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Take My Hand; Don't Let Go

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Jungkook yawned as he walked out of his bedroom. It was their day off, and he knew exactly what everyone was doing, from experience of course. Hoseok and Jimin were either at the studio or on a shopping spree. Seokjin and Taehyung were in the bath together and would either go out to a movie afterwards or just hang out around the dorm. Yoongi was definitely working on lyrics in the studio, though. That was for sure. Namjoon, on the other hand...

Jungkook smiled as he felt long arms wrap around his waist from behind, the scent of oranges filling him with a serene sense of happiness.

“Mornin’ baby,” Namjoon drawled along his boyfriend’s earlobe. “How’d you sleep?”

Jungkook turned around to face the alpha. Namjoon looked so disheveled that Jungkook couldn’t help but chuckle a little. His hair was sticking up in random places, and his lips and cheeks were swollen from sleep.

“Better than you did, by the looks of it.”

Namjoon sighed. “And here I was, trying to be a sweet, romantic boyfriend.”

“You don’t even have to try,” Jungkook winked. “Comes pretty naturally, I think.”

“As naturally as you being a brat?”


Namjoon properly laughed at that and pulled Jungkook in for a kiss, morning breath and all. They were immune to it at this point. Over four years of dating did that to people. Bad breath didn’t faze them at all, not when it was the quickest way to sneak in some morning kisses before breakfast.

“You know,” Namjoon hummed once they pulled away. “Three years ago, you would’ve beaten yourself up for days about the possibility of me thinking you’re actually a brat.”

Jungkook suddenly got shy, looking down at their joined hands. When had they started holding hands?

“ know I’ve been trying get better at that...”

Namjoon smiled and placed a kiss on the omega’s cheek. “I know...I’m so proud of you, baby boy.”

Jungkook’s cheeks went red.


Jungkook turned towards the voice only to be met with the sight of Taehyung with wet hair and nothing but a robe covering his body. The freshly bathed beta was smirking, but Jungkook just rolled his eyes.

“That’s rich coming from the man that I caught making out with his boyfriend on the couch just last night.”

“But that’s me and Jinnie,” Taehyung said with a smug grin. “When it’s us, it’s hot. When it’s you and Namjoon-hyung, it’s gross.”

Seokjin suddenly appeared behind Taehyung, rolling his eyes. “Children. I, personally, think that all of it is just beautiful.”

At that Seokjin pulled Taehyung in by his waist and started nuzzling the scent glands on his neck. Taehyung melted, and Jungkook couldn’t deny that they looked adorable together in that moment. The maknae was so purely happy at that moment. It was like nothing could break that beautiful little spell.

For now.