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MHA oneshots (requests open)

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1. Aend me the ship and I'll write
2. Can be porn (tell me if u want it to be porn)
3. I'll do x readers to!

Ships I won't do:

Kinks I wont do
R*pe fantasy

Trans fertization(like character x trans character and the cis character is gross and treats the trans character as their birth sex)
Asexual correction (basically corrective rape, idfc if the character asks for it it's fucking gross)

Also another thing I won't write: smut with Toru, I'll write fluff but no smut cuz ya know...shes invisible -

Anything else is fine!

Chapter Text

October the month where people decorate their houses like crime scenes and everyone tries to scare the shit out of you no matter how many times you ask them not to. It's not that Ojiro hates Halloween...okay maybe he does just a bit. Toru loves it and she's always decorating the dorms with the other girls (along with Tokoyomi). Now, this wouldn't be a problem if the decorates where cute pumpkins or smiling ghosts but on no, they just had to go and add a bunch of spider webs, horrifyingly realistic dead bodies and even a blood splatter here and there.

He really did hate October.

Well, things could be worse he supposed. Fuck he really shouldn't say that he knows when you say that things are bound to get worse, we'll this isn't some anime so he should be fine, hopefully.

But just as luck would appear to be on his side he heard a yell coming from Tokoyami's door. He looked around to see no one else in the dorms. Oh, that's right they all went out to...get more decorations although he found it suspicious that Tokoyami didn't go with. Snapping out of it he quickly headed to his door would it be rude if he barged in? Well, he sounded like he got hurt...okay he'll go in, screw manners this was important.

Opening the door he froze at the sight in front of him. There his classmate was right next to a summoning circle. "Help.." He said as he was held by his hair next to him was a boy their age in very.., uh revealing clothes. God did he have to wear something so...tight. He wore a crop top that had a little heart reveling his uh...his..his tits. God Ojiro felt so fucking embarrassed staring at him. He was so hot with his spikey blonde hair and red eyes and that outfit just squeezed all the right parts. Oh God was he starring too much? He was staring wasn't he, he should really look away.

"Oh Toko who's this?" the God spoke, surely he was a God right? No human could be that freakin pretty. "Ojiro you're here! This is actually perfect." Toko said as he tried to swat away the taller males hand. "I...need you to watch him okay? I'm going to go get Aizawa sensei." He said. "What your teacher? What the hell is he gonna do?" "You'd be surprised.." Ojiro caught himself saying. Quickly he put his hand over his mouth. "Oh God, I'm so sorry I-I didn't mean that" he mumbled. The blonde just tossed Tokoyami on the floor. "God your so adorable~"

Adorable. Those words he wasn't cute was he?

Tokoyami quickly stood up and dashed towards the door. "Keep him occupied! Your gonna wanna tie him up he's dangerous." He said quickly running out. Great now he was left alone with this dangerous supernatural...being.

"Hmm, so what's your name handsome?"

"O-Ojiro.." Was he stuttering? Why was he stuttering?

"Mhm, what a cute name. Well, you can call me master~"

"W-what?" But before he could pry for more answers he felt the blonde pull him in for a kiss. It felt very nice he could feel the shorter male biting his lip as he started to undo his shirt. "Wow, you're so cute~ tell me Ojiro do you wanna have some fun with me?~" the blonde basically sang the last part. This felt so weird yet he couldn't deny the tightness growing in his pants and he was kinda curious about what it would be like. He's always been a bit embarrassed about anything sex-related he felt urges and stuff but he was always too embarrassed to act on them. Toru often teased him about it and offered to set him up multiple times, which he always denied afraid he would die if he ever said yes. But now the opportunity was in front of him

The taller blonde nodded making the smaller one smirk as he grabbed the collar of his shirt. He was much stronger than he originally thought. Quickly Ojiro felt himself being pushed onto Tokoyami's bed. "Top or bottom?" The demon asked. Ojiro just starred at him blanky like what the hell did that mean? "Uh...bottom." He said. Instantly he felt the other unbuckle his pants and pull them down.

Ojiro quickly covered his face when he felt the demon starring at him. "Damn your thighs are really fucking thick." Ojiro felt him start to rub them roughly. Soon he felt him lean down and begin kissing them. "Is that a good thing?"

"Obviously." He said chuckling as he gently nipped at his thigh. Smirking the red eyes male pulled down his boxers to and gently started to kiss Ojiro's erection. "You sure you wanna bottom? You don't really look like one." The demon said as he reached over to the end table and started going three the drawers. "Hey, common that's not ours you shouldn't look threw it!" He said pouting slightly when he was ignored. "So? Took whatever disturbed me when I was fucking sleeping so now I'm gonna look threw his shit. "

Ojiro growled. "His name is Tokoyami, you could at least use it." Afterward, he heard the blonde close the drawer and roughly push him down, smirking when Ojiro leg out a surprised yelp a bottle of lube in his hand. "Hm well I usually like giving people nicknames do once again, I don't care." Before Ojiro could scold him again he felt the blonde pull him in for another kiss.

Okay was this guy kinda a dick? Well yeah, but to be fair...he was super hot and Ojiro was kinda weak. He then felt the other male pull away and gently kiss the head of his cock, he also heard the sound of the cap opening and felt a slight coolness at his entrance. . Ojiro tried to cover his mouth with his fist, trying to stop any noises from escaping. "Mhm, common I wanna hear you cute little sounds~", the demon taunted him. However Ojiro did not give in, he kept his hand there as he felt the other push a finger inside him. It hurt a bit but it's nothing he couldn't handle.

" Aww, common you won't let me hear anything?~" he teased as he started to gently move the digit in and out. Ojiro just shook his head as he tried not to bite down on his hand. The demon just narrowed his eyes as he put his lips against his cocks head again. Gently licking it before putting the whole thing in his mouth.

"H-holy shit..." Ojiro stuttered out as he quickly moved his hand. The demon contained fingering him soon adding another finger while he sucked on his cock. Ojiro just laid there continuing to let out moans.

Soon he let out a yelp when he felt the shorter male hit his prostate. "R-Right there!" He said as he trailed his fingers threw the other's hair. "P-please~" the only response he got was a hum from the other.

"P-please~ it feels really good..." He moaned out as he felt his release building up. "I-i'm close~" he warned but he felt the other grab onto his left hip and continue his actions.

Soon the taller male came into the demon's mouth as he grabbed the other's hair. "Fuck." The demon said as he had pulled off the other. "Fucking hell you're so adorable~ if you're down for a round two just-" he paused. "W-what?" Ojiro asked as he stared at him his coco once again standing up. "How are you..?" "I have a high libido..." The blonde said covering his face. "It's uh... embarrassing...I'm sorry it's uh..gonna be hard to deal with.." He mumbled.

"No's perfect actually"



Aizawa quickly followed after Tokoyami carrying his baseball bat. "Tokoyami I swear this better be good." He grumbled as they made their way down the dorms hall. "I-it is I just...your not gonna believe this unless you fricken see it." He said as he opened the door to his room. On his bed, he saw the demon holding a sleeping Ojiro.

"Holy shit you actually brought your fucking teacher?" The demon said laughing as Aizawa quickly stepped in front of Tokoyami.

"I don't know who you are but this is private property a-"

"Don't care, I wasn't hurting anyone if anything I was just having fun with Ojiro." He said nuzzling the taller male.

"Honestly I think I'll stay for a bit."

Chapter Text

Usually, Tokoyami hated when people wore 'soft' Halloween costumes. Like common it's time to be spooky not a princess! But of course there is one exception Kouda.

Tokoyami had asked him out a few months ago. He asked him to go to the zoo with him and it actually ended up being a pleasant date and after that, they started dating. Often times Tokoyami found himself in Kouda's room. It was very very bright (by that he means there was one lamp that I didn't give off a purple hue) but he didn't mind. His boyfriend didn't like his room that much.

And now he is in his room helping 'judge' Kouda's costume. It was... an odd request. He knew that everyone always asked him for help with the decorations, costumes, etc. But he found it a bit weird that someone like Kouda would want help with that. Kouda didn't try to be scary on Halloween and it was pretty cute.

"A-Are you ready?" He heard a nervous voice speak from behind the changer. God Tokoyami loved his voice so much, he barely spoke but Goddammit did it sound like angels when he did.

"Sure hon." He said smiling.

"O-okay well... I tried to do something scary this year also just remember it's a costume."

Okay, his interest has become fully peaked. The Black-haired (feathered?) Boy could feel himself trying not to laugh. Not out of rudeness, he just found it really adorable that Kouda was trying to be scary.

"Alright lemme see."

And with that the taller male stepped out. He was wearing a bunny skeleton costume. He even had a little headband with bunny ears.

"Holy shit..."

"I-i...well, since y-your birthday is right next to Halloween I-I, wanted to uh...try and look scary for you..." he mumbled blushing.

"You didn't have to-"

"I know but you already d-do so much for me! We get to hang out in my room and you always help me! You even helped me carve a bunny pumpkin!" He said smiling.

"I do that stuff cuz I want to, you don't owe me anything." Tokoyami than stood up and walked over to his boyfriend. "Don't feel like you have to do anything for me." He said as he leaned up to kiss him.

After a few minutes of kissing Kouda had pulled away from him his face redder than before. "W-well I still got you an uh...g-gift..." He said quickly covering his face.

"Pfft, my birthday isn't for another week."

"Y-yeah but I wanna give it to you now."

Tokoyami nodded. "Want me to close my eyes?"

"N-no...i need you to...uh...get on the bed. "

Now that surprised him. Maybe it wasn't what he was thinking? Well, it proudly wasn't what he was thinking but he really hoped it was. So he obeyed going over and laying down on the bed putting his arms behind his head.

"So now what?"

"N-now I'm gonna...uh...okay tonight I'm gonna...t-try to ride y-you." He finally said cover his face even more.

Holy fucking shit what has gotten into Kouda? Like okay, he didn't mind if anything he was excited. They had done stuff before, most of the time Tokoyami had topped although a few times he road Kouda but holy shit this was gonna be really hot.

"You sure? You don't have-"

"B-but I want to! It's.. it's an early birthday present after all..." The taller male interrupted as he started to unzip the back of the costume, slowly pushing it off leaving him in nothing but his boxers.

"T-Toko I wanna make you feel good~," he said as he climbed onto the bed and straddled Tokoyami.

"Well you always do~" he responded as he pulled the other down for a kiss. It was always kinda awkward kissing with his beak or so he was told complained never complained. As they continued kissing he felt his boyfriend start to grind against his crotch and he felt hands starting to unzip his hoodie and then tug his shirt.

"P-please take it off~" God, he was so fucking adorable. How could he say no?

So Tokoyami did as he was told taking off his shirt. He then felt the other lean down to unzip his jeans and pull them along with his boxers down.

"You have the lube right?"

Kouda just nodded as he reached over to his nightstand and took it out. Toko had bought an extra bottle for Kouda's room since the taller male was to shy to buy his own.

"Do you want me to-"

"No...i just want you to watch me..." Kouda than moved to take off his own boxers and then poured some of the lube onto his fingers and gently pushed one inside of himself.

"A-Ah~ T-Toko~" he moaned as he closed his eyes.

Fuck Tokoyami couldn't take his eyes off the other. He just laid there as he started to gently stroke himself. He then smirked. He knew exactly how to make his boyfriend more nervous.

"You know you can call me Fumi right?" He said as he watched the other covered his face. Glad it worked he moved his own hands over to grab Kouda's hips.

"You're really adorable like this~" he said as he aligned the other with his cock and slowly pushed the other down onto it. "Are you sure you wanna ride me still?" Kouda just nodded as he started to gently move.

It was so fucking amazing. "God you feel so fucking good." He said letting out a moan as he felt Kouda tighten around him. Tokoyami just sat up and begin kissing Kouda's neck as the taller male rode him.

Moans filled the room as Tokoyami started leaving marks on his shoulder. "F-Fumi i-im n-not gonna last much longer~" he mewed as he started to move faster.

"Since your such a good boy you don't have to hold back~" he responded as he kissed the other again soon feeling him tighten around him again as he came Tokoyami grabbed the other's hips as he also came.


"...wait did you really just curse?" As soon as the words left his mouth he watched as his boyfriend covered his mouth.

Chapter Text

The blonde sat in the common room, the sound of calming music rang from the TVs speakers, Kaminari was laboring over this game so much more than he would care to admit. Yeah, he felt a Lil childish sometimes but he fricken loved Minecraft. Right now he was in survival mode and he was decorating it for Halloween. All of 1-A (plus 1-Bs official rat) we'ree apart of the world. He made it so they could all bond via Minecraft and of course since it's Halloween Tokoyami insisted that everyone decorate their houses. His, of course, would be the best one.

While he was busy he heard footsteps. He kinda hoped it was Sero or Shinsuo. "Still working on your house?" He heard the purple-haired boy say as he moved to sit on the couch. "Yeah I'm almost done, I gotta get more spider webs though." He said as he continued his search for said spider webs. "Man Tokoyami really does like Halloween." Kaminari just nodded. "Yeah remember how he yelled at Sero last night?" He said cracking a smile. "Yeah, that was fucking funny as hell."

Speaking of the devil Kaminari could here the black-haired boy as he entered the common room and went straight to the fridge. "Hey, babe." Shinsuo greeted him, Sero just responded by kicking the fridge door closed and walked over to the two. "Guys like...what would happen with we all touch Momona?" Is all he said before sitting down and opening his soda.

"Uh, babe you should probably ask Midorya," Kaminari said laughing a bit. "Or maybe-" he was quickly grabbed around his hips as Sero buried his face into Kaminari's neck. "Want some fuck" The black hair male said dragging each of the words out.

"Thought I said we should be vague about it," Shinsuo said rolling his eyes as he picked up Sero's can from the side table and started drinking from it. "Hey, that's mine.." Sero whined as he nuzzled Kaminari.

"You know you guys can ask right?" The blonde said laughing. "Yeah but it's called foreplay," Shinsuo replied taking another sip. "Well I'm horny and I wanna fuck and foreplay takes to long." He said grabbing at the blondes cock. "S-Sero not here!" Kaminari whined as he leaned against the other. Shinsuo just laughed. "Well let's go then~," he said standing up and picking up Kaminari. "W-wait my game!" He whined, Sero just smiled as he stood up.

"It's fine Iida will proudly save and turn it off." The purple-haired male said as he continued carrying the other Sero following behind.

"You guys are asses."

Chapter Text

So this was kinda odd. Jiruo and Ojiro had this little arrangement, sometimes when Toru wasn't available or Momo was to busy the two would get together and well...fuck. It's not like any of them were in relationships they just enjoyed the company. Exams where tough and pressure was high for them to all be their best, not to mention the new pressure that for some reason came with October.

Not that she wanted to blame Tokoyami but yeah it was his fault. He was a Lil aggressive about decorating and costumes and Jiruo really needed an outlet and momo wasn't available and she knew Iida wasn't an option and Ojiro kinda gave off the same vibe. Oh God her type is huge nerds.

"Jiruo you okay? Is the door bothering you too?" The blonde asked her as he continued kissing her neck.

"Now that you mention it kinda." She said as she continued riding the other as he let out more moans. "We'll be fine, no one's up this late anyway." She added as she pushed him down to lay on the bed.

"You're really pretty you know that right?" The blonde said as his tail swayed.

"Not as pretty as you~" she responded leaning down to kiss him, soon jolting up when she heard the door open.

"Jiruo you know it is past curfew we have talked about this..." The class president stopped midway threw his sentence.

"Oh great..." Ojiro mumbled as Iida just contuied standing there.

"Uhhh we using protection-" Jiruo added hoping it might decrease the scolding they would receive.

"I-i uh yes that is very important...I am sorry for barging in I will uh leave now..." He said quickly turning his head his face completely red.

"You sure? You seem like you wanna stay." Ojiro said smirking. God, he was kinda hot like that? Fuck he was really hot, and he seemed to have no problem with Iida joining so like a double win.

"N-no I do I just uh I um.."

"Jeez if you wanna join you can I know I'm fine with it." The purple-haired girl said smirking.

"N-no no I don't want to uh..i-invade..."

"Not and invasion if we ask you to," Ojiro said smirking as Jiruo had gotten off of him and gotten up going over to shut the door and lock it as Ojiro had gotten up and walked over to Iida and grabbed his hand.

"Any lectures you wanna give us before we start?" The blonde said leaning in to nip his neck.

"I-i uh..n-nothing to crazy and while I don't think we will need it I would like a safe word..." The blue-haired male said as he started to relax a bit.

"Of course just tell us what," Jiruo said as she appeared behind him slowly working his pants down.

"Uh...grapes.." He said as he felt the blonde continue to kiss his neck as Jiruo got his pants down along with his boxers.

"Of course~ I got plenty of condoms too," Ojiro said grabbing his hand and pulling him to the bed.

"G-good do you also have...uh.."

"Lube? Yeah, I got some, didn't think you were a bottom." Ojiro teased as he sat down next to him and started to undo his polo.

"N-no I u-uh maybe..i-i don't know.." He mumbled as Jiruo had grabbed the condoms opening one.

"Ojiro do you wanna go first or can I? " she asked running her hands threw his chest.

"Well I could top him and you can ride him." He said reaching his hand down to stroke Iida's cock. Iida just let out some moans as he felt Jiruo put the condom on him. And handed and in open one to Ojiro. She then leaned back to grab the bottle of lube and tossed it to Ojiro as she took Iida's shirt off.

"Y-you t-two are very grabby.." He mumbled Jiruo just smirked as she leaned in to kiss him as Ojiro poured some lube onto his fingers and gently pushed one in making Iida yelp into the kiss as he pulled away. "S-shit.."

Both of them paused. "O-oh my God i-im sorry just felt very nice..." He mumbled covering his face.

"No no, it's really cute, we just never heard you curse before." The purple-haired girl said moving to sit on his cock. "Mhm so good ~," she said leaning in to kiss him again.

Jiruo than started rocking her hips up and down as Ojiro contuied to finger the taller male while kissing his neck. "Mhm he's really cute isn't he?~" he said as Jiruo nodded when she pulled away.

"Hm, maybe I should let you both fuck me." She said watching as Iida shuddered at the dirty words. "W-wait do you mean at the same time?" He asked his face getting redder when Jiruo nodded.

"Trust me I can take it."

Chapter Text

Bakugou was fucking pissed.

Well, he was always pissed but he was especially pissed right now. That stupid fucking freak show extra from the fucking general studies class was "visiting" them. Apparently, he went with stupid Deku who was, of course, visiting half and half. While Deku was being an annoying shit and wouldn't stop being a fucking nerd the stupid purple freak show wouldn't leave him the hell alone. Whenever he tried to do shit he would comment and even brainwashed him a few times.

It wasn't his fault this stupid extra deserved to be yelled at for being such a fucking asshole. God he should have just signed back his responses. Bakugou facepalmed himself after entering the locker room. God he so should of done that, although yelling is so much more fun.

Aggressively he opened his shitty locker, it was shitty because of how easily he could fucking break it, there were already many dents in the stupid thing. He quickly took off his badass costume and folded it placing it in the bench. Next, he took out his hearing aids and placed then in his locker and grabbed his towel and change of clothes. By the time he finished the others would be back to change and shit and he didn't want to hear their comments or have any of them cream their pants.

So he quickly headed to the shower. As he turns on the showerhead he can hear the door open and close. Great, he has less time than he originally hoped. Quickly he began to wash his hair and clean himself, soon getting out and going over to his change of clothes. God, why did he fucking pack these again? Why did he even fucking keep them? Best Jeanest or as he liked to call him (of course not to his face) Moderately Okay Jeanist made him where some shitty jeans which looked fucking horrible with his hero costume. But bakugou thinks after adding his own personal touch (a bunch of rips and tears) they look so much better.

After changing he headed back to his locker to grab his hearing aids and costume, he noted it was kinda odd that no one else was there. Maybe iceyhot just forgot something or whatever. As he reached his section he went over to his locker to grab his hearing aids placing them in the correct ears and automatically adjusting them to the right volume without needed to do any checks or whatever cuz of course even small things like that he was awesome at. But as soon as he pulled his hands away he felt something no someone push him against the locker. He then quickly turned his head expecting it to be some jealous extra or those shitty Villians but instead, he saw the fucking freak extra in his god damn suit.

The position was actually kinda hot, okay it was really fucking hot. He could literally feel the freaks boner, which of course he had he was wearing his badass costume and was in the locker room with him. Of course, he wasn't gonna tell freak show that.

"Damn this thing really is loose around the chest area, gotta say that's pretty fucking hot." He said as he pulled back a bit.

"Well, it wasn't fucking made for you!" He felt himself bark back. "Get the fuck out of my costume you fucking creep!"

"But isn't this one of your fantasies? Someone pinning you against the lockers wearing your costume and just absolutely destroying your ass?" He said with a shit-eating grin on his fucking face.

How in the hell did he fucking learn that? That was something bakugou kept deep inside himself and only rarely brought it out to fap to, so how the fuck did this asshole figure it out?

"Considering the dumb look on your face I'm guessing you don't remember. I made you tell me one of your fantasies, pretty fucking pathetic huh? Such a fragile, ego that you just need someone to wear your costume?"

Of fucking course, he took advantage of him like that. Shit, what is he supposed to do? Walk away and just not let this happen? God it was so fucking embarrassing but dammit there was no way he would be in this situation again and shit with all the training and shit lately he really needed this. Okay okay, maybe he would indulge just a little but he's not gonna let this asshole win.

"You're a fucking creep you know that right? And uncreative one too." He retorted.

"Oh common why don't you just be a good boy and shut the fuck up." The freak whispered in his ear as he flipped him around and started to fucking kiss him. God damn, it was really fucking hot but the asshole tasted like coffee and monster which was kinda gross. But besides that the kiss was...kinda hot. This weirdo was actually kinda good at it. He then started to feel the hands of the other everywhere and god damn it felt so fucking good. He was literally groping him everywhere even his chest which he hated to admit felt really good.

"D-don't tell me what to do..." He mumbled when they parted for a bit.

"Aw common I know you fucking love it, your so easy to read." The extra purred into his ear. Bakugou felt himself shiver in response as he rolled his eyes, letting out a small yelp when he felt the other grab his clothed cock.

"Hm your not as big as I thought you would be." He said smirking.

"Fuck. Off." The blonde replied as he felt the other continue to grop him. He felt his face get redder as he started grinding into the others hands. God, he was so fucking desperate. He was so close to staining these Gucci lookin best jeaniest jeans.

Then he felt the other remove his hand and fucking push away from him.

"What the hell are you doing?"

The freak didn't respond he just backed off and quickly slid off the costume and kicked it at bakugou as he went to get his shoes on.

"Don't you dare ignore me!" The blonde yelled as the purple-haired male just laughed.

"See you around blasty." He said as he left the locker room leaving bakugou alone.

Chapter Text

Midorya's eye twitched as he watching Momoa flirt with HIS boyfriend, and of course, or two Ojiro was either too sweet or too stupid to realize it.

Currently, they were at a UA Halloween party hosted by Momo which mixed the different classes together. Midorya went in his normal ghost costume and his boyfriend had gone in a costume too revealing for both their liking. It was a fucking maid costume with cat ears, he's only wearing it because he lost a bet to Toru and she got to pick his Halloween costume.

Normally it would be fine but the top squeezed his boyfriend's chest and the skirt was to low, his tail not helping, the skirt lifting up whenever he gets excited or even just shifts it a bit. Originally Ojiro was embarrassed in his costume but after he saw Tetsu and Kirishima is what could be described only as slutty Lady Mountian and Midnight so he became more confident. As much as Midoryia was happy about it he also wanted to scream because now his boyfriend was just wagging his tail all around not being careful as to how high the skirt went.

Midoryia had watched Kami and Sero constantly complimenting him to get him to wag his tail so the skirt would go upwards. One standing behind Ojiro just to look at his ass, and of course others did the same. And now the stupid little Rat of 1-B was doing the same fucking thing.

"So enjoying the party so far?" That stupid rat spoke.

"Oh yeah! I was a bit embarrassed at first but after seeing Kirishimas and Tetsu's costumes I feel way better."

"Well, you do look great in it."


God he was really close to fucking Detroit smashing that blonde morons face.

Soon enough they started talking about school and shit and obviously Monoma start talking about marshall arts which got his boyfriend all excited. He watching scowling as the slightly taller blonde lean back a bit to PURPOSELY look as Mashiro's ass.

The rat than moved his hand to be around Mashiro's waste and his boyfriend just Mashiro's hand to stay there proudly not realizing the other was flirting with him. Then he saw Monoma look over at him and smirked as he started moving his hand down a bit.



Midoryia stood there the soda can that was in his hand now broken and his entire left arm was covered in the sugary substance. Most people paused to see what had happened and Iida even asked if he used his quirk to destroy the can (wanting to make sure he was okay).

"Midoryia are you okay? " his adorably stupid boyfriend asking as he walked over to him Monoma still fucking smirking at him. Thing was Midoryia didn't need to use All for One to kick the stupid blonde's ass, he was able to destroy the can after all.

Midoryia just glared and grabbed Mashiro's hand and started to lead him away from the party before stopping and turning around to flip off the rat. He heard a few of his friends gasp and even heard Bakugou laugh at him.

"What the fuck did you do to piss him off so badly copy cat?"



Midoryia quickly pushed his boyfriend in his room and locked the door. "Go sit on the bed." He said as he locked the door and went over to pick up the wet towel on his nightstand. "Where he first saw Ojiro in his costume he pre-soaked a towel for when he brought the other back to his room to clean him up after they fucked. Now he was just gonna put more effort into it.

" I-Izuku tell me what's wrong?" Mashiro asked as he gently took off his shoes.

"What's your safeword?"


"Your safeword, repeat it back to me." Mashiro's face got red as he mumbled it out.

"I'm sorry baby I didn't quite hear that," Izuku said as he had shredded the ghost costume and undone his pants buckle.

"I-i uh...R-Raisberrys..." He muttered out his face getting redder.

Izuku smirked. "Good boy, now get off the bed. Kitties gonna earn sitting on the bed." And just as expected Mashiro instantly got down to his knees on the floor as Izuku tossed his pants and boxers and sat down on the bed, gently stroking himself. "Open your mouth whore." And with that Mashiro instantly opened his mouth and leaned in to suck on the head of his cock.

"God I didn't even have to tell you what to do. You're such a desperate little slut." He said stroking his boyfriend's hair as he roughly pulled it when the blonde started bobbing his head down. "You know Monoma was flirting with you right? Fuck so many people were flirting with you tonight. Complimenting you so you'd wag your tail and show them your ass. I bet you're wherein panties underneath that little costume hm?"

The blonde just nodded the best he could slivia dripping down his chin before Izuku pulled him off. "And now I'm gonna fuck you senseless till your basically crying for me to let you cum." He growled as he pulled the blonde up and pushed him back so he was on his hands and knees his perfect ass in the air and his tail nervously wrapped around his leg. God, he looked so fucking perfect.

Izuku reached over to grab the lube from the nightstand and gently popped the lid and poured some on two of his fingers. Smirking he ripped the panties as he pulled them down. And roughly shoved the two fingers all the way inside him. Mashiro fucking loved the pain and he fucking lost it when Izuku started pumping them in and out of him.

"F-fuck master p-please!" Mashiro instantly froze as he covered his mouth.

Huh well, 'master' was new.

"I-Izuku I am s-so sorry i-i don't know why i-i.." The blonde was cut off by Izuku shoving his fingers against his prostate making him let out a yelp.

"Mhm did I say you could use my given name?"


"Hm, now ill have to punish you." The greenette said smirking as he pulled his fingers out and lined himself up with the others hole. "No cumming until I say so whore." He said chuckling when Mashiro just whined and tried to press onto Izuku. "Please masterr~~" he whined.

Izuku just smirked as he slipped inside the other and started slowly thrusting, purposely avoiding his prostate.

"F-fuck Master pleeeaaseee~ I'll do a-anything~" Mashiro whined as Izuku leaned down to start leaving marks all over his neck and shoulders evenly picking up the pace.

"Fuck..fuck fuck fuck please keep going!" Mashiro begged as he started moving along with Izuku's thrusts as he contuied to babble and beg for the other to let him cum. Izuku smirked, maybe it was a bit mean to punish Mashiro for their class/school mates pervertedness but he couldn't help it. He wanted to mark Mashiro all over so that tomorrow in the locker room all those perverts would see him covered in bites and hickeys and maybe he would get lucky and Mashiro would go on patrol at his internship sometime this week.

"M-master please I-I'm really close..." The blonde whined as his legs started to shake and he could feel the other tighten around him. Smirking Izuku contuied to fuck into him before turning him around so he was front-facing him and grabbing onto the taller males dick and begging to pump it.

"C-can I?"

"Almost~" the Greentte said as he pulled out and started stroking himself until he came on the other, some of it dripping down to the blonde's hole.

"Now you can whore." And with that, the blonde finished in his hand the sticky substance completely covering his hand.

He watched as the blonde started to relax into the sheets and smirked.

"Don't get comfortable sweetheart I'm not done yet."

Chapter Text

Ojiro just smirked as he watched his boyfriend angerly pick up his card and then instantly slam his whole hand down.

"This game is fucking stupid." He said as Toru just laughed.

"Your just mad cuz you keep losing." She said making Ojiro chuckle a bit.

"Fuck off you invibitch! " he said blaming his hands on the table small sparks coming from his palms igniting the cards and ultimately turning them into dust and ash.

"Ojiro control your boyfriend before he ruins my whole deck!" She sId as she grabbed his arm.

"Common Bakugou let's go, I still got homework I need your help with." He said standing up and going over to help up his boyfriend who just rolled his eyes and refused standing up on his own.

"Mhm homework sure~" Toru giggled as Ojiro felt his face start to flush.

"Damn right we are."

"B-bakugou!" Ojiro felt himself yelp out the last part as the blonde smacked his ass making Toru lose her shit. Ojiro just grabbed the taller blondes arm and pulled him out of the common area and to his own room.

"Y-your a dick Katsuki..." He grumbled his tail slightly dropping.

"Well it's true, and it's what you get for making me have to play that stupid game. " the shorter grumbled as he went over and hugged him from behind. "I could use my mouth to make it up to you." He whispered in Ojiro's ear making him jump a bit as he grabbed Bakugous arm and started to head towards his room faster than before.

"Egar aren't we?" The blonde said laughing he pulled into the taller blondes room. 

"Just...shut up."  He whined as he started to undo his pants button, struggling a bit his tail started to flap furiously.

"Need some help?~” Katsuki said smirking as he pushed the taller blonde onto his bed.

" Flip over." He said as the taller blond nodded and turned onto his hands and knees, ass up in the air. Katsuki quickly grabbed his sweatpants and boxers end completely pulled them down. "God you look so cute like this~"

"N-no I dont.." He whined. As the cold air hit him.

"Mhm you're a good boy too, did you prep yourself just for me?~" of course he already knew the answer but it was still cute hearing him saying it. Soon leaning in he gently licked the others hole making Mashiro instantly lose it.

"F-fuck please katsuki~ please I need it...~" he whined as he tried grinding against the other tongue soon crying out in pleasure as he felt the wet muscle inside him. "F-fuck fuck...katsuki fuck I-I i-it feels so goood~" he moaned.

Katsuki just smirked as he continued fucking the other with his mouth, evenly pulling away. "God your so hot when you beg."

"J-just put your dick inside me already!" The taller male whined as he tried grinding against the bed, trying to get any sort of friction. "P-please~~"

Katsuki just smirked, it was hot watching the other beg and whine beneath him. "I thought you were enjoying my tongue in your ass, maybe I can make you cum from just that."

"Fine fine j-just put something i-inside of me!" He whined.

"Fine, but you gotta be a good boy while I reward you." He mewed as he leaned back down and gently kissed the other's cheeks again, smirking as he leaned in shoving his tongue back inside of him.

"F-fuck fuck FUCK katsuki please!!" He started before he became a babbling mess. Tell Katsuki how good it felt and how well he was doing with just his tongue. Mashiro's words went straight to Katsuki's ego and dick.

It didn't take long for Mashiro to cum with a loud embarrassing yelp.

"how d-did...god i-I'm sorry I should be so e-easy..." the blonde said as he covered his face.

Katsuki's just pulled him up and kissed his neck a bit. "Are you fucking kidding me? It's super hot." He whispered in the others ear making him cover his face again.

Chapter Text

Kaminari loved video games, obviously I mean who doesn't? Even if he isn't the best he still enjoyed playing them and while he preferred games like Minecraft or Pokemon he still loved some of the more to him complex games. He even liked some of the classics. Nothing too old like the original arcade games or the first legend of Zelda but he did enjoy mortal combat and other fighting games occasionally.

He especially loved playing with his friends especially Katsuki. You see Katsuk's quick temper evidently didn't cease when they were playing video games and when he failed his reactions were the absolute best. Usually, it was wise to have Ejiro with you when you played a game Katsuki obviously was gonna fail at, he tended to be able to keep the blonde at bay or at least act as a very effective held against the blasts that followed by the angry rage but hey no one (literally) ever said Denki was smart.

So he is now currently sitting next to Katsuki who is getting more and more pissed with every move his character fails to block screaming obscenities and mashing buttons so hard Denki thinks he's gonna have to ask Iida to buy him a new one.

"Aw common it's okay, don't be too sad about it you'll get me...eventually," Denki said with a smug grin on his face. It was what? The 7th round they played and Katsuki was still getting his ass beat.

"YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I PERSONALLY DESTROY YOU!" the taller blonde yelled sparkles coming from his palms.

"Hey common your gonna break my remote! Just cuz you suck doesn't mean you can be such a jackass!" He yelled as he was about to pause the game but was soon grabbed by the other by his shirts caller.

"I'm ONLY SUCKING BECAUSE YOU GAVE ME THE BROKEN REMOTE" the explosive teen yelled at him. Okay maybe that part was a bit true but Denki couldn't help it! He didn't want to busted one! Of course, he wasn't gonna tell Katsuki that, he liked his head right where it is thank you very much.

"No, I didn't." He defended putting his hands up to try and convince him of his innocence. "You obviously broke it from how violent your shitty button mashing has been." And before long he heard a few more explosions and felt himself getting thrown onto the ground, but he wasn't gonna go down without a fight. Quickly he grabbed the other black tank top and as he stumbled down he pulled Katsuki with him.

Forgetting about Katsuki's insane reflexes Denki instantly found himself pinned to the floor.

"Wanna try that again Pikachu?" Oh shit. Sometimes Denki really hated that part of him that for /some reason / had mild crushes on most of 1-A. Like how could he not??? Half his classmates are jacked and they're all hot in their own way and it's super unfair how Katsuki was especially hot with his tanktop cutting low showing off his chest muscles and his deep voice saying one of the sexiest things you can to someone. Like fuck how was he not supposed to just pull him down into a kiss? It was so unfair.

"Damn Pikachu, I knew I was hot but I didn't know it would be this easy to get you hard." He said smirking as he roughly ground his own erection against his own. Fuck fuck FUCK, this was so so bad.

"Aww don't worry Denki, I'll take care of you." Katsuki had whispered in his ear before leaning back up and killing Denki into his lap. Fuck he never heard him say his real name and he didn't expect it to be that fucking hot.

"W-wait w-we're in the common area..." He thinned as he started to feel the other grinding against his ass.

"Really? Cause I think you don't give a shit if I fucking you here, you know what? I think you want that." The red-eyed boy smirked and holy fuck was he right. Denki wanted to be fucked here as long as it was from behind and Katsuki kept talking like that.

"N-no.." He wasn't gonna admit that at least not right away he needed some leverage.

"Lying whore's don't get rewards, they have to cum in their pants..." He said as if it was some kind if fact. And with that, he pulled Denki into a heated kiss that was more teeth than anything else. His grinding also got faster and harder and shit was Denki in heaven as Katsuki reached over to his clothed erection and started rubbing it.

"Please K-Kasuki...p-please." He whined trying to match his hand and his cock.

"Damn already begging? You're just begging to be fucked aren't you?"

"Yes yes yes God yes!" The electric blonde yelled as he could feel himself getting closer.

"What do I get if I met you cum?" The red-eyed male asked as he contuied to leave marks along Denki's neck.

"A-anything you want, anything at all j-just please!" And after a few more strokes Denki ended up absolutely ruining his pants and a wave of shame washed over him as he realized he just came in his pants from minimal touch from Katsuki in the common room.

"Hey once you done get your ass up, we're going to my room. "

Okay so maybe he could live with the shame.