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Jensen Untethered

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Jensen booked a room at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin. He liked the Fairmont because it was a five-star hotel with a pool, gym, restaurants, a great concierge, room service, and everything he could want. He shied away from the Four Seasons, which to him was more like a 7-star hotel. He was from a modest home and he didn’t think he needed $735 a night hotel rooms.

After checking in, Jensen suggested that Jared call his mother with an update on their progress to let her know they would be arriving the morning of Thanksgiving, and to let the Padalecki’s know they would be staying in a hotel in San Antonio. Jensen acquiesced when Jared insisted that he would be the one to make all the hotel arrangements for San Antonio since it was the city he grew up in.

Jensen also called his parents and apologized for missing dinner with them on Monday night. He forgot he told them he and Jared were going to eat with them that night. Fortunately, they were very understanding as usual and Jensen found himself counting his blessings. He felt particularly thankful this holiday season.

Jensen wanted to please Jared who said he preferred to shop for an hour or so to digest the massive meal they just ate and then go to the gym in a couple of hours. Jensen liked the idea of walking around Austin and then some exercise to digest all the food they ate ahead of the Thanksgiving feast.  What he wanted even more was for their stomachs not to be so full when they went to bed later so as not to interfere with the sex he was looking forward to having with Jared tonight. Mmm, he repressed the thought of it. He didn’t want to be the one in the relationship who always initiated sex. He wanted to be sure Jared had the same appetite that he had for sex, and he was still getting the measure of that.

They walked around the 2nd street shopping district to enjoy the outdoors and experience the city, which was already displaying holiday spirit by way of music and holiday lights adorning the lampposts.  The cool November air refreshed Jensen after the wine and heavy meal he consumed earlier. Jensen observed the positive affect of the cool air on Jared too. His cheeks were red and his eyes were wide and lively.  

Jared suggested stopping for a hot coffee to drink while they window shopped. Jensen agreed when Jared said he wasn’t in the mood to expend any effort trying on clothes today. So, they just browsed.

When they got back to the hotel, Jensen created a story telling Jared that he needed to go to the business center because his accountant wanted him to sign and scan back a document to him - something about Canadian income tax paperwork. He told Jared he would meet him in the gym in half an hour.

Jensen went straight to the concierge, happy to see he was not that busy and there was no line.

“How may I help you” inquired the concierge, a good-looking young man who couldn’t be far out of his twenties. He wore the navy-blue jacket with the Fairmont logo on the lapel.

“I could really use your help” Jensen explained. “I need a recommendation for a live music venue for me and my buddy for tonight. Somewhere cool but upscale where we can have a few cocktails and get something to eat.  We already did the steakhouse thing for lunch today and with thanksgiving tomorrow, we want to keep it light for dinner tonight.”

Jensen reflected that it never ceased to amaze him how much Jared could eat and how he seemed to get hungry shortly after their last meal. However, Jensen didn’t want Jared stuffed tonight.

The concierge described three venues and Jensen selected the Roosevelt Room because he liked the jazz act that would be performing in the style of Dave Brubeck. The concierge booked them a private table for two on the mezzanine level suggesting it would be more comfortable and private than the main bar downstairs.

“Thank you.” Having settled the evening’s plans Jensen moved on to the next area he needed help with. “I’m going home with my best friend for Thanksgiving and I want to make a good impression on his parents. I was thinking of sending a really nice thanksgiving centerpiece and chocolates for the Mom, wine to go with dinner and cigars for the Dad.   If I leave you my credit card number and the address in San Antonio where everything should be delivered, can you have everything ordered and delivered today? I know it’s a little last minute. I am also not mentioning it to my buddy. I want him to be surprised.”

“Certainly sir. I went to UT San Antonio. I know just the places to order from that will be able to deliver. Your requests are highly doable. I am sure I can accommodate your requests.”

After providing the credit card number, Jensen tipped the concierge fifty bucks to ensure the plan would be carried out expertly.

“I will slip an envelope under your door with the receipts and details about the purchases.”

“Thank you, I am in room 1827.”

“Very good Mr. Ackles it will be taken care of.”

Jensen went to room 1827, changed into his workout clothes, then headed down to the hotel gym to meet up with Jared.

Jensen got on the treadmill next to Jared to warm up.

“I made an 8 pm reservation at the Roosevelt Room. It’s a music venue and they have a small bites if we get hungry.”

“Sure, I know the Roosevelt room. That’s a great choice. I always wanted to go there on date.”

Jensen smiled warmly feeling pleased with his selection and weirdly happy at hearing Jared speak about them in the context of romantic dating, it was still felt new. Jensen felt super excited and not guilty really to be planning Jared’s seduction tonight, because he believed that Jared wanted this relationship very much too.

“I aim to please.” Jensen grinned wickedly and raised the speed and incline on the treadmill until he felt his heart rate increase and was breathing faster and heavier. “Are you only doing cardio or you lifting too?” he asked Jared.

“I plan to run five miles after that lunch. I would like to do a few reps maybe 30 push ups, sit ups and squats, just to engage the whole body. I see a pullup bar over there too. I can do a set of those too. That’ll do me.”

“Sounds like a plan. Maybe I’ll do the same. You got a head start. You can shower first” said Jensen.

“They have a really nice locker room here too with robes and showers. One of us can shower here too if we’re done working out at the same time,” replied Jared.

“Good idea,” Jensen replied.

“It’s more than just a good idea. It’s a necessary idea” added Jared.

“Necessary how?” Jensen asked.

“Now that we are exploring new forms of intimacy, there are private bodily matters that need to be tended to,” Jared replied.

Jensen was embarrassed by this topic, but also pleased to know he was not the only one who was thinking about when they would next be having sex again.  

“Well Jared I’m not sure what to say. I uh will use the shower here in the hotel gym and give you privacy in the room,” Jensen stammered.

Jared smiled at Jensen saying nothing, but wearing a satisfied look on his face.

Jensen gulped wondering if he should ask Jared what preparations he was making in advance of their evening together but he was afraid of hearing the answer. He figured he would let it lay and wait for Jared to bring it up again and by then they would have grown even closer and able to discuss more intimate matters.

“You’re in charge Jared. Just tell me what you need from me” Jensen thought that sounded appropriately interested but left it to Jared to decide whether he wanted to share any more details on the topic.

Jared smiled brightly as he jogged at a fast pace and apparently didn’t have a lot of breath to spare for conversation.  

Jensen considered this unexplored terrain he found himself in, and was glad of it. He was glad of any new intimacy when it came to Jared, regardless of the sphere, just to be close to Jared was Jensen’s deepest desire.  

Jensen was glad he showered in the locker rooms adjacent to the gym because he couldn’t trust himself naked and alone in the hotel room with Jared. There was too much temptation to ditch the evening’s plans and jump Jared’s bones instead. Jensen was horny in the shower but he wanted to save himself for Jared tonight and managed to resist getting himself off. He planned to keep Jared from getting much sleep tonight.

When he entered the hotel room after his shower, Jensen noticed the sealed envelope on the floor that had been slid under the door with the name Ackles written on the front. He heard noise coming from the bathroom. Jensen picked up the envelope gingerly. He wanted to look at it but didn’t want to risk Jared walking in on him while he was reading it. So he walked over to the dresser on top of which his duffle bag was sitting and placed the envelope securely into the interior zipper pocket.

The Roosevelt Club was the perfect evening venue. Upon entering, they could see straight back to the stage. There was a long bar to the right from front to back with several dozen bar stools covered in rich green velvet upholstery and chrome legs. Opulent brown leather banquets lined the left wall all the way to the back of the club.

“Table for 2 under the name Ackles please” Jensen told the hostess taking the lead.

“Right this way,” the hostess showed them upstairs to the mezzanine and seated them together on a large brown leather sofa facing the stage below. There was a small coffee table in front of the sofa to hold any cocktails or small bites.

They ordered a nuts, bread, olives, a charcuterie and cheese board, and snacked while they listened to Take Five being played by the Brubeck style jazz quartet that started its set with the famous standard. After three signature cocktails each, Jensen suggested they go back to the hotel. Jensen felt relaxed, not to tired, not too full and not yet intoxicated. He imagined Jared was feeling similarly. He didn’t want them too tired full or intoxicated for the night’s activities which he knew Jared was also anticipating happening.

They got a cab to the Fairmont and were in the elevator heading back up to the room before long. Jensen watched as Jared accessed his room key first and slid it into the door slot pushing the door open.

That was about all the waiting Jensen had left in him. The minute they were inside the room and safely behind closed doors, Jensen engulfed Jared from behind trapping Jared between his body and the wall. He flattened Jared to the wall taking each of Jared’s wrists and positioning them above Jared’s head against the wall. Something fell to the floor, the room key, Jensen cared little. Heat raged in his body. He pressed the front of his body against Jared’s back and ground his hips into Jared’s ass through his dress pants.

Jared’s left cheek pressed against the wall. His head turned to the right. His hands gripped the wall.

Jensen closed his eyes and let his senses take over. He felt Jared’s hard ass through the thin fine material of his dress pants. Jensen reached around and began to unbuckle Jared’s belt with his right hand, which he could easily do from his position.

Jensen let his hand wander over Jared’s member, which protruded against the thin fabric of his Armani dress pants. Jensen stroked against Jared’s long, hard member with his open palm only twice and then held his hand still over Jared’s aroused, hard shaft. Jared moaned as he allowed the soft veil of seduction gently begin to settle over him. He jut his hips forward seeking friction against Jensen’s hand.

Jensen firmly gripped Jared’s right wrist and walking backward led Jared to the bed.

“I am going to undress you now,” Jensen said.

He took off Jared’s suit jacket and began to unbutton Jared’s dress shirt. He pulled Jared’s belt off through the belt loops and dropped it to the floor. He undid the clasp of Jared’s trousers, unzipped Jared’s pants and quickly pulled them down boxer briefs and all. 

“Sit on the bed” Jensen directed.

Jared followed Jensen’s instruction and sat while Jensen pulled off each of Jared’s shoes and socks tossing them to the side. Jensen quickly shed his jacket and threw it on the nearby chair that furnished the suite.

“I want you on your feet” Jensen said pulling Jared to his feet now that his shoes and pants were off.

Jensen, still clothed, knelt in front of Jared, one hand gripping each of Jared’s thighs from the back. Jared’s legs were so muscular. Jared was rock hard now and standing at attention. His heavy, engorged cock stuck straight out. Jensen pressed his nose into the crease in Jared’s thigh and rubbed his nose against the hair that nestled Jared’s beautiful member. He breathed in Jared’s beautiful scent, and pressed his face against Jared’s cock, flattening it against his body before he took it in both his hands and breathed in the scent again. He smoothed Jared’s cock against his left cheek moving his cheek up and down against the hard shaft, enjoying the pleasing feel of Jared’s soft skin and the heat of Jared’s hot, hard flesh against his cheek.

Finally, Jensen tilted his head back and opened his mouth, lay his tongue flat like a plate and placed Jared’s beautiful cock on his tongue. He liked the underside and felt the heat of Jared’s member on his tongue. Jensen wet the bottom of Jared’s shaft with his saliva and used his tongue to undulate the underside of Jared’s cock moving his tongue from side to side.

Jared stood, his fingers resting on Jensen’s scalp gently without force. Jared’s eyes were closed and his head was tilted slightly back in a reverie.

When Jensen had enough of the preliminaries, he devoured Jared’s cock into his full mouth surrounding it with the hot wet cavern of his mouth. He closed his mouth around Jared’s cock enveloping him in heat, wet and pressure, and careful to keep his teeth safely away from Jared’s tender skin.

“Oh” Jared moaned as if he had been holding his breath all this time, and slid his fingers through Jensen short locks. A beautiful mew of pleasure from Jared caused Jensen to look up at Jared’s face. He loved giving Jared this pleasure.

Jensen stood and kissed Jared on the lips. They kissed sweetly and with Jensen using his tongue to open Jared’s mouth and press his lips firmly against Jared’s. Jensen’s hand placed firmly against the back of Jared’s head, pulled him in.

“Get on the bed,” Jensen said into Jared’s ear, and kissed Jared on the left side of his neck.

As Jared moved onto the bed, Jensen unbuttoned his own dress shirt and kicked off his shoes, unbuckled his belt, stepped out of his pants and socks all in an instant. Jensen grabbed the lube from his duffel and placed it on the bedside table.

Jared lay on his back on the bed. Jensen positioned himself on the bed at Jared’s feet.

“Bend your knees,” Jensen directed.

Jensen knelt in front of Jared facing him, Jared’s knees were bent and Jensen gently spread them apart using his two hands and then lay himself on his front propped up on his forearms and licked Jared’s manhood back to life. Not that it had flagged at all. In taking Jared into his mouth Jensen felt Jared’s legs tense and his fingers grazed Jensen’s scalp while Jensen sucked Jared’s head and stimulated the underside in the ridge just under the head with his tongue. Jensen sucked and applied pressure with his flattened tongue under Jared’s cock. He felt the pressure building in Jared’s body and repositioned himself on his knees between Jared’s legs to grab Jared’s shaft with his right hand while sucking Jared’s head and stroking Jared’s shaft using his right hand, which was firmly wrapped around Jared’s shaft.  Jensen got a rhythm going.  Jared responded to Jensen’s rhythm and they began to move in unison. As Jensen sucked and pumped Jared with his right-handed grip, Jared began a subtle rocking of his hips gently and minutely moving his hips up to meet Jensen’s mouth on each downward thrust that Jensen made engulfing Jared into his mouth sucking on his head pumping his cock with his slick hand gripped around Jared mercilessly.

Jensen was so aroused his dick felt like steel. He reached for the lube and applied it to his steel hard cock. He knew Jared was super aroused.

“Jared flip over on your hands and knees,” Jensen softly guided.

Jared turned on his hands and knees, Jensen behind him. Jensen lubed his fingers and slid one inside Jared while caressing Jared’s balls with his other hand.

“I love when you play with my balls” Jared said softly, breathily, pleadingly.

Jared pushed back hard into Jensen’s finger. “More” he said.

Jensen put in a second lubed finger, which slid into Jared with little resistance.

Jared was sweating and riding Jensen’s fingers, issuing little staccato mews of pleasure.  

“I got you,” Jensen said, I’m going to take such good care of you, babe.” Jensen kissed Jared’s right shoulder blade, bit it a little.

Using so much lube to be careful for Jared’s comfort, Jensen positioned the head of his cock at Jared’s hole. He slid his cock up and down Jared’s crack, then probed the opening with his cock. He felt some resistance as he slid his cock inside Jared, slowly and gently.

“Oh fuck” Jared let escape.

Hearing Jared’s moans turned Jensen on incredibly. Overcome with passion, he began pumping his cock into Jared’s ass.  He lay across Jared’s back peppering his upper back with kisses as he pumped Jared, moaning with each thrust. He reached around enclosing Jared’s cock in his right hand and stroking it while he fucked Jared.

Jared moaned and pushed his ass back to meet Jensen’s every thrust.

Jensen stroked Jared’s cock but also played with his balls tugging them as he fucked Jared.

Jared moaned “feels so good” in a weak, high pitched voice, not breaking the rhythm of their motion.

Jensen knew his passion was rising and he believed Jared was right there with him. Jensen grew wild, he scratched his teeth against the crook of Jared’s neck.

“Jared” Jensen declared in a manner that communicated a clear intensity. Still working Jared’s cock with his left hand, Jensen returned his right hand to Jared’s right hip to grip him hard and steady himself for his final drive.

Jared answered “Jensen”

and so they alternately spoke each other’s name chorus like until Jensen, driving deeply now into Jared and gripping Jared’s hip, shuddered and began coming inside Jared. Jensen felt Jared’s body respond as Jared convulsed into Jensen’s hand with the hot white milk of his cum.

Jensen heard Jared’s exclaim and felt his body seize.

Simultaneously Jensen felt suspended in time and space. He felt Jared’s muscles slowly relax and Jared’s weight settle into the mattress next to him.

Jensen dreamt he was floating like a feather on a light breeze.

“I love you,” Jensen expressed. He had been holding back waiting for this moment to express so solemn an emotion.

“I love you” Jared answered looking into Jensen’s eyes.

“What are you thinking?’ Jensen wanted to know.

“I’m thinking about the conversation we once had about if we were ever in love before” Jared answered.

“I remember that. You said you had experienced unrequited love” said Jensen.

“I was referring to you” replied jared. 

“You never told me.” Jense said.

“I’m telling you now. It was you. It was always you," replied Jared.  

“Rest my love” Jensen managed to get the words out. His throat was so tight with emotion. He kissed Jared on the forehead.

“I think you mean it but there’s a voice in my head that is telling me that you’re full of oxytocin and serotonin. I wonder if you will feel the same way in the cold light of day.”

“I wanted to tell you in the cold light of day, but you know I am not overly sentimental” said Jensen. 

“What’s wrong with being sentimental?” Jared asked ligtheartedly. 

“I’m not a crier. I’m not that effusive. You know that. Besides there is only room for one overly sentimental person per relationship”

“Ha," Jared checkled. "You’re referring to me”

“You know it” Jensen said kissing Jared on the lips, “and it is one of the many things that I love about you Jared. You’re more sentimental than some of the girls I’ve dated. Don’t worry. I like it!”

Jared turned on his side facing Jensen, looking him in the eyes, he smiled abashedly.

Jensen embraced him tightly.

“Um! I want to subsume you!” Jensen said.

“You can’t subsume me. I’m bigger than you.”

“ I can subsume you with my love.”

After a few kisses Jensen said “Turn, I want to be the big spoon.”

Jared turned and let Jensen spoon him from behind. Soon Jensen heard Jared’s breathing even out. A quiet stillness came over them.

Morning found Jensen trepidatious with excitement over meeting Jared’s family. Jensen grabbed his duffel and went into the bathroom. He closed and locked the door and ran the tap water at the sink while he took out the sealed envelope from his duffel. Unfolding the paper inside he felt a rush of excitement when he saw the printed receipts for his purchases. There was a thumbnail of the thanksgiving centerpiece that contained flowers, gourds, candles and mini pumpkins in autumn colors. Very pleased he was sure it would be a hit. Belgian chocolates, a five pack of hand rolled Honduran cigars, and a 6-bottle wine gift set including bubbly and pinot noir. Jensen breathed deeply thinking the gifts were perfect and yet he was aware of an unfamiliar apprehension of whether Jared’s parents would like him. Perhaps he thought it came from the fact that his own dad was not over the moon about his relationship with Jared. His dad would accept any female over Jared. But Jared’s parents knew Jared was gay. Jensen’s gender would not be the issue. He found himself really caring about their opinion of him, and really wanted to make a good impression.

They walked into Jared’s family’s house after what felt like the fastest one hour car ride from Austin to San Antonio. There was no traffic, Jared said that he was too excited to stop and check in at the hotel first. “Can we just go straight to my parents?”

“Of course,” Jensen agreed. “I’m a little nervous. I hope they like me.”

“They’re going to like you. What’s not to like? Besides, I love you, so they’ll love you. I will tell them that they have to.”

“No don’t tell them that they have to like me. I want them to like me on their own.”

“They will. I promise. Besides, Jeff will be there. You know him already and he really likes you.”

“I might have acted like an ass in front of Jeff when you were in the hospital after your car accident.”

“Yes Jensen. You did act like an ass, but Jeff has seen that I forgave you and love you.”

Sherri Padalecki was very welcoming and a warm at the front door. “Jared, Jensen welcome, come in. Now Jensen thank you for all the gifts. Every time we open one there is another delivery from you. Really you didn’t have to.”

“You’re welcome Mrs. Padalecki.”

 Jared looked from his Mom to Jensen then over to his dad with his eyebrows raised quizzically. “What gifts?”

“This beautiful centerpiece, wine, champagne, elegant European chocolates,” began Mrs. Padalecki.

“Cigars” Gerald Padalecki added.

“Jensen?” Jared turned to look at Jensen.

“I hope you enjoy them Mr. and Mrs. Padalecki. I really appreciate you inviting me for Thanksgiving.”

“Oh my goodness, Jensen, it’s our pleasure Jensen. Thank you for coming. Are you kidding? We are so happy you could make it. Jared talks about you all the time. Come see the centerpiece. It’s quite stunning. I love the autumn theme.”

Gerald poured Jensen a glass of the champagne he sent. Jensen, call us Gerry and Sherri. Please.”

“Thank you sir,” said Jensen taking the flute of champagne. Jared also accepted a flute of champagne from his Dad.

Jeff arrived with his wife and their three kids, all under five. The house really came to life. Jensen didn’t know how Sherri could keep up with the cooking and giving her grandkids the attention they wanted from her at the same time. The Padalecki’s had two large dogs. Between the kids and the dogs, the household was abuzz with activity. Jensen relaxed to a degree because he was not the center of attention and as a result, he found he was able to enjoy observing Jared interacting with his Mom, Dad, siblings, nieces, nephew and dogs. Jared was never at a loss for words. At any moment, Jared could be seen standing, talking, arms waving, snacking on something, petting a dog, lifting a child. It was dizzying. Jensen had a front row seat. He was privy to all the family conversation. He was so happy to be among them and found each and every person in Jared’s family to be very smart and interesting.

Megan, Jared’s younger sister was in college studying architecture. She was very smart and serious, and a little shy toward Jensen initially. She was definitely not as talkative as Jared. Jared took after his Mom, who was also very talkative, which Jensen guessed came from being an English teacher, who had to talk in front of a class full of students and be interesting for entire forty-minute class periods. Jensen found Sherri to be very articulate and enthusiastic about every topic whether it be the football game on TV, the turkey and the gravy, Jeff’s medical practice, her granddaughter’s kindergarten, Megan’s college classes or an episode of Supernatural.

“I watch” Sherri said. “It’s so scary. Gilmore Girls was more my speed. But I know Jared prefers this show. It’s more of a guys’ show. Gilmore Girls was so girly.”

“Mom are you saying that because I’m gay I would rather star on a show with a male costar than a female costar?”

“No, I am not…are you saying that?”

“Good one mom!” Jeff piped in.

“Yes, come to think of it maybe I am saying that,” Jared replied.

Thay all laughed. “You set yourself up for that one,” Jeff said.

Jared’s Dad said grace before the meal. Jensen said his own grace, silently giving thanks for Jared and squeezing Jared’s knee under the table.

After dinner Gerald invited the men to smoke one of the cigars Jensen sent on the patio off the back of the house. However, Jensen was the only one to take Gerald up on the offer, which could not have turned out better as far as Jensen was concerned.

“Mr. Padalecki”

“Please, call me Gerry.”

“Right, thanks, Gerry, I want you to know I think Jared is very special.”

“We think so too Jensen.”

“I really care about him. He’s my best friend. Meeting Jared has changed my life.” Jensen felt himself getting choked up. His throat tightened and he cleared his throat.

“Gerry, I know you’re a CPA, there are some financial matters I would like to ask your advice about, confidentially.”

“I’ll see if I can answer your questions. What’s on your mind?”

“There is a charitable gift I want to make, it has to do with a family who can’t afford an operation for one of their kids. I was reading about setting up a charitable foundation that I could put money in every year, and then decide which charities I want to give to each year.”  

“Sure, Jensen I can help you set that up. Do you have an idea what percentage of your income you want to contribute each year?”

“This year I want to give $40,000. Future years it will depend on my income. I want to give generously, but I believe that charity begins at home. I take care of my parents- I paid their mortgage and cars off, and my grandmother. I paid off her mortgage. My sister’s college tuition starts next year. I want to help my family first. But I do want to help others who are less fortunate. And I know that if I do is a certain way I can get a tax benefit, and basically if I get a tax benefit, then I can afford to give more. I’m not sure how it works exactly, that’s why I wanted to discuss it with you.”

“Sure Jensen, I can advise you about that. I will send you the paperwork from my office next week to set up the foundation so you can make a tax-deductible gift this year. There will be certain details. For example, you will have to make the check out to the foundation and then the foundation will likely have to make a check payable directly to the hospital, not the family. But those details can be worked out.”

I’ve really been focused on helping my family up to this point. My brother Josh had a baby and I have helped with the down payment for his house. But I am earning decent money and I want to start enjoying it. After I do my duty to my family and make my charitable gifts, I want to get a place for me and Jared to live together. That is my real goal.”

“Jensen. I will help in any way I can. This is a first. I must say. For the first time, I’m realizing that Jared isn’t a boy anymore. He is a man. God it feels like yesterday that he was small. Now he’s all grown up and I’m providing his peer with tax advice. When did that happen?”

Jensen laughed and looked into Gerry’s eyes. He could see where Jared got his sentimentality from. He could swear he saw mist in Gerry’s eyes.

“Don’t worry. I will make sure he comes around often,” Jensen said smiling and feeling very please with the way the visit to the Padalecki’s turned out.

For Christmas Jensen bought a trip to Kauai Hawaii for him and Jared where they could really be private - and some beautiful white fluffy towels monogramed with a big “J” on them because Jared loved when they went to hotels and used the giant white towels, and Jared’s first Rolex watch since Jared loved watches. He also got him a wine subscription as Jared was becoming quite the wine drinker, and a cute apron for cooking in the kitchen with ruffles on it because sometimes Jared was in that kind of a mood. Jensen bought some toys for Jared’s dog’s, three new pairs of workout sneakers - Jared loved workout sneakers. Jensen pretty much went crazy shopping for Jared.

“I never realized you were such a big spender,” Jared told Jensen.

“I’m not, but I feel like I finally have something I want to spend money on – someone – you.”

The main present was that Jensen bought a beautiful and private house in Vancouver for them both to live in. Jensen figured the show was planned for five years and he decided to take an optimistic view, that it would continue to get renewed for all five years. Plus, he really wanted to live with Jared.  The house was luxurious and modern, new construction, with a large, fenced, backyard for the dogs. It had two master suites each with its own bathroom. Jared and Jensen could sleep in the same bed but they would each have their own bathroom and space to keep their own stuff.

Jared bought Jensen a beautiful new dell computer, an X-box, Nintendo, an ipod nano. He also bought Jensen some photography equipment because Jensen loved to watch the cameramen when they were working on Supernatural and often expressed that he was really interested in learning more about how to operate the camera himself.

On the beach just outside their hotel room in Hawaii for Chritmas vacation, Jensen sipped a frozen drink. They stepped outside their hotel room sliding doors directly onto the sandy beach which stretched out a great many yards to the ocean. The balmy trade winds blew through Jared’s mop of curly hair. Jared lay on a chaise lounge chair beside Jensen reading a script for a horror movie his agent sent him as a summer project. Jensen noted how bronzed Jared’s forearms looked while his own were only a smidge darker than usual, but had a lot more freckles appearing on them now.

Jensen lay back on his lounge chair and extended a hand to Jared, who took it. He closed his eyes. He listened to the waves as they gently lapped up on the shore and were slurped back into the sea, again and again. He felt something. Peace. And he was pretty sure that Jared felt the same way.

The End