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One for the now, and eleven for the later

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Natasha was early, as usual, but this time she was really early, like an hour early. The fact that she was going to meet her new partner made her come to work even earlier.

She knew what she signed for when she decided to follow her Captain, Tony Stark, but getting a new partner was still quite difficult for the red head.

"Carol Danvers huh?" she said out loud, reading the files she could find on the woman she'll now spend her working days with.

She went through the whole life of that blonde agent. She was in the US airforce before she left to go to the police academy where she graduated at the top of her class. Then she was assigned to the 47th until she asked and got to the 11th.

Natasha was deeply focused in her reading when a voice made her jump. "What the hell are you doing here this early Romanoff?" A masculine voice asked.

Natasha knew this tone better than anything, "I could ask you the same thing Stark," she replied, not glancing away from what she was reading. "Well I am the Captain so I have to show up before anyone. And it's Captain Stark, please, Detective Romanoff." Natasha chuckled at the Captain's comments, the two of them have been friends for years, back in the days when Tony was still a Lieutenant and Natasha a simple police officer.

"Ready to meet your new partner?" The man asked, half worried, knowing how Natasha usually does with new people.

"Yeah I think I am, I've read her file. She looks appropriate."

"Appropriate? She is the best partner you could ever dream of." Tony replied, insisting on 'the best'

"That's a gift I assigned her to you. You should be thanking me, come on I'm waiting."

Nat rolled her eyes at Stark's snob face and gave him a light punch on the shoulder. "Get off my desk, I have things to read." Tony raises his hands in defeat, "Alright, I'm leaving." He stood up, walked toward his office but stopped in front of his door, "But please Natasha, don't sleep with her the first week." Nat's eyes widened and the sound of Tony's laugh made her wanting to throw something at him. She did so, with the first thing she found, in that case, a pencil sharpener which ended up in Tony's back.

"Careful Romanoff, I have the right to fire you." he said pointing at the woman. She waved her hand at him, telling him to go in his office and restarted reading.




"Hey, hi." A voice speaks up behind Natasha. "Detective Romanoff? I'm Carol Danvers, your new partner" the voice adds.

"You're late." the red head stated. Carol, surprised, looked at her watch to check that she was, in fact, early. "Yet I'm pretty sure I'm not" she replied with a firm tone.

"That's right, you're not but I was there before you so I consider you are."

There was a weird silence for a moment, Natasha still had her nose in files, her back facing the blonde. She turned on her chair and saw a hand linked to a blonde head. She recognised it from what she had under her eyes for the past 15 minutes.

"Ex airforce pilot, turning police officer, what happened back there that made you come to us?" Nat couldn't stop her curiosity, she needed to know what were the redacted parts in Carol's files.

"That's a very long story I'm not able to share unfortunately." the blonde replied hand still waiting for the other woman shake it.

"Alright!" she speaks up doing so, "Nice to meet you."


There was another weird silence between the two women, hands still linked, they stared at each other until Carol took a step back, "So I guess that's my desk?" She asked, trying to sound normal.

"Yep!" Nat replied popping the P "Cute isn't it? We are face to face, Tony says it helps to create a good team spirit or something."
Carol raised a brow, "You call the Captain by his name?"

"Of course I do, even of he doesn't like when I do it at work. We are friends, I'm here because I followed him."

"Oh okay!" Carol walked to her desk, unpacking her stuff from her bag.

"So it's the first day for three of us at the eleventh? Glad I'm not alone." she added as she sat down and looked at Natasha over her laptop's screen.

"Same." Nat said, not making eye contact with the blonde.


"Can you stop reading my file in front of me. If you wanna know something you can just ask. Except if it's why-I-left-the-airforce related." Carol said firmly, they've been sitting for ten minutes and Nat was still go through her papers. The reaction of the blonde shocked her a little, people were usually scared of the red head and preferred to be respectful around her in case she gets angry. But this woman didn't, Nat supposed she was just being herself, which was fine by her, "Hm yeah sorry, I just, you have an interesting profile."

"Listen up everyone!" Tony speaks up to get the precinct's attention cutting Carol in her will to reply to Natasha.

"As it is my first day as the Captain of the eleventh I thought I should, you know, say a few words." he waited until everybody was looking at him.

"I'm really glad to be here, I know the eleventh has a reputation to be an effective station but I also know y'all loved your former Captain, Bell. Taking is seat is a challenge I accept and I'm willing to achieve. I'm sure we can do and we will do an excellent work together." The whole precinct applauded their new Captain who faked modesty and acted like he didn't deserve it.

"And I hope you'll be welcoming with the two recruits I brought with me, Detective Romanoff and Agent Danvers."

The attention turned to the two women, once again all the policemen applauded. Natasha smiled at the support then looked at Carol, she noticed the blonde was slightly blushing. The red head decided to ignore that fact, thinking the other woman wouldn't want to talk about it because she must, obviously, feel uncomfortable.

Tony took his way to the newly formed duo "Ladies there's your first case. Don't thank me Romanoff I know you'll enjoy it." They both took a file from Tony's hands and started reading it.

"This son of a bitch is back, great, I finally have an opportunity to take him down." Natasha smiled while reading the papers.

"Who is it?" Carol asked kinda lost about why Natasha was happy about a murder case.

"This murder has been related to the gang Steve Rogers lead. I've been running after him my whole career."

"So our first arrest will be a big one." Carol smiled back.

"You damn right!"