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In Flight

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The wind was blowing the leaves around in tiny swirls as Jimin stepped out of his apartment. Breathing in the fresh cool air, he skipped down the last couple steps. Fall was always a time to celebrate as the brisk winds came in announcing the impending arrival of winter. Jimin always loved this season and all the festivities that came with it.

Soaking in the sunshine, Jimin opted for walking to work today instead of taking the bus as it was only a short 20 minutes through downtown Seoul. The sudden vibration in his pocket abruptly startled him out of his daydream causing him to pause for a brief second. Pulling his phone out of the pocket of his fitted sweat pants, he smiled seeing the familiar name lighting up the screen and answered.

“Morning!” Jimin greeted.

“Hey Min! Are we still on for dinner tonight?” Tae responded.

Jimin had been friends with Tae since freshman year in college. Both attending SUPA for a major in Performing Arts, they shared many first year courses. With Tae’s bubbly personality and Jimin’s outgoing nature they hit it off right away bonding over boring morning classes and gallons of coffee. Tae had always been someone Jimin could relate to and treated him more like a brother than a friend. After sophomore year of college they decided to move in together and now 6 years later were still inseparable.

“Yes, I’m on my way to the studio now but I should be off in time to make it to dinner by eight as planned. Text me where you want to eat and I’ll meet you there.” Jimin responded.

“I’ll see you later then! And Min..” Tae said pausing. “Take it easy today ok? I know you have a performance coming up but make sure you rest and hydrate alright?”

“Goodbye Tae!” Jimin said as he neared the crosswalk.

“Love you Min!” Tae responded.

“You too!” Jimin said as he ended the call. Yes today was going to be a good day Jimin thought as he watched the cross walk light up.

Stepping off the curb Jimin went back to pocketing his phone determined to enjoy every minute of sun he could manage to soak up on his walk. Unfortunately, by the time Jimin heard the sound of a shrill scream penetrating the quiet morning, it was too late. The last thing he saw was the world passing by in a blur as his sunny day suddenly turned black.




“Guys did we finish our preshift inspections yet?” Jungkook yelled to the small group huddled around the table.

“Yes Captain!” came Jackson’s reply.

Jungkook scoffed at his comrade as he made his way outside onto the helipad. There was truly no better view than this, Jungkook thought to himself as he watched the sunrise behind the vast array of sky scrapers. The orange sky was alight with the rays of the sun, warming Jungkook from the inside out. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath capturing the slight smell of fall as he sipped on his coffee. Every day was a new adventure in his line of work. Jungkook thrived on the unknown that came with being a Helicopter EMT. Working the most critical cases gave him a thrill that he felt his life lacked. As much as he enjoyed this job it definitely wasn’t without its downfalls as he often came home drained after a long day. Seeing people at their worst often made it difficult to stay in this unit long but the feeling of knowing you helped them still far outweighed any reservations Jungkook had. Taking one last sip of his coffee he turned on his heel to head back inside out of the chilly morning air.

“Morning Jungkook.” Yoobin said as he passed her on his way to the kitchen.

“Morning.” Jungkook replied in passing hurrying off toward the group still chatting idly at the table. Yoobin was a Beta with pretty long chestnut hair that fell past her shoulders. Although currently pinned up for the job, Jungkook knew how soft it truly was when your fingers ran through it thanks to a drunk company outing a year ago. Although Jungkook held no feelings for the Beta since that faithful night, she often took it upon herself to follow him around when their shifts lined up.

Plopping down into the only available seat left at the small table Jungkook let out a sigh.

“Cheer up Jungkookie.” Jin smiled as he proceeded to poke the younger in the side. Squirming away Jungkook smiled back at his hyung. Jin had 5 years on Jungkook but always seemed to make him feel as though friendship knew no age. He was a great mentor and friend over the last few years as Jungkook took over the seniored position on the squad.

The crackling of the radio cut through the room as all talking ceased.

“Seoul Central Aviation Team this is the command center. Over” Jin reached forward and grabbed the radio announcing our presence.

“We have a young male that appears to have been struck by a vehicle on the corner of Main and Highland. Passerbys said it was a hit and run but the male appears to be severely injured and currently unconscious. We are requesting your assistance in transport. Over.”

“Copy that command center. Is there a space large enough nearby to be able to safely clear a landing? Over.”

“Ten-Four” rang the deep voice. “There is a local park just big enough to land in and with the minimal winds it should be a pretty easy landing. Over.”

“We are on our way.” Jin replied as he set the radio back down. “You all heard him” Jin said as we all scrambled from the table throwing on our gear as we raced toward the helipad.