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Who Knew a Quirkless Omega Would Steal Katsukis Heart?

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Izuku hummed softly, walking hand in hand with his best friend, Uraraka.

"Hey, Izuku.. Do you ever wonder what it's like being an Alpha?" The pink cheeked beta asked.

"Not.. really.. Honestly i'm glad to be an omega, did you know the most dangerous villains, are omegas?"

Uraraka snorted, playfully shoving Izuku as they walked down the sidewalk.

"Now don't go and turn into a villain now Izu!" She joked, rolling her eyes jokingly.

"I won't, I won't!" Izuku hummed, and stopped in front of a cafe, Uraraka smiled warmly at him.

"Wanna get a coffee?" Izuku asked, dis-entwining their fingers.

"Sure!" Uraraka smiled, walking into the small cafe with Izuku.

They sat down at a booth, not really bothering to get something to drink as they said they would.

"Soooo.. Anyone catch your eye?" Uraraka smirks at Izuku as she rests her elbows on the tabletop.

"Err.. I-" Izuku awkwardly rubbed his cheek. "No.. not really."

Uraraka pouted. "Cmon.. Maybe a hero? Ooo I heard my bud Red Riot is single.. Wait no, I think he has the hots for Pinky." She snorted.

Izuku's eyes shimmered.
"Wait really? I've been wondering if they liked each other I mean like they're obviously the perfect couple with them being partners and all not saying that they're perfect just because they're partners I mean I—.."

Uraraka shushed him.

"Hey, calm down Izu, I'm not sure if Kirishima likes Mina okay?" She giggled.

Izuku's face flushed in embarrassment as he looked to the side.

"Hm. Im thinking Ground Zero, I mean Katsukis a hothead but hes definitely gay." Uraraka giggled.

"Wait wha-" Izuku looked away for a second, looking back and Uraraka completely disappeared.

Katsukis POV

Katsuki sat on Kirishima's bed, scrolling through his phone as Kirishima babbled about fuckin Raccoon Eyes.

He found an article, on him.

"When will Ground Zero Find a Mate?"

Katsuki rolled his eyes, but out of curiosity pressed on the article.

Will Ground Zero Find a Mate?

We all know the #1 hero, known as the symbol of Victory Ground Zero. But what we don't know is the alpha's love life. Sure, he hangs out with Red Riot, or Uravity, or even Pinky and Chargebolt, but if he is with any of them, when will he make it public?

Katsuki furrowed his eyes, clicking out of the article before he could read any more of this nonsense.


Kirishima finally figured out he wasn't listening, and let out a whine.

"Bakubro! Seriously I need advice!" the Alpha exclaimed, before getting a text.

Katsuki blinked, and shrugged as Kirishima's pout turned into a wide smile as he texted back

Kirishima's POV

He whined, upset that Katsuki wasn't listening to him, honestly not really upset but still.

"Bakubro! Seriously I need advice!" He groaned, but then Uraraka texted him.

Uraraka: Hey, yknow how Katsuki is like.. hella gay?

Kirishima: Yessss… OMG have you found someone for him??!

Uraraka: MAYBE…

Kirishima: OMFGG OK YES.

Uraraka: his names Izuku! and he's a total nerd

Kirishima: even more of a nerd than bakubro?


Kirishima: woah, thats scary.

Uraraka: Also watch out im p sure its the same for you.

Kirishima: -shocked face emoji-

Uraraka: pff, anyway you should convince Katsuki to go to the club tonight, get em hella drunk. Don't worry about Izuku, i'll make sure he comes.

Kirishima: Sure! alright see you at 8?

Uraraka: thats the plan.

Kirishima hummed, walking over to Katsuki.

"Soooo… Bakubro wanna come to the club toni-"


"Pleeeeaaasseee?" Kirishima pouted.





"Fucking fine." Katsuki rolled his eyes as Kirishima jumped up in victory.

"Okay see you tonight bakubro! Uhh.. imma go somewhere you can leave whenever!"

Kirishima saw katsuki nod out of the corner of his eye as he dashed out of his apartment.