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She’s a punctual one, always appearing at his door waiting for him to come back from his morning run. Always at 7:00am, not a minute late. 


For the past three weeks, Jungkook has been seeing her every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and she rarely falls out of step with this schedule; so make that punctual and diligent.


Other than these two consistent traits, he doesn’t know much about her. 


Like a spring shower she comes and goes quickly. Once she’s satisfied she’s out of the door before the apartment has even had a chance to soak in her presence. Or for Jungkook to bask in her company, for that matter. 


Where she comes from, what she does afterwards, remains a mystery to Jungkook. He’s learned to respect her privacy, never once questioning her ways. He just lets her do as she pleases. He’s got to admit, though, he really lucked out to have such a beauty to give him the time of day. It’s not that Jungkook’s unfriendly or he gives off an approachable aura, but often his efforts would go unnoticed or ignored. 


Jungkook opens the door for her and lets her in wordlessly. She sashays into his one-room apartment with confidence and familiarity, as if she owned the place, with Jungkook following close behind her. They end up in the kitchen area, where the sharp edge of the morning sunlight just grazes the small dining table Jungkook had managed to squeeze in.


“So you’re not even going to greet me properly today?” Jungkook gets straight to the point without masking his disappointment. 


He didn’t want to think their relationship, if it could even be called that, was reduced to something so transactional. At the very least Jungkook had thought there was some kind of bond or connection between them, born from their mutual companionship. 


This treatment just goes to show that Jungkook really never had any luck when it comes to the likes of her. 


Guess he was only good for one thing after all, he can’t blame her. 


“You just go straight for the pantry, hmm?” He accuses.


Jungkook crouches low, planting his bare feet firmly on the wooden flooring, addressing the cream point ragdoll staring expectantly at him. Her bushy tail sways lazily behind her and as soon as Jungkook is giving her the best chin scratches ever, she purrs loudly. 


“You’re lucky you’re so cute and I’m such a sucker.” Jungkook pretends to be exasperated but the smile on his face betrays his true feelings. “How do you feel about tuna today?”




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




Jungkook doesn’t know when he had started stocking cat food, but the tower of Fancy Feasts on the shelves is starting to stack up against his own canned food, and a bag of treats has also  ‘magically’ appeared right next to the half empty box of Choco Pies. 


If it could, his bank account would probably be crying at him right now, on its knees, begging him to stop buying food for a cat that’s not even his. Well, his broke-ass college student’s bank account can stuff it if he can’t give her the best food. 


Because priorities, right?


As if she was summoned by the mere creaking of the pantry door, the cat appears in the kitchen at once. She winds herself between Jungkook’s legs and rubbing against them to urge him faster.


There’s something different about her today but Jungkook can’t quite put a finger on what it is and it bugs the hell out of him. 


After a glass of milk for himself and cracking open a Savoury Salmon Feast for the cat, served in one of his finer, more respectable dishes, the proverbial light bulb finally lights up. 


“You’ve got a collar on today!” His index finger pointing up for emphasis.


Yes, excellent observation. Well done, ” the cat seems to meow in acknowledgement and goes back to eating from the porcelain dish. The golden tag around her throat catches the sunlight with a dazzling glint, flickering glare into Jungkook’s eye whenever the cat moves her head.


Once she’s polished off every last morsel Jungkook runs the pad of his thumb over the name engraved onto the tag. For the first time in four weeks of welcoming Creamy into his home, he doesn’t need to just call her ‘sweetie’.




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




The downpour had come out of nowhere. 


One minute the sun was beating down on the back of Jungkook’s neck and the next, the heavy clouds finally rip under the pressure, unleashing all the stored water onto the land below. Obviously this was just a prelude for what was about to come for the next few months, spelling another humid summer for Seoul. The kind that just makes you want to peel off more than just your clothes but you can’t because it’s just your skin left.


He should’ve brought a rain jacket with him on the run when he saw the first foreboding grey clouds creeping in the horizon, but he had decided against it just before he stepped out the door, thinking it’d be a hassle to have more clothing trapped around his waist.


Monsoon season is also upon Korea and he should have heeded the day’s weather report, if he had even bothered looking it up. 


That’s too many should haves and too many rookie mistakes. Jungkook pays for them when he’s forced to take shelter underneath the bright blue plastic slide at a playground. He can’t afford to get sick right now, not when he’s neck deep in assignments in the middle of the Summer Semester.


The rain drums an unrelenting rhythm on the plastic slide above Junkgook’s head, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. With little else to do other than wait it out, Jungkook takes his phone out to pass the time and checks Twitter. 


Since it’s a Tuesday and Jungkook doesn’t have any classes until after lunch or anything on in the morning, so he figures he has all the time in the world to mill about. Mingyu has morning classes and Yugyeom isn’t free, no one is waiting for him. No one is waiting for...


Jungkook almost drops his phone with a start when realisation dawns on him. Creamy! The punctual cat would be at his door at seven and his watch read 6:53 am.


The sense of duty to be there for the cat pushes Jungkook to act. He’s got half a mind to step into the pouring rain and just sprint back home. On a normal day, it would only be a ten minute run, the last leg of his usual route. Luckily for him, the rain transitions from bucketing to a light sprinkle in a matter of seconds of his deliberation. Jungkook does not waste a minute and leaves his shelter. 


His feet splashes into the puddles accumulated in shallow craters formed in the rubber mat, a product of all the years of foot traffic it has suffered under numerous energetic children.


Relief floods through Jungkook as soon as he sights the cream coloured ragdoll waiting by his door. She looks rightly miffed and she lets him know too, with a string of complaint-laden meows. 


“I know, I know. I’m sorry I’m late.” 


Unless cats can operate elevators or open heavy doors to access the stairwell, then it shouldn't be farfetched for Jungkook to assume that Creamy’s owner must be living on the same floor as he is. Actually, hold the thought on that last one because he’s pretty sure that there was a Tweet going around, with a video of someone’s cat opening the bathroom door or something.


Although Jungkook tends to keep to himself, small talks are inevitable when he accidentally makes eye contact with 319 trying to get into her apartment and the bare minimal socialising is manageable if he shares the elevator with another tenant. While Jungkook may not know every single one of his neighbours in the condo very well, he’s certain that 317 has a mild allergy and that none of the other tenants own pets. In fact, he didn’t know the landlord had even allowed pets into the building.


In the time Jungkook’s rented his unit, which had been since the start of his university life, he doesn’t recall any of his neighbours mentioning anything about keeping a cat. He was sure that if it was the case, it would make it into the conversation somehow whenever he runs into any of them.


So there has to be a reason for Creamy’s appearance. A cat doesn’t just show up out of the blue like this, especially a kept cat as meticulously groomed as she is. She seems so high maintenance that the owner wouldn’t have let her out of the house like this.


Jungkook leaves Creamy to her own advice as he shucks off his running clothes, carelessly tossing them onto the small couch on his way to the bathroom.


When he's done with the shower, Jungkook relaxes on the couch and switches the TV on. 


Creamy slinks into view and jumps onto the couch to join Jungkook. His hand is on autopilot, petting her between her ears that sometimes alternates with behind-the-ear scratches, earning him euphoric rumbles. Whenever he stills his hand because he's too engrossed with whatever is on the TV, Creamy butts her head gently against him, reminding him that she's not done with him yet.


Jungkook gropes the air, fingers missing the scruff of her neck by a long shot. When they do make contact, however, he feels paper instead of soft fur.




 To whom it may concern, 


I appreciate you looking after my cat, but please can you kindly stop feeding her? 


Thank you. - Creamy’s owner 




It would be an understatement to say Jungkook was excited about the arrival of this note. Six weeks and counting (probably), Creamy’s owner has finally decided to make contact. He’d almost forgot that it was him who had attempted the initial communication, tucking in the first note underneath the pink collar to reassure the owner that their cat is being looked after. There was no reply from the owner following Creamy’s subsequent visits, so Jungkook was about to chalk it up to the note having gotten lost on her way home.


Since the message had not been signed off with any indication other than an unhelpful Creamy’s Owner , Jungkook studies the little piece of paper in hopes it will give away tidbits about the person. 


Compared to his own that gets messier the longer he writes, Creamy’s owner has quite the penmanship— they are clean and legible with every hangul printed neatly. Another way to describe it is simply ‘pretty’. Still, it doesn’t say much about the person. Are they male? Female? A student like him or maybe they’re older, a lonely housewife neck deep in chores to be able to reign in an agile cat.


He should probably write a reply. Jungkook gives himself a full-body pat down, sweeping down until it ends with his hands delving into his jeans pocket. His fingertips meet something smooth and he knows he’s hit the jackpot. 


He fishes out a slightly crumpled piece of receipt from last night’s dinner and holds it up triumphantly. Jungkook hopes Creamy’s owner won’t judge him for an order that is verging on being socially unacceptable, the sheer amount of food ordered was something no solo diner should be able to consume by themselves (What? He’s a growing boy. With a bottomless pit for a stomach). They’ll also have to ignore the splotches of grease staining the paper too.  




 Dear Creamy’s owner,


Only if she stops looking at me as if she’s trying to tell me her dad/mum isn’t giving her breakfast.

Don’t worry, I’m not feeding her anything weird.


A concerned neighbour.     (I’m assuming you live in this condo too.) 




That should do the trick. Jungkook considered signing the note off with his apartment number, but the mischievous side of him reins in the thought. It’d be no fun if he had revealed himself this soon. 


Jungkook beckons Creamy over to him and she lets him slip his reply. He gives her a final round of petting before he sends her out. 


"See you later."




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆






 To whom it may concern,


Whatever she is telling you, she’s lying. I feed her every morning. Do not fall for her tricks.


And what do you mean by ‘not feeding her anything weird’?


Creamy’s owner 




Huh. Okay, that’s cool. Sure.


Jungkook wasn’t expecting this kind of revelation from the reply note, which basically confirmed that yes, he has been willingly and naively parting ways with his money so he could feed someone’s fed cat.


“Hmmmm, I see someone’s been telling me lies. What do you have to say to defend yourself, Ms. Creamy?”


Now, it’s no secret that Jungkook becomes a big pushover when faced with someone cute, especially when she’s looking up at him, tilting her head to one side all innocently, as if she hasn’t been scamming him of free food all this time.


But what if Creamy’s owner is the one lying instead and they are actually a horrible person that’s not feeding their cat? Jungkook’s got about three conspiracy theories floating in his head already, anything to help him sleep better at night and convince himself he’s not really that gullible and easy to con.




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




"Sorry, can you hold the door for me, please?"


With the agility and the reflex cultivated from years of mashing keyboards and gamepads in his turbulent youth, Jungkook taps the silver open button with quickfire finesse. The metal doors stutter and heave open again.


A man supporting a sizeable carrier shuffles into the elevator with Jungkook, taking occupancy along the wall opposite him. The man offers a breathless thanks before he sets the pastel carrier down, the bottom meeting the floor with a wholesome thud. 


The 'no problem' Jungkook wants to return tails off feebly, when he gets a good look at his fellow passenger. 


With glossy black hair that looks soft to touch, smooth dewy skin, complemented by full, petal-like lips and a set of charming fox-like eyes, this man is a vision of beauty and wonder. (Namjoon-hyung would probably be wiping off a proud tear for his newfound poetic skills and say, “ Knew you had it in you. ”) It takes all of Jungkook’s power to tear his eyes off the other man before the staring charters off into an uncomfortable territory.


He takes a nosy gander at the pastel pet carrier instead, wondering what fluffy companion he might find residing there.


A pair of familiar, gorgeous blue eyes, ringed in dark brown like an eyeliner, blinks back at him. 


At the realisation, Creamy starts yowling enthusiastically, batting and pawing at the mesh cage door. There’s a tiny smug smile tugging at the corner of Jungkook’s lips.


"Creamy, no! Bad girl. What's gotten into you?" Creamy's owner crouches down and reprimands her, though not without glancing at Jungkook with almost cautious eyes. 


(Jungkook gulps, “Does he know? Oh god, he does, doesn’t he? He has to know it was me.”)


She shows no signs of calming until Jungkook joins him and hooks a finger through the cage door to play with the cat. Her owner seems on the defensive, body instinctively moving the slightest to shield the carrier. The surprise on his face is hard to miss when Creamy purrs, obviously satisfied with all the attention, and he says sheepishly, "I'm so sorry, she's not usually like this. I-I mean it’s happened before but..." He doesn’t finish the sentence, only trailing off as if he realises he shouldn’t be oversharing with a stranger.


Huddling around the carrier means getting a whole lot cosier with the attractive man and here’s where Jungkook realises it’s probably a Bad Idea™. The reasons being:


1) the guy is a living god that puts those half naked European marble statues to shame 


2) Jungkook is definitely worried he’ll mess up and give it away that he knows Creamy and that he’s the one who’s been feeding her and sending him notes. 


And his heartbeat seems to also agree it’s a Bad Idea™. In fact, if it beats any more erratically he thinks the poor fella will just give out. He’s gotta say something, anything to make him less suspicious.


"Anything wrong with her?" Is what he comes with. Jungkook smacks himself in his mind for possibly digging himself into a bigger, deeper hole.


"I'm just taking her for a regular check up, make sure she's not getting too heavy. Someone else has been feeding her and I don't know who, though I do intend to find the culprit.”


If Jungkook hadn’t been nervous before, he is now, gulping down his guilt as subtly as he can. He doesn’t want Creamy’s owner to catch on to the fact that he is sharing a lift with said offender.


Thankfully the ride is a short one and Jungkook is saved by the bell, or rather, the elevator chimes as soon as the doors stutter open again.


“Well, uh...I hope check up goes well?”


“Thank you.” The pretty man smiles so genuinely that Jungkook feels a pang of guilt. “I hope you have a good day and maybe see you around, neighbour?” 




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




Water bill, gas bill, internet bill...oh what a surprise, more bills. Jungkook shuffles through the stack of letters that are just short of money extortion, designed to be hard-hitters on his allowances and drain his near barren bank account. What else is new?


Actually, there is. 


Sticking out like a sore thumb among the bland white is an outlandish pink envelope. Luckily it catches Jungkook’s eye before he tosses the letters aside to deal with later. The bold colour is attention grabbing, whatever marketing ploy this is it’s certainly effective. 


Only that it isn’t some business trying to advertise their services to Jungkook upon closer inspection. A childish scrawl addresses the envelope to one Park Jimin, of unit 312 and not 318 that he’s living in. The mailman must’ve had a tough day too.


Park Jimin...Jungkook racks his brain but he’s grasping at straws for recognition. It’s safe to say that it’s not a name that belongs to any of his neighbours living on his floor. So it should be safe to say that this 312 named Park Jimin is a new tenant and that she must have moved in recently without him knowing.


Jungkook sighs. He dreads it, but he really should return the letter to its rightful owner. Though that would mean he would need to introduce himself to this new neighbour and Jungkook isn’t sure if he really wants to socialise right now after a peculiarly long day. 


But then on the other hand, he’s only just come up from the lobby. He’s feeling too sluggish and lazy to go back down to the mailboxes any time soon and that surprisingly is enough to outweigh the first option his introverted soul is begging to avoid.


Jungkook drags his hand down his face with a groan. 


Turns out, 312 is not a she as Jungkook had been misled to believe in, given that most Park Jimin’s he personally knows or has come across have all been girls. 


No, 312 is not a she because the person who opens the door for Jungkook is none other than Creamy’s owner, aka His Royal Highness, Adonis from the Lift himself.


“Oh, hello! It’s you,” Jimin greets him, evidently surprised. “...Can you with something?”


It takes a hot minute for Jungkook to realise that he had just been standing there, looking starstruck. Which really translates to: slack jaw, eyes as wide as hotteoks, staring but unseeing and if someone opened up his head, they would probably find his brain screeching like an old dial-up.


Adonis from the Lift— No, it’s Jimin according to the pink envelope, Jimin rocks back and forward on the balls of his feet, his hand gripping onto the side of his door. A faint apprehensiveness brings his eyebrows together and even with lips as thick and luscious as his it disappears when they’re pursed together. 


Oh God, Jungkook thinks, have I been staring too much? I’ve been staring too much. Jimin must think he’s a weirdo now.


“I uh, I’ve got a letter for you.” Jungkook says, waving said item for emphasis. “Not from me, I mean. Um. The mailman. Well, no, the mailman didn't write you a letter. What I mean to say is, he must’ve put it in mine by mistake, so I thought I better give it to the right person. Yeah…”


He is so freakin' lame. This is why he doesn't socialise with people, let alone pretty people like 312's Park Jimin. The hangul for Jimin is also pretty...Man, even when Jimin is looking baffled he's so pretty.


Not wanting to make a fool out of himself any more than he already has, Jungkook thrusts the letter forward but he lets go of it too soon, before the other even has the chance to get a good hold on it. 


It just so happens that the universe really wants to see Jungkook screw up in any way possible and somewhere along the line of trying to catch the falling letter, his hand misses the target by a mile. Instead, it’s his chin that makes a connection, acquainting painfully with the back of Jimin’s head. Guess he wasn’t the only one who had the idea of picking up the letter.


By how loudly Jungkook's teeth clacks against each other it would be a miracle if he doesn’t need to visit the dentist. Jimin isn’t doing any better either, he’s doubled over and squatting down. The letter in his hand is crumpled against his head in an attempt to relieve the pain.


Forgetting about his own suffering Jungkook moves like he is a spectator to his own body and he kneels next to Jimin to check the damage (he's been told running into him is like running into a concrete wall). Maybe he thought a helping hand, quite literally, would make the pain go away faster. Or maybe the headbutt had knocked the last functioning brain cell out of him.


Whatever it was, Jungkook quickly withdraws his hand that had been rubbing apologetically over the back of Jimin's own. His face is tomato red in horrified embarrassment for all kinds of reasons. It's hard to pick just one when he's done just about every dumb thing a human can possibly do.


The silence choking the air around them loosens its grip a bit and Jungkook regains his motor skills long enough to scamper out of sight, leaving a bewildered Jimin in his wake. 




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆





 Please. Please stop feeding her.


I found her stuck halfway in the little room in her cat tower the other day.

Plus, it’s starting to feel like having a boulder sitting on my chest while I sleep. 




Jungkook takes a look at Creamy who quickly turns her attention elsewhere, finding the hole which she tore into second-hand sofa weeks earlier and attacks it.


Based on the once over Jungkook gives Creamy, he can't tell whether she looks any particularly fat.


Since her large volume lends itself to the mass of fluffy fur that covers her body, it wouldn't be polite to think Creamy is gaining weight because of Jungkook's supposed overfeeding. Plus, he's not a professional nor has he owned any pets, so what would he know.


Even when Creamy experienced slight technical difficulties with executing the jump onto the soft before plopping herself and making herself comfortable in Jungkook's lap, he convinces himself he doesn't find her heavy at all.


Fine, maybe she does feel like a full sack of rice more than the box of chocopies she felt like weeks before, though it's not as exaggerated as her owner makes it out to be. A boulder. Hmph.


Regardless, for the sake of Creamy's health Jungkook vouches to harden his resolve and cut back on the snack rationed. No matter how much Creamy exercises her effective kitty charms.


The cat smirks, if that was even possible, as though to say “We’ll see how steadfast you are, human.”




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




There's loud mewling just outside Jungkook's door and he would've missed it if he wasn't already in the kitchen, half-way ripping into the ramyun flavour packet.


It was a Saturday, no classes, no prior-engagements, so Jungkook had messaged the boys in his Overwatch group chat and quickly gathered a few interested players. Several consecutive matches had proved to be quite energy-draining, so after another round of victory in the two hours that they have played, Jungkook went afk to 'refuel' himself.


Before he can get any further, there’s another call from outside his door, demanding him to open it to let the guest in. Of course, Jungkook answers, caving in too easily for Creamy and he abandons his uncooked ramyun.


He eases the door open inch by inch, taking care not to punt the cat into another existence by accident and lo' and behold, Creamy is sitting there in all her fluffy glory.


"What can I do for you today, young miss? You're here outside of our usual scheduled dates," Jungkook questions, tapping his imaginary wristwatch at her for emphasis  as if the cat could understand this human gesture. "I'm afraid I won't be a very good company today though, some ass needs kicking and it sure as hell won't be mine."


Jungkook's not about to send Creamy away just because he's a bit preoccupied with his gaming. A gentleman through and through he intends to show her inside and if she wants to stay then she's free to do whatever she wants. It's not like it’s the first time she's been inside his home. Plus, she knows how to keep herself entertained with the wall-mounted dangler Jungkook installed just two weeks ago.


However, no amount of kissy noises or thigh-slapping accompanied by tsk-tsking would get the cat to budge from her spot. Jungkook is torn between getting back to his ramyun so he can then get back to his game and just leaving the cat there, or continue to persuade the immovable creature. He fidgets at the door trying to decide on what he should do until he notices another note tucked underneath her collar. Jungkook stops his indecisive jig and slides the piece of paper out.


When unfolded, the note reads ominously like a B-Horror movie. " Caught you! " in thick, bold letters, written with a black marker, threatens the reader. Jungkook parrots the message out loud.


No sooner than he does so, someone shouts “Hey, you! So you’re the one who’s been feeding my cat!”


That voice.


Although Jungkook only had the pleasure of hearing it on two occasions, he still recognises it. However, the tone departs from the pleasant and polite one he had heard before in the elevator. It slips away from the standard speech of a Seoullite and into something familiar to Jungkook’s ears. Those words are charged with the passion of a hot-blooded Busan fellow, the kind of rough-around-the-edges diction that Jungkook has not heard in a long time. Since leaving his hometown to study in Seoul in fact.


Jungkook doesn’t dare to look up. Because if he does, he knows who he will meet eyes with.


Maybe if he ignores the whole situation he can just gently escort the cat out, close his door and slide back into his computer chair. The ramyun can be dealt with later, he's not that hungry anyway. He can resume his game and pretend nothing has happened.


But in reality, the fact he has been caught red-handed has Jungkook rooted to the spot. 


He does chance a look and is met with the intimidating image of Park Jimin stomping towards him. Jungkook squeaks and quickly bows his head down; he looks pleadingly at the fluffy Trojan horse that had lead to his demise, hoping she can get him out of the situation. Creamy only offers a meow of condolences before she saunters her ass back to her owner, marking this moment a Top 10 Anime Betrayals for Jungkook.


A pair of yellow plastic slippers stop in front of Jungkook and when he raises his head, his eyes scale up the man’s form with bated breath, expecting to see absolute outrage when he reaches the top. Though he didn’t anticipate to see the human embodiment of that KakaoTalk sticker of an angry Piske, puffing its cheeks. 


There’s an intimidating glint in Jimin’s eyes, one which Jungkook returns with his scared-shitless, wide doe eyes. But for a reason unbeknownst to Jungkook, the longer they stare at each other the more he can see the angry edge wear off on the other. If Jungkook had super-hearing, then he would've heard the wavering whine at the back of Jimin's throat and would've understood it was his resolve crumbling.


The continued softening of Jimin's features gives Jungkook reason to be less defensive. His shoulders slackens a small fraction.


"I knew it was going to be one of the neighbours from the same floor, Creamy couldn't have gone down the stairs by herself because of the doors. I kindly asked you to stop feeding her, but you cheeky rascal kept at it and now the vet says she's overweight. Not to mention, what if you were feeding random crap that could be potentially harmful for cats?" Even though Jimin's speech is a jumbled mixture of both standard and Busan dialects, a lecture is a lecture nonetheless.


Sometimes (just sometimes) Jungkook lets his pride get the better of him. Despite being scolded while he is the one on his knees, he fires back with his own retort. 


"I didn't just feed Creamy random crap, I did my research on what cats can and cannot eat. What about you? You're lucky I was the one to have found Creamy when she was roaming around in the corridors."


Jimin's sucks in a quick breath and looks ready to counter, but an attention-grabbing meow from between the two men stops him from going any further.


Creamy butts her head against Jimin's clothed calf and swipes her paw at it while her meows getting exponentially louder. It's only then that Jungkook realises that the other must have rushed out of his apartment since Jimin is wearing his home clothes, which consists of a pair of Ryan patterned cotton pants, yellow plastic slippers and he's drowning in a brown fuzzy-looking hoodie. Not that Jungkook's doing any better, his gaming "battle gear" means he hasn’t bothered to get out of his pajamas, therefore putting him in his oversized black tee and grey track pants.


Feeling self conscious from being seen outside his apartment in such a slobby state, warmth creeps up Jungkook’s neck and burns his ears.


Jimin must've felt the same about himself as well, if his pink cheeks are anything to go by. Jungkook watches, enchanted, as he pushes his hair back, running his fingers through it several times ( it looks so soft ), before gathering Creamy into his arms with a grunt and a huff. He turns to Jungkook, who is still on the floor, though he doesn't say anything. A moment passes, Jimin scrunches his eyebrows and shakes his head a little, holding back whatever it was he wanted to say.


Jungkook is left outside his apartment, positively stunned. In the background, his game is still running and his friends' faint hollering, barely detectable from the headphones, asking if he's set the apartment on fire.




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




After that ordeal Jungkook hasn’t run into Jimin again, nor seen him around. He guesses he should count it as a blessing, especially when Creamy still shows up at his door like she usually does. At least Jimin isn’t stopping her from seeing Jungkook. It is a bit of a let down though, that the notes have stopped coming. Not that he looks forward to them or anything of course.


It’s not like Jungkook has the time to dwell on it either. Deciding it’s high time he should look for a part time job to sustain himself and not burden his parents any longer, Jungkook has thrown himself into job hunting and interviews. When a coffee shop not far from his university puts up a sign on their window recruiting a barista with no experience required, Jungkook dives head first at the opportunity. 


Fortunately, the interview is the easiest part since the manager is easy to win over. Nothing is ever too much of a challenge either, for the golden boy with a knack of picking up new things (most of the time). After some mandatory training, Jungkook is ready to begin his illustrious, short-term career as a barista.


The coffee shop itself is nestled within an unassuming area, yet it had managed to become a favourite for many white-collars travelling to and from work. It won the hearts of a fair share of parents too, after they drop their little ones off at the nearby kindergarten and again when it’s time to take them home.


Having already survived through three week day shifts that kept him on his toes, it's safe to say that Saturday mornings are officially Jungkook’s favourite. 


It’s not without reason either. For one, there aren’t as many jittery business people waiting for their fix to kickstart their crazy work day. Saturday morning also means the usual smartly dressed denizens are traded for a more lax crowd— college students looking to get something out of their brew: maybe get through a chunk of an assignment or secure a date. Jungkook would like that too— the latter, of course. He doesn’t even want to think about the essay he has opened on Google Docs for six days, cursor blinking at the end of a barely written intro.


“Next please!” Jungkook prompts from behind the counter. He turns briefly to hand the order to his co-worker before the next customer in line approaches. When Jugnkook turns his attention back to them, they both jump with a start.


“Jimin-ssi,” Jungnkook stutters.


“Ah, you ! Homewrecker. Bad influence.” Jimin replies. “ My precious baby, my darling girl, how could you have done that to her!? You must take responsibility. ” All said, of course, with the utmost over-the-top theatrics of a scandalised mother from the latest soap opera. 


Without missing a beat the coffee machine hissing and puffing out white steam interjects with a comedic timing, just as Jungkook catches sight of the barista beside him raising an eyebrow as she concentrates on her task at hand. Totally not drawing incorrect conclusions about Jungkook


Jungkook defends himself nervously. “I-it’s not what you think, Myunghwa-noona.”


He receives a non-committal hum from Myunghwa, who continues to work on dispensing the coffee into the takeaway cups for a rather large order. 


A sweet giggle erupts from Jungkook’s right and it draws him back towards Jimin. A small hand flies up to cover his mouth in modesty and Jungkook thinks it’s unfair how quickly he’s already forgiven Jimin for causing possible misunderstanding with his co-worker.


“I’m sorry, that was mean. It was definitely a joke...Myunghwa-ssi.” Jimin squints to read the nametag pinned to her cardigan better. “Jungkook here hasn’t led any innocent maidens astray. It’s just that he looks so teasable I couldn’t help myself,” he adds with a charming smile, “I’m way too young to be a father anyway.”


In an attempt to resume business and to salvage his reputation, not that Jungkook has anything impressive to protect, he asks, “What would you like to order, Jimin-ssi?”


Jungkook didn’t peg Jimin to be the Hot Liquid Death kind of person, but here he is pulling a shot of the potent black into the tiny porcelain cup. The dark colour clashes with the sunny yellow demitasse, a colour he subconsciously picked most likely because it reminds him of the plastic slippers Jimin wore that day. 


Speaking of which, while he is manning the coffee machine, Jungkook can’t help but to steal (subtle) glances at said person. Jimin looks every inch like a model waiting for a photoshoot and is currently taken with flipping through an economics magazine.


It's not fair how Jimin looks effortlessly beautiful even in a simple pastel dress shirt, French tucked into a pair of fitted black slacks. Ugh he shouldn't have mentioned the pants, because all Jungkook can see with his laser-guided focus is how the material shifts and stretches tightly around legs that do not seem to end, when Jimin throws one over the other. 


From afar, Jimin looks untouchable and intimidating. He’s the calm before the storm and the hornet’s nest when provoked. Jungkook is almost scared to approach him and has to psyche himself up for the task. However, all prepossession fly out the window as Jungkook reaches the table, simply because of the way the man’s face brightens with delight when he sees Jungkook. 


Ah, no. Let’s not get ahead of yourself, Jeon Jungkook. He’s only happy because you’ve got his espresso, Jungkook hastily corrects himself and rejects entertaining the idea that Jimin is smiling at him.


For the first time since starting the job, Jungkook delivers the standardised announcement with a slight wobble. “Y-your order, sir.” 


“Thank you,” Jimin chirps, his smile dialing up in wattages until his eyes disappear in thin lines, sending Jungkook’s heart into doing somersaults inside his chest. “Listen, I-”


“If that will be all then, please e-enjoy your drink,” Jungkook interrupts prematurely, effectively cutting short of their interaction. Jimin simply nods with a startled understanding and lets Jungkook scuttle back to the counter.


During Jimin’s stay, Jungkook catches him throw glances his way every now and then, thinking he won’t notice just because he’s too busy capping takeaway orders and wiping down tables. 


Jungkook knows he’s being eyed at because he’s doing the exact same thing too.




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




Just when Jungkook thought they were done with the note passing game, the ever dutiful messenger arrives with one more the next morning.




 Jungkook-ssi, I’ve had some time to think about this. I feel like we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot and would like

to apologise for my explosive behaviour the other day. I may have overreacted a bit with this whole situation.


What do you say to a reconciliation at Purple Hearts? We can grab a bite or a drink. My treat.

Of course, please don’t feel obligated to agree to this.


Though if you are keen, please let me know. My number is 010-xxxx-xxxx.


Jimin, Apartment 312.




Jungkook reads the note several more times, absorbing every word with more effort than he's exerted for the past semester of lectures. The more he dwells on it the more his imaginative mind wanders off and over analyses the meaning behind the invitation. He tries so hard not to embellish it with his own interpretation. It’s just. An. Apology. Not. A. Date. He’s. Not. Interested. 


Why does he even think it’s a date anyway? Does he want it to be a date? Is he that lonely? Or maybe he just crushes too easily on someone who shows him the slightest interest, Jungkook tries to convince himself. The note passing should’ve ended ages ago, no one would play along with this schitk for this long. It feels like something his parents would do when they courted each other back in the days, pushing and pulling at each other.


He mulls over his answer, there’s no real loss to accepting it. The guy hasn’t done anything wrong to actually warrant owing anyone an apology, Jungkook’s just proving his goodwill by agreeing. Right?




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




Myunghwa stops short of her usual greeting as soon as she sees Jungkook step into the coffee shop. She gives him a quizzical look when he approaches one of the many free tables. It was a quiet afternoon and late enough for the shop to emanate warmth, sustained by what it had accumulated from under the sun since the morning. The only other patron is taking solace in a cosy corner, reclining comfortably in her seat to better enjoy her choice of literary.


“You aren’t working a shift today, are you?” Myunghwa asks, perhaps doubting her familiarity with the work schedule, as if she's not the one who is responsible for it.


Jungkook shakes his head. “I’m meeting someone here.”


“Oh...Can I get you anything while you wait?”


“No, it’s fine noona! I don’t want to bother you, I can make it myself. Just put that on my tab,” Jungkook says as he makes a move to stand up. He receives a firm tutting from Myunghwa who tells him he’s a silly boy, that he better get his butt back on the chair and let her make his order. Jungkook knows better than to go against her so he complies easily.


Thirty-two minutes and thirty-six seconds and two banana milkshakes later, there’s still no sign of Jimin. The girl who had been reading since before he came had just left. 


Jungkook is beginning to think of the worst, that he had been stood up on purpose. Why Jimin would do that he doesn’t know but in this instance, Jungkook’s anxiety is speaking for the both of them, telling him that the other man doesn’t want to reconcile and just wants to make him look like an idiot. 


The milkshakes that he had downed earlier are starting to cause a riot in his stomach and he’s beginning to regret some life choices.


While drowning in the woes of an upset tummy and being stood up, Jungkook doesn’t hear the door open nor does he hear the exchange between Myunghwa and the newcomer. 


Something moves in the corner of Jungkook’s vision and it takes a moment for him to register it’s Jimin sliding into the seat opposite him. Not one to be startled easily on normal days, Jungkook proves that there is always an exception to life’s constants by scraping his seat backwards harshly against the floor. All three occupants wince at the soul-piercing sound.


“Hey...I’m sorry I kept you waiting,” Jimin starts, recovering from the split-second assault to his ears. He runs his hand through his hair, it’s unstyled today. The black strands fall back over the pretty eyes that Jungkook wouldn’t mind getting lost in.


"I wasn't here long," Jungkook squeaks out, hoping Jimin believes him so he doesn't have to feel bad about being late. The look Jimin shares with Myunghwa tells otherwise. Nevertheless, Jimin accepts the way out gracefully. 


His attention falls on the empty milkshake glasses on the table. “I thought I said it was going to be my treat?”


"I told him it was on me," Myunghwa explains, arriving at their table with Jimin’s order balance on a round tray. She sets the espresso down onto the table with a refined gentleness and adds, "I wouldn't have let him get past the second glass, though. Enjoy yourselves, you two. " She winks at them before returning to the coffee station.


If the floor could just open up and take Jungkook down to Satan right this moment, he would appreciate it a lot. Jimin, on the other hand, seems unfazed by the insinuation, he just blows at his drink to cool it down faster and the way his lips pucker makes for an adorable image.


Deciding that his drink would not cool down fast enough for a sip, Jimin breaks the silence first. “Thank you for seeing me and sorry about the drama- Is what I should begin with first, but now I don’t know what else to say now, because if you think about it, I really have been a bit over dramatic about all of this. But can you blame me? My cat suddenly gaining weight with no apparent reason and then notes start coming in.”


“So did you name her Creamy because of her colour?” 


“What? Oh, no. I was running out of ideas at the time when my friend asked me what I would name my cat and we were watching those ASMR cooking videos on YouTube. It was about cheesecake so one of the ingredients was cream cheese and yeah...” Jimin starts rubbing the side of his nose, averting his eyes away from Jungkook.


“It’s...embarrassing to say but I didn’t even have a cat then, it was all hypothetical. Her being cream-like was a coincidence that I didn’t even think about until you pointed it out just now.”


After the fumble in the beginning things then fell into place so easily that Jungkook had forgotten about feeling queasy before the meeting. The topic never strays far away from Creamy and if he is honest, Jungkook is glad that at least they have her to keep the conversation going. Like how Creamy first showed up in front of Jungkook’s door. Jimin explained that he’d only just moved in and was starting his new job which he didn’t want to be late for, he wanted to make a good impression. 


“...And well, you already know about that don’t you, I somehow end up being late anyway. I just can’t help myself, you know? I don’t know how that happens even though I leave myself with enough time!


“You wouldn’t believe how agile she is. As soon as I crack open the door just the slightest, she just books it. The first few times it happened I was worried sick, even though I knew she couldn’t have gone far and there would have been no way for her to leave our level.” Jungkook nods sympathetically. “So I was somewhat glad that someone took her in. Though I didn’t expect them to be falling for her tricks and fattening her up.” With that, Jimin gives Jungkook a pointed look.


Jungkook whines, “You gotta let go of that, Jimin-ssi! Please!”


They eventually graduate from talking about Jimin’s cat and venture into talking a bit about themselves. In which Jungkook learns the following about his neighbour from 312: kindergarten teacher aide; hates dislikes mangoes; enjoys reading; moved into the complex because his friend offered rent cheap, in lieu of looking after the place for said friend while he globe trots. Jungkook shares a bit about himself too, because “it’s only fair” as Jimin reasons it and they fall into a comfortable rhythm.


For someone who finds it hard to break the ice with a stranger, talking to Jimin is like flowing down a steady stream. Calm and seamless it comes naturally to Jungkook like he is speaking to Yugyeom, only that he wouldn’t want to try and impress his best friend.


They don't leave the conversation behind them at Purple Hearts, it carries on as they trudge back home. 


“I had a great time today,” Jimin says in a polite but in a genuine kind of way, “I’m happy you came. Truth to be told, after living in this condo for a while you’re actually the first neighbour I’ve held a conversation for longer than just saying good morning and good evening. And after hanging out with you today, you seem like a really nice guy, though maybe a bit weird. In a good way, of course.”


“Thanks? I guess?”


Jiming laughs, “Yes, you’re welcome. If you don’t mind, I think it’d be nice for us to be friends. Maybe we can hang out again sometime and I’ll tell you about how I adopted Creamy.”




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




Unfortunately, they don’t see each other for a while after that. Mostly because Jungkook has put himself into isolation ahead of the exam period. He’s also asked Myunghwa for a lighter schedule as well, so that cuts down his time to see Jimin at the coffee shop.


It was a terribly difficult decision, but he’s also sworn off all social media and muted most of all the chatrooms he’s in. Save for the one with his mother because she needs to know Jungkook hasn’t starved himself.


Despite all this, Jungkook hasn’t stopped communicating with Jimin. They're just doing it the old-fashioned way— Creamy continues to act as the two’s messenger and on some days, Jimin would deliberately send her to Jungkook’s place. His note claims that he might as well leave his precious daughter to someone he can trust while he’s at the kindergarten (Jungkook puffs his chest at that). 


Jungkook is thankful for the company; being alone with his textbooks and getting in the crunch time is good and all, but it does get a bit lonely sometimes.


Another advantage of having Creamy with him means he’ll be reminded to take breaks, which happens to 'coincide' whenever she demands to be fed. Loudly. Jungkook doesn’t fall for her wiles anymore and knows by now when her meals are— once in the morning and once at night, though neither are his responsibility. . Instead, he’s been given permission, or rather, strict instructions to only placate her with some kibbles if she ever starts begging.


Otherwise, she’s left to her own devices, whether it’s playing with the wall-mounted toy or simply sleeping next to Jungkook by the coffee table. Sometimes, when it gets too much and Jungkook’s eyes begin to burn, he joins her sleeping form and buries his face into her fluffy tum for a power nap.


But it’s not just Creamy’s presence that makes Jungkook’s heart warm and fuzzy the most. Whenever Creamy comes over she’s accompanied by motivational quotes and short encouraging messages penned in Jimin’s neat scripts.


Don’t burn yourself out! Remember to take short breaks, I’ll have Creamy keep an eye on you.

(Jungkook snorted when he got that message, because his supposed supervisor was doing a fine job with her eyes closed and body heaving in deep sleep.)


Hwaiting, Jungkook!


Here’s the quote of the day - There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. – Beverly Sills


Jungkook must’ve collected up to a dozen of such notes by now, all carefully curated in an old tea bag tin. He sends his gratitude in his replies when it’s time for Creamy to go back home. The messages report on how he’s doing or they hope Jimin is doing better than Jungkook is. 


Just before Jungkook’s first exam, Jimin writes him a longer message and even attaches a polaroid of him and some of the children from his kindergarten, all holding up hand-drawn signs to cheer him on. The big smiles on the little cheerleaders are infectious and Jungkook finds himself mirroring them too. Though it’s the enthusiasm not to be outdone by the kids and the giant heart of gold that Jimin possesses which makes Jungkook believe he can do anything.


The next day, Jungkook pockets the polaroid before he leaves the apartment and pats over it superstitiously as if it would push good vibes into his body. He walks into exam hall knowing that his hard work will pay off and the booster shot from his little lucky charm will be all that he needs to tackle the beast inside.




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




With the exams put behind him for this semester, Jungkook finally regains some breathing space and can justify shoving aside all the things he has kept in his current mind storage folder. Which gives him excess room to think about other things, or a certain someone to be precise. 


Getting through the study period and the exams itself without wanting to tear his hair out were largely due in part to Jimin’s (and Creamy) unwavering support. 


He knows his flaw of falling in love a little too easily and forming the crush initially was a prerequisite he checked off without much resistance. Jimin being the catalyst he is, with his pretty eye smile, sweet laughter, a kind heart with a beautiful face to match, just made the process develop quicker.Jungkook knows that there is more to Jimin than the superficial stuff, which makes him want to get closer to him all the more.


After opening and closing the app a few times Jungkook resigns to just staring at his Friends list. In particular, the contact that has Jimin and Creamy for its profile picture. His hesitant thumb hovers over the name saved as <<   Creamy’s Dad ฅ/ᐠ。ᆺ。ᐟ ✿\∫ >> but he never carries the action through. Why is such a simple task so difficult to do?


Jungkook already has the answer to that. He knows it’s going to be a risky move, the consequence and the probability of it going south weighs heavily on him, but Jungkook is feeling naively bold enough to take it. He just needs to stop being a wuss and in the words of that one meme of a guy yelling passionately, he needs to: “JUST. DO. IT. Don’t let your dreams be dreams!”. Taking advice from an internet meme is always valid, right? 


Jungkook sucks in a deep breath and braces himself.




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




“I gave you my number for a reason, you know,” Jimin says, all out of breath at Jungkook's door, with a purring Creamy cradled against him like a baby. It looked like he had just dropped whatever he was doing and rushed over to Jungkook’s place. 


In spite of that, there’s not a hair out of place on Jimin’s head, in fact it looked styled. He’s also dressed as if he’s about to head out: ripped skinny jeans, a black leather jacket and a simple white tee. That Danny guy would be given a run for his money when Jimin looks so criminally good like that.


“Why didn’t you just message me?” Jimin asks.


“I- I don’t know. I was afraid of what your answer might be,” Jungkook mumbles towards the floor. “Didn’t think you’d actually come over… Why didn’t you send Creamy back?”


Jimin promptly hands Creamy over to Jungkook. “Here, your answer.”


His heart hammers in anticipation as he unfolds the slip of paper he had sent Jimin, no doubt Creamy can feel the intense vibration too and her ears twitch.




 Jimin-ssi, I was wondering if you would like to go to on a dte date with me? I’m thinking of going to Lotte World

but I’m cool with wherever you want to go. Only if youwant togooutwith me ofcourse.


You can say no, I don’t want to pressure you.


Yes ( ) You doofus, of course I’d love to                           No (please reconsider?) (   ) 




Jungkook looks at Jimin, looks back down at the note and back at Jimin again. And bless the patient saint that Jimin is he gives him a moment for the reply to sink in.


"A-awesome. That’s great!"


"It sure is!" Jimin beams at him. "Come on, let's go while we still have the day ahead of us and I know just the place to go for dinner to finish it off"


"Wait, wait! You want to go to Lotte World now? I'm not ready yet," Jungkook asks bewilderedly. Is that why Jimin was already dressed to go? 


“Yeah! No time better than the present! Go! Get changed! I'll wait for you. You can come get me when you're ready." Jimin nudges Jungkook back into his apartment and skips back to his own. 


As the last of Jimin’s heel disappear behind the corner of the hallway Jungkook makes a beeline for his bedroom, tearing into his closet for something nicer than an oversized hoodie to wear.


He almost knocked himself out from the tumbling shoe boxes stashed above his closet, a punishment for his unbridled enthusiasm for having not only a date with Jimin but also the chance to wear his prized Timbs at last, something usually reserved for a special occasion like lining up for a limited edition for one of his favourite shooter games.


It takes Jungkook fifteen minutes longer than it normally does for him to leave the house, and when he catches himself in the mirror on the way out he does a double take. The person reflected looks well put-together despite the frazzled process to get to that point. He’s got to admit, he looks pretty hot. 


Even though he’s armed with a newfound confidence, walking over to unit 312 and ringing the doorbell has got to be more challenging than, say, climbing Mount Everest, even though Jungkook has never experienced it to compare with. He can imagine the same shortness of breath, though. 


While Jungkook waits for Jimin to answer the door, he wonders how this scenario might’ve  played for his parents. Did his dad also feel like a wreck when he went to pick mum up on their first date?


The door clicks open to reveal Jimin looking as gorgeous as he did sixteen minutes ago. He lets out a small gasp when he sees Jungkook and it really, really strokes his already self-inflated ego.


“We look like a couple,” Jimin comments shyly, pointing at himself first and gestures at Jungkook.


“We look like biker gang members,” Jungkook blurts out simultaneously, with absolutely no brain-to-mouth filter whatsoever, to which Jimin nearly throws his back out from cackling loudly. Jungkook ruffles his hair nervously, something to keep his hands busy. He wonders briefly if he should go back to grab something else to change into and maybe stay inside the apartment forever, because he’s just not cut out for going on dates.


It was a subconscious choice, to be honest, probably inspired by what Jimin was wearing when he first showed up at his door. Though in the fifteen minutes Jungkook had spent rummaging through his closet he had forgotten that Jimin was the first to wear a leather jacket.


Yet, Jimin hasn’t asked him to change yet so that must be a good sign, and if what he said earlier gave any indication to what he thinks about the unintentional matching outfits, then it would only be a positive one.


“A biker couple, I like the sound of that. Are you ready, Jungkook? Can I call you that?” Jimin adjusts the strap of the messenger bag he’s just hooked onto his shoulder.


“Y-yeah, of course it’s fine.”


“Great! Then, you can call me hyung.”


“Jimin-hyung,” Jungkook tests the honorific on his tongue, it’s definitely an improvement from the more cordial -ssi that had lacked the familiarity they have fostered so far. “What are you going to do about Creamy?”


“Well, I’ve told her to be a good girl for daddy and to stay put at home. Because daddy’s got a date today.” Jungkook’s heart leaps at the ‘D’ word. He still cannot believe he’s secured a date with Jimin, so sue him if he can’t stop himself from breaking out into a goofy toothy grin.


Jimin cranes his head back to look at Creamy, who is in the middle of grooming herself. She looks at Jimin as if she understands his words. “Isn’t that right sweetie?”


Eyes are the windows to the soul and for Creamy, hers speak of utter betrayal: “Oh, cruel is the World. Such shame, such shame is Father. You leave poor Creamy to succumb to a lonely heart, while you have fun where Creamy cannot?”  


Jungkook giggles at his interpretation of what Creamy might be thinking and it draws a questioning look from Jimin. Jungkook flushes under the attention and plays with his hair again. If his heart is already pounding this intensely before leaving the apartment, he doesn’t know how he’s going to survive the rest of the day.


Jungkook clears his throat, “Shall we?”




☆.。.:*/ᐠ .ᆺ. ᐟ\.。.:*☆




True to his word Jimin takes Jungkook to a pretty nice joint in Itaewon that served one of the best budae jjigae he’s ever had. Although, he doesn’t win with claiming the bill and isn’t even allowed to suggest to split it between them, because Jimin argues that, quote-unquote, he is the elder of the two, therefore he should treat. 


“I’ll let you foot the bill next time,” Jimin says nonchalantly as they head home, like he didn’t just imply that there will be a second date (maybe a third, fourth…) after this. Jungkook perks up greatly. “I better find the swankiest place around here. I won’t accept anything less than a Michelin Two-Star.”


In all honesty, Jimin could’ve asked to dine on the moon and Jungkook would’ve nodded, not realising what he had agreed to since he had stopped listening past ‘next time’. 


“Sure, we can go anywhere you want,” Jungkook promises.


They fall silent after that, simply enjoying the stroll back to the condo. At times, Jungkook and Jimin gravitate towards each other like magnets, shoulder bouncing against shoulder. Jungkook is happy with this too, walking side by side and listening to the way their feet shuffle in tandem every now and then, accompanied by the occasional cricket chirping somewhere in the dark night. Soon, they will stop for the year, heading into winter slumber until the next cycle. 


When they reach their level at the condo and step out of the elevator, it finally sinks in that the date is about to end. They walk even slower, almost rivalling a snail’s pace. 


Not knowing what the standard dating protocol is, especially when your date lives on the same floor as you, Jungkook lets Jimin take the lead and walk him to his apartment first. Usually, Jungkook would be eager to see the metal numbers bearing his unit greet him, but tonight’s different. 


As much as he would like to, Jungkook can’t delay it any longer, so he takes his keys out.


“I guess that’s me. Thanks for showing me a great time today,” Jungkook says. He’s rendered shy again, the confidence he gained earlier in the day, like when he offered to hold Jimin’s hand back on the pirate ship, has all but evaporated.


“I should be the one thanking you instead. I really enjoyed it,” Jimin replies.


Before Jungkook can do anything else a rush of fresh summer invades his nose. He hears a light smacking sound close to his ears and feels something plush against the apple of his cheek.


Jimin lowers his heels, returning his feet flat on the ground with a light dusting of pink on his cheeks. The innocent kiss is more than Jungkook could have hoped for and it fuels him up with a burst of giddiness that bubbles at the top of his chest.


"Good night, Jungkook. Thank you for today. I'd love to do this again if you like." Jimin leaves a smitten Jungkook at the door, taking the smell of summer away with him. 


Not long after, seventeen minutes to be exact, a notification from Kakao Talk pops up.




KakaoTa...      4 unread... 11:03 pm

Creamy’s Dad  ฅ/ᐠ。ᆺ。ᐟ ✿\∫  Photo




The first thing Jungkook sees when he opens up their chat is an attachment of a selfie taken while they were at Lotte World, one of many that Jimin took, with the Camelot Carousel as their backdrop. No matter how brightly lit the attraction was it just can’t hold a candle to the smiles on both their faces. They were grinning from ear to ear with a kind of healthy glow to their cheeks.








you’re so pretty |


What the hell Jungkook? That’s too creepy. Jungkook holds his thumb down on the backspace key and tries again.


how did I get so luck |


how did I ge |


(^o^) thanks! These look great! |  


Okay, this is more socially acceptable. Well done, Jungkook.


“The last one is my favourite,” Jimin replies to his message and Jungkook mouths out a soundless ‘ same ’ to himself. 


me too, and I’ve been thinking...  I’d like to go again


a date i mean


I’d like to go on another date with you sometime soon


Just ‘another’ only? Can I ask for more?


Yes. Yes you can, you can ask for a hundred if you want.