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Silent Love

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Asui was staring, she knew she was, everyone around her knew she was staring, but she didnt care, because the girl she was looking at was to wrapped up a conversation with Midoriya, Ochaco, oh what a girl, she was pretty, smart, talented, and caring the best part was she was her friend, you see as of next week they will have officially graduated UA and the two were to move in together, wonderful right? Wrong.

POV change warning ⚠️

Ochaco for some odd reason has told me she has a crush on a very explosive pointy haired boy named Bakugo, now dont get me wrong I loved Bakugo truly, hes a changed man everyone can see that, I mean he still calls people names but hes confirmed he doesn't mean anything by it, shoot he even hangs out with Midoiya now which is fantastic, but... I've seen how they act around each other, their body language says it all, neither of them want to make the first move, and trust me when I say I tried to ask her out I did but she shot me down without really meaning to by hitting me with the mentions of him and her crush for him, watching them now pains me as shes twirling her hair and being all cute and flustered towards him and he being flustered and cocky like he normally is but somehow more intensely, it hurt to see them dance awkwardly around each other while I'm just sitting there with a front row seat to it.


This must be what she felt when she still had feelings for Midoriya at the beginning of school, after Shinsou showed up to take Mineta's place. After what ever happened between Christmas break with Midoriya and Shoto, this was probably what she felt, confused... hurt... even a little scared of what she was to do with these emotions now, I remember her coming to me at 12 in the morning asking if she could sleep with me for the night, which would turn to weeks, before she felt a decent amount better...

I think that's when I started falling for her when I spent more time with her rather when it was when she was crying or when she just wanted to hang out, I enjoyed my time with her...and now...I fear she wont want to hang out as much if they planned to get together anytime soon which in retrospect destroys our plans to live together....


This is your best friend your talking about the girl who was kind to all living things and wished everyone was to be happy despite the world metaphorically crumbling around her, this was Uraraka, I can only wish her the best and hope for her happiness to finally come rather it's with me or not.


With that thought Asui got up from her seat and walked over to Midoriya, Ochaco, and Iida,who must have joined in the middle of her thoughts and sat down with them and joined their chat

Like usual.