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Why Me?

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They say that moving houses is the most stressful thing to go through but no one seems to talk about how hard moving to a new school it may seem, after all you basically have to start from scratch with making friends and figure out where you new classes would be.

Not that Fresh had trouble making friends,he used to have a lot of friends before he moved.Fresh was more concerned with dealing with bullies while he was friendless at this point,it made him feel vulnerable at that thought.He quickly shook of that mentality-- No he wasn’t gonna start self doubting,he was gonna go in head first and with his pure determination,he was gonna make some friends.


The Bus came to a halt which startled him out of his thoughts--almost sending him face first into the seat in front of him.Kids started to climb out of the bus and he managed to squeeze by but not before thanking the bus driver before soon hopping off the bus.He paused as he took a good look at his school as kids swarmed pass him into the doors.


“This was really it huh?” Fresh thought to himself,hugging his pink backpack straps against him,anxiously rubbing his thumbs against the pins.


Fresh entered the school and watched kids chat among themselves,laughing and carrying on.It did make him feel like the odd one out compared to the other kids,it was an isolating feeling to say the least.


He felt anxiety swirl inside his guts but he shook it off pretty quickly as he heard the bell ring throughout the school and he quickly made his way to his first class.




He opened the door to his English class noticing how everyone had already been seated and the teacher was already at her desk,She eyed Fresh which sent a dreaded feeling inside of him..

“Sorry i’m late teach” Fresh quickly apologised,already feeling embarrassed for not making a good impression already.


The teacher looked up from her desk and  gave him a warm and tender smile “its alright dear,i believe you the new student correct?” 


 “uh--yeah it’s Fresh” He introduced himself,relieved that this teacher was cool with it and hadn’t decided to rain hell down on him.

The teacher handed him a worksheet,which Fresh instinctively took from her gentle hands “it’s a pleasure to meet you Fresh,you may call me Miss Leona,please sit anywhere you like.”


Fresh glanced at his classroom,sadly only one spot seems to be left open though it was better than no seat,he sighed in relief as he made his way to the seat and sat down letting his purple—blueish backpack sit between his legs,making a small jingle ruckus from the amount of keychains that hung from it.


Fresh,fixed up his glasses and was about to open his bag to retrieve his pencil case when he heard someone off to the side to try and get his attention.


“Pssst. Hey new kid” The voice whispered.


Fresh looked to see where the source was coming from only to see a small chubby skeleton wearing a blue bandana around his neck,he also sported a light blue jumper to match his little theme.


“You’re Fresh right? I’m Blue it’s nice to meet you!” He greeted,smiling.


Fresh waved back “yeah and same here pal”


“Wanna hang with us at lunch? I would love to introduce you to my friends” He asked.


Fresh was taken aback by his request,he wanted to be friends with him? Already?? How could he say no!?


“Sure thing pal” He agreed to,getting an affirming nod from Blue before going back into his work sheet.


As Fresh continuate in his piece,he couldn’t help but let a smile creeps it was onto his face at the fact he was already making new friends,it was so exciting!




Fresh walked down the hallway with his bag in his hands,trying to fish out his lunch container,he really wanted to make a good impression towards them so he decided to have his lunch out first,he was so nervous but also excited...but also nervous.Fresh tried to shake off those thoughts once more,Blue seemed like a nice fellow from their first meeting so maybe his friends will be just as accepting


Finally grabbing his lunchbox that was covered in multiple stickers of unicorns and sparkles,he happily swung his bag onto his shoulders but not before hitting someone with it accidentally.


Ow!----Hey Fuckboy watch where you're going! ” A voice hissed.


Fresh quickly turned to the voice that apparently belonged to a black skeleton who was holding his face from where the blow occurred.


“Ah--i’m sorry my dude,are you alright?----” Fresh went to quickly apologise but felt like he lost his wording when he took a closer look at the monster.


The black skeleton whipped his head around,his red eyes gleamed with fury and his teeth were gritted together as if the furious rage was gonna jump out at him at any moment.Fresh’s mind was quickly set to panic as he noticed the other skeleton wore black varsity jacket with yellow sleeves along with a blue embroidered ‘E’.He immediately recognised who this skeleton was from his many viewings of highschool movies.


A bully.


Ya think it’s fucking funny huh?!? ” The jock skeleton snapped,moving towards Fresh


Fresh tried to back out but was quickly slammed into the locker,dropping his lunchbox in the process.


“H-hey look man i ain’t here ta start anythin--” He was quickly silence as the hand around his neck tighten.


The black skeleton growled,bearing his yellow teeth “ Why, i outta kick you back to whatever rainbow gay hell you crawled out of!


The bully raises his other hand and balled it into a fist,panic was sent down Fresh’s spine as he screwed his eyes shut,preparing himself for the blow,Before he could land the punch a voice shouted across the halls catching the attention of both skeletons.


“Error! Drop him now,or i’ll report you to the teachers!”


The monster that caught them at the right time,wore a light yellow blazer with a star pin attached to their uniform and a yellow headband as well,making them look more angelic compared to the other skeleton.

Error,the supposed name of the black skeleton,grunted annoyily before dropping Fresh onto the floor but not after kicking Fresh’s lunch box in anger, letting all the contents spill out.He stomped on a chip packet causing it to erupt with a loud bang as flakes of chips scattered everywhere,once satisfied he shoved past the other skeleton but not before shooting a glare in their direction.

Fresh groaned as he managed to pull himself up,the back of his skull stung slight from the attack.


“Hey new kid are you alright?” The yellow themed skeleton asked.


He picked up his backpack off the ground and went to grab the remains of his lunch and container “eh could be better...though at least my lunch box is still intact”


The other skeleton picked up the smashed packet of chips and chucked them in them into the bin.


“I’m really sorry you had to deal with this sort of behavior on your first day” Dream apologized 


Fresh merely shrugged,putting his container back in his bag “it’s alright broski,kinda expected it to happen”


The other skeleton decided it was best to change the subject “I’m Dream by the way and name is..?”


“Fresh” he replied.


“Nice to meet you Fresh,would you like to sit at our lunch table?” Dream asked,adoring his smile.


“Ah I can’t” Fresh threw his backpack around his shoulders “I promised a kid named Blue I’d be there”


Dream let’s out a small giggle “Blue is a part of my group”


“Oh” Fresh Said “What a small world we live in”


Dream nodded,leading the other skeleton to the cafeteria “indeed it is”

The cafeteria was much bigger than he expected it though it did feel overcrowded with the amount of kids moving along.Fresh kept his focus on Dream,who seemed to know where he was going,just simply moved like it was nothing.Eventually Dream waved to grab someone's attention and lead Fresh towards a table with two other skeleton,one he could recognize as Blue who was waving excitedly at them and the second taller skeleton,who was wearing a similar tan brown blazer,was just writing something on a piece of paper not paying much attention.


“Dream! Fresh! I’m glad you two could make it!” Blue exclaimed


“Yeah sorry about being late,Fresh kinda had a run in with Error” Dream explained sitting down at the table.


As Fresh sat down he noticed the taller skeleton rolling his eyes and continued to write,shoving some chips into his mouth.


“What already? Gosh,he doesn’t go easy on new kids huh?” Blue commented,Dream nodding in agreement.


“Ya don’t need ta tell me twice, he totes trashed my lunch” Fresh added,leaning onto the table,hand pressed against his.


Blue immediately sits up “then let me buy you lunch!”


Fresh looks up at the determined blueberry “w-what? No I’m good you keep your money brah”


“Nope! Nuh uh! You need something in your system Fresh,You can’t go all day without food!” He interjected 


Before Fresh could argue,Blue jumped out of his seat and spirited to the ordering lunch.


“Yep that’s Blue for you” Dream spoke up “anyway, let me introduce you to Ink”


Dream leaned over the table and snapped his fingers in front of the taller skeleton,the taller skeleton jumped at the sound.


“Hm? What?” The skeleton asked.


“Ink,this is Fresh,he’s the new kid at the school” Dream introduced,gesturing to Fresh who gave a simple wave.


Ink’s eyes lit up “oh! Right! Glad to meet you Fresh,sorry if I ignore you their for a bit,I just got a bit sidetracked”


Ink glanced back down at his paper,Along with Fresh trying to take a sneak peak.


“Homework I presume?” Fresh asked.


Ink shook his head “no,just some planning for school events since me and Dream are school representatives”


Fresh’s eyes widen “wait,you’re both school representatives?!?!”


Dream nodded,while Ink went back to writing his plans down,Fresh was just in awe–he had made friends with the highest students in the school and all he had to do was get bullied? Huh,what a weird day this has been.


“IM BACK!!” Blue shouted, slamming down some dim sims,chips and nuggets “take as much as you like!”


Fresh did feel guilty for letting Blue buy lunch for him but how could he say no? The food looked so good,better than his old school’s tacky meals.He took a couple of nuggets into his hand and ate straight from there.


“So Fresh,What decide that you wanted to come to our school?” Dream asked,taking out his own lunch box out and plopping in an apple slice into his mouth.


Fresh quickly swallowed his food, “oh ya know,just recently moved for a different change in scenery,dis school just happened ta be in my zone”


The rest of lunch was spent with casual small talk,apparently Dream also has an interest in old 90s animes just like the 90s fanatic skeleton himself,though Dream did admit he hasn’t seen all of Sailor Moon due to only having few DvDs.


He soo gonna let Dream borrow his set.


During the conversation between the three skeletons,Fresh let his eyes wander to all the other kids,laughing and chatting along,his eyes met a corner of the cafeteria.Error was leaning against the wall with his hoodie up,looking like a sketchy monster,glaring at any kid that came near him.


Fresh felt something shifted in his soul,he wasn’t sure what,hard to find sympathy for someone trashing his lunch but the tired expression of the black skeleton made him feel that...perhaps he was lonely,maybe he could try again since they both had gotten the wrong impression of each other.


The bell rung loudly throughout the cafeteria which snapped Fresh out of his thoughts,he quickly shoved the rest of his nuggets into his mouth and waved the rest of the group his goodbye.




Kids pushed and shoved their way out of the school ultimately dragging Fresh out too,he managed to get his footing,looking up to check of his bus had arrived and out of the corner of his eye socket was Dream sitting at the bench texting on his phone,with a somewhat serious expression on his face.Fresh wasn’t sure what was up with him up,nevertheless he decided to greet him.


“Hey Dream!” Fresh Said with a smile.


Dream looked up and all of the seriousness washed off “oh! Hello Fresh,i hope the rest of your first day had been well?”


“yeah,A bit nerve wracking but I’ll get use ta it” he shrugged “are ya planning on catching the bus?”


Dream looked back down at his phone “Ah,no I’m waiting for my brother to come”


Fresh pulls a finger guns motion “alright then I’ll see ya tomorrow”


“Fresh Wait”


He turns around at the other skeleton curiously.


“If there’s someone here at the school that you want to get to know better I can help arrange times for you to hang out” Dream explained.


Fresh thought for a moment,would it be possible to do this for Error? The black skeleton  didn’t seem like a very open person and Dream may not know a lot about him but maybe it couldn’t hurt to ask.Fresh took in a deep breath,preparing himself for what he had to say.


“I want to know Error better”


Dream’s eye sockets widen in shock “w–why? After what he did to you?”


“I don’t know..? I just think I could maybe help him ya know,after all an enemy is just a friend you haven’t got to know better!” He said with a cheery tone.


Dream’s eyes soften a bit “Fresh,that’s very sweet of you but it’ll be hard to say at the least,coming from experience”


“Wait you’ve tried?” Fresh asked,getting a slow nod from Dream


“I’ve tried to befriend him,many failed attempts and he seemed to get only more violent until I just stopped,i couldn’t handle him anymore,” He explained,taking in a sharp inhale, “look, I can tell you some of the things I do know about him but are you really sure about this?”


Fresh nodded with determination sparkling through his glasses while Dream just chuckles softly at his new friend.


“Fine fine,i’ll see what i can do but you should get going,don’t want to miss your bus” Dream spoke.


The rainbow skeleton nodded,waving Dream and soon hopping onto the bus.Sitting near the window he watched the school move out of his view,the bus continuing it’s path.Determination was bursting out of his soul,this was gonna be this year's resolution.


Fresh was gonna befriend Error.