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Adventures of a Spiderling

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Tony swept past the group. The Ex-Vengers returned to the compound, expecting a home. They just got dejected, banned from half the compound at least. Steve was frozen, almost gaping as Tony walked into the elevator and went up. The others turned to Steve, confused.

Wanda was the first to speak, “I thought he was okay with us again.”

“We did kind of betray him,” Natasha reminded. “He’s probably doing this until he realized we are not in fact threats. Until them we need to go with it or we could end up completely ruining the friendship.”

“But we’re family,” Clint said.

“We still are family,” Steve spoke up. “But right now it’s a little dysfunctional.”

“Whatever,” Sam said. “I’m good as long as I don’t have a room next to Barnes.”

“Ditto,” Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Do we have a kitchen?” Scott asked, peeking his head out from his bags. He was ant-size.

“Yeah,” Steve replied. “And a living space.”

“And a training room,” Natasha added.

“So we’re all good,” Vision stated. “We should now go to our rooms. I believe that we are allowed a budget for food on the fridge.”

“A budget?” Wanda whispered as they separated.


“Hey, kid,” Tony greeted as he walked into his private lab. “Hey, Brucie Bear.”

“Tony,” Bruce greeted, but didn’t look up. He was focused on hs microscope.

“Hi, Mr. Stark,” Peter chirped. He held a weird looking metal ball in his hand. “Watch this,” he said before he threw the ball. Tony watched the metal ball break apart on the floor. He turned to Peter, unamused. Peter laughed nervously, staring at the pieces. “Wait for it,” Peter said. Tony turned back to the shambles hesitantly. Then the pieces started forming back together. He watched it return to its original form.

“Okay, what else?” Tony asked, a little prideful inside.

“Yeet or be Yeeted,” Peter said. Tony cocked his eyebrow at the voice recognition, but let it go once he saw the ball’s pieces form into a sharp knife. “This bitch empty,” Peter said. The knife formed into a pole around 2 feet long. “This is why mom doesn’t fucking love you,” Peter said, getting a slight punch in the arm from Tony. Tony watched the pole turn into a gun. Two bullets came from the lower handle, only needing to be put into the barrel.

“You made three weapons,” Tony said warily. “Who had tried to harm you, Pete?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“...No. Never mind,” Tony said. “How do the bullets work?”

“It isn’t actually a gun,” Peter explained. “The bullets are just pieces of metal that will be projected by a fast puff of air that builds up inside of the handle.”

“If you shoot off a bullet, will the other weapons work?” Tony asked.

“Yep,” Peter nodded.

“Then you did good, kid,” Tony patted Peter’s shoulder. “Now, my question is why you made it react to those words. ‘This bitch empty’? Why?”

“Vines,” Peter shrugged.

“You say that like it explains everything.”

“It does.”

“I can’t deal with you right now,” Tony stated as he walked out.

Peter twirled around in his swirly chair, “How did you take down Captain America?” Bruce looked up in time to see the ball transform into a shield. He snorted.


Wanda was training lifting weights up when she felt a presence. She dropped the weight ball and spint around. She saw no one there. She looked around, trying to find a mind to enter. When she realized the presence was gone, she rubbed her eyes. “Did I train too hard?” She muttered. She rolled up her sleeves and left the training room.


Clint was crawling through the vents when he thought he felt the vibrations of someone else. He went towards the vibrations. Apparently he wasn’t fast enough, for no one was there. He narrowed his eyes, realizing he was now in a new part of the vents he hadn’t explored yet. He then realized he was in the main entrance of the compound. The only communal space between both groups.

He heard Happy say, “Kid, what are you doing?”

Then a high voice said, “I wasn’t doing anything. Don’t accuse me without evidence.”

Clint would have looked down, but didn’t want to get caught and ruin their relationship.


Steve was training last night. He went back to the training room, and found that the weights were rearranged. He frowned. Only Bucky or Wanda could move them. Maybe Scott if he shrunk them before moving them around, but Scott wasn’t one to just rearrange. He would make the prank super obvious. He looked around, almost wondering if he was going crazy or forgetting things.

He weight lifted anyway.


Natasha knew something was up. At first she thought it was paranoia, that wouldn’t be anything new, but now she was sure. She knew someone was going around and making everyone on edge. And it wasn’t one of them. This person would have to be small, fast, light, and probably on the young side. Plus, she found a brown hair on the couch last week, so it was probably a brunette too.

That is why she was now staking out the main entrance. It was a room 5 feet across on all sides. Then there was an elevator in the middle, with a door on either side. She was propped against their door. The other two she didn’t have access to.

She waited. And waited. And waited. She got to paint her nails nicely by the time she heard movement.
A kid. A brunette teenager entered the building carrying a backpack, a bag of fast food, and a badge. The kid didn’t notice her. She watched him use the badge to open the elevator.

At the last moment, the kid turned to her, “Miss. Romanoff, did you want to talk to Mr. Stark? You can use the buzzer if you want to contact him.”

Natasha saw her chance. She gave a nod, standing up and entering the elevator. They went up to floor 3. The kid offered her a small smile. The elevator stopped and they walked off. She was surprised that the floor seemed very casual. There was a wall made of books and a small portion of movies. Another wall was just a screen. There was a large living room that looked like you could jump on them without it ever losing fluffiness. And then there was a simple kitchen off to the side. Textbooks and shoes were scattered about. Natasha thought it was very domestic.

The boy laid down his backpack, sitting on a stool and table by the kitchen. He opened up the bag of fast food and started eating. Natasha sat across from him, observing as the boy appeared to go on social media and text friends.

After he ate, the boy looked up sheepishly. “Miss. Romanoff, are you waiting for Mr. Stark or are you here for another reason?”

Natasha weighed her options, “Who are you?”

“Oh,” the boy looked like he realized something. “I’m Peter. I intern for Mr. Stark.”

“Why are you here?”

“I, um, work at the labs here. I help with his suits along with whatever projects I want to work on, or projects Mr. Stark wants help on.”

“How long have you known him?” Natasha asked. A time frame would be good to know.

“About 3 years,” Peter said. “So are you meeting with Mr. Stark or-”

“I came to get my weapon fixed,” Natasha fibbed. She laid down a newly broken taser. Peter peered at it. He totally heard the crunch she just did with her hand, but Natasha didn’t know that.

“Okay,” Peter scooted the taser near him. “Anything else?”

“Why are you here at 4 A.M.?” Natasha found herself asking. This kid shouldn’t be up.

“I, uh, kind of have bad habits,” Peter said. “I don’t sleep a lot.”

“Okay,” Natasha gave a nod before she slipped off of her stool. She went to the kitchen. She turned on the machine, getting out two mugs. Within a minute, Peter was given a cup of hot cocoa, and Natasha was seated with a cup of her own. Peter looked at it curiously. Natasha said, “Nightmares, right?”

Peter looked up, gave a slight nod. “Do you have them?”

“Yes,” Natasha answered honestly. “Some weeks I’m fine, others bring it all back.”

“So hot cocoa is a coping mechanism?”

“It’s just comforting,” Natasha said with a small chuckle. “It reminds me of the Barton Farm. And you look like a softie, so you probably like hot cocoa.”

“A true spy,” Peter smiled towards her before blowing on the cup and taking a small sip. He set it down, turning his gaze to her. “How was Wakanda?”

Natasha realized this kid must know everything Tony does, and replied, “All lovely people.”

“Is it really a place with amazing technology?” Peter asked. Natasha noticed the curiosity in his eyes.

“Yes,” Natasha answered. They both took sips from their drinks. “So,” Natasha said, “what do you have nightmares about. I’ve learned that if you talk about it, they slowly disappear.”

“...” Peter looked up to her. Natasha saw the hesitance, the fear, and the insecurity within his eyes. “I somehow always run into trouble,” Peter eventually said. “Or, well, it finds me. I call it my Parker Luck.”

“What’s the most recurring dream?” Natasha asked calmly. Nightmares sucked. They weren’t fun to have. And if their causing insomnia, that means it isn’t something you just mention casually then never talk about again.

“Probably Skip,” Peter said softly, staring at his cup. Natasha’s mind wandered to who Skip was. Peter seemed to know that, “He was my tutor.” Natasha inspected him. Is he saying what she thinks he’s saying? “He was nice at first. Always said we were doing an experiment, or even calling it a game. Nothing was wrong with it, apparently. It was normal. Nothing I needed to tell anyone about.”

Natasha looked as the boys legs tapped in the air, his fingers gripping the mug, very twitchy. This was a truth. A very horrid truth that he shared, willingly, with her. “Is he away?”

“He was only in high school,” Peter stated. “He got out after 36 weeks.”

Natasha digested that. She went to the cupboards and found marshmallows. She came back with a handful, and placed them all in Peter’s cup. He smiled. She smiled back. Why is he so likeable?

“How old are you?” She asked.

“Almost 17,” Peter answered.

“You look 13,” Natasha commented. Peter looked hurt, then laughed.

“Why does everyone say that?”

“Because it’s true,” Natasha shrugged. She then got back on track, “Other nightmares?”

“Probably the building,” Peter said, poking at a melting marshmallow.

“Background story?”

“A building fell on me,” Peter said. Natasha detected the truth again. “I got out, but the guy who did it was one of my best friends’ dad.”

“Where you from?” Natasha asked. She was trying to move back and forth, not causing too much trauma.

“Queens,” Peter smiled. Natasha liked his smile. It was bright and genuine, sending off rays of sunshine.

“Good place?”

“It’s awesome,” Peter gushed. “And Delmar’s, a sandwich place, is the best. No one can top it.”

“Did you grow up there?”

“Yeah,” Peter confirmed. After a few moments he said, “Have you ever been to Queens?”

“Yes,” Natasha answered. She remembers a couple missions from there.

“Have you ever been there and eaten the street food? Gone to the malls?”

“No,” Natasha admitted. “Still sort of not family-friendly.”

“You seem friendly,” Peter commented, then took a sip of cocoa. “I mean, I feel spoiled. Hot cocoa with marshmallows? Plus it was made by Natasha fucking Romanoff, definitely the best start to my day ever.”

“Glad you feel that way,” Natasha smirked. She looked down to see her mug was now empty. She stood up and set it in the sink.

“I’ll get your taser fixed later today,” Peter’s voice echoed as she went down the elevator.

“Okay,” she thought. “So I can now use this…?”


Natasha goes back to their floor. She walks in stealthily, going to their living room. She curls up and reads a book, seeing that soon others would wake and start their days. Before long Steve and Bucky enter. Bucky looks half asleep, while Steve looks chipper and was already cooking breakfast.

Bucky glares at Natasha, “How are you up this early?”

“I never went to bed,” Natasha shrugged, turning a page. Bucky’s gaze lingered, but didn’t stay. Soon enough he was eating breakfast with Steve.

Steve offered her a place at the table, “Fresh french toast,” he said.

Natasha looked over. She closed her book, getting up and sitting at the table. The three of them eat. That’s when Sam staggers in. Sam looks at the breakfast, “So I get none?”

“Not fast enough, Sammie,” Bucky said, amused and now awake, ready to annoy.

“Assholes,” Sam comments, getting out frozen waffles and making the in the toaster. He sits down, grumbling.

“So, let’s clear the elephant in the room,” Bucky announced. Natasha was worried that he meant her, but was soon relieved when he said, “This place is freakin’ haunted.”

“The brunette kid,” Sam said. “How did he die, you think?”

“Ghosts?” Steve’s voice cracked slightly. “You think all the weird stuff that’s going on is a ghost?”

“What else could it be?”

“Yeah!” Clint popped out from the vents. Everyone knew he was there. He sat down next to Natasha. “I got glitter bombed in my own vent. This ghost can interact with objects and make plans.”

“It moved my weights,” Steve stated. “They’re heavy, you know.”

“So we’re screwed,” Sam said.

“We need to light mint or something,” Bucky said. “Call down Ghost Busters or some shit.”

“I’m sure the ghost is just trying to pass over peacefully,” Steve said with a small smile. “You do realize ghosts don’t exist, right?”

“Ghosts do exist!”

“I agree for once,” Sam said.

“What are your thoughts?” Clint asked Natasha.

She looked up, “It’s not a ghost,” she stated. Everyone turned to her. Steve smiled, thinking she must have an explanation, hoping she did, really.

“Don’t leave us hanging,” Clint said.

“I think it’s a human,” Natasha stated. “In the compound, trying to mess with us.”

“An intruder?” Steve questioned.

“No,” Natasha said. “A person with a child-like personality.”

“Stark,” Sam stated. Natasha didn’t do anything. “He’s seeing if we snap at this."

Natasha smirked.


Tony walked into his lab around noon to see Peter putting a bow on a familiar taser. He looked at it suspiciously, “What did you do?”

“Miss. Romanoff broke her taser,” Peter said. “I fixed it up real quick.”

“You met with them?” Tony felt sick. If they did anything to Peter, he-he was- He wasn’t sure what he’d do. But it would not end well for them.

“Miss. Romanoff was alone,” Peter said softly. “No one else knows I’m even a person.”

“So she didn’t attack you?” Tony checked.

“Nope,” Peter answered. He finished up the bow, and pressed a button on the phone.

On the first floor, the Avenger group was hanging out in the living room. Wanda was teaching Vision to cook when a voice rang out. “Miss. Romanoff, your taser is fixed,” it announced. Natasha stood up. All eyes went to her.

“What?” Scott asked her.

“My taser got broken,” Natasha explained. “It needed to get fixed.”

“You talked to Tony?” Steve gaped.

“No,” Natasha shook her head. “He has Interns for his lab,” she explained.

“So no progress,” Hope stated, falling back into the couch.

“No,” Natasha shook her head. “I think I know how to get to know him again.” Their gazes fell to her again. She replied, “I think I met the head Intern this morning. Now I have clearance to go to the second floor.”

Steve and the others were surprised. Do they need to break their weapons to get on the good side of Tony? But also, how close was the head Intern to Tony?


“Hello, Miss. Romanoff,” Peter greeted her. He held her taser with a red bow on it. She graciously accepted it. Peter smiled at her.

“Hey, Pete,” she said. She tucked the taser away, taking the bow off of it. She put the bow on her chest, and Peter stifled a laugh. “How are you? Got any sleep?”

“No,” Peter answered, moving to the living room. She followed. They sat down, cushions in between them. The screen lit up and Peter turned to the other, “What’s the best movie in the world?” She smirked.


Natasha returned a few hours later, all eyes going to her. Steve’s were round with curiosity, but also the fear of rejection. She smiled at them, and then Clint blurted, “A bow?’
Natasha knew she still had the bow there. “I’m a gift to the world, aren’t I?”

“Real story, hun,” Hope reminded.

“The Intern likes to gift wrap weapons, apparently,” Natasha shrugged, sitting down.

“How many times have you met with this Intern to go soft?” Clint asked.

“I met him this morning,” Natasha answered. “He has doe eyes.”

“Ah,” Clint said, “The ones you can’t say no to.”

“... Is it a normal occurrence?”

“For children, sometimes,” Clint said. “But adults, not as much. How old is the Intern?”

“... I rather not give our private information,” Natasha ended the discussion.

“Doe eyes, huh,” Hope mused.


Tony was seated in the living room, Rhodey and Happy present with him. Bruce and Peter off in the labs. Tony took a large sip from his coffee cup, “It seems Natasha is worthy.”

“You sound like Thor,” Rhodey commented.

“God help us all.”

“He is a god, Tones.”

“Moving on,” Tony said. “If Natasha is fine, I believe others will notice. I want to see the bonds form naturally. Remember, Pete is just an Intern. FRIDAY said that Natasha didn’t even reveal his name or age, so Peter could be mistaken if they do find him.”

“Natasha watched movies with Peter last night,” Happy stated. “I think we can roll with the thought that Peter trusts her.”

“His sixth sense,” Rhodey remembered. “His gut probably tells him she’s a good person.”

“But they don’t know that,” Tony stated. “And they won’t until Peter chooses to reveal himself and they are proven trustworthy.”

“But now Natasha is granted access whenever Peter is free and not doing anything with his capabilities,” Rhodey recalled. “She could potentially bring up others, and then they could try to get to know you.”

“They won’t,” Tony threw the earlier statement. “They don’t want to lose a place to stay for free.”


“Oh no,” Bucky said after shoving his body into a wall. “My arm is messed up.” Steve looked unamused while Wanda was cackeling with Sam. “I guess I better ask an Intern for help,” Bucky said.

“Idiots,” Natasha muttered.

“Nat, want to give me access upstairs?” Bucky asked.

Natasha looked at him with her eyes narrow, “I get a favor out of you later.”

“S-sure,” Bucky said.

Natasha left. Bucky followed. The group watched, wondering if they would be rejected immediately or not. If not, then Sam was looking to his wings. Just a screw or something could go missing, right?

Natasha scanned her ID. FRIDAY announced in the main entrance, “He is currently busy. Would you like me to buzz him?”

“Yes, please,” Natasha said.

A few moments later Peter’s voice was heard, “Miss. Romanoff, what’s up?”

“Bucky hurt his arm.”

“... Is he okay?”


“Okay. Um, come up, then,” Peter trailed off, the elevator opening.

They arrived to the second floor, no one but a brunette there with a smile.

Bucky stared for a few moments, “Doe eyed Intern, Nat, really?”

“Hello, Mr. Barnes,” Peter smiled. He looked down to the arm, the smile fading. “Um, I’m not going to ask, so let’s just get it fixed, yeah?”

“Yes,” Natasha agreed.

Peter guided them through a hallway, the lab door opening for him automatically. They enter the large lab, finding it was void of life. Peter had Bucky sit down on a chair. Bucky complied, almost studying the other. Peter took off Bucky’s arm. Bucky felt the weight leave, almost worried about it. Peter spent the next 20 minutes talking with Natasha about movies and foods before getting a metal press and putting words onto the metal. Bucky was confused by that, but assumed it was for a reason.

10 minutes after that, Bucky had his arm back. Peter was polishing the metal when he asked, “All fingers and movement working?”

“Yeah,” Bucky unclenched his metal hand. “That all?”

“Yeah. The joints looked like pressure was applied to it. It still would’ve worked for a while, but if you didn’t come up, it could’ve needed to be remade. It’s a good thing you got it fixed.”

“...Yeah. Totally.”

“So, movies.”

“Uhm, what about them?” Bucky asked.

“What’s your top 10 list?”

“I don’t have a list,” he stated.

“Hmm, MIss. Romanoff, we may need to show him the world of Die Hard.”

“He doesn’t know many series either,” Natasha commented.

Peter gasped, “Not even Brooklyn Nine-Nine?!”


“This is a dreadful day.”

“Hey,” Bucky laughed.


A couple hours later, Bucky and Natasha returned. The Avenger team waited for answers. Bucky and Natasha sat down at the dining room table, the others eating cereal and pop tarts for dinner.

“... You hungry?” Wanda asked eventually.

“Already ate,” Natasha said.


“Where else?”

“So…” Steve said.

“Spit it out, Stevie,” Bucky said.

“Did you see Tony?”

“No,” both of them answer.

“We saw the Intern,” Natasha said.

“Doe eyes,” Bucky said.

“The Intern got to both russians,” Hope hummed.

“A bambi,” Bucky added.

“Bambi,” Natasha echoed.

“What did you eat?” Scott asked, slurping down milk from his bowl.

“The Intern cooked us grilled cheese,” Bucky said.

“Why don’t you say his name?” Clint asked. “Do you know his name?”

“I want you to see him for yourself,” Natasha shrugged. “I don’t think he gave out a last name to us officially, but he did give me an idea of what his last name was.”

“Do you hang out with him?” Clint gasped.

“Where else would I eat breakfast?”


“... Is anyone else wondering why the Intern is up at that hour?” Sam asked.

“He has insomnia,” Natasha stated. “A Stark in the making.”

“It’s Tony’s kid?” Steve asked lowly.

“No. They both are very smart and both go days without sleeping.”

“Imagine Tony with kids,” Scott said. “He could join the Dad Club.”

“Yeah!” Clint supported.


“Hey, Mr. Stark,” Peter said, walking around the compound’s second floor with a clipboard. Tony was drinking coffee and eating a muffin. “I got an alert about another mechanical injury. This time Mr. Lang’s suit is wonky.”

“It’s not,” Tony dismissed. “They’re trying to find ways to know you.”

Peter blinked for a few seconds, then asked, “Why?”

“They don’t know that I am here, just on the third floor with our private rooms,” Tony explained. “They think that if you like them, then I’ll have to see them.”

“Well Mr. Barnes and Miss. Romanoff are friendly.”

“Yes,” Tony agreed. “But the others don’t know that you are indeed a hero, nor do they know that you live here. They think you’re a normal Intern with insomnia that stays over some nights.”

“But since I’m the closest person the others have-”

“They’re trying to befriend you, yes.”

“Well, that explains why Mr. Barnes threw himself into a wall, and Miss. Romanoff broke her taser on purpose.”

“I have a clip of the wall impact,” Tony grinned. “I turned it into a gif.”

“Show me!”


Steve swears loud enough at 5 A.M. that the whole first floor wakes up. Clint is the first to pop out of the vents and land in the training room. Everyone else trinkles in after, seeing the message. Under the weights, that were rearranged again, was a note in red. It was simple, just saying “SPY.”

Clint looks to Natasha, who keeps her face neutral. Only them could be considered hardcore spies. Bucky, maybe, but usually spy pertains to them. The rest just look at it. Wanda looks for any presences around, and finds nothing.

Vision looks at it, even smelling it. He declares, “it’s syrup.”

Everyone feels a little better after knowing that.

They take photos of it, then mop it up. Natasha and Bucky both look one another in the eyes before heading up to the second floor. It didn’t ask them what they were there for, so it meant that Peter was probably alone and relaxing. The rest of the team believe that they’re asking Tony about the ghost problem.

Bucky and Natasha arrive to see Peter in pajamas, hello kitty, eating cereal laughing as he watched a video on his phone. They sit down, Natasha fixing up hot cocoa, and Peter smiling at her. Bucky looks surprised to see Peter up so early, but goes with the flow and sits at the table.

Peter turns off his phone, looking to the two russian speakers. He smiles, “Any injuries today?”

“No,” Natasha answered, getting down the marshmallows. “Instead the ghost showed up again.”

Peter’s grin widens, and Bucky feels a grin spreading on his own. “So, ghost,” Bucky says, “Why?”

“It’s hilarious,” Peter giggles. “I mean, you’re superheroes, yet they’re freaked out over a ghost. It’s great.”

“You’re making Steve freaked out, Sam too,” Bucky grins. “Good job.”

Natasha sets down three cups of hot cocoa, passing them around. Marshmallows were piled high. She sips on hers before asking, “Why up so late?”

“Actually I just woke up,” Peter admits. “Mr. Stark and I were working on this thing, and then we realized it was Wednesday, and Miss. Potts yelled at us, so we were forced to bed.”

“What do you mean when you realized it was Wednesday?” Bucky asked, sipping at the cocoa hesitantly.

“We hadn’t slept since Sunday night,” Peter laughs nervously. Natasha gave a glare, while Bucky seemed to look at Peter warily, as if Peter would fall off of the chair. “It was really weird finding out that it was Wednesday yesterday.”

“Well, it’s Thursday morning,” Natasha stated lightlessly. “What are the plans for today?”

“Eat,” Peter replied immediately with a smile. “And nap. And then probably go home for the weekend.”

“This isn’t your home?” Bucky asked. Every time they want to hang out, he’s here. Along with updates about things.

“No,” Peter shook his head, but smiled. “I live in Queens with my Aunt. Mr. Stark is my mentor. Dr. Banner too. Though I do stay here a lot.”

They all sip cocoa before Natasha breaks the silence, “And school?”

“Finished,” Peter shrugged.

“A mini-Stark,” Bucky murmurs.

“And friends?” Natasha asked.

“I have two really close friends,” Peter stated. “One freaks out a lot, the other doesn’t freak out or get excited at all. They’re polar opposites, but awesome.”

“Ned and MJ,” Natasha recalled from the mornings that she and Peter talk.

“Yeah,” Peter nodded. “Who are your best friends?”

“Stevie,” Bucky answered.

“Clint,” Natasha shrugged. “Though we’re a family more than anything.”

“Awe, sappy Tashy.”

“Never say that again.”

A few moments of glares and smiles later, Peter asked, “So when are the others going to figure out that Mr. Stark doesn’t hate them?”

Natasha grinned, “One day.”

“They think you’re an Intern in the lab,” Bucky said. “With doe eyes as your only characteristic.”

“Doe eyes? Like a deer?” Peter asked.

“Bambi,” Natasha smirked, Peter frowned.


Wanda had enough of everything already. Bucky and Natasha returned at 8 A.M., 3 hours after the horror incident. They seemed to have almost forgotten anything had happened, coming back with soft smiles. Steve was still on edge, she could tell. And Sam was just wondering how a ghost could even be a thing.

When Natasha sat down, Clint popped out from the vent and said, “I found another clue.”

Natasha looked up, “What was it?”

“Same as before, except in the vents,” he said. “Was the word ‘man’.”

“Well that seems to point out ‘Spy Man’, which could only mean you,” Natasha replied, getting a gasp from Clint. “He’s haunting you, it seems.”

“I did nothing to piss off a spirit!”

“Who knows,” Natasha said, “maybe it likes the vents more than he likes you.”

“Well did Tony say anything?” Steve asked.

“He was asleep,” Natasha informed. “And the Interns are off this weekend.”

“Why was he asleep?” Wanda asked.

“They were working on a project,” Natasha said. “They lost track of time and suddenly three days passed.”

“Well is the Intern there?” Sam asked. “I need to know when to head up.”

“He’s there,” Bucky spoke up. “He said he’s ordering pizza at 1.”

“Is he the only one awake?” Scott asked.

“So far.”

“You seem to like the intern,” Hope hummed. “Ideas as to why?”

“Cinnamon roll,” Natasha stated. Everyone was surprised she chose that description.

“Doe eyes, cinnamon roll, what else?”

“Genius,” Bucky supplied. “That’s why he’s working under Tony and Bruce, right?”

“Yeah,” Natasha agreed. “He has quite a past too, I guess.”

“Since when has he told us about his past?”

“I drink cocoa with him almost every morning,” Natasha stated, rolling her eyes.

“Sappy Tashy,” Bucky murmured. He had to dodge a dagger after he said that though. Clint was laughing as Natasha glared.


Wanda was recalling earlier conversations. It was a little past 1. The pizza would arrive soon. She went to the main entrance and staked it out. She was about to go on her phone when a teen walked out of the elevator. A few moments later he came back into the compound with a stack of pizzas. The teen grinned at her, “Wanna share?”

She nodded numbly. She went into the elevator, going up to the second floor. She steps out and sees a comfy space. The teen sets down the pizza, and calls out, “FRI, can I talk to Miss. Romanoff?”

“Of course,” FRIDAY replied. “Ready.”

The teen then said, “Miss. Romanoff, Mr. Barnes, it’s here.” And then continued to set up the boxes.

Wanda turned to the elevator to see Natasha, Bucky, and surprisingly Clint come in. Nat and Buck sat down at the table, plates full of pizza in moments. Clint looks to Wanda, they both nod. They both grab plates and a couple slices pizza. They sit down, looking at the teen.

The teen slumps around, talking to the other two like normal. Then it clicks. “You’re the intern,” Wanda realized.

“One and only,” the teens grins before going back to his pizza. Wanda is left confused, while Clint is fixing the pieces together.

A few minutes later the teen is packing up any extra pizza and sending them downstairs with it. Just then Bruce walks in with a smile, and follows them downstairs. When they arrive to their kitchen, everyone is very confused, laughing with their scientist as the pizza is passed around.

“Is Tony still asleep?” Hope asked the group as they ate.

Bruce frowned, “Did he binge again?”

“Three days,” Natasha said. Bruce looked distressed by that information. “Pepper got him to bed.” That earns a chuckle out of most of them.

“Where have you been?” Steve eventually asked Bruce.

“I was in Asgard this week,” Bruce announced.

“How’s Thor?”

“He’s deciding to travel around with the Guardians in a couple months,” Bruce said. “He’s coming here soon, though.”

“That’s good.”

“Do you know anything about the ghost?” Clint asked out of nowhere.

Bruce looked over in confusion, but it was soon covered up with paleness, “So he’s here.”

Clint gulped loudly, Natasha rolled her eyes. If she saw Peter, then he already knew that there was no ghost. “Why is he here?” He asked.

“So there is a ghost,” Sam clarifies.

“Charlie Westwood,” Bruce states. “Said to believe that heroes get too much love and attention. He pranked us for a few weeks in the beginning… So he’s moved onto you guys, it appears.”

“It’s real?” Steve dropped his pizza.


Peter and Rhodey are playing Uno when Pepper and Tony arrive back from their bedroom. Tony has his phone pulled up, laughing. Rhodey peers over, Tony sitting down next to him. Pepper next to Peter. Peter shuffles the deck and passes out the cards again, starting a new game.

They start playing, words spreading around the table as everyone draws, and skips, and reverses. Rhodey asks, “Why do they look to freaked out?”

“Brucie-bear just told them the legend,” Tony explained, laying down a yellow 8. “And Sam just found the next clue that Pete left.”

“What clue this time?” Pepper asked, putting down a blue 8.

“‘Dur.’” Tony stated. “In order it’s ‘Spy’, ‘Man’, and ‘Dur.’”

“Spider-man, seriously?” Pepper laughs. “Pete, revealing your identity already?”

“Mr. Odinson doesn’t do well with secrets,” Peter explained. “And Shuri likes to expose me a lot.”

“And she’s coming over with T’Challa later this week,” Rhodey murmured. “Looks like the others will have to come up, then.”

“Avenger’s Meeting,” Tony confirmed before he put down a skip. Pepper glared. Peter grinned. Peter set down a red skip, getting a glare from Rhodey. Tony curses and draws a card. Everyone grins at his pain. But then he lays down a plus four.


The Avengers dressed in their suits, a mission was coming up. T’Challa and his sister were going to arrive, and everyone was going to meet Spiderman officially. They boarded into the elevator, most haven’t even been on it. They arrived to the third floor. There were many rooms off to the hallways, but one large table with chairs lining around it.

Nick Fury and Tony Stark were discussing something, Tony making snarky comments. Two teens were off to the sides, playing around with pokeballs?? What? And Pepper and Bruce were talking to Rhodey and Strange about a card game.

The Avengers got situated around the table, the two teens still playing with the pokeballs. Fury coughed, looking at the teens. Steve felt bad for them. Two teens, probably interns or something, were about to be chewed out. He turned to Tony, who looked relaxed. He grew a little less worried after that.

Fury coughed again, both of the teens turning to him. He stares at them, “We’re having a meeting.”

“So are we,” the girl stated. She picked up a pokeball and says, “This bitch empty!” The ball transforms into a metal rod of somesort. “Look, I can now hit people with it.”

“Don’t forget the plate one,” the male teen chimed in.

“Right,” Shuri nodded. She said, “How did you take down Captain America?” The pipe transformed into a shield, and Steve looked confused. Natasha looked pleased. She then continued, “We shot him in the legs because his shield is the size of a dinner plate and he is an idiot!” The shield dove in slightly, a fork coming off of it, and transforming the shield into a plate and fork.

Tony clapped, “When did you add that one?”

“It was there last time,” Banner said. “Though the plate part I didn’t see.”

“Who made that to accept vines?” T’Challa asked, a tad worried.

“It wasn’t me this time, brother,” Shuri said.

“It’s a prototype a made a while back,” Peter said. “They’re fun to play with.”

“But vines?” T’Challa asked.

“What bad guy knows vines?”

“Touche,” T’Challa accept it. Steve and the others just looked lost.

“Who are you?” Sam asked eventually.

“Princess Shuri of Wakanda!” she announced, then whispered, “Yeet or be yeeted.” The ball transformed into a knife, and she chucked it to Natasha, who caught it with a smirk.

“Peter Parker, intern and hero,” the other said.

“Hero??” Scott questioned.

“Can we get back on track?” Nick Fury demanded. “We have a quick mission. Ross found out a bunker holding the last of Hydra’s agents. You’re going to retrieve them.”

“No minors allowed,” Tony added, making both Shuri and Peter pout.

Then Peter turned to Shuri, “It’ll be like Home Alone! We’ll set up traps and-”

“I recall you both having dates tonight,” Tony said. “Or did you forget?”

“Dates?” T’Challa said.

“It’s nothing,” Shuri said. “Just meeting Peter’s friends.”

“MJ,” Tony said. “Totally pining one another. It’s sickening sweet.”

“How do you even know that?” Shuri asked. “I block my texts.”

“You two gossip loudly,” Tony stated to the teens. They both looked mock hurt.

“I am as quiet as a bee,” Peter said.

“There’s a bee???” Shuri asked, making both of them laugh. But then the fork and plate turned into a grenade. Shuri looked at it in her hand, “You didn’t tell me about that

“It’s… last resort.”

“Okay!” Tony said. “I know for sure that you didn’t have that one.”

“This is why mom doesn’t fucking love you!” Shuri shouted. She pointed the newly formed gun at the Avengers. “Hands down, adults. We’re taking over.”

“It only has two bullets right now,” Peter stage whispered.

“Strange, can you send them to May’s?” Tony asked. Strange nodded, Peter turned and flipped the bird to Tony. As the two teens were sent down the portal, Tony said, “Bye
Itsy Bitsy.”

When there were no longer any teens in the room, Nick said, “Now that you’ve all met Spider-man, let’s prepare for the mission.”

“Spider-man? The intern?” Sam asked. “A kid beat me?”

“That’s what the message meant,” Scott realized.

“There’s no Charlie?” Steve asked. Bucky just patted his shoulder.

“Moving on,” Fury said.