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our puppy (not yours)

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jimin was bangtan’s puppy hybrid. the male was a pomeranian hybrid and he was the softest, smallest, and cutest thing ever. and the rest of the boys can absolutely agree to it.


currently, jimin was enjoying a piece of toast with cream cheese on it. the hybrid loves the bread extra crispy. he loved the way it tasted and how loud the crunches were.


he was sitting down at the dining room table munching on his breakfast. his fluffy, curly tail swayed from side to side as his legs swayed front to back in a rhythmic motion. he was content.


jimin was the only one awake right now. he woke up early from a full bladder, and couldn’t fall back asleep after it.


after he finished his food, jimin pouted. he listened at how quiet the small home was and he didn’t like it. he needed affection, and some attention. he loved attention.


the puppy left the plate on the table as he got off the chair and made his way to one of the other’s rooms. he didn’t know who to pounce on first, but it sure as hell won’t be yoongi hyung. he loves his sleep.


after a good twenty seconds jimin finally decided to go bother jungkook. he grinned evilly as he made his way to the younger’s room, opening the door carefully and looking at the sprawled out jungkook on the bed, his bed sheets a total mess.


jimin softly cleared his throat and got on his hands and knees, beginning to slowly creep towards the sleeping human. his tail drooped down as if he was in tall grass not wanting to be spotted by the prey he was hunting, and his ears perked a little for better hearing.


as the puppy made his way to the edge of jungkook’s bed, he saw the male’s foot sticking out of the sheets. he wanted to poke it and tickle jungkook so he can wake up in laughter but he didn’t. and it was quite difficult for him to stop himself.


instead, jimin stood up and quickly pounced on jungkook, letting out soft and playful growls as he shook the human around, watching as jungkook had started to slowly wake up, letting a groan escape his lips.


“y-yah, hyung-“ jungkook groggily said, voice deep and gravely as his eyes slowly popped open, his hands reaching up to rub at them.


jimin bit back a giggle and buried his face into jungkook’s neck, wanting to smell like the human. he nuzzled into the boy, tail wagging quickly as he felt jungkook’s arms wrap around him.


“puppy, why are you awake so early?” jungkook asked, glancing over at his phone at the nightstand beside him and watching as it lit up from a notification, the time being somewhere around eight thirty am.


jimin shrugged, pretending not to know why but he did know, he was just too comfortable on top of the younger.


jungkook gasped when he felt jimin nip at his neck, wiggling around a little. he ran his fingers through the hybrid’s hair and pulled a little, resulting in a whine.


“jungkookie- why’d you do that for?!” jimin stuck his plump bottom lip out in a pout, moving away from the male’s neck and giving him a puppy dog look.


“pup, are you going into heat soon?” jungkook ignored jimin’s soft look and began to scratch behind his ears, watching as jimin shuddered a little and closed his eyes, letting out a shaky sigh.


“n-no. i don’t think so, it’s a little too early..” the hybrid replied, unable to hide the pink tint that painted his cheeks from jungkook’s question.


the hybrid has his heats maybe twice, or even three times a year. and all the boys are trying to be the one to help him, but for the last two times hoseok has always ended up at jimin’s door first, much to the other’s dismay.


jungkook just hummed in response, retreating his hand from jimin’s ears making him huff in annoyance.


“c’mon baby, let’s go wake the others up. or we should do that after i eat...” jungkook said once he heard his stomach growl, sitting up and placing his hands on jimin’s waist, about to take him off his body until the hybrid growled and stuck to jungkook like glue, making the human sigh.


“no! wanna be with you.” jimin whispered, once again burying his face in jungkook’s neck and taking a whiff of his scent, rubbing his nose against the male’s skin.


jungkook smiled a little, petting the hybrid’s hair before wrapping jimin’s legs around his waist more securely, and standing up, holding jimin up by his ass.


he made his way out of his room, only to see a worried hoseok running around. “hyung?”


“JUNGKOOK! WHERE IS JIMI- oh.” hoseok began yelling, scared to death that he couldn’t find jimin anywhere but he calmed down once he saw the male in the youngest’s arms.


“hi hobi hyung~” jimin said, not turning around to look at the elder but he wagged his tail, a sign showing that he’s happy to see the male.


“HEY, WAIT! jungkook, i wanna hold him. lemme hold him!” hoseok complained, basically jumping up and down with energy as he wanted to hold the small, soft hybrid in his arms. it isn’t fair. why did jungkook get to hold him?


“he’s comfortable right now, hyung. sorry but no can do.” jungkook simply shrugged, watching as hoseok huffed in annoyance, crossing his arms and tapping his foot on the ground.


“i’m telling namjoon!” the cheerful male threatened, running away to go find namjoon wherever he was.


jungkook rolled his eyes, and jimin let out a soft giggle, looking up into jungkook’s eyes, moving in to rub his nose with jungkook’s, giving him an eskimo kiss.


“hobi hyung’s funny, jungkook-ah.” jimin said softly, burning his face back in his neck and smiling sheepishly, inhaling jungkook’s scent and nosing his skin.


jungkook just nodded, and began walking towards the kitchen, feeling more hungry than before.


as jungkook walked by the dining room table, he smiled softly at the plate with crumbs that was placed in the center of the table, satisfied knowing jimin did eat something.


“you want me to put you down, puppy?” jungkook asked while opening the fridge with one hand, looking around trying to find something to eat.


he waited a few seconds and raised a brow, not sure why he hasn’t gotten a response from the hybrid. “jiminie- do you want me t-“ the human stopped halfway through his sentence when he heard a soft snore over his shoulder. jimin had fallen asleep.


“aww, poor baby.” jungkook cooed, closing the door of the fridge and walking to the living room, placing the hybrid down on the couch gently, making sure he had a pillow under his head.


jungkook took a blanket that was on the couch chair and covered jimin with it, watching as soon as the soft material touched the hybrids skin he grabbed it and pulled it close, keeping warm with a thumb in his mouth.


jungkook leaned down to plant a kiss on jimin’s forehead, caressing his cheek gently and moving away, going to the kitchen once more but not forgetting to wish the hybrid a good sleep.


“sleep well, puppy.”