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Morphine Mishaps

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Apollo came to visit America to see his friends, and the agency, but as soon as that was done, Ema wanted to drag him away to investigate a crime scene with her. “Ema,” Apollo told her when they were leaving the agency, “I don’t have time for a trial.“

“You don’t have to defend anyone,” Ema told the attorney, “They haven’t even arrested anyone yet.”

“Really?” Apollo felt even more apprehensive, tapping his foot nervously on the sidewalk. “The killer is still out there?”

Ema shoved a handful of snackoos in her mouth (Hadn’t she given that up?) and munched loudly. “Yeah, but no criminal would stay at the scene. That’s the last place you wanna be.” She pulled the bag to her chest. “I’m just so excited to be back, and I know i’m off duty in America right now, but if I don’t get my hands on a crime scene for a week or more, I might go crazy!”

Apollo shrugged. “So, go by yourself. It’s your crime scene, right? Don’t you want your personal space?” Ema clutched the bag tightly and pursed her lips. “I’d lie to you right now… but don’t you have that magic lie detector bracelet?”

“There’s something bothering you,” Apollo assumed aloud. Ema sighed, dropping her arms to her sides. “More like someone. ” She pulled the bag of snackoos back to her face and started pulling snacks out, munching loudly. Between munches and crunches, he could make out the words German, Fop, Glimmerous, and Obnoxious.

Apollo scratched the back of his neck. “I take it Prosecutor Gavin wanted to come with, then?”

The moment his mouth closed, Ema went on a tangent. “God! He never goes to any crime scenes, he just shows up to parade his fangirls around and pretend he’s doing something, but the one time I finally get a case to investigate by myself, a case I volunteered to investigate to calm myself down, a nice, easy case, he just--!” 

Her yelling was cut off with an angry growl and more munching. Apollo sighed, reaching a hand out to pat her shoulder. “You’ll be fine, Ema. Prosecutor gavin is… well, glittery, but he can be professional when he wants to. I’m sure he won’t be…”

As Apollo struggled to find the right word, the sound of a car revving caught their attention. A shiny black car pulled up on the sidewalk. The two stared at the car’s glittery sheen, and Apollo squinted at the gleaming coat of paint.

“Glimmerous?” Ema sneered as she finished Apollo’s sentence.

The car window rolled down, and Klavier pushed a pair of sunglasses down his face. Apollo jumped upon seeing Klavier in the car. Unable to say anything, he just pointed at Klavier’s head.

“Oh, this?” Klavier ran his fingers through the short blonde locks. “My old style was cramping me. I went back to something familiar! I wore this cut like a decade ago!” He pushed his sunglasses back up. “Okay fraulein skye, get in, we’re going to a crime scene!”

Ema tugged Apollo forward, causing him to almost fall. “ Actually, ” she snarked, “I’m taking Apollo with us, if you don’t mind.”

Klavier smiled brightly. “Oh, not at all! Herr Forehead’s welcome to come with me wherever.” He leaned forward and winked. Apollo rolled his eyes, but he sensed tension in Klavier’s voice just then. He was trying to keep something from Apollo.”

They each got into the car, Apollo being in the front (“I’m not sitting next to the fop! You get up there!” “Aw, Fraulein, try to be polite.”) and Ema sitting in the back, munching away.

“How have things been, in Khura’in?” Klavier’s voice caught Apollo off guard with sincerity. Apollo sunk in his seat. “I mean, it’s been great. Cold up there.”

“I’m sure.

Apollo wasn’t sure what set him off more; the tension in Klavier’s voice that meant he was hiding something, or the biting sarcasm. Even the munching in the back seat ceased at the sudden turn in mood.

“Um… something wrong, Klavier?”

“No! No, nothing at all.” He fiddled with his hair, his signature tell. Apollo didn’t want to push it. “Well, i’m back in America, so… that’s what counts, right?”

“Ja, that counts. It’s good to have you back, Herr Forehead.” Klavier turned to look at him. “Though I could see the shine from that forehead all the way from here.”

Apollo groaned, but he smiled. The tension was gone, and munching resumed from the back seat. 




“We’ve got a big mess on our hands, ja?”

Apollo looked at the scene in front of him in disgust. The body had not yet been moved, and her chest was riddled with bullet holes. Apollo stood far from the body, feeling his stomach turn.

“C’mon Apollo, haven’t you seen a body before?” Ema shoved Apollo playfully, and he faltered from the push. Apollo cough, and nodded. “It’s just… This seems off.” He twisted his bracelet around his arm, tightly only by his own tension. “I’m getting bad vibes from this.”

“Ah, vibes shmibes.” Ema walked up to the body and began investigating immediately. 

“Herr Forehead.” Apollo jumped at the sudden voice from behind, and spun around to meet Klavier. “I did mean it when I said it was good to have you back.”

Apollo nodded. “Um, yeah. Well, it’s good to be back. Really. I mean it.”

“I’m surprised you do mean that, Herr Forehead.” Apollo’s eyebrows shot up in surprise, and Klavier shook his head. “No, no. I’m sorry. I’ve been… well, bitter this past year, in your absence.”


Klavier started fiddling with his hair again, tugging it gently. “It’s just… You left so, so abruptly. Almost as if… No, I don’t want to seem selfish by saying it.” Apollo stepped a little closer, tilting his head. “I’d rather you tell me than let it simmer. Maybe I can… clear up your doubts?”

Klavier sighed. “Ja, you’re always saving me from something, apparently.” His hand fell, and his other hand caught it to spin his ring. “It feels like perhaps you found something better in Khura’in. Like you… left to get away from some… people in America.”

Apollo knew he meant himself. He set a hand on Klavier’s shoulder and smiled warmly. “Klavier, i’m sorry I didn’t tell you before I left. Maybe I should’ve. I miss America every day, and… I’m coming back. One day, when Khura’in is more stable, i’m gonna come back, because this is where I want to be. With the agency, and ema, and you.

Klavier tensed up, staring incredulously at Apollo. He looked down and nodded. “I’m… i’m no good with emotions, sorry. Let’s just go help the fraulein forensic investigator, ja?”

Apollo nodded, pretending not to notice the tears gathering at the corner of Klavier’s eyes. The two of them walked into the scene where Ema had already littered the scene with fingerprinting powder. “This isn’t right,” she said. 

“What’s the matter, fraulein?”

“There are no fingerprints anywhere! There’s not even a weapon. It’s almost like everything was taken.”

“Well… maybe it happened somewhere else?” Apollo grinned sheepishly as Ema stared him down. “Apollo, that’s stupid. There are no dragging tracks, and there’s too much blood for this to have happened anywhere else.”

“Aw, c’mon fraulein! Give Herr Forehead some credit, he’s no forensic investigator. I thought he aimed well with that hypothesis.”

Ema rolled her eyes at the joke, and turned back at the body. She froze, spinning back around with an expression of realization. “Oh my god, that’s it.”

“Did my pun help?”

“No,” Ema said, “Apollo’s suggestion did!” She pulled Apollo closer, and the lawyer just let himself get dragged along. “Apollo, help me slump this body forward.”

“Urm… i’m good.” Apollo tried not to gag at the sight of the body. Ema roller her eyes. “Fine, then just look what I mean.” She pushed the body forward, pointing at the back. “The bullets didn’t all go through, but the one that did is so much lower.”


“Well,” Ema explain, standing up again, “If the angle is so skewed, then the killer was at a higher point.”

Klavier stepped forward. “You mean a sniper?”

Ema nodded. “That’s right. This Alley doesn’t have any windows apparent, and the angle is so high, the sniper must have shot from a roof. We’ll ask around in the builldings nearby, and see if anyone…”

Ema’s face went pale, and she fell silent. Apollo leaned forward, concerned. “What? What is it?”

Suddenly, Apollo felt hands shoving him forward. He shouted as he came into contact with the cold, slightly bloody ground, and he would have been angry had he not heard a loud shot ring out, and spot a shaky red dot skittering across the walls out of the corner of his eye.

He was pulled up by both Ema and Klavier. Klavier looked at the blood on Apollo’s clothing and panicked. “Did you get hit?!”

“I… I don’t…”

“Idiotic fop! Let’s get out of here, then worry about that!” Ema grabbed Apollo and dragged him backwards. Apollo tried to shake off the shock and got up to run, with Klavier following close behind. 

A shot. A thump. A beat.

Apollo turned back to look on, horrified as Klavier collided with the ground. He broke free of Ema’s tight grasp and ran back. “Apollo! What are you-” She was cut off as she saw the scene in front of them both.

Apollo hooked his arms under Klavier’s, picking him up. Klavier hissed in pain, and Apollo felt momentary relief; He was alive, at least. When a bright red light fell on Apollo’s eye, causing him to squint, he ducked as another shot rang out, just barely grazing his hair-horns.

Ema came around to help heave Klavier up off of the ground. “Get him into the car! I’ll call the police immediately!”

“You are the police!”

“I’m on vacation!” she shouted. Another shot sent dust up from the alley, just half a foot away. They put Klavier in the back of the car as quickly and carefully as they could manage, and then Ema hopped into the driver’s seat.

Apollo climbed into the passenger’s seat, wincing as another shot rang out. A spot in the car roof caved in. Klavier mumbled something incoherent about insurance.

“Do you know how to drive?” Apollo pulled the seatbelt over his body as Ema gripped the steering wheel tightly. “Apollo, i’m 27! Of course I do!”

Another loud shot. “Sort of!” Ema hit the gas, speeding off as fast as the car could go, inertia pressing Apollo against the seat. Klavier leaned up, groaning in pain. “Fuck, fuuuuuck…

Apollo turned his head back. “Klavier, we’re gonna go to the hospital! Don’t worry!” Klavier laughed awkwardly, voice tainted with pain. “The one time I actually show up, eh?” He grinded his teeth and winced as he grabbed his leg. “ Scheiß, that hurts!”

The sharp turn Ema took then sent Apollo flying into the car door, and Klavier slid back and hissed in pain. “Precious cargo back here, fraulein!” he shouted. “Shit, sorry!” Ema cursed. She slowed down a little. “We should be far enough from the sniper by now anyway.”

Apollo unbuckled his seat. “Apollo, what are you doing?” Apollo ignored Ema, reaching into the back seat. “Klavier, where were you hit?”

“My thigh,” he answered through clenched teeth. “ Oh teufel, it burns so bad…” Apollo held his hand out. “Let me see your hand.” Klavier extended a bloodied hand, using his other hand to continue applying pressure to the wound. He grasped Apollo’s hand weakly, and the tremors running through Klavier’s grip made his panic apparent.

Apollo squeezed Klavier’s hand encouragingly. “You’ll be fine, it’s all gonna be fine.”

Es gibt so veil blut… I’m gonna black out, schatz …”

“God, you’re really gonna black out, huh?” Ema turned back to look at Klavier for half a second. “Breaking out the german full force. Apollo, is he lucid?”

Apollo looked Klavier in the eye as Klavier’s eyes fluttered, and he swayed a little. “Klavier, are you with me right now?”

Klavier looked hazily at Apollo. “ Ich wünschte das Krakenhaus wäre näher…”

Apollo squeezed his hand. “Klavier, english please?”

“He said he wished the hospital was closer.” Ema turned the corner, causing them both to rock from side to side. Klavier hissed in pain again. Keeping Klavier’s hand in his grip, Apollo turned to Ema. “Since when do you speak german?”

The forensic investigator tapped the wheel anxiously. “You pick some stuff up when you study in europe. And when you work with someone like Prosecutor Gavin.”

As if to prove a point, the prosecutor muttered a string of german curses as he pressed tightly on the wound in his thigh. “Could you translate that?” Apollo asked. 

“I really don’t think I should.”

“Oh, pardon me,” Klavier apologized. His voice was strained with discomfort. “I’ve only been shot in the leg, it’s no biggie, Frau. ” Apollo continued squeezing Klavier’s hand. “The clinic is right around the corner, don’t worry! They’ll get you patched up, and you’ll be fine!”

Klavier smiled awkwardly, eyes squinting as he held back a groan. “Danke, Herr Forehead. I appreciate the sentiment.” 

The very moment Ema parked, she threw the door open. Apollo exited through the passenger door, and walked around to help Ema get Klavier out of the car. “Grab his shoulders,” she commanded. “Once he’s out, I’ll take the left arm, and you take the right.”

Following the order, Apollo heaved Klavier out of the back of the car. Klavier cried out, and Apollo shushed him. “I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Apollo promised in a panic. Klavier shook his head. “A-ah, nein! My car is going to be stained forever!”

Apollo nearly dropped him then and there. “ That’s what you’re worried about?” Ema snapped at him. “You should be more worried that it’s your blood, you fop!” She helped Apollo lift Klavier up, and he balanced on his uninjured leg between them.

Klavier tossed his head to the side to look at Ema. “Oh, well… I kinda can’t feel a whole lot in my leg right now?”

Panic rose in Apollo’s body. “What do you mean, you can’t feel it?”

“I mean I can’t feel a whole lot in my... anything,” Klavier slurred. Apollo looked at Ema, and they both tensed up. “Right, into the hospital then,” she said.


When they entered the Hospital, there was a bit of a commotion. Some people in the waiting room jumped out of their seats to make more room for the two carrying the prosecutor. A nurse entered something into a pager, and rushed to the three.

“What happened to this man?” she asked. 

Apollo suddenly froze up, and he could feel Klavier’s heavy breathing. “He’s been shot in the leg,” Ema answered. “He’s bleeding pretty heavily.”

A crew of nurses began emerging from various areas of the hospital, congregating in the foyer. “We’ll take him to the ER immediately. Please stay here and wait until we get this situation under control.”

They carefully passed Klavier to two nurses, but Apollo almost didn’t want to let go of him. Still, he acquiesced, and the nurses assisted a half-conscious Klavier to the emergency room.

Ema and Apollo sat in the waiting room, hardly silent with Ema’s munching.

“I didn’t think you’d be this put off by Prosecutor Gavin getting injured,” Apollo admitted. He really didn’t; she was just munching about how much she hated him not even an hour ago. Ema set the bag down, whisper yelling to the man in red. “Of courshe I’m put off! I hate him, buh i’d never wish for him t’ get hur’! He’sh not tha’ bad a pershon...”

She continued munching, and Apollo looked down at his wrist, spinning his bracelet around quickly. As he let his mind wander, he felt himself growing panicked; Ema must have heard his shaky breathing, because the munches began to quiet down.

Ema tapped Apollo on the shoulder, causing him to jump. “You don’t look so hot either, though. What’s the trouble?”

“Well, Klavier’s been shot. That’s something.”

Ema tossed a snackoo at Apollo, which landed with a satisfying ka-tonk! against his head. “Don’t get sassy. He’s only been shot in the leg you know.”

Apollo groaned in frustration. “Yeah, I know, but… With my luck, he’ll probably bleed out, or get infected, or just… die for no good reason.” He rested his head in his hands, and had to fight back tears. “I don’t exactly have a good track record with my loved ones living very long.”

After a few moments of silence, Apollo noticed Ema’s hand entering his vision. He looked down at the snackoo in her extended hand, and looked up at Ema with curiosity. “They help me feel less stressed,” she explained, “so… I don’t know. Do you want one?”

The tense air melted as Apollo took the snackoo from Ema’s hand, and nibbled at it without a word. Ema smiled, and leaned back in her seat. “There’s more if you need ‘em. Just ask.”

After 1 and a half long hours of waiting, a nurse finally called for the two. Apollo got up shakily, his mind still running wild with horrible possibilities. As they walked through the halls, Apollo couldn’t keep himself quiet any longer. “Is he going to be okay?”

The nurse turned to look at the man over her shoulder, and gave him a calm, friendly grin. “Yes, of course, Mr. Justice. He was in quite a lot of pain however, so we had to sedate him. He’s a bit…”

“Loopy?” Ema suggested. The nurse looked forward again. “You could say that.” Ema chuckled to herself. “Sweet.” She took her phone out of her pocket and opened the camera. “This is gonna be internet gold.

Apollo shoved Ema with his elbow. She nearly dropped her phone. “Ow! Hey!” She glared at the man. “He’s been shot!” Apollo whispered to her. The investigator rolled her eyes. “He got to the hospital, the nurse said he was fine.”

When they arrived at Klavier’s room, the Nurse opened the door for them. Klavier was sitting in a bed with an incline that allowed him to be propped up without strain. He had an IV bag by his side, with a tube leading to a needle in his arm. He turned to look at the two as they entered the room.

Apollo rushed to his side immediately. “Prosecutor Gavin!” He gripped the railing of the bed. “Are you feeling alright?”

Klavier stared up at Apollo. His short hair pressed against the pillow, going out in many directions. He blinked at Apollo instead of giving him a response.

Ema pulled out her phone again, and began recording. Apollo pretended not to notice. “Okay, Klavier. Can you say anything?”

Ich fühle mich lustig.” As he said it, the syllables were interspersed with laughter. He giggled to himself, raising a hand to his mouth. Apollo looked at Ema, who was filming, She nodded. “He feels funny.”

Apollo’s grip on the railing relaxed a little. “Ema, do you know what they put him on?”

“Ooh! Ooh!” Klavier raised his hand. “I can answer this one.” Ema picked up the

notebook on the bedside table, keeping her phone pointed towards the prosecutor.. “It says here that they gave him morphine. He’s totally out of it.”

“They put- they put me on ein bett. ” He smacked an empty spot of the bed beside him. “I’m on a bed.”

Ema snickered, getting the phone closer. “Yeah Klavier, you’re on a bed. There’s a needle in your arm.” The german’s smile fell, and he turned to look at the IV in his arm. He stared for a moment, and turned back to look at Ema with a confused expression. “No there isn’t.”

Switching the phone to her other hand, Ema pointed at the needle. “There is, it’s right there. They’re giving you pain killers. That’s why you feel funny.” Klavier ignored her words in favor of staring at the camera. He reached up to the phone, unable to touch it. “Who’s on the phone?”

Ema backed up and held the phone out of his reach. “It’s… the chief prosecutor.”

Klavier leaned back in bed. “Oh no, I didn’t come in to work today.” He stared at the ceiling. Suddenly, he shot up and stared at Ema. “Tell him i’ll be in early tomorrow.”

“You are not getting out of bed by tomorrow!” Apollo smacked the side of the rail lightly for emphasis. “Klavier, there’s a bullet in your leg!” Klavier pouted at Apollo. “Nuh-uh. die Ärzte entfernten es. My legs got a hole in it now. Like käse.” He turned to Ema. “How is it you say käse, frau? I’ve forgotten.


Apollo turned his head. “How do you… forget the word cheese?”

Ema nudged Apollo, turning her phone to him. “English isn’t his first language.” Apollo covered the camera of her phone. “Please don’t film me,” he said. He really didn’t want to be exposed to the entire gavinner’s fanbase.

Ema turned her phone back to Klavier. “Jeez, fine.” She turned to Klavier. “Klavier, can you give us some stellar life advice?” 

“Seriously, Ema?” Ema shushed him, holding the phone closer to Klavier. Klavier put a finger to his chin thoughtfully, and Ema waited for a response. Klavier turned to the door. “If you… when. Ach.”

“Don’t stress him out, Ema,” Apollo whined. Klavier held his hand up to silence Apollo, which caught them both off guard. He turned to look at Ema’s phone, staring into the camera. “Are you… filming me?”

Ema tensed up. “Um… yes.” 

Klavier smiled. “Ach, my hair is all messy, I have to ready myself for die kamera…” He ruffled his hair, ultimately making it even messier. He took the phone from Ema, and Ema made a noise of complaint as Klavier raised the phone up over his head.

“Whats up, Damen und Herren, this is Klavier gavin coming to you live from… ehh… Los Angeles!” He dropped the phone on his face, flinching as it smacked into his nose. “Ow.” He laughed as Ema took the phone back. 

Apollo started to breathe easy at the familiar behavior. Klavier seems okay, Apollo thought to himself as Klavier rubbed his nose and laughed. Apollo smiled. “Okay, he is… kind of funny like this.”

Ema pointed her phone back at Klavier. “Right?” Klavier looked at Apollo and reached out. “ Liebling, i'm thirsty…” Ema gave Apollo a thumbs up. “You stay and watch him, I’ll go get him some water.”

“Right,” Apollo agreed. Ema handed him the phone, which he took hesitantly. As soon as she left, however, he stopped recording. Nobody really needs to see this, he thought to himself.

“Fraulein Skye?” Klavier mumbled. Apollo set the phone down on the table. “Nope, it’s-”

Klavier cut him off. “I’ve got a secret.” He reached up to put his hand on Apollo’s shoulder. “U-uh, Klavier, I don’t think-” Apollo began to complain, but Klavier pulled him gently down. He looked up at Apollo with a hazy look in his eyes, and a big dopey grin positioned slightly askew on his face, pulling his cheeks. “Would you like to know?”

Apollo blinked. “Your secret…?” I shouldn’t even be considering it, he’s not nearly lucid enough to be telling me this! Although… I am curious… Klavier giggled, nodding slowly. “I think you’re gonna like it, but you gotta promise not to tease mee…”

Well… better that I hear it than Ema does, Apollo thought to himself. “Okay, tell me.”

Klavier opened his mouth, and took a little breath. His mouth hung ajar as he looked around the room, suspicious, as if someone were listening. He motioned for Apollo to come closer. Apollo leaned forward, and Klavier snaked his arm around Apollo’s neck, causing Apollo to shiver. He was only aware of their close proximity when he felt Klavier’s face against the side of his, right next to his ear.

“I think… Gott, Ich denke, ich bin verliebt. ” 

Apollo pulled back, momentarily overwhelmed by the stimulation of hot breath on his ear. Their faces were still somewhat close, thought Apollo backed up enough to no longer feel Klavier’s breath. “I-i… I don’t know German, Klavier.”

“I said that I am in love. There is… this person…” Klavier rubbed circles into the npe of Apollo’s neck. “Oh, it’s wunderbar, he is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.” A ring-clad hand came up to rest on Klavier’s cheek. “I get lost in my emotions thinking about him.”

That took Apollo off guard. “Oh… does he like you back?” He tried to silence a jealous thought in his mind; after all, he has no reason to be jealous, right? Klavier’s arm dropped from Apollo’s neck, and Apollo could breathe a little easier. However, seeing Klavier turn on his side, back facing Apollo, he felt a sudden sadness.

Unmöglich,” Klavier moped quietly. “He does not even see me anymore, I think. He’s grown tired of me.” the man in the bed raised his shoulders, tucking his head down in rejection. Apollo felt like his heart was being tugged out of his chest. He understood what that was like.

Apollo set his hand on Klavier’s back. “I’m sure he hasn’t grown tired of you, Klavier. You’re a wonderful person. Anyone would be so lucky to have you.” Klavier groaned in pain (Apollo wondered if it was emotional pain, or if his medicine started wearing off), and returned to his original position, laying on his back. “Then why did he move to Khura’in?”

Hearing that, Apollo froze. “Wh… What?” His face began to heat up, and he could barely believe what he was thinking. Of course he wasn’t the guy Klavier had feelings for! Klavier said he was the most beautiful person he’d ever seen -- Apollo is so ordinary, his head is so large, he’s short, awkward, stumpy… But what about that stunt Klavier had just pulled? Wrapping his arm around Apollo’s neck, whispering into his ear? 

The sound of a door opening nearly scared him right out of his skin. He turned to see Ema, holding a cup of water awkwardly as she juggled carrying it to the room and snacking on snackoos. “God, what does it take to find a water cooler around here?” She set the cup down on the table next to klavier. “There’s your water, fop.” 

Ema grabbed the phone off of the table, signing into it. “Did you catch anything good?”

How glad I am that I stopped recording. “U-uh… no. Nothing interesting.” Ema groaned. “Well, we have to leave now, so I’ll make do with what i’ve got.”

Apollo blinked. “What? We have to leave?” He looked back at Klavier, who was still moping, tapping the railing of the bed sadly. “Um, yeah, visiting hours are over in like ten minutes,” Ema explained.

As Ema approached the door to leave, however, Apollo stayed put. “I think i’d like to talk to prosecutor Gavin for a few moments before I go. Alone.” Ema looked back at the attorney, and shrugged. “Okay, good luck having a serious talk when he’s like that, though.” She stuffed the bag of snackoos in her purse and exited the room, leaving Apollo and Klavier together in the room, silence only broken by the beeping of hospital machines and a faulty air conditioner.

Apollo turned back to Klavier. He set his hand on top of the rock star’s, holding it to the railing. Klavier looked down at their hands. He removed his hand from beneath Apollo’s, and put it on top, grabbing his wrist very gently, and running a thumb over his bracelet. “Herr Forehead… your bracelet is very pretty.”

There was a seat next to the bedside table, a little wooden stool. Apollo scooted it over, not moving his hand, and sat down. “It belonged to my mom,” he said. “Allegedly.”

Klavier looked up at Apollo. “You… My words aren’t with me anymore. I’m forgetting how to speak.” He laughed, his smile lopsided and awkward. Apollo smiled back slightly. “Yeah. You’re… on some tough pain killers right now.”

The prosecutor nodded. “I’m high off my shits.” Both men began laughing, the sitting man grasping the bed-ridden man’s hand and squeezing it lightly. When their laughter died down, Apollo’s anxiety returned. Is this really the right thing to ask…?

“You mentioned you were in love,” Apollo commented. “With… who?”

Klavier just stared at Apollo, his eyes clearly flooding with adoration. Apollo felt like he knew the answer perfectly well.




A week later,  Apollo returned to Khura’in. Before he left, he managed to get Klavier’s phone number (“Many frauleins would kill to have this, Herr Forehead. Don’t let this get out to any especially excitable fangirls… or I may have to change my number for the 4th time now!”), and they had kept in touch since Apollo left to return to Khura’in.. 

Despite knowing about Klavier’s interest in him, Apollo hadn’t done anything about it yet. “Why won’t you?” his brother had asked once he found out. “If your feelings are mutual, then it’s only fate you end up together.”

“Exactly,” Apollo replied. “So if it’s only fate, I want to hold off until I finish doing what i’m doing here, in Khura’in.” When Nahyuta continued to appear confused, he elaborated: “Believe me, i’d love to ask him out this moment. I just don’t think we could handle that when i’m in another country. I want to be able to go back to America, first; it’s what he deserves.”

Nahyuta set his hand on Apollo’s desk. “I suppose I understand. You have told Klavier that I wish his recovery the best?”

Apollo nodded, skimming a piece of paperwork carefully. “Yeah. He should be able to walk without assistance in a week or so, thankfully.” The attorney felt his brother’s hand on his back,, and looked up at the teal eyed man.

“I’m very thankful that you were also not hurt. I heard from Ema that, had Klavier not pushed you, you may have been shot fatally.” At that, Apollo froze. Was he really that close to getting hit? As if Nahyuta could read his mind, he continued speaking. “She said there was a red dot trained right on your temple.”

Right on his temple. Apollo swallowed nervously. He could have died that day, but Klavier acted quickly and saved his life. He looked down at the paperwork in front of him. He couldn’t find the words to express what he was feeling.

Nahyuta’s hand left his shoulder, and Nahyuta headed for the door. “Before I go,” he added as he set a hand on the door knob, “Detective Skye sent me a truly hilarious video. She told me she sent it to you, but you hadn’t seen it yet.”

Before Apollo could ask what he meant, Nahyuta was already leaving Justice Law Offices. Apollo watched the door close slowly. He pulled out his phone, and saw 2 messages from Klavier, and 2 from Ema.


Klavier Gavin: did ema send u tht video???

Klavier Gavin: dont read the comments lmao its a little bit embarrrassing. Not for me obviously its only good things, but yknow


Ema Skye:

Ema Skye: apollo youve gotta see this


Apollo clicked on the video. He knew what it was before it loaded, due to the title being “KLAVIER GAVIN ON MORPHINE”. Seeing it from the perspective of the phone was interesting, but he was curious about what Klavier meant by the comments. He scrolled down to the comments, and…


“I dont know german whats ein bett”

“He said they put him on a bed… i'm gonna cry hfs thats so cute”

“Aww klavis so funny like this”


“Whos the guy at 2:45??? The camera person blurred his face out”

“I think that’s the guy he faced off with in court, it sounds like him anyway.”

“Apollo justice! HHes kind of a cutey…”

“Klavier did a special performance of Guilty Love that mentioned him once.”

“I think he needs to chill out lmao hes a buzzkill :/”

“No, shut up!!! Klavier was just shot in the leg!”

“I think its kinda cute that hes so concerned”


“Lots of Love Klavier!!! Hope you get better baby #PrayForKlavier

“#PrayForKlavier so he can get well soon :’(“

“Howd he get hurt???”

“He got shot while investigating a thing. Hes really brave putting his life on the line for the truth like thatt…”


“Do you think this is going to affect his new album?”

“Omg is he releasing a new album???”

“I didnt know he planned to put a new album out!!! I thought he said he was only considering an EP?”

“No he said hes got an album called Icarus in the making”


Klavier was working on an album at the time? Apollo thought Klavier left the music industry. He opened his conversation with Klavier. 

Apollo Justice: I didnt know u were making an EP?

Klavier Gavin: nooooo you werent supposed to find out it was a surprise

Klavier Gavin: but yes i’m working on this album called Icarus

Klavier Gavin: You might like it! Its diff. From my usual stuff. More acoustic, less bass

Apollo Justice: thats good. I really wanna be able to listen to your music cause that just

  seems like a nice thing to do

Klavier Gavin: oh herr forehead u dont have to listen to my music if you dont want to

Apollo Justice: well, if i enjoy this album i might buy it

Klavier Gavin: i'm glad ;)

Apollo smiled, and shut off his phone. He wondered when the album would come out.