of the bed and waited.


While Lester attempted to rationalise the situation, Lorne was over in the reception, stood by the waiting desk, cigarette still in hand. He rang the bell a couple times before the woman came out, shock in her face.

“Hey! You can’t smoke in here!” She shouted, gesturing violently to the stick in Malvo’s mouth. He stubbed it out on the desk, the ashes losing their light as he pushed it down on the wood. He smiled.

“I need to let you know that someone else is going to be staying in my room with me tonight.”

“Well that’ll be ten extra bucks.” She spat; brow furrowed in anger from Lorne’s incredulous actions. The assassin’s eyes bored into hers,

“I know. That’s why I told you,” He slapped a ten onto the counter, his artificial smile creasing the corners of his eyes, “Have a nice night.” The woman took it and placed it into the cash register. He was about to exit when she said,

“Hey, don’t I know you?” The vague memory of a skinny man with a scruffy beard was in her head from last year. Lorne had changed quite a bit since then; his hair dyed white and goatee shaved cleanly, but his mannerisms were identical.

“No ma’am, you must have me confused with someone else,” He reassured, smiling warmly to put her at ease, “Have a nice night.”

“You already said that.”

He smiled again and left the reception, making his way to the room.


Lester stood up as Lorne walked in, feet shifting and hands tensing. The assassin smiled, the corners of his lips turning up and eyes wrinkling. He moved closer to Lester with careful feet, almost silent movements like a wolf stalking prey. 5 feet apart.

“Is this what you want, Lester?” He asked, his voice a low whisper, mirroring the exact words used in the elevator that night in Las Vegas. The man looked up at Lorne. He blinked rapidly and breathed heavily,

“Yeah.” He said, quickly, his mouth tightening and teeth gritting. The other man took another two steps forward. 2 feet apart.

“Are you sure, Lester?” He taunted, mouth pouting slightly in amusement, slowly reaching and unzipping the orange jacket. Lester said nothing as the zip descended down. Lorne stopped halfway and looked him in the eye, Lester again refusing to speak, causing a chuckle to escape the assassin. He resumed and unzipped the jacket completely. The smaller man cleared his throat and focused on Lorne’s hands as they grasped onto each side of the jacket, slowly taking it off and throwing it on the floor. The hat swiftly followed, and Lorne’s hands drifted down towards Lester’s belt. Deft fingers unbuckled it, slowly pulling it out of the loopholes and dumping it on the floor with the rest. Lester’s breathing pace quickened as Lorne descended onto his knees, face level with the smaller man’s crotch.

“Aw jeez...” He panted, biting his bottom lip in anticipation. Lorne looked up with piercing eyes and asked with a confused tone,

“Are you okay?”

Lester tensed his fists and nodded. He un-zipped the fastenings on the other man’s trousers and pulled them down, exposing an already full erection. The hitman smiled again, coyly, and gripped onto Lester’s calves, “Could you sit on the bed?” He asked, eyes focused on Lester’s cock. The other man obliged and sat, allowing Lorne to settle in between his legs. He hesitated no further and engulfed Lester’s length into his mouth, small and pleasured wines escaping from the other man as the assassin bobbed his head up and down. Lorne’s tongue traced on the base of his dick, licking the head in fast, circular motions.

God, Pearl had never done this to Lester, never in a million years would she deign to pleasure him like Lorne was right now.

He dragged his teeth gently towards the tip as he came up, making sure to look the other man in the eyes as he took his mouth away from his dick. “I want you to take off your clothes and sit against the headboard,” The assassin instructed, getting up from his knees and beginning to undress himself. Lester’s eyes darted around the room, finding anything else to look at other than the hitman.

“Look at me.” Lorne commanded, pulling down his trousers to uncover his skinny legs.

“Ya, sorry…” Lester said apologetically, unbuttoning his shirt and taking the trousers off fully. Once he was fully naked, Lorne crawled onto the bed, eyes continually boring into Lester’s. He appeared just as Lester had imagined: svelte and bony, but slightly muscled with a toned abdomen and pectorals. Hardly any hair graced his chest at all. The uncomfortable motel mattress groaned as the springs were pressed down with the extra weight of another person. Another man. Lester was naked with a man. It was all sinking in now, what he was about to do with the imperious assassin. Lorne bent down and returned his mouth to Lester’s hard member, using one hand to cradle his balls and the other to touch his own stiffening length. More moans released from Lester, the ecstasy and pleasure flooding his body as Lorne’s well-trained tongue made good work of his cock. The moans increased in frequency, most probably allowing those in the room adjacent to understand quite well what was happening. Lorne lifted his head up once more and looked Lester in the eyes,

“Lester, you gotta be more quiet. You want us to get kicked out?” He asked, cocking his head slightly. Lester bit his bottom lip again and put a hand on the back of the assassin’s neck, attempting to pull him closer. Lorne resisted his force and knelt up, requiring the other man to crane his neck, “You seem to misunderstand, Lester. This is on my terms. Don’t try and control me.” The last part only a whisper. Lester clenched his teeth as his face flushed.

Lorne moved forward, straddling Lester’s legs, bending down slowly and putting a thumb on the smaller man’s lip. The hitman smiled again, an almost predator like snarl, and kissed him; smashing their mouths together with force. It was uncomfortable for sure, but Lester couldn’t help but get harder at his aggressiveness. He didn’t want to admit it, but being dominated by this dangerous, mysterious man turned him on more and more with each action he took.

He grabbed Lester’s dick and lined it up with his entrance, mouths still mashing against each other. As he sank down on Lester’s hard, wet cock, he couldn’t help moaning himself. He got into a rhythm, pushing his hips down and grinding on the member, Lester looking up at him with heavy lids. The faster he moved, the louder Lester’s groans became, forcing Lorne to cover the smaller man’s mouth with his palm. With the other hand, he gripped onto the headboard for leverage, gaining more height with which to push down on and slam his prostate over and over. “Fuck, Lester…” Was all he could say as the other man moved his calloused hands onto his hips, digging nails into the skin. The hand covering Lester’s lips pulled away and he moved it to his own nipples, tweaking his own hard nubs to pleasure himself further. “Touch me.” He ordered and Lester obliged, beginning to pump the assassin’s rock-hard erection as he continued to grind down on the smaller man’s lap with more force.

“Oh, god!” Lester moaned, the tightness of the hitman’s hole driving him crazy with every grind. Never in a hundred years had he imagined doing this to anybody, never mind a man, never mind Lorne fucking Malvo, the most dangerous person he’d ever met!

Lorne opened his eyes, piercing them into Lester’s,

“Are you close?” He breathed, continuing the rhythm on his dick. Lester groaned and threw his head back, smiling,

“Not… yet…” He managed to say as he rolled over, pushing Lorne on his back. He loomed over the hitman. The two paused as Lorne looked up with blood thirty fury. His scowl turned into a twisted smirk, baring his teeth once more and moving his hands onto the back of Lester’s neck. He tilted his head to the side, murmuring with his velvet voice,

“Are you gonna start, Lester?”

The other man began thrusting into Lorne’s entrance, harder and harder, causing the headboard to violently bang against the wall with each forward motion. The assassin squinted in pleasure, the relentless onslaught of sensation driving him absolutely mad. Who knew Lester Nygaard was this good in the sack? Lorne certainly wouldn’t have guessed it, from the way he appeared, Lester was a meek and quiet man. This was undoubtedly a surprise, and a good one at that.

Through his own moans, Lorne managed a chuckle, “Wow Lester, we’ve finally found something you’re good at…” Lester gripped a hand around the assassin’s slim neck, squeezing tightly in an attempt to assert any sort of dominance might have had. Lorne snarled once more and pushed him back, wrestling for control again and landing himself on Lester’s lap for the second time.

He rocked back and forth, pushing his weight onto the other man, forcing him back down. This time focusing on his own hedonism, the hitman ground his hips down further, allowing more of Lester’s length inside of him to hit his sweet spot and bring him closer to completion. He took his own dick in his hand and pumped it with vicious speed, bracing a hand on the wall for support, “God…” He whined, pleasure radiating throughout his body as he edged himself towards his orgasm; all Lester could do was watch as Lorne spilled his load across his bare stomach seconds later, continuing to push down on the smaller man’s dick, “Come on Lester,” He beckoned, “Do it.” Lorne kissed him again, the afterglow sending him into bliss as he gradually worked on the other man. Lester moaned against his thin lips, dick throbbing as he thrusted upwards. Before he knew it, he was finishing inside Lorne, body shuddering as came, his hands gripping tightly to the assassin’s slender arms. When he opened his eyes, Lorne was unsurprisingly staring at him again with his signature glare. He carefully lifted himself off of Lester without a word, walking towards the shower the clean himself off and leaving him on the bed.

Lester listened to the gentle gush of the shower as he sat in contemplation. Every time he’d had sex with his wife, he’d think of someone else, anyone else to bear through it, but this time, with Lorne… All he could think about was him. His silver hair, his musky smell, his chocolate eyes… All things Lester could no longer resist.

A couple minutes later, Lorne stepped out of the bathroom, thin hair flattened down and towel around his waist. Lester couldn’t take his eyes off of him. The hitman paused and smiled at him. Was it genuine or fake? Being a master of deception, it was difficult to ever discern what he was ever genuinely thinking. The towel dropped and he entered the bed, lying on his side and facing away from Lester.

“Lester?” He said, eyes already closed.

“Uh, ya?” The other man eagerly replied, settling himself into the sheets beside the assassin.

“Could you turn the light off?”

“Sure.” Lester sighed, ambling over to the switch and drowning out the light, leaving the two in shrouding darkness.