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Gentle Souls

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Igor shifted slightly on the soft bed, feeling the silk sheets against his skin, as he settled onto his side against Svetlana’s back.

He laid his head on her pillow, feeling the tickle of her real hair on his face.

He tentatively reached out and hovered a hand over her thigh. He glanced over her, hesitating. He waited for a sign.

Svetlana sighed and chuckled slightly at his nervousness and care. He really was a gentle soul. Always wanting to do the right thing for her, making sure she was comfortable, and waiting for her to make the first move.

She rested her hand on top of his and ran his hand down her thigh. Letting him feel her presence in the dark.

“This is nice, isn’t it?”

She felt his hot breath on her neck, and smiled at his touch. “Yeah.”

“I never thought…” He let his hand trail up until he was at her arm and then wrapped her in a hug, feeling her against his chest. “We’d ever get to do this..” He blushed, feeling his heart skip a beat. “Life's simple pleasures of getting to sleep and wake up next to the one you love.”

He closed his eyes, embracing this moment, breathing in her scent.

She turned over in his arms and he opened his eyes to find her face to face with him. She gave him an endearing smile and sweet gaze, then pushed him flat on his back and laid her head on his chest.

They dozed off peacefully into the night.

And Igor smiled, as he awoke to the sight of sunshine cast over them, and the sounds of birds chirping at first morning light.

He gazed down at her sleeping form and gave her forehead a light kiss, then relaxed his body under her comforting weight on top of him, and the reassurance of her finally and truly with him.

No drugs, no asylums, and no Viktor to keep them apart ever again.