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Jensen Untethered

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Jensen managed to get Jared into the more comfortable bed after falling asleep on the hotel room sofa while watching a portion of a recently released, unmemorable movie on the hotel's pay per view channel. 

Jared's carnal desire awakened Jensen in the night, leading him to his present state of nakedness. He felt Jared's hot boner assaulting first his leg, then his stomach. Jared's hot member scorched against his stomach despite his own body heat and the heat of the covers over them.

Like a playful puppy with as much enthusiasm and energy, Jared's sex drive commandeered the night, demanding Jensen’s notice. 

Jared's hulking figure was daunting when coupled with his passionate energy now in pursuit of its satisfaction. Jared's heat and proximately, his hot flesh, and the suggestive movement of his hips, as they sought contact with any part of Jensen's body, and Jared’s mindless whimpering, communicated his primal urges. But more they but served to arouse Jensen's own desires that stirred his loins to blazing and  caused him to turn toward Jared, facing him on his side. He pushed his own hips forward, seeking  that contact between their firm bodies that demanded to be attended to. Jensen rolled on top of Jared, legs astride him, Jared on his back. Jensen sought the friction of their members, humping himself against Jared's fine large cock. Jensen stole a glance, and decidedly liked what he saw- fiery, hot, red, furious, young, hard  cock at the peak of its fury and insistent on getting the release it needed. 

A dollop of lube was within reach from the evening's earlier activities, and Jensen didn't hesitate to avail himself of it, as it added to the pleasure of the grind. A second's coolness and surprise on scorching skin, then a gooey wetness surprised Jared for a second as told by his eyes, which opened rather wide for a moment. Then catching on immediately, Jared was overcome with desire and overeager. Jared rolled them over, rolling on top of Jensen, assuming the top position because his urge to grind himself against Jensen  needed satiating, and he could not abide the tender, teasing strokes of Jensen against him and sought a much firmer pressure, which he set about to get for himself. 

Jensen didn't mind this because his own arousal increased proportionately with Jared's, fueled by not only Jared's passionate movements, but also his ardor in pursuing the contact, his heavy loud breathing, and the involuntary utterances originating from a primal place deep within him.

The heat, the primal visceral desires did not require the boys to be fully awake. For upon the climax of their frenzied pleasure seeking,  their bodies fell away as if hollowed out, taking up just enough space as they both needed with merely a sliver of space between them, enough so that their legs and arms were touching, but there was enough space to allow for a bent knee or arm, and they both fell back to sleep without ceremony.

Morning came and things were much changed. They had made love the night before and more importantly made vows to each other. Jared met Jensen's family, and they knew his role in Jensen’s life. 

The obstacle of Katie, Jared squirmed to think of her, had fallen away. The sense of relief and excitement mixed in Jared's stomach and the combination of the emotion and the expanse of time he waited for this moment, almost his whole life he felt like, was almost more than he could tolerate. 

Jared became weepy. He knew they were off to see Jared's family today and it would be a safe place. Jensen would be accepted, His lifestyle was long accepted by his mother who was  his deep sympathizer. Plus it was thanksgiving in two more sleeps, and Thanksgiving was always an enjoyable holiday with all the family around and good food and cooking.

They wisely decided to book a hotel but not to sleep over at the Padalecki’s as they realized they needed their privacy at this time more than ever. 

As far as Jared was concerned, it was like a honeymoon period for them. He wanted to share Jensen with his family but he wanted Jensen for himself too. He really was not in any mood to share Jensen right now. He would show him off for a minute and let others admire him and envy him from afar, but really he did not want to share him. It was too new and too soon and he wanted Jensen to himself a little longer. He did not feel like encountering the perils that came with Jensen's exposure to the world.  Jensen was entirely too handsome to the world and much too attractive in the eyes of women. He just wanted to possess Jensen right now and knew that possessiveness was not a good quality but after their close call with Katie he unapologetically wanted to possess Jensen and did not want to share him in any way right now. 

Jared wondered if it was a type of insanity; he knew it was not rational and he was in no mood to be rational. He thought about what Dr. Howell would say about the whole thing and he knew Dr. H would advise caution, and that Jared take his time not dive in, be moderate, pace himself

But Jared was in love! There was no time for pacing or thoughtfulness. there was only time for spirits of elation and being full of the excess of emotion and wanting what  came with being in love with Jensen Aclkles and finally finally finally Jared found his spirit could be free. he could finally indulge in thoughts of being with Jensen and fantasies of being with Jensen in years from now and having a family with Jensen and loving with Jansen and even enjoy the reality of being with Jensen sleeping with Jensen kissing Jensen having Jensen's beautiful freckled face and green eyes. his white teeth and overly pouty lips reserved just for him.

Jared suddenly wanted to take Jensen and get far away to a beach where they could lay alongside one another alone totally alone without another person in the universe to see or hear them. They could go to Mexico for the weekend after Thanksgiving Jared thought but it was too rushed and not long enough. Christmas was coming and they could plan something very private and wonderful for New Year's after doing their duty and visiting each other's families for Christmas. Jared was already thinking about what wonderful gift he could get for Jensen, something special and magnificent.

"I lost you for a while" 

"Hm?" Jared came back from his thoughts. 

Jensen was towel drying his hair. 

"I was saying we should get some breakfast, check out at 11. Head to austin. get some lunch. check into the hotel, maybe do some shopping if you like, and tomorrow we can head to see your folks in San Antonio. what do you think about that?"

"I think it's a good plan. San Antonio is a little too long to drive straight. I think a night alone together in Austin is a good plan."

"If we go to Austin will it make you think about Leslie?"

"I can hardly spare a thought for him, Jensen. I am too consumed with thoughts of you."

Jensen approached Jared and placed his hand on the narrow of Jared's waist, on his flesh up under his henley shirt and squeezed as if claiming Jared as his own.

"It pleases you to call me your own," said Jared.

Jensen lay a tender kiss on Jared's lips. 

"It pleases you for me to call you my own." Jensen replied.

"You begin to know me" answered Jared.

Jensen smiled broadly and continued dressing. 

Jensen drove by default because he was the older of the two men. Jensen took the lead a lot of the time, and Jared was more than comfortable with that. Jared loved being the passenger while Jensen drove. It made him feel cared for and part of a couple. He felt like Jensen was his man and he was Jensen's. He did not fit a stereotype in his relationship with Jensen, rather he simply enjoyed subordinating his nature to Jensen's masculinity when they were together. He wasn't a dependent person, but liked the idea of allowing himself to be taken care of in small ways by Jensen.  He accepted Jensen's driving and interpreted it as an act of service, a love language. 

With every mile they covered, Jared's fuel tank was filled by the silent companionability and privacy they shared as they drove to Austin.  

Jensen let the radio play the local Texas country station, and sang along heartily knowing most of the words to most of the songs. 

Jared could have sung along too as he knew many of the lyrics as well, but he was not that motivated to sing aloud, and  enjoyed much more watching and listening to Jensen as he sang, not at the top of his lungs, but loudly and enthusiastically. Singing was apparently very happy and uplifting to Jensen's spirits and by contagion, Jared felt uplifted by the singing as well.

It was Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 pm when they pulled into the parking lot of Perry's Steakhouse, at the original downtown location.  

Owing to their size, people took note of them, and their looks didn't hurt matters. Bystanders noticed them and quietly pondered whether they were professional athletes or someone famous and at least remarked to themselves on the men's good looks. 

Frequently, whether alone or together they were recognized. As often as not, someone recognizing them would refrain from saying anything as to respect their privacy. But a percentage of fans, perhaps less than half, were wont to say something if given an opening. There were also the very aggressive fans who would charge over to them, but that was the minority. Most people tried to have some manners about it.

Jensen acted the host even though Jared was more at home in Austin and Jensen was more at home in Dallas. Nevertheless it was Jensen who took the lead in the steakhouse.  When the waiter came over with the menu, Jensen was disappointed to see the lunch menu was rather limited, whereas the restaurant was known for its award winning menu and wine list.

The host seated them with their menus, and the waiter came over and offered water service and to take their drink order.

Jensen decided to make a foray into the area of possibly ordering what might not appear on the lunch menu, which featured a three course prix fixe meal deal. Jensen wanted to see the premium menu, which was what they distributed at dinner hour.

Jensen, as affable a person as ever existed, took the waiter into his confidence as though they were best high school buddies. Jared observed on many occasions that few could resist the charm of Jensen Ackles delivered through his twinkling green eyes and sparkling white teeth, and if one's eyes fell on the freckled bridge of Jensen’s nose, then one was essentially done for. Jensen's deep voice directed at you, made you feel like the center of attention, and bathed for a moment in the intoxicating attention of a man clearly favored by God. Few could resist melting to his will under the charm of his attention.

"Do you think we could have a look at the dinner menu? If it is not too much trouble, perhaps we can order a steak from the dinner menu. We would keep it simple, nothing too difficult for the chef to prepare. We heard you have an award winning menu, and we would surely like to see it."

"I will see if it can be arranged, sir," the waiter replied and scurried off. 

The server drew away to the hostess stand, but it appeared that the day crew lacked a Maitre D, and there were only two women at the hostess stand, busy on the phones, ostensibly taking reservations, and seating a trickle of diners at this tail end of the lunch hour on a Tuesday.

A man in a suit emerged from the back of the restaurant. The waiter, wearing a formal white jacket and black tie, walked alongside him speaking to him.

Jensen's bet he would be recognized by someone in there, whether it was a waiter or bartender, but he was feeling like his bet was about to pay off.

"Misters Ackles and Padalecki, welcome to Perry's. We are delighted to host you today. My name is Mark Gregor. I am the Manager on Duty" 

It was obvious the waiter did recognize them after all and brought it to the attention of the manager, who also seemed to be aware of who they were. 

Matt Gregor said a few words to the waiter who went off to the host station and collected two very large, leather bound menus and another leather portfolio certain to be the wine list.

"It is our pleasure to serve you today." continued Mr. Gregor. “Your waiter, Roberto, is getting you our full dinner menu.  In the meantime allow me to point out some of our specialties.

We recommend starting with the fried asparagus, which comes topped with jumbo lump crabmeat. Follow that with a dozen, blue point oysters on the half shell, six each. Then I would recommend either our prime bone in cowboy ribeye, or our  tomahawk ribeye, which serves two. For potatoes we have baked or whipped potatoes. The whipped and baked potatoes come with the option of being fully loaded with bacon, shredded cheese, sour cream and chives. We also offer steak cut fries, and au gratin potatoes. We are also known for our creamed spinach and macaroni and cheese side dishes. Finally I would recommend a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon to accompany your steak order; however if you prefer something lighter, I can offer you an excellent Pinot Noir." 

Jensen made eye contact with Jared, who was a pretty big eater.  Jared nodded. This was the signal to Jensen to order one of everything. 

"We will take one of everything you just suggested, We will take both steaks cooked medium rare. Jared has been known to order two steaks just for himself. Make the potatoes loaded.  A Napa Cabernet of high quality will be suitable."

"I will bring you the Nickel & Nickel Cabernet sir. " 

"Thank you Mark, that sounds lovely. And please call me Jensen."

Mark Gregor beamed with pride at the invitation to call Jensen by his first name. He personally communicated the order to the kitchen. The chef allocated his time and attention to each detail of each dish, which emerged from the kitchen with haste and ceremony. 

The oysters came out first,  each ensconced in its own palatial half shell, sitting imperiously on a splendid, shell shaped, silver platter filled with shaved ice. There were three options of sauce for the oysters, one was lime based, one was champagne vinaigrette based, and one was horseradish based. Directly behind the waiter who delivered the oysters, was a wait staff member with a complimentary glass of champagne for each of Jensen and Jared. 

"Compliments of the house messiers. this is a more suitable accompaniment to the oysters than the cabernet."

Jensen was greatly pleased as he watched Jared eating the oysters and trying each sauce. He was heartened to see Jared enjoying the oysters, which were not on the lunch menu, and felt pleased with his decision to leverage his fame in this modest and harmless way to provide Jared a most enjoyable afternoon.

The Asparagus came out second and with that course, the restaurant paired and presented a 2014 Puligny Montrachet, on the house. 

The succulent food was devoured in an instant.

"This wine is delicious," Jared noted. 

Jensen smiled. It was an area where Jensen had a few years head start on Jared, and he loved turning Jared onto new things, an appreciation for wines being one of them. Jensen himself could not have chosen better. The wine was superb and an excellent accompaniment to the dish.

The Tomahawk and cowboy ribeyes came out each on its own cutting board, wheeled out on a tray by the server. The chef in his white habilles followed the cart. Table side, Chef sliced first the tomahawk steak and apportioned it onto two plates, leaving some necessarily behind in the cutting board because of the great size of the thing. Chef then sliced the cowboy ribeye and apportioned that onto the two plates, also leaving some on the board for the gentlemen to help themselves to seconds while not crowding their plates. Chef apportioned some potato and creamed spinach onto their plates, and then set the plates before Jensen and Jared and arranged the mains courses and side dishes on the table before them. Fortunately the large banquette where they were seated afforded them plenty of space for all the food which was certainly a feast.

As quickly as a clock’s second hand advances, the waiters poured the Napa Cabernet into giant red wine glasses on the table, and wished the handsome young diners a Bon Appetit. The waiters left the men in privacy while the waiters scurried away with great pride in the presentation, so as to allow the boys to enjoy the award winning food and wine.

"Happy Thanksgiving," said Jensen raising a glass.

"Happy Thanksgiving," said Jared, meeting Jensen's glass. 

"I have a lot to be thankful for this year." added Jensen.

Oh really, what?" asked Jared shamelessly wanting to hear Jensen profess his thankfulness for him. 

"I'm thankful for you. That's my number one."

"I'll drink to that," Jared replied.

They began eating the food before it should lose its heat. 

“Eat, we can do an inventory of all we have to be thankful for after we eat so we can consume this delicious meal while it is hot," said Jensen

"Agreed" said Jared, forking a piece of his steak.

They ate most of the steak, a lot of the potato, half of the spinach and a bite of mac and cheese. They sat back against the banquet, full. 

'I'm stuffed, ' confessed Jared. 

"Me too"

The waiters did not ask. They simply brought the dessert trio, a selection of three desserts. At some point the manager decided to make this a fabulous dining treat for Jensen and Jared and catered to their every unexpressed whim. 

"On the house, Chef is a big fan," explained the waiter, "and there are several others who work here who join in his enthusiasm for your show."

"Thank you. We are very flattered and grateful. Please tell the chef the meal has been magnificent. We are enjoying a delicious pre thanksgiving meal here, and are very appreciative that you let us order from the broader dinner menu. This is certainly a meal to remember."

The boys did not bother with coffee since they were still sipping the Nickel Cabernet. 

"God this wine" said Jared.

"I know, pretty special isn't it?" answered Jensen.

"I'm going to take a picture of the label," said Jared, getting his phone out. "I’d like to get a photo of the label of the white also.”

“I can text it to you, replied Jensen. “It's a 2014 Puligny Montrachet from the house of David Moret."

"You're spoiling me" said Jared. I will never be able to enjoy cheap wine again.”

"Nothing makes me happier than to see you happy Jared."

Jared was so warmed by Jensen's words and his solicitousness toward Jared's wants and needs.  it touched a place deep within Jared, a pretty empty lonely place. A vast well that might take years of a continual flow of verbal and physical love and affection to fill, and the steadfast companionship of Jensen for Jared to trust in its constancy and begin to feel filled up by it.

"So what are you thankful for?" Jared returned to that topic. 

"I am thankful for you first and foremost as I said. I'm thankful for this meal. I'm thankful for all God's blessings that put me in a position right now to have the small privilege of ordering beyond the menu. I thank God for all the blessings that come as a result of the modest fame I enjoy because God bestowed on me my appearance, and my talents, and my desires. I am thankful for unbelievably supportive parents,  great siblings, my good health, and lately for not being the father of Katie's baby."

"That is a good amount to be thankful for. I'm with you on the last one, double that," answered Jared.