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Back of my mind

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Akutagawa spat, bright red saliva landing on the cement floor of the abandoned building on the other side of the City. A place where neither the Black Dog's or the White Tiger's associations would get involved to pause their violent rivalry once again. "Is that all, Jinko?" the raven teased with a curl in his lips, bloodlust eyes focused on the younger man in front of him.

"I'm just getting started!" the weretiger exclaimed before launching himself towards the mafioso, tiger fist ready to struck. It hit a red glass-like panel just centimeters away from his rival.

Fact is, they weren't just starting. Both were near their limit, black eyes, blodied mouths, cheek cuts, the two men were beat. Howerever this was much more than just a fight, this fight would finally suffer no interrumptions, and thanks to that would finally decide who was stronger. Seeking respect from one another, neither would admit or ask for it. The one who emerged victorious from this would receive the glory. Most definitely it wouldn't end their rivalry, but maybe, just maybe set it aside for a short time.

A second black tail surged from Akutagawa's back, another extension of Rashomon. Quickly dashing towards the White Tiger's leg, but just before taking a bite, the feline was forced to jump back once again.

Atsushi ran the back of his right hand through his lips, removing the blood that had dripped through his chin. He took a second to look down at the now blood-stained paw then focused back to Akutagawa, who also took a moment to turn and cough against his fist.

The Tiger's extremities turned back human, earning a cocky smile from Akutagawa, whose Rashomon would vanish into thin air a few seconds later.

"Tired, Jinko?" the Port Mafia's Black Dog barked, hiding his own exhaustion and playing along as if his own Rashomon didn't just betray him.

The light haired man chuckled, "You know the answer." once again, dashing towards the raven. Fist ready he aimed for the mafioso's left ribs. Landing a surpringly... Soft... punch?

Akutagawa stared confused at the man a couple inches away, "Huh?" There were a few second too many of silence, neither saying a word, only their heavy breathing, both as puzzled as the other. "What the hell?!" the raven pushed the younger male against the wall of the small room that covered the stairs.

Atsushi's back hit against the brick wall, hard. A light groan escaped his lips. Akutagawa walked towards the weretiger placing a hand against the wall to hold himself, next to his rival's face. His free hand holding Atsushi's face just under his jaw, applying pressure to hold him still. Both panting, taking another second to catch their breaths.

"Akutagawa..." The ADA member finally whispered, "I- I-"

Silence, once again.

Akutagawa only kept getting more and more irritated by the wait. "Speak already before I kill you." he felt his insides getting growingly nervous and desperated as the other male seemed to take forever. The damn bastard, thinking Akutagawa would have time for stunts like this.

"I- I... I hate you." Atsushi finally blurted out as his dominant hand reached for the back of the neck of the raven, pulling him closer into a kiss.

Before Akutagawa could react his lips were already against Atsushi's, his eyes widened in surprise and his hold on the man's jaw softed. He noticed a pale shade of pink on the other man's cheeks and a growing hotness on his.