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Patterson looks up from her computer screen, alerted to Natasha Zapata's presence by
the scent of her perfume. "Hey, you. 'Sup."

Zapata glances about, making sure they are'nt being observed, before perching on a stool near
her good friend, her brow faintly knitted with worry. " 'Sup." After gnawing at her bottom lip
for a second or two, she blurts, " I fucked Reade last night. Rather, HE fucked ME."

Eyes wide, Patterson can only utter, "Huh."

"And not just last night. Pretty much every day for the past ten or eleven days-right under Meg's
nose. God , she moans. This is the type of shit I USED to do-but no way can I stop-I tried."

Patterson is ever supportive of her friend. "Don't be so hard on yourself, Chica. You're human, and
you have been pining after Reade for...shit, forever. And he's already said-OFTEN-how he feels about
YOU. You're right to feel guilty, and maybe a little sneaky. But this doesn't make you any type of villaness,
Tasha. You're a Woman who has finally realized what she's been running from, and now you're running
TOWARD it, instead of away.

"I HAD my chance though, and I blew it...HE never stopped loving me, WANTING ME, and now,I can't stop
myself, Patterson. I can't stay away-he can't either. We can't do it." Her voice drops to a barely audible whisper:
"HERE, in this building...we've done it here, in his office. What is wrong with me!?"

"It's, OK, Babe. It really is. It's not as if you and Meg are friends-not to say that what you and Reade are doing
is RIGHT , however if there is a choice between the two of you and her, it's the TWO OF YOU. If it's
between you and Reade-it's YOU. I don't say that lightly-not at all. I love Reade, you know that I love him. I love you more."

This makes Tash a feel just a bit better. "Thanks. You're like a Sister to me, and I love you too. But real talk? I
can't promise that if it comes to a between you and him situation, that I'll choose YOU. He's too deep inside me.
ENTRENCHED-you know? I only say that because he's the one, P. I can feel him pulsing in my veins, like blood."

"I get it. Meg has to be told, though. Reade has to tell her that he can't marry her, not the way things are.
I'll help you with a plan-later. People are looking this way, so scoot along-scoot, scoot, scoot!"

Tasha brightens considerably. 'You're the BEST, Blondie. See ya."

"See ya, and I am indeed the BEST."