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  Kiryu wasn’t the best at recognizing flirting. He’d mistaken it for simple kindness more than he could count, and even when he recognized it, he didn’t always want to reciprocate. Some of the women made him uncomfortable with their gazes, only looking at him for his wallet or his status or his looks. 

  He didn’t want to attribute Majima’s actions to flirting when it could be written away as simple friendliness. It became hard to deny, though.

  At first, it had been light, almost in jest.

   “Hey Kiryu-chan, you’re lookin’ good today, gonna let me see under that white suit one of these days?”

   When Majima invited him out for drinks and pool, Kiryu was sure it was going to be a trap, that the bartender was actually a member of his family and he had to fight a gauntlet with just the cue ball as a weapon. But… it hadn’t been that. It was almost like a date. Majima paid for his drinks, made jokes, brushed their shoulders together. He’d asked for a fight after, of course, and Kiryu had been happy to oblige. When Majima asked if he’d like to go farther, he was confused. Another fight? Majima left in a hurry after he asked that. 

  Then there had been the Officer Majima patdown. He hadn’t touched Kiryu inappropriately, but he did wiggle his eyebrows suggestively as he got on his knees to pat down Kiryu’s lower half. After Kiryu had just huffed and looked away--not even responding--Majima’s flirtations had slowed down. Kiryu also started wondering whether he’d been imagining the flirtation or not. 

  The night in Asia had changed everything, though. Majima wasn’t any less clothed than he usually was, but the sight of him straddling the pole and spinning circles while sexy music played made Kiryu’s heart race. There was no way this wasn’t Majima flirting. So Kiryu had reciprocated.

  Majima jokingly said Kiryu could touch the dancers all he wanted that night, and Kiryu took him up on that. He lightly rested his hands on Majima’s sides as Majima stared at him, his mouth hanging open. 


  Kiryu went to move his hands away, afraid he’d pushed some boundary he hadn’t realized was in place, but Majima quickly put them back, letting out a shaky sigh. 

  They’d stared at each other for a few awkward moments, Kiryu’s eyes darting to Majima’s lips over and over again, unable to focus on anything else. Majima eventually laughed and tugged him closer, kissing him aggressively in the darkened club. 

  Nothing more happened that night, but Kiryu had an awkward walk home, having to adjust himself every few steps. But Majima was more flirtatious after that, giving Kiryu suggestive grins while they fought. It made it hard for Kiryu to concentrate when Majima was licking his lips and staring at his crotch as he tried to focus on not getting stabbed. 

  Kiryu hoped he managed to act like it didn’t get him going. 



  Kiryu groaned as he realized he’d been tricked. A shaken man on the street had told him a man with a knife was threatening people in room 311, so Kiryu rushed into the love hotel the man was standing in front of, ready to fight, but instead he got Majima lounging on the tacky heart-shaped bed.

  “Yo, Kiryu-chan, what brings you here?” Majima asked, grinning.

  “You know why I’m here,” Kiryu said, turning on his heel to leave. He had other things to do. 

  “Aw, don’t leave so soon!” Majima said, reaching Kiryu’s side in a flash. He tugged on Kiryu’s shirt sleeve, pulling him deeper into the room. 

  Kiryu huffed but didn’t put up any resistance. Might as well get the fight over with so he could go on his way. 

  “Sorry to bring ya in here like this,” Majima said, his face turning serious as he stepped closer to the window. He was frowning. 

  “I don’t understand.”

  “I can’t be seen tellin’ ya what ya need to know for what’s comin’,” Majima said, turning to face him.

  “What do you mean?” Kiryu was half-convinced this was some ruse, but Majima seemed too serious for that.

  “I can’t tell ya all the details since even I don’t know everythin’, but…” Majima rubbed the back of his neck, suddenly nervous. “Look, promise ya won’t kill me when I tell ya?”

  Kiryu narrowed his eyes. “Tell me.”

  “Well. Shimano’s forcin’ me to… uh, y’know. Kidnap Haruka?” He ended the phrase like a question. 

  “Excuse me?” Kiryu’s voice was icy, and Majima raised his hands nervously.

  “There’s some plot Shimano’s doin’ and he’s forcin’ me to kidnap her, says I can play it off like I wanted a ‘real’ fight with ya.”

  “I didn’t realize you even followed his orders.” 

  Majima chuckled darkly. “Only the ones I can’t get away with not doin’, and this ain’t one I can ignore.”

  Kiryu sat on the edge of the god-awful heart shaped bed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Why are you telling me this? Don’t you want a real fight like that?”

  Majima shook his head. “Nah, not like that. The pipsqueak’s too good of a kid for me to use her as a pawn.”

  “Not for Shimano, though.”

  Majima snorted. “Don’t think that egg-head fucker’s got a conscience.” 


  “Two days,” Majima said. “She’ll be completely safe, take my word for it. If anythin’ happens to her, you can kill me yerself.”

  Kiryu grunted. His blood was boiling at the implication of Haruka being a pawn in the game for the Tojo’s money, but he was relieved to know Majima was in his corner. Even after everything, he trusted Majima. Especially now, when he was acting so serious. 

  “Is that all?” Kiryu asked, standing up.

  Majima grinned. “Ya sound disappointed about that, were ya expectin’ to come up here and get a piece of this?”

  Majima gestured broadly to his body.

  Kiryu flushed at the implication of Majima's words. "I should go."

  "Aw, are ya sure? The look on yer face doesn’t really scream that ya wanna leave, Kiryu-chan," Majima said, his lips upturned in a small grin, his voice deadly soft. He stepped towards Kiryu, making him back against the bed. He misjudged the distance between himself and the bed and fell back when the bed dug into his knees.

  "Majima-san, wait--" 

  Majima pushed Kiryu back against the bed when he tried to rise, fire in his eye as he eyed him hungrily. Kiryu's heart raced; he couldn't remember ever seeing someone look at him with such naked lust.

  "If ya want out, just push me off," Majima said, his face turning serious. While moments before he'd been starting to straddle Kiryu, now, he was still.

  Kiryu clenched his jaw and turned away, ashamed of the flames of desire licking inside him. It felt wrong to want Majima in this way. He was supposed to be his aniki, not someone he had sex with. Majima chuckled and stood up and Kiryu watched as he stripped. He had half a mind to turn away and give him privacy, but Kiryu’s eyes were glued to the way Majima's muscles moved beneath his skin, the flower petals dancing across his back, the screaming hannya whose mouth stretched into an even wider silent scream.

  Kiryu almost choked when he saw that Majima was wearing a bright red thong.

  "Do you wear that all the time?" Kiryu's voice came out more composed than he felt.

  Majima turned back to face him, a huge grin across his face. The front of the thing barely held him and Kiryu couldn't stop staring. He was hard against the scrap of fabric, part of his cock spilling from the top.

  "Whaddya think?"

  Kiryu felt like he'd swallowed his tongue and just gaped at him. Instead of teasing him, Majima just chuckled and straddled him, resting his ass just inches below the quickly-forming bulge in Kiryu's slacks.

  Majima ran his hands up and down Kiryu's thighs. "What if I do wear this 'lil number all the time, hm? Why don'tcha imagine it?"

  Kiryu glanced up at Majima's face before darting his gaze back to the bulge in Majima's thong.

  "Just think. All those battles where ya straddled my body on the ground, every time ya wrapped yer hands around my throat," Majima leaned forward, his mouth centimeters from Kiryus ear. "All this time I was wearin' a scrap of fabric underneath, hopin' you'd rip the leather right off my ass and pound me into the pavement."

  Kiryu couldn't help but let out a groan, making Majima chuckle darkly and begin palming Kiryu’s hard-on through his slacks. "There we go, just what I was lookin' for."

  "Majima-san," Kiryu choked out.

  "Hm?" Majima hummed back lazily, one hand beginning to work at undoing Kiryu's button-down. 

  "Did you… did you really only have that on all this time?"

  "'That'?" Majima chuckled. "Afraid of sayin' 'thong'?"

  "N-no," Kiryu's voice hitched when Majima began running a gloved hand up and down his newly naked abdomen.

  "Well, it's the truth," Majima said, starting to work at Kiryu's belt. "And, what if I was wearin' a butt plug during every fight?"

  Kiryu made a choked noise, digging his fingers into Majima's thighs as he imagined how Majima must have felt during their fights, how he had something in his ass and went and got off after their fights.

  Majima grinned. "I kept prayin’ that ya would finally get the hint. Couldn't fuckin' take how horny ya made me. Shoved my biggest plug inside me before lookin' for ya sometimes."

  "I don't believe you."

  "Couldn't stop jerkin' off after our fights," Majima said, pulling Kiryu's cock from his boxers and stroking him firmly. "Figured I'd give myself a lil somethin' extra to feel good with."


  Majima grinned wildly, beginning to stroke his own cock. "Can't believe it took ya this long to get the message."

  At the lack of sensation on his cock, Kiryu instinctively grabbed himself and started jerking off, his eyes glued to the way Majima's foreskin moved up and down as Majima stroked himself.

  "Like the show?" Majima asked, his voice low with lust.

  Kiryu flicked his gaze up before turning his attention back to Majima's lower half. He was leaking precum already, and Majima swirled it around the head. Kiryu's heart slammed against his chest when he realized Majima still had his gloves on.

  "Can I touch you?"

  Majima laughed airily before nodding. "Shit, you've got no idea how long I've dreamt of you sayin' that."

  Kiryu couldn't touch enough. Majima's skin was warm beneath his free hand, his abs sculpted against his fingers. He could feel the scars and bumps that made Majima himself. It stole his breath away.

  Majima sped his fist up now that Kiryu was touching him, and Kiryu followed suit. Both their breathing was shallow, the room full of just that. Kiryu wanted to say something meaningful, but more than that, he wanted to watch Majima cum.

  Kiryu’s hand shook slightly as he pushed Majima’s hand from off his cock. Majima gave him a confused look but moaned when Kiryu pressed their cocks together and stroked them both. 

  “Shit, ya make me look tiny,” Majima said, laughing breathlessly as his hips stuttered into Kiryu’s fist. 

  The sight of Majima so turned on that he was thrusting into Kiryu’s touch made something burn even brighter inside Kiryu. He sped up his fist and used his other hand to touch Majima’s nipples, glad when Majima’s breath hitched and his back arched. 

  “Fuck, keep goin’,” Majima groaned out, his eye closed tightly as Kiryu reveled in the sensation of their cocks grinding together. It was searing hot, made easier by the mess of precum they were both leaking. 

  Majima came first, letting out a low moan as he started spilling into Kiryu’s fist and across his chest. The sight was too much for Kiryu, and he followed quickly behind, his mind going blank as he realized that both their cum was mixing together to make stroking them through their orgasms easier. 

  Kiryu let his hand fall away, suddenly aware of the mess of cum across his abdomen. Majima was still straddling him, panting heavily and running his fingers through his hair with a dopey grin on his face.

  “Shit, that was better than I thought,” Majima said, stretching his arms above his head. “Fuck, we shoulda done that forever ago.”

  Kiryu made a noncommittal noise and watched as Majima got dressed, tucking himself back into his thong before wiggling his way back into his pants. 

  “Do you really wear a buttplug while you look for me?” Kiryu asked, sitting up and taking stock of how messy he was.

  Majima scoffed and gave him a look. “Are ya kiddin’? Hell no. Ya seemed to like the idea, though.”

  Kiryu flushed. “You said it so convincingly.”

  Majima shrugged his jacket on and pulled a cigarette out of an inner pocket. He lit it and passed it to Kiryu. “I don’t think so. I just think you were thinkin’ with yer dick.”

  Kiryu smoked slowly and watched as Majima patted his pockets to make sure he had everything. “Thank you, by the way.”

  “Eh? For this? Don’t need to thank me, it’s me who should--”

  “I mean for the heads up.”

  “Oh. Right,” Majima smiled sheepishly, his hand on the doorknob. “Forgot about that. Uh, anyway, the room’s still good for another couple’a hours. Feel free to take a shower or whatever. I gotta run before Cueball starts gettin’ suspicious.”

  Kiryu nodded and laid back. His mind wanted him to think of everything he had to do, all the drama he had to deal with, but something inside him also wanted to relieve the time he’d just spent with Majima. He sighed as he licked the cum from his fingers, flushing when it made him hard again. 

  He hoped this wouldn’t be a one time thing.