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During the first of the fall

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Cold,if there was one word to describe Eto it would be cold. A never ending blanket of white snow and even whiter Nevi. It was lonely and boring and so damn cold! But It wasn't like she could anything about it.

Alua took another deep breath of the freezing air, when would her guardian come?

Knock knock

Alua pulled herself away from her diary,smooth out her long white dress  and crown and gave a curt "come in"

"Why the long face princess?" A smile immedently grew across her face.

"Syd!" He grinned at her with that infections smile of his.

"Here for your entertainment and pleasure! And speaking of pleasure!" He moved his hand from behind his back, "Ta da!"

It was a box, "oh!" She took it from Syds' larger hands and shook it lightly,she could faintly hear the sound of small gears click,her finger brushed against a small nob on the other side.

"Be careful! Shake it too hard and the clogs might come undone! Here" he took a knee before her and flipped the silver box rightside up. A simple but beauitful design faced her as he opened the rectangle, the only thing inside was a small,black cat,sitting on a stand.

"Its a kitten,how cute!" She cooed,she rarely ever saw anything that wasn't white,baby blue or silver.

"I figured you'd like it,but this was the tricky part" he turned the nob, it clicked and clicked until it couldn't click anymore and then...

"A music box!?" The lightest of tinks echoed through her chamber,the softest of melodies,something she hadn't heard since she was a child!

"I know,I know pretty great huh? I had so many songs to choose from,but I felt like you'd enjoy this one the most!" He was right! She was absolutly ecstatic!

"But now I feel bad,I dont have anything for you" she ran a finger over the smooth box.

"This may seem a bit selfish but I just wanted to see you smile again" he toyed with his shirt button, "I see you here in the Palace everyday and yet you lool so miserabl,sometimes I wonder if you should have just stayed with your family,but then I wouldn't have gotten to meet you"

She set her new gift down next to her diary, "my family is still here Syd,I'm not being sent away forever! I'm sure I'll see them soon"


There was a knock on the door.

"My lady,you presence is needed" Alua stood up and fixed herself.

Once again she was to be tossed in the cold of her kingdom, but that was ok,soon she and Syd would have their daily talk! Little did she know though,was the last time they would talk,would be on a icy bridge.