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If this was their first time...

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He’d just brushed his teeth and put on his pyjama bottoms. That, and nothing else, his usual sleep attire. He looked at the clock. It was half past twelve. He popped his head out his bedroom door and saw Scully, still fast asleep on his lounge. His pretty partner could sleep anywhere.

He loved having her over to his place tonight. Their conversation more intimate than they usually allowed. She described seeing an old flame, one of her college professors. He was married.

Like peeling back layers of an onion, she was a never ending well of intrigue. Never to be underestimated. Why hadn’t he asked her about her past life before? He knew some of her childhood, her decisions around med school and then the FBI. The difficult time she went through, that he always attributed to her father’s disapproval of her choices, not her much older, married professor boyfriend’s disapproval.

Mulder had psychoanalysed Scully many times over. And every time, he’d never come up with her being a rule breaker. College rules would have forbidden her to have a romantic relationship with that man, and, on top of that, Scully was ‘the other woman’. He smiled at her. Wondering what else lay in the depths of Scully. He thought too, that he wanted to know. Wanted to find out everything. To know her completely.

She had leaned over a bit to one side and he knew he couldn’t possibly leave her there; she’d hurt her neck. He quietly went over to her and, for a moment, contemplated carrying her into his bed.

“Scully”, he gently touched her face as he spoke. She jerked and her eyes opened. She looked disoriented for a moment.

“Come in to bed. You can’t sleep out here. You look so uncomfortable, and you’ll get cold.”

“Mmmm, its ok, I can go home.” She mumbled, softly.

“Scully, I didn’t wake you up to kick you out! It’s too late, and you’re too tired. You practically passed out mid-sentence before.”

“Ok”, she affirmed with a yawn, punctuating what he had just said.

She took both of his hands he held out for her and he helped her up and lead her to his room.

Once there she looked around then headed towards to bathroom. “I’m just going to use the bathroom.”

“Ok.” He said, adding, “I should have a spare tooth brush in one of the drawers if you want it.”

“Oh, thank you.” She said as she closed the door.

He heard the sounds of the toilet, teeth brushing and water running, as he rummaged through one of his draws and found an old Oxford T-shirt. She came out, still looking very tired.

“Do you want to wear this?” He held up the oversized shirt. “I can’t’ imagine you’ll be comfortable in your skirt and jacket.”

“Ok, thank you.”

She slid the zip down one side of her skirt, and it immediately dropped to the floor. It happened so fast he watched her. She didn’t seem to pay that any mind. He turned though as she removed her jacket, slipped her green sweater over her head, and removed her bra and nylons. She pulled his shirt over her head, and down over her black bikini briefs. It swallowed her, falling almost to the knee. She said thank you again and crawled up his bed and lay down. Mulder grabbed the comforter and pulled it up to tuck her in.

“Night Scully.” He said and bent over to kiss her on the forehead, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He straightened up and turned.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“I got the couch.” He said, with a warm smile.

“Oh, no. I can’t kick you out of your bed.” She propped herself up on her elbow as she spoke.

“It’s fine, the couch has a Mulder shaped indent in it.” He winked and made for the doorway.

“No please. Come over here. There’s plenty of room Mulder.” He hesitated at the door. She held open the blankets for him. “Come on.”

“Well, if you promise not to throw the leg over Scully.”

“Hmm, never.” She smiled and wriggled over to make more room. Mulder tucked himself in beside her and switched off the lamp.

The room was only semi dark for the moonshine.

“Night Mulder. Thanks for letting me stay. I had no idea how exhausting these last few days had left me.”

“You’re welcome. Night to you too.” They both made a few noises as they wriggled in to comfort. Both ending up facing one another.


“Yes?” She said. Answering him with her eyes closed.

“Sorry I booked those tickets for you without discussing it first. You deserve to stop, have a life.”

“That’s ok.” She said. Then continued. “ And I do have a life, Mulder. I was questioning that before seeing Daniel. But, seeing my past, my possible other decision reflected back at me, made me realise how much I’ve changed, how much that other kind of life would never have satisfy me. I don’t want it.”

“Really?” He said. This knowledge surprised and comforted him.

“Yeah, and… I know that I can never have a conventional relationship while working on the X-Files. I’ve always known it, but now I’m at peace with it, I think.”

“Hmmm?” he sounded, as a question. Asking her to continue.

“But…. I have been thinking.” Her eyes were opened now.


She took a big breath in and sighed audibly.

“Seeing Daniel did make me realise something.” She licked her lips and bit her lip before continuing. “I miss a warm body. I miss intimacy.” She let out a humoured, “hmmmp.” Before adding, “I miss…. sex.”

“Oh.” He said. A complete thought.

She had somehow become closer to him, they were almost touching. At her last words he reached out and tucked her hair behind her ear. Stroked her cheek. She cuddled into him. Sighing.

“I miss the feel of this, being curled into somebody. Touch.” She moved closer and did just that, curled herself into him. He obliged. moving his arm under her head, his other arm falling around her.

She placed her hand on his neck and began caressing just under his ear, gently with her thumb.

“What about you Mulder, you aren’t seeing anyone… are you?” She knew the answer, but thought it best to still ask the question,.

“No, not anyone actual.” He chuckled.

She grinned across at him, shaking her head.

“What do you miss?”

He was quiet for a moment.

“Boobs, I miss boobs.”

“Mulderr!” She laughed. “And here I was thinking we were getting all deep.”

“Oh no Scully, have some pretty deep feelings about breasts. Don’t get me wrong. They’re beautiful, feminine, comforting…. sensual.”

“Ah, so you’re a breast man…” She said with a smile.

“Well, breast, and nipples. Scully, you’ve seen what I can do with a sunflower seed right?”

“I had noticed.” She grinned.

“Having said that, I do like a nice arse. I couldn’t be forced to choose.”

Their hands were both caressing the skin within reach.

She closed her eyes, her breathing slowed.

“This is nice.” She said.

“Yeah it is.” He agreed.

Then, almost at the same time, their hands lander on each other’s cheeks, both gently circling their thumbs.

Scully thought her heart might beat out of her chest.

Their faces began moving toward one another, at a glacial pace.

“Kissing. I do miss kissing.” He said breathily.

“I think it’s been so long I forgot what it’s like.” She replied.

The gap between them disappeared as their lips press together. Gently, at first, just lips opening and exploring. Then his tongue licked at her lips, an invitation she accepted and her tongue pushed into his mouth. They pressed themselves closer together, forcing the kiss into a deep passionate entanglement of lips and tongues and moans, accompanied by hands exploring flesh.

“This. Oh God I miss this.” She whispered whilst their lips still moved together.

“I don’t remember it being this good.” He whispered back.