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The Newlywed Game: Johnlock Edition

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“Absolutely not!”

“John, it’s for a case, it’s not as if any of it would be real –”

“My god, Sherlock, you have some harebrained ideas, but this one takes the cake!”

“It would take less than an hour –”

“And the repercussions would last a lifetime. You think I’m that keen to be made a fool of in front of a live audience?”

“It’s not as if this would be televised. It’s part of a local little theatre’s variety show.”

“Sherlock, even if I say yes – which I’m not – I don’t see how being on stage and embarrassed will help anything.”

“I need to examine the presenter – one Carlton Jones – to see if he’s really a threat to the show. His partner Raymond seems to think he’s up to something, and wants me to take a closer look. Can’t get much closer than actually participating, so-o-o…”

“I…just…goddammit, Sherlock. Why like this?”

“Why does this upset you so much? Surely we’ve done stranger things together for cases before?”

“I just don’t like the idea of being on stage while you take me to pieces with your deductions.”

“John, the show is set up to reward teamwork – wouldn’t you say we’ve survived worse than a few nosy questions with nothing and no one but each other?”

“Sherlock –”

“John. Trust me.”