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Wish on the Moon

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The wedding was approaching closer and closer and there was still a lot to do. Remus wasn’t too worried because they were making their way through the list together. It was exciting and he couldn’t wait for the next few months to fly by for them to be in Tuscany again, but this time to get married.

They were spending their Saturday afternoon at the pole studio. It apparently had gone on too long with everyone, saying it would be a thing, for it to finally be a thing. Remus wanted to look at wedding cakes all day, but here he was about to make an arse out of himself in front of nearly everyone he loved and cared about.

He arrived early to find Sirius alone in the studio dancing as always, hanging from their knees as Gimme by Banks played throughout the studio.

Sirius spun around a little, grinning through the hair falling into their eyes. “Hi caro!”

“Hi, love.” Remus laughed as he got closer. “Having fun?”

“Mhmm!” Sirius spun around and did something complicated looking so that they had their knees around the pole, leaning back on one arm. “Just playing around.”

“Ha, yeah, just playing around. Don’t think you’re going to get the rest of of twisting about like that.” Remus moved to kiss their lips quickly.

Sirius leaned out, letting go of the pole so they were only holding on with their legs, leaning closer to Remus. “I know, I know. Marly and I have something very simple planned for you caro, don’t worry.”

“Oh good. I’ll hide in the corner.” Remus looked at the pole in the back corner, arm against around Sirius’ middle.

“Nuh-uh, front and centre please!”

“No! You’ll have to do something very nice to me tonight to do that.” Remus gave them a sly look. “Or let me do something maybe not so nice to you.”

Sirius bit their lip, adjusting the placement of their knee on the pole. “Perhaps.”

“Perhaps? So, am I going to hide in the back or suffer front and center?” Remus kissed them soundly.

“Mmm,” Sirius hummed, pulling back after a moment. “Front and centre, and if you try really hard, you can do what you like tonight.”

Remus felt a little flip in his stomach as the door opened behind them.

“God, get a room.” Peter complained loudly.

“Deal.” Remus whispered then looked to Peter who was walking in with Mary. “Hi you two.”

Sirius laughed, pulling away and finally slipping down from the pole. “Hi!”

“I’m so excited, Sirius. This is going to be so fun.” Mary came in with a grin, practically running over to hug Sirius.

“Yeah, grand old time.” Peter huffed, trailing behind his wife.

Sirius hugged back, chuckling, just as Frank and Alice came into the room, looking pristine as always. “Hello all,” Frank called.

“Welcome to my personal hell.” Remus snorted a laugh as Marlene and Dorcas paraded in all tanned from their honeymoon.

Marlene came over and hugged Sirius, then immediately pulled them away from the group, presumably to plot their downfall of the whole group and their descent into embarrassment.

“How was the honeymoon, Dorky?” Peter asked her, leaning against one of the poles.

“Oh! So nice. Not that we saw much of the outside world.” She winked.

“Jesus, are you Marlene?” Remus scoffed as James and Lily came in.

“Who’s ready to be put to shame by James The Dolphin Potter?” James held his arms out.

Sirius snorted a laugh, apparently overhearing, but quickly turned back to Marlene.

Alice crossed her arms. “I guarantee you will fall over, James.”

“I will have you know, Alice Longbottom, I’ve been working out with Marlene and Dorcas regularly. The Dolphin is back.” James declared, coming over to the group.

“Sure, sure,” Alice said, smiling. “Good job, Potter.”

“I’m sure it will give you so much advantage.” Lily rolled her eyes.

“It will, it will.” James puffed out his chest. “Just you wait.”

“So, you want to go hide in the corner?” Peter asked him.

Remus looked over at Sirius who was chatting with Marlene by the sound system now. “Ah, no, I’ve been made to do this whole thing front and center. You’ll all get to laugh at me until the end of time.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” Dorcas snorted as Regulus came sliding in, Ben right behind him.

“Sorry we’re late!” Regulus jogged over to the group.

Remus snorted a laugh when he saw a hickey blossoming on his neck. Must run in the family, Remus thought.

“Sure you were rather busy.” Mary smiled serenely and Ben’s cheeks went pink.

Sirius had turned at the sound of their brother’s voice and Remus didn’t miss the way their eyes widened a little and they seemed to open and close their mouth for a moment without knowing what to say.

“Right, come on,” James said, “time for the Dolphin to show you all up.”

“I’m ready to embarrass myself so much Sirius decides they no longer want to marry me.” Remus went to stand next to the pole right in the front.

Sirius and Marlene strode to the front of the room, looking entirely gleeful. Remus was sort of nervous for the grin on Sirius’ face, and it turned out he was right. They said it was easy what they were teaching the group, how to climb the pole and spin around, but it was not easy at all . Much to his disappointment, The Dolphin fell flat on his face within the first thirty seconds, and it didn’t seem to improve the whole time.

The whole group couldn’t help their laughter after all of James’ bravado to begin the lesson. Remus was at least happy he didn’t fall on his face as he did the climb and the spin around. “I’m trying really hard, Sirius.” Remus grinned at them.

Sirius grinned, walking between them to correct people. They put a hand on Remus’ back. “I know, caro, I can see. Shoulders back though.”

Rmus adjust his shoulders. “Like that?”

“Mm, perfect.” Sirius grinned as they skirted around him, letting their hand trail down over his arse.

“Excuse me, this is a place of business. How unprofessional.” Remus glared at them but there was no real heat behind it.

Sirius put their hands up, moving away. “No idea what you mean, caro.”

Remus rolled his eyes. “Better not be getting handsy with Peter to show him what he’s doing wrong.” He snickered.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Sirius grinned, moving away and, Remus was sure, purposefully going over to Peter to help him.

Remus laughed as he went through the steps they were taught again.

Sirius and Marlene showed them another spin, which was more complicated. Remus refused to look at how everyone else was doing but judging by the sounds some of his friends were making, they couldn’t have been doing great. “I should have bought my chalk bag with me.” Remus went over to get some chalk from the box, passing by Sirius.

“Having fun?” Sirius said, apparently unable to stop smiling. Their hair was coming out of the bun it was in and they were a little flushed.

“Yeah, I guess.” Remus kissed their cheek. “You are.”

“You guess . You’re so rude, caro, honestly.”

Remus shrugged with a smirk as he got some chalk. “I love watching you have fun.”

“I’m having fun seeing you on a pole, darling.” Sirius leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“Stop kissing! You are supposed to be teaching,” James complained, losing grip on the pole again.

Sirius rolled their eyes. “It’s a teaching mechanic, thank you Potter.”

“I don’t think kissing me is going to help much.” Mary laughed as she flew around the pole.

“Mare, you don’t need any help, wow.” Remus was impressed.

“Mare, you’re doing great, you’re a natural,” Sirius said, moving away from Remus. “Potter you look like a beached seal.”

“How dare you!” James scoffed and Lily let out a loud laugh.

Remus stopped at Regulus on his way back to the pole. He was staring at it in confusion. “This is really hard, huh?”

“Oh yeah. Your sibling is like air on it though.”

“They’re so talented.” Regulus nodded. “How are you faring?”

“Oh, like shite, but I’m trying.” Remus nodded, looking at Reg with a grin.

Sirius was demonstrating something again to James, but was probably laughing too hard to do it properly.

Ben came over from his own pole. “Reg, you’re doing great.”

“I am not!”

“You’re better than me.” Remus laughed.

“Alright, class!” Marly clapped her hands, drawing their attention back to the front. “We’re gonna try one last thing, to see if we can put what we’ve got so far into a teeny, very simple” she was lying, it wouldn’t be simple— “routine.”

“Lies.” Remus muttered, going back to his own pole. “What are you making us do?”

Marlene smiled, showing a routine that didn’t look simple at all and managed to talk through it the whole way, as if it was no big deal. Sirius was amusing themselves spinning around their own pole whilst Marly was explaining, spinning and twisting.

Remus sighed, Sirius better make the rest of the night better. “That’s impossible.”

“I would have to agree.” Peter said somewhere behind him as James let out another weird noise like he fell.

“I think I got it already, Marly, can you run through it one more time?” Mary asked happily.

“I’m much better with ballet.” Lily sighed.

Remus watched Sirius beaming as they spun around the pole, looking as if it was no big deal. He groaned. “Marly, can you go a little slower this time?”

Marlene rolled her eyes. “Yep, one more time. But I keep telling you all, you just have to feel it.”

“Feel it, yeah, sure.” Remus muttered, watching her.

He tried hard enough, he hoped, for Sirius to let him do whatever he wanted tonight because he had some plans. Maybe something to get back at them for the torture on the pole. They went to dinner once the torture was completed, and everyone had a good time laughing at each other. Well, they were mostly laughing at James because his ego had been dashed so quickly. Dorcas did the perfect impression of the man making the weird noise he kept making as he fell.

Remus was thankful they weren’t going to drink after because most of the group was a bit sore from the pole. “You’re so talented, princess.” Remus had his arm around their waist as they walked from the bus stop.

Sirius leaned into him, still smiling ear to ear. “I had so much fun.”

“Did I try hard enough for you?”

“Mmm, I think so?”

Remus nodded as they came to their building. “Oh good, so I can do anything I’d like tonight?”

Sirius bit their lip. “Maybe. Perhaps you can convince me a little more.”

Remus led them up the stairs, thinking. “I don’t think I should have to.”

“You were a little sassy, that’s a strike against you as far as I’m concerned.”

“You like me sassy.” He got his keys out of his pocket.

“See?” Sirius pressed their mouth against his shoulder. “Convince me a little. Maybe if you had a plan for tonight I might agree you tried very hard.”

Remus opened the door, dragging Sirius in with him. He pinned them against the wall, kicking the door closed as he covered Sirius’ neck in kisses. Sirius managed a laugh before their breath hitched, arching against him, their head tilted back.

“Go to the bedroom, get undressed, put on the collar, and get out the rope. And don’t touch yourself.” Remus bit down on their neck.

Sirius moaned softly. “Ask nicely.”

“I don’t have to ask nicely, princess.” Remus’ hand trailed down their side.

They grabbed his hand, squeezing tightly. “If you tickle me, I promise you’re not gonna get off with me for like, a month.”

“That’s fine with me.” Remus shrugged, he could deal with it. “I think you’d suffer more than me.”

Sirius made a little frustrated noise. “Ask nicely, caro, and I’ll be really, really good and let you do anything.”

Remus smirked, dropping his other hand and tickling them while kissing their neck at the same time.

“Ah! No, fuck--christ, Remus.” Sirius grabbed at his hands through their laughter, managing to wrench one away.

“I asked you to do something, princess.” Remus pinned them back.

Sirius let out a little ooft as Remus pinned them, eyes going wide for a moment before there was a determined look to them. “Ask nicely ,” they said softly.

With a huff, Remus pinned them back a little harder. “Princess, will you please go to the bedroom, get undressed, get the rope out, and put the collar on. Then I’m going to tie you up and spank you so hard you’ll have difficulty sitting for a day or so.”

Slowly, Sirius smiled and Remus watched the flush set in over their face. “Yes, of course, caro. You’ll have to let me go, first.”

Remus kissed their neck once more before stepping back. “Oh, Sirius, why don’t you put on those thigh highs we bought together too?”

Sirius smiled. “Of course, caro,” they murmured, skirting past Remus to go towards the bedroom. As they did, they pulled off their shirt, leaving it in a heap on the floor in the hallway.

Remus rolled his eyes, going to the kitchen to fill two glasses with water. He was trying to think of the aftercare stuff he had read. They wanted to make sure Sirius was comfortable. Maybe they’d have another bath is Sirius was up for it. They liked it the last time they did this. Remus looked at the clock and decided to wait five more minutes, which would make Sirius antsy but that was the whole purpose.

He pulled out his phone and scrolled through social media to try to occupy his brain. But his brain kept thinking about Sirius sprawled out naked on their bed with their hair around them. It was a test of his wills that he managed to wait the full five minutes before going down the hallway. He grabbed Sirius’ shirt on the way, careful not to spill the waters.

When he walked into the room he found Sirius laying on their front with their thigh highs on. Remus dropped the shirt in the basket then set the glasses down. “Couldn’t put the shirt away?” Remus hopped on the bed, grabbing the rope.

Sirius turned their head to the side, still smiling serenely. “Had to do exactly what you told me Rem. Tidy up wasn’t part of the instructions.”

“You’re such a brat.” Remus grabbed their wrists, bringing them to the small of their back.

They wriggled a little, watching him as they rolled their shoulders, probably to get comfy rather than fight against him. “You’re handsy today.”

“I’m handsy? You grabbed my arse in the middle of the class.” Remus rolled his eyes as he began to wind the rope around their wrists.

“Lightly caressed your arse in the course of correcting your positioning, Remus,” Sirius chided, like they were the one in control.

“You were talking about my shoulders, not my arse at that point.” Remus tightened the rope a little. “How’s that feel?”


“Not too tight? Or should it be tighter?” Remus leaned forward to kiss their back.

Sirius shivered. “You can go tighter, if you want to.” They paused, Remus thought they were biting their lip. “I might be able to wriggle out of it like this.”

“Thank you for being honest.” Remus pressed another kiss then tightened the rope.

“Ah… you’re welcome, caro.”

Remus added a few more loops and knots to the wrists before bringing the rope around their lower back. He eased the rope under Sirius’ stomach, purposefully grazing their cock as he did so. Sirius groaned, pressing their hips into the mattress, but didn’t say anything. Remus gave them a sharp slap. “Don’t move.” He continued with one more loop around their waist.

“Ah, fucking hell…” Sirius hissed, going still.

Remembering the video he had watched, Remus crossed the rope under Sirius then looped it twice just under their arse. He repeated it on the other leg before bringing the rope back up to Sirius’ wrists to finish the tie off. “Gorgeous. Do you want me to take a picture of it again so you can see?”

Sirius shifted, pulling their shoulders up a little, as much as they could. “Yeah.”